Friday, August 6, 2010


Have an awesome weekend. Thanks to all my readers, and supporters who have given me tips this week. Not naming them as they always want to be anonymous. XOXO HughE


It's Friday, it's 3:42AM and I just finished my Philly Mag column, I hope you like my random shot selection today as I ran out of time to write the original column.

WTF, parked in the no parking zone at 18th & walnut and do you see the blue sign on the dashboard of this Lamborghini?
Hugo from Lost is Found
His shirt seems to be on backwards, very stylish though
The modern cup measurement
Back to the Future retro look
Seriously, doggie sweaters in the summer?
Farmer's Tan
I think I will pass on seeing the giant toilet
boot is supposed to be on foot for proper healing
Pretty in Pink - Although I like the outfit, I would feel naked wearing it as it seems to be painted on. .Pretty in Pink
glad my hobby is photography
not as cute
these two would get kicked out of McGillin's for this behavior
Stay cool. I love this picture. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Whew July is over, the heat is gone for now and the Best of Magazine's are all on the racks of your local stores. Let's talk about those Best of Magazine's: Kicking the mid-month off was Philly Style Magazine's Hot List Party. It was hot, VIPs about, Hot List folks in attendance, sexy singles, decked out to the nines and men in suits, I measure the greatness of this party by the hook-ups in dark corners and this night was successful, an abundance of everything and an after party at Zee Bar with the temperatures rising, steamy and x-rated as you would expect from a Philly Style Mag party, more hook-ups, and lots of folks late for work the next day. Gift Bag: Coupons, gift cards and the magazine
Philadelphia Magazine Party, held at the Constitution Center, sophisticated, business like, VIPs about, deals being brokered, sexy singles making dates for the future, sexy couples who left the kids with the baby sitter, invites extended to the folks who won, for some of them it's the biggest night out for the year and they are decked out like it's New Year's Eve, but conservative and safe. Ambiance: well lit event space, beautiful outdoor terrace. After-party at Positano Coast. Slight headache for work, but still a productive day. Gift Bag: bottle opener, skinny water and magazine
I didn't hear any juicy stories, well except a few days later

I did hear of a hook up by a high profile guy and a girl about town who skipped Positano Coast and headed to my favorite day time haunt McGillin's. Guess they thought it was skid row because he was thinking, not good enough for a hotel room, but off the beaten path that no one would see me here or care. I hear they were asked to leave after a little too much showmance. No chance you'll hear it from his lips as he's betrothed, she on the other hand loose lips.
Best of Mainline Today Party -
G Rated, bring the family enjoy the wares of all the winners, connect with your friends, re-connect with your high school sweetheart and meet his wife dressed in Lilly Pulitzer and 5 kids dress in their preppy best.
Night ends early, work is completely manageable the next day and you have Best of Mainline cupcakes to share with your friends. Gift Bag: Whatever you could stuff in the empty plastic bag they provided you when you walked in the door and that was giving away for free at the "Best of Mainline" vendor tables. The May issue of Mainline Today.


Before Nineteen unforgettable former contestants from ``The Bachelor'' and ``The Bachelorette'' reunited under one roof on 6ABC on Monday, including two ladies that have graced PhillyChit Chat:
Ashley Elmore. THE shy butterfly from Fairfax, Va; Ashley E.: a 30-year-old teacher who tried to seduce Jake Pavelka in a flight attendant costume on The Bachelor Season 14.Gwen Goia, beautiful blond with secrets. Gwen G.: a project manager from Philadelphia heartbroken by Aaron Burge on The Bachelor's second season.
Caitlin Joyce and Christie Honigman kicked off the real summer fun by moving into a pad together right in the heart of Center City.
Maybe I'm dating myself, but if you have ever seen the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary has a best friend Rhoda. Mary's life is neat style, and Rhoda's is free style.

Nick, Caitlyn Joyce and friend
Both roomies names begin with C
Dave Maser is a neighbor.

Although the girls are both fun, fun, fun, they have two distinct styles. Can you guess who's bedroom this is?
I was going to do the guessing game in my column yesterday but thought this Who sleeps here?
The girls have plenty of friends
That are excited to break in their apartment with bubblies. Leave your answer in the comment section or email me. Out of the correct answers I will choose a random winner who will win the gift bag from the last event I went to.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

TODAY'S PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE COLUMN - Who's Engaged, Having a Baby, & a House Warming Party with Rhoda and Mary.

Guess which one is which...


Jon Runyan hosts the Score for the Cure mini-golf challenge to benefit the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson from 10:30 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Comcast Center (17th & JFK).

For $20.00 guests are invited to joinRunyan to play nine-holes of mini
golf. The first 100 people to register will also receive signed mini-footballs.
There will be special guest musical entertainment provided by the
legendary Schooly D and green cupcake decorating provided by Termini
Brothers. Guests are also invited to go downstairs to the Marketplace at
the Comcast Center to participate in a Terranova Imports Wine Tasting
after the golf challenge.

Saturday, August 7th, 2010, 10:30-12:00 PM
Terranova Imports wine tasting in the Marketplace from 12:00-1:00 PM.


Thankfully my Blackberry died and I will get a new camera phone that will take stellar pictures. Darn I am w/o a phone for a couple days so don't call or text me. You can email me though at Buzz @ phillychitchat .com

The progress of the Curtis Institute on Locust Streets

The set back residential portion: The student residences begin on the 5th floor, with a designated suite for a senior resident advisor. Other fifth-floor amenities include laundry facilities and a small kitchen.
Sixth–Ninth Floors: Student Residences
Residences will accommodate 88 students (approximately half of the student body). Each suite will provide four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and common/social space. I was ecstatic that they kept the historic front of two houses, but surprised they allowed these bay floors to extend beyond the flush of the building.

It's obnoxious for a building that is in a historic neighborhood, on a historic block. What was the purpose.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seafarer Nautical Gifts - Smithville, NJ near Atlantic City - I LOVE HIS STUFF, wish I had a beachy house

My cousin Joe Ricciardi, has been in the nautica/antique business for as long as I can remember. I remember as a kid being just as fascinated as I am now of his store SeaFarer, which is right outside of Atlantic City, NJ on Route 9, Oceanville, New Jersey 08231
(609) 652-9491

“A unique blend of nautical d├ęcor and antiques, furniture & gifts”
Beautiful selection of pond boat models (over 20 in stock). Examples: J. Yacht Columbia $199 , CatBoat $110, Bermuda Sloop $129.
I have one of these in my bathroom
We ship most items worldwide.
To place an order, or request more information on products, please contact us!
Ships wheels, great decor, made of teakwood with brass hub. 24" dia $69.95, 30" dia $89.95, 36" dia $110.

I want one of these, but Mike said I had to get rid of my metal fish sculpture. He's limiting me on my metal.
Authentic nautical furniture made from old ships hatch covers, portholes, and more. Items crafted by Joe Ricciardi, owner of SeaFarer Ltd.

Have a family room or den? How about adding a nautical bar? Pictured is a bar made from an authentic old hatch cover. Handcrafted by the owner Joe Ricciardi. Custom orders are also welcome.

This is not a paid advertisement, but for a low fee I can come to your store and do a photo shoot like this I will put it on PhillyChitChat for 6 months to a year. It's one of the ways I will be doing advertisements in the future.