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ADAM LAMBERT - MY GIRL LIKES TO PARTY ALL THE TIME, Jimmy Buffet Eats, Doug & Holly Say Good Bye - JT Christiansen - My Philly Mag Column Today

OK it's not published yet, they're doing some fandago'd thing with it. It should be live around Noon. Just go to this link and click on Friday's which will be titled Adam Lambert wants to get laid or something like that.


After American Idol breakout Adam Lambert stopped by the restaurant Q Lounge and Kitchen for dinner Wednesday night (here are those picturees (I wrote about the two day visit in my Philly Mag column:He went to Woody's dance bar, where he met some boys, rumor has it that he even made out with one of the boys on the dance floor. Then a few of Philly's finest hotties took the visiting guest on a tour of the neighborhood and ended up at their own little house party after.
Back-up dancer from the dinner party at Q see entry here.
See him in this video shot last night at the Tower

One things for sure, they had a lot of fun, laughter and no doubt chatted about Paul and Simon.
They stayed up entirely too late for anyone's good (but the host did tell me the night ended fairly early), but no one seemed to want this night to end, would you, I didn't think so. Check out my Philly Mag column today to read the whole story of Adam Lambert's visit to Philadelphia.

The UK's Daily Mail has pictures of Adam as he leaves radio station Q102, with basically the same clothes he had on the night before, maybe he was there the whole night?
(Someone contacted me late yesterday afternoon to tell me of their fun after party with the glam rocker. These photos are from that party and were taken off of the guys unlocked facebook page. I'm just gonna post the FACEBOOK pixs here as his photos were public.)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Wish I hadn't been so tired, cause I made a big mistake by not going out and photographing Adam Lambert as he made his way thru the Philly Gay Nightlife last night. Especially since my press credentials were rejected for Musikfest as it was at the limit Friday night. I did get credentialed for Selena Gomez the next day, which was odd since she was sold out. Anyway...

American Idol breakout Adam Lambert stopped by the Q Lounge and Kitchen for dinner last night.

With a few friends and back up dancer from his show, which is currently touring the states

Thom Tizzo Gait, Glam Rocker Adam Lambert and GM of Q John Caputo. Tonight he's playing at the Tower Theater and tomorrow at Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pa.

After leaving Q he went to Woody's and hung out at the upstairs bar for about an hour, then hit the dance bar for the rest of the night and I hear that he made one fan very happy when he took a twirl on the dance floor with him.
(Thanks to John Caputo for this pixs) Check out tomorrow's PhillyMag column for more details on what he did last night.

20th Annual Stu Bykofsky Candidates Comedy Night - Funny Videos of the Night

Yesterday on my Philly Mag Column I wrote about Stu's Annual Event.
Joe Conklin was hysterical channelling Mayor Nutter, Bill Clinton and Gov Rendell:
check out the video from Stu Bykoski's Comedy Night

Dan Onorato, a little stiff, kinda funny, not as ugly as people had told me

My Winner for the Night: Dr. Manan Trivedi, Democratic congressional candidate for the 6th District (A Democrat he takes Murphy, Schwartz & Sestak to task)

He grew up in a rural area of Berks County. He joked that when he was a kid and went cow tipping, he then had to worship the cow. He also said: Since he and his brother were the only Indian-Americans at their school, they had the weight of the entire spelling bee team on their shoulders; he was voted most likely to own a convenience store; and his yearbook quote was “Thank you, come again.”

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PHILADELPHIA EAGLES KICKOFF PARTY 2010 Tequlia's 8/13/10 W/EAGLES DeSEAN JACKSON, joselio hanson Quinten Mikell Asante Samuel & Recap of Flight Night

Eagles Flight Night last week. I did an extensive write up in my column
WOW when you get a media pass, they take you to the press box. So cool, but
so far from the field.
and lonely.
so I left to get closer to the action.
oh there's the photographers. I must have been too late to get on that band wagon.
Sports paparazzi, although don't you let them hear you call them a paparazzi. They are so sensitive about that word. They will tell you they are sports photographers while turning their nose down at you.
Nice Crowd
Tony Luke is in the House

Rah, rah rah rah raaaah, la la la la la I want a bad romance

I guess the coach
gets to wear black on black. I wonder if he tells everyone else they have to wear a white shirt with their black shorts?
My crazy brother in law and his kids. They are huge Eagle's fans. I wonder if they want to come Friday night?

at the end of the night a dozen fans won practice shirts right off the players backs - YUUUCK!

We are happy to announce that the Eagles are hosting an event to benefit the Philadelphia Boys and Girls club as well as celebrate teammate Joselio Hanson's Birhtday party. It will be at Tequilas Restaurant on August 13th from 9pm to 2am. Tickets are available online or at the door. It will be right after the first home pre-season game.

For Table Service RSVP please email

The Tables and tickets are limited. Please act quickly as the venue is an intimate setting and the players and their guests will be more than half of the attendees, so the space for ticket holders is very slim.

Give and Win!

Win a table for 4 to the Eagles Official Kick Off Party by making a $10 text donation to the Boys and Girls Club of America through XIPWIRE. Grab your phone and text: bgca to 56624. You will get a special text message back for you to complete your pledge on-line at and be entered in the contest. 100% of you donation will be given to the Boys and Girls Club of America. Winners will be contacted on August 11, 2010.

Good Luck!

Xip Wire is a 100% safe and secure way to text money without having to bring your wallet. The way of the future, making your life one step simpler. The official sponsors of the event are:

Distante, custom suits and clothing for today's man.

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1510 Sansom Street Philadelphia. PA. 19102

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Chickee & Pete's Opens Today at Parx Casino

The Excitement Continues at Parx Casino™ Chickie’s & Pete’s® Opens! PENNSYLVANIA - (August 9, 2010) – Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc. is happy to announce Chickie’s & Pete’s® at Parx Casino™, located at 2999 Street Road in Bensalem, is now open. The famed Philadelphia crab house and sports bar makes its grand debut at the most successful gaming & entertainment mecca in the region. Designed as a sleek and contemporary, full service, 327-seat restaurant and bar, the new dining hotspot is situated aside the bustling casino floor. Chickie’s & Pete’s® is serving lunch, dinner and late night, 7 days a week from 11am to 2am. “We’re pleased to welcome a renowned Philadelphia favorite, Chickie’s & Pete’s®, to Parx Casino™.

Its famed food offering, exciting environment and proud hometown reputation is a perfect amenity for our guests,” said Bob Green, Chairman of Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc. The new Chickie’s & Pete’s® at Parx Casino™ features signature menu items such as the World Famous Crabfries®, Crabs, Chickie’s™ Style Hot Shrimp and more. Brand new menu items include an expanded variety of “Pete's Gold Medal Winning” Pizzas – Lisa’s Blonde Lobster Pie™, Crab Pizza, Veggie Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and Cuban Pizza. Also, Crab Bruschetta – loaded with fresh lump crabmeat, the Ultimate Tailgate Burger - half pound, prime sirloin burger topped with one of “Pete's secret recipe” Crab Cakes, and Crabby Sweets -sweet potato fries dusted with Crabfries® seasoning and a sweet dipping sauce. In addition to the award-winning restaurant, this 13,000 square foot full-service facility features PLAY2 Interactive Sports Bar, the latest technology in audio, video, lighting, and interactive gaming. Designed by DAS Architects of Philadelphia, Play 2 consists of 18 entertainment pods or Apecs (patent pending): semi-private rooms stacked two-high, that include custom wall coverings, theatrical light and sound system, TV, and game consoles through which guests can play interactive video games on the Xbox 360, Playstation, and Wii platforms.

HUGHE DILLON'S PHILLY MAG COLUMN HOOTER GIRLS, Laura Burkhardt's G Rated Bday Pixs, Monica Malpass, Jimmy Contreras

Today's PHILADELPHIA Magazine Column - Celebrity Sightings, Hooter Girls, Laura Burkhardt's G Rated Birthday Pictures and Interesting Tidbits.


THAT'S A WRAP FOR QFEST 2010 celebrating closing night at the Loews Hotel a few weeks ago (I'm behind)

TLA head/QFest artistic director Ray Murray tells me that “attendance was up 15% over last year; income was up 8%; and they went from a deficit last year to a surplus this year.” The new festival series Danger After Dark was hugely successful and brought out a very different crowd. Most people I spoke with at the party told me that this was the best festival yet, and they could barely wait for next year.

Saad Zain, Beth Treisner, Riff Viana and Eric Olson loved the festival this year. Telling me there was a much bigger selection to choose from

Carol Coombes, Managing Director at Philadelphia QFest and friends
Steve McCann and Mike LaMonaca of PhillyGayCalendar followed the action day to day to keep the attendees apprised of the happenings at QFest
Gail Kamenish, Brian Suits, Rob Gaston and Farrel Lever
Steve Carlino, Dan Bove and WMMR’s Pierre Robert at the closing night party of QFest at the Loews Hotel.
Rudy Flushher, Heather Coutts, and Ed Hale
You can support the QFest and the Philadelphia Cinema Alliance all year long, and see special sneak previews of films as well as current films. Managing director of Development Thom Cardwell arrived late as he was at the Prime Rib with his co-star on the opening night film "You Can Have it All", Wendie Malick.
A word from our sponsors Smirnoff and others
John, Aiden James, and TaveKyle Stoudnour

Kelly Burkhardt, Janice, Courtney Custer and Stephanie Gabis