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G-N Kang Gone From Wired 96.5, My Stone Harbor Pixs & Phila Eagle's Bday Party - Philly Mag Column Today

WHAT HAPPENED TO G-N KANG FROM WIRED 96.5 AND CHIO IN THE MORNING. Did Chio bounce G-N to bring his former sidekick Diego back to Wired 96.5?

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Oy I just completely ran out of time to do a proper write up of the Philadelphia Style Magazine Hot List Party 2010 last night as I had to get my Philly Mag Gossip column written and posted on their website HERE, so I will be writing it most of it on Monday, with lots of juicy gossip and news that my other two media outlets passed on. First: Congratulations to Kristin Detterline-Munro, Philadelphia Style's new Editor in Chief!The themed party was 007 James Bond, and as always the fun girls were not shy to give me a good shot: Erin Elmore, Monique Crawford and Danielle Kruppa. Thanks Girls, as always you win best spirit.
The colorful bunch. Hmm I don't even have time to look your names up but you are with my buds Lindsay Kravitz and Kaci Mintz and her elusive boyfriend Joe? I will re-do your pix on Monday and get your names. For those peeps I missed last night, especially if you are a reader I am so sorry, I was as they say in the restaurant biz IN THE WEEDS.
Hello gorgeous, forget about hot list how about hot legs!! OMG Lauren Beloff and Happy Birthday to Anthony Sembello. Missed his party as I was you know where last Saturday night.
America's sweetheart, or at least the Delaware Valley's Aditi Roy and the beautiful Lesley van Arsdale. I met her shy husband, he's so nice. Any day now Lesley is due. She believes I will be the lucky photographer to get her last shot before mommy hood, sorta like when I got Monica Malpass' shot before she gave birth.
Buds: Mia Tinari Fisher, Diane Johnson, Christian DiCicco and Nina Tinari

Rob Wasserman says that 500 Degrees will be closing during the summer at 11PM, and return to late hours in the Fall. With Randal Mrazik and Michael Schulson of Sampan

The SATC Girls: Lauren O'Dorisio, Nicole Cashman, Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne and Kristen Foote
The Senators: Larry Farnesse, Sen Anthony Williams, Philly Style Magazine's John Colabelli and on the tip of my tongue, oy who is this. Thanks so much to Philly Style Magazine, John Colabelli, Noah Stein and Kristin Detterline-Munro for inviting me to the most fab party of the year. Check in monday for more pixs, and info on how to buy this prints.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Kelly wrote me on 7/10/10 about a few things and included the above picture, which first appeared in Monday's PhillyChitChat with pixs from Lesley van Arsdale's baby shower:

"Here is my boyfriend Bob and me in Nantucket yesterday on the Westmoor Club yacht the Belle. "

According to Dan Gross' column yesterday: Congratulations [are in order] to Kelly Boyd of KB Consultants and Dr. Robert Kreb, who practices sports medicine at Pennsylvania Hospital, who were engaged over the weekend in Nantucket. Boyd, 43, and Kreb, 65, have been dating since last fall, and she recently moved into his Main Line home. The couple, who have each been married before, are planning an intimate ceremony but haven't set a date.


My baby sister Crista, her sons Michael and Bo in Stone Harbor on Monday
Are boots in for the summer, does it help if they're white
New bike racks fashioned from the old meter poles. Excellent idea.
Poor puppy hungry at Pietro's where his owner is eating pizza
I said Maria the liquor store closed 10 minutes ago. Hughe there are still people inside, I know wearing this dress I can get us a bottle for the hostess gift. Not only did she get a bottle, but she got them to find ribbons so she could dress it up - LOL
Low flying helicopter last Saturday, then later I realized what weekend it was.
Judy always wanted a convertible, but never would buy one until Walt surprised her 2 years ago. Now Colleen, Lauren and Walt all bought convertibles in her spirit.
The beach was lovely this week, hardly any rain.
Caution when petting hammerhead sharks in this tank
Wildwood Boardwalk
Boys love their trucks.
Stone Harbor spells it out so you are not confused.
What's in the refrigerator. This was Crista's, she's the healthy sib, nothing but fruit, water, baby food and beer here.
Aunt Betty just threw on her bonnet when it began to rain last night.
Crista yearning for a baby girl now. The shirt says "I'm A Catch" Stone Harbor, NJ.

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Chubby Checker at Phila City Hall 7/9/10 Making Twistory - Videos 0f Folks Twisting & Pixs

Friday at Noon, the Daily News will celebrated "50 Years of Twistory" - the biggest, hippest, twistin'-est "Twist" party in history - at Dilworth Plaza, next to City Hall. Headlining the hip-swiveling bash is none other than Chubby Checker, whose world-changing version of "The Twist" was released 50 years ago today.

They wanted to break a record with the number of people Twisting, but the turnout didn't allow it as it was hot and a holiday week. Not many folks in town.

The Women Doing The Fly:

Chubby as you see, isn't as chubby as he used to be. He has his own line of healthy snacks and he's 68 years old of rocking hot twisting.

today's philly magazine column - Chubby Checker, Straight & Butch & Girls on the Street

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


4 Years ago when I lived in NYC on a paralegal assignment for 18 months, I noticed Philly things. Since I didn't have a Philly Blog at the time these photos just sat on my computer, and since I have such a wonderful filing system, not, I just came across them. I've only been a "professional" photographer for 3 years, so all these were shot with a 4 mpxl point & shoot so they might not be up to snuff in clarity.I didn't know there was Philadelphia BBQ, but it was a big seller on the Upper East Side
I saw it with Rosie & Harvey Fierstein, thankfully a pairing only once in a lifetime. You can see Fiddler on the Roof until Jul 18 2010 at theWalnut Street Theatre | 825 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, 215-574-3550. Mike and his mom saw it last week and LOVED IT.
52nd & 7th Ave (2006)

Tastykake advertised in Times Square. If Twitter was invented I would have Twitpic this shot. (follow me @iphillychitchat or create a list just for me, cause I tweet a lot)
Look familiar.
This too. This is in Tribeca. I think here in Philly it's called World Park, and it's near where?

After she left Philly, she landed in NYC in front of the Seagram's building. No longer there though, I have no idea where it is now.
There's a couple in Philly, but this one is about the same size as the one on U of P's campus. This is 54th & 6th Ave
The Umbrella Man when it was in front of the Urban Outfitters Office.
This building is in Brooklyn and looks a lot like the one

in the Gayborhood.

This ad is in the gayboorhood of Chelsea at 24th & 9th Ave, a block from where I lived

Monday, July 12, 2010




Last week, Brad Heffler and his two sons Jason and Josh were the guests of Stuart Scott on the live, national edition of ESPN Sports Center. Right in the middle of all of the Lebron James hoopla, the Phillies game ended and after saying the Phillies lost the game 7-5, Stuart said, "I have a couple of big Phillies fans right next to me in the studio who are probably crying right now about them losing to the Braves again. Let me give a shout-out to Josh and Jason Heffler who came up from Philly."

The attached picture was taken 5 minutes after the end of the broadcast when Stuart Scott and Scott Van Pelt (his co-anchor), told Josh and Jason to sit in their seats. Left to right in the picture are Jason Heffler, Stuart Scott, Brad Heffler, Chairman of Invincible Pictures , Josh Heffler and Scott Van Pelt.


There was a surprise baby shower for expectant mother CBS3's Lesley van Arsdale thrown by her good friend Aditi Roy and Kelly Boyd at the Union League in Philadelphia, Pa on Saturday June 16. (PhillyChitChat was invited to cover it, but I had a family event that day. Thanks to Kelly Boyd for sending me a few pictures.)
Aditi Roy, Lesley van Arsda and Kelly Boyd
Lesley and sister Ashley at shower. Is that from Tiffany's?
The flowers were gorgeous by Michael of Pure Design. The best in Philly. We had the shower in the front reception room with the sun streaming in.
A few week ago I hinted that one of Philly's socialites had packed up her house and moved to the Mainline. It's Kelly Boyd. Here she is with her man bob Nantucket yesterday on the Westmoor Club yacht the Belle. Her business remains in Philadelphia on Rittenhouse Square, and she just signed a few more clients. So she's busy.
Update: Congratulations to Kelly Boyd of KB Consultants and Dr. Robert Kreb, who practices sports medicine at Pennsylvania Hospital, who were engaged over the weekend in Nantucket.
Boyd, 43, and Kreb, 65, have been dating since last fall, and she recently moved into his Main Line home. The couple, who have each been married before, are planning an intimate ceremony but haven't set a date.