Friday, May 21, 2010

Cheers to Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel at my Philly Mag Column Online

Cheers to Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel last night at the Crystal Tea Room Plus 5 Phillies


This is the last week for you to see him. He works out at the Sporting Club and lives on Rittenhouse Square

Get out to the countryside, it's so beautiful. This is Providence Road in Malvern.

Next week my Philly Mag Column online will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
The window at Danny's on 13th Street. Lot's of folks are getting an eyeful when they go inside to inquire about purchasing these items. Danny's doesn't sell them, it was just for display, he sells porn. It's an adult bookstore.
Happy Birthday Stacey Kracher
Martin Scorsee in NYC

Pick up this month's Where Magazine as it has the Phlash Guide in it with the route. I love Phlash. Only $2 a ride, plus they have an all day pass, and they take your Septa Passes, although not tokens yet.

Two good paparazzi friends in NYC I haven't seen in almost a year
Rachel Zoe Eat Something
My favorite picture of her that I took.

Eastern State Penitentiary stop by for a visit.

Tree outside Round HouseCity Sports has a running club.

The End

Thursday, May 20, 2010


THIS WEEK I TRIED TO DO 5 DAYS ON PHILLY MAG, that was the tipping point. Next week I will post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I think those days will work well.

Here's today's post: Sex and the City Parties in Philly, & a fundraiser

and yesterday's

Walnut Street Theater Gala, and a shot of Jimmy Smits filming in Philly

Fusion Cross Training Fitness Picnic - Plus what are your thoughts on my Philly Mag Column & how many times a week shld I write it? Thanks

Last Sunday Fusion Cross Training, or as I like to call it, the gym I need to get to more as I get results, had a fitness picnic. I took pictures.
we actually do this difficult exercise in class when we are outside
Fusion is a fitness studio providing the best in group and personal training via an integrated approach that addresses HEART, MUSCLE and MIND. It is the perfect place to lose weight, burn fat, build strength, tone muscles, relieve stress and get inspired to live a healthy lifestyle. The Fusion Heart.Muscle.Mind methodology views the mind and body as one system with multiple components that all need exercise, nourishment and rest to be truly health and happy.
We don't do wheel barrel racing
or Three Legged races
no extra points for carrying your lemonade
Juliet Burgh, who is a coach at Fusion Cross Training, is also helpful with nutrition. Check out her site at
Fun tug of war

They are located right in Center City 105 South 12th Street | Mezzanie Level | Philadelphia | PA | 19107 215.733.0633

The blue team won
Who can gozzle Ice Tea the quickest
Plus have a new location in Mt Laurel, NJ Hovtech Blvd | Mt Laurel | NJ | 08054-6306 | 856.316.7568
and then look silly wearing it on your head
You've got a friend
Egg Toss

I really do recommend as a program for getting into shape, and staying in shape. Each class is like having your own personal trainer,
but incorporates a classroom of people who are all really supportive of your fitness too.
The end. Check out for my blog entries everyday this week. It's an experiment, I'm not 100% sure I am going to do it 5 days a week. I'm thinking 3 times a week is good enough. What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I don't make it a practice to post other peoples photos on my blog, but sometimes I make exceptions.

I WOULD HAVE ATTENDED THE FOLLOWING NOTEWORTHY EVENTS IF PHILLY WASN'T SO DARN BUSY WITH EVENTS. I didn't see any of these events written up in the press either; Sadly it kinda proves the point of why I started this blog in the first place, I didn't think charities were getting enough press attention, sure maybe in the society section, but not in the news section. Now with my schedule so busy, and people hiring me to do events, it makes me sad that they don't get the attention they deserve. Sorry.

The Night of Champions event which benefits Magee’s Wheelchair Sports Programs, which support athletic programs that help former Magee patients and individuals with disabilities in the community improve the quality of their lives through physical activity. Programs include wheelchair basketball, rugby, tennis, and soccer. Magee’s wheelchair sports programs have involved more than 450 athletes over the past 21 years.

Joe Conklin, radio personality and comedian

Phillies Director of Public Affairs Scott Palmer

Former Sixer and NBA Hall-Of-Famer Billy Cunningham
Philadelphia Eagle's Winston Justice, who seems to be making the rounds lately.
Former Eagle Mike Mamula and former Eagle (and current New Jersey Senatorial candidate) Jon Runyan. I see Jon has been dieting for his upcoming race. This just in, today's Inquirer says Jon backs drilling for oil off the New Jersey coast. How disappointing. Jon no drilling of the Jersey coast, don't we have enough crazy stuff floating in the water already?
(Photo credit Flatworld Productions )

On Tuesday, May 11 at Urban Outfitters at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Outward Bound Philadelphia hosted “Exhibition: City Green” to honor the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s program “Philadelphia Green.” The Honorable Michael A. Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia, co-founder of Outward Bound Philadelphia, and Dick Hayne, President of Urban Outfitters, Inc., event co-chairs, celebrated the accomplishments of the program and honored Jane Pepper, President and J. Blaine Bonham, Jr., Executive Vice President of Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, each with the presentation of the annual Compass Award.

George Bush Sr.'s got nothing on Jane Pepper as she adventurously careens down the zip line.

The Compass Award, from Outward Bound Philadelphia, is awarded annually to an individual, or group of individuals, or organization in or from the Greater Philadelphia region that best demonstrates the fundamental founding principles of the Outward Bound Philadelphia Center: Character Development, Leadership and Service through Self Discovery & Self Reliance, Enterprising Curiosity & Undefeatable Spirit, Leadership in Service and Respect for the Natural World. Pictured from left to right: Drew Becher, President-elect, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society; Honorable Michael A. Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia; J. Blaine Bonham, Jr., Executive Vice President of Pennsylvania Horticultural Society; Katie Newsom Pastuszek, Executive Director, Outward Bound Philadelphia; Jane Pepper, President, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society; Tim Greenwood, Chair, Outward Bound Philadelphia. Photo credit:

For more than 30 years, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Philadelphia Green program has used horticulture to build community and improve the quality of life in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and downtown public spaces. In that time there have been significant signs of rebirth in the city, and the work of Philadelphia Green has played an important role in the environmental, social, economic and aesthetic changes taking place. As the nation’s largest urban greening program, more than five million square feet of vacant urban land has been reclaimed and revived, helping lead the city toward a “sustainable” future.


Last Thursday, May 6, The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program hosted its annual Wall Ball fundraising event from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel (1200 Market Street). This year they raised $265,000 – their biggest fund raiser yet!

Over 500 people attended. Kien Nguyen awarded the Dwight Evans Youth Leadership award to Chris Williams. Then Chris was surprised with the first annual Mango Arts Scholarship for $1,000.00. The Mango Arts Scholarship is privately funded by the Mango family -- they've made a 30 year commitment to Mural Arts to provide one of their art education students with a $1,000 college scholarship each year at Wall Ball. Allison Baver, Olympic Speedskater, attended the event and talked to Mayor Nutter then showed him her bronze medal.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NEW PHILLY MAGAZINE POST - Jay Mohr, Where Guest Book, Manna Nourishes

I thought I would try a 5 day blogging adventure on Philly Post. Here's Tuesday's:

Murder Mystery Dinner Party at Lippincott Hotel in Rittenhouse Sqaure

In 1890, Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine published Sir Anthony Conan Doyle’s second installment of Sherlock Holmes. Today, Lippincott House honors its literary legacy by bringing the famous detective back to Philadelphia in a new Murder Mystery series!Lippincott House lies in the heart of Philadelphia, one block from Rittenhouse Square. This exquisite grand mansion, constructed in 1897, combines 19th century grace with 21st century comfort. Guests enjoy wireless internet and satellite television in the shadow of authentic Victorian fireplaces. Bookings are limited to 4 rooms, allowing our guests complete privacy as they enjoy Lippincott House’s historic artwork, architecture, and atmosphere.
Bob Graeff and Jackie Brown
Whether your flair for sleuthing stems from reading Agatha Christie novels or playing Colonel Mustard, enjoy a witty and amusing performance featuring detective Holmes in our 19th century mansion off Rittenhouse Square. Murder Mystery guests mingle amongst the four-stories of Lippincott’s mansion from the Conservatory to the Billiards room. Delicious cocktails, full bar and cuisine designed and served by Philadelphia caterer b*smiths gourmet catering.

Lippincott House co-owner Mary Beth Hallman and writer Thom Nickels
Jeannie Barbuscia, Dana Andrews, Maryanne and Jim Brossard
Elisabeth Roland and Joanne Cohen love a good mystery.
Appetizers, dinner, drinks and dessert is served through out the evening.

Mary Beth tells me that there might be one ghost that haunts the house, and haunt is a harsh word as it's to former original owner who passed away years ago. Occasionally they hear her, but more often she just draws a bath on an upper floor and the faucet needs to be turned off.
Victoria Wyeth, Lori Panossian, Brett Jones, Meredith Jones and Richard James
The Lippencott format is interactive where you mingle with other guests. You become a part of the mystery, and towards the end you get to guess the murderer and win a token prize.
The first Murder Mystery Night took place on Thursday, April 22. Further evenings are scheduled for June 10, September 23, October 14, October 28, December 2 and December 16. Private groups can also be accommodated. Book your visit here: