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Yesterday Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper filmed at 16th & Market Streets changing it into 48th & Lexington Streets in Manhattan. I keep reading how people are mad about this, but what they need to understand is if we didn't have the Film Tax Credits they would have filmed this movie in NYC.
I have a new computer and no photoshop yet, but if you look closely I did an arrow pointing to De Niro and Cooper on the set of Dark Fields Thursday
I did a nice write up over on but since I did it very quickly and wasn't at home I didn't have the tools to clean up the pictures. This shot didn't make it into that column, but it's one of the better one of the two.
After shooting Bradley sat in his chair. I love how everyone including the cop is texting - LOL
A Philebrity with her trademark hair do, I was in a hurry and couldn't wait for her to move to get a better shot, but you know who it is right?
A few extras. Then it was off to Paradigm in Old City to shoot the next scenes. My friend Jill knows the owners of the restaurant and was invited to watch them film a few scenes. Later she snagged this shot of Bradley Cooper outside. If I'm not mistaken that is the back of Christ Church on the left.
Jill tells me: no anna friel... there was a young women named Rebecca (don't know last name) who was shooting opposite. she was sweet and i think is an unknown?
she introduced herself to me. she got to kiss him over and over and over!!! what a great days work. he is SO cool Hugh. he seems almost shy and modest. i loved his humility. also, in the scene we saw, he spoke fluent french!!!
smart AND cute. gotta ♥ it!
***** Check out my PhillyMag column on the shoot HERE:
Today (Friday) filming is on South Broad Street and City Hall intersection. Seriously dudes can't you work on Saturdays? This is gonna tie up traffic like no one's business.


Happy Birthday Phoodie Collin. Last week Collin Flatt invited me to his birthday party. Even though I was previously booked I immediately pushed my schedule back to accommodate his celebration. First I am a huge fan of his work, plus he's a genius, his sees things in ways I would never and he's intellect. (who dresses me, why didn't I button that collar? I think I have a pointed head, wait this blog is about Collin Flatt...) I am glad to be part of the blogger community, a community that writes about their passion and in the process has changed how you folks get your news.

I knew there would be a lot of bloggers there and well I never really get to socialize with these folks that I admire so much as I keep myself fairly busy.
I was so excited to meet some of the peeps I am a fan of: Felicia D’Ambrosio (I've said it before I recommend the entire site at City Paper it's one of the best sites, and is constantly updated), Danya Henninger (Philly Design Blog)
Kelly White (Living on the Vedge) and her fiance whose name I would know if I could find my notebook which you all know I had since I wrote about Collin's bday in my PhillyMag column yesterday. I'm a mess. Next week I will do better.
Collin used to write Phoodie for Philebrity but left in January to pursue other interests, including teaching a class on wine at Penn, continuing to teach wine classes at the Wine School in Fairmount, and being the man in charge of picking out all the fine beers you consume at Ladder 15.
Ladder 15: This space is gorgeous. The ceiling is high (two floors), there is a balcony that runs alongside one wall, the walls have great rock-and-wireframe accents, and there's a wall-sized fireplace/log thing going that will look way cool in the winter, I'm sure. The waitresses were very attractive and the space was plenty roomy. Based on the amount of room between tables, it seemed like the floor space was designed to be cleared out later at night to allow more mingling. Chairs for the tables were backless wooden curved surfaces that were fairly tall but surprisingly comfortable.
Arthur Etchells (FooBooz) (I really appreciate all the blogs that have ever carried an article from my blog (or have read me). It really helped me a lot in achieving my goals. I don't usually get a chance to review everyone's blog often, I'm not good with incorporating other peoples sites on mine unless I have a photo of them, but I do try and retweet those that have been good to me, and those that are very interesting, as much as possible. So even though this is about Collin's bday party, I just want to say thanks, I really appreciate everything you've done for me, and for Philly)

Mike Ilagan (Unbreaded, Geekadelphia and Uwishunu) and Allie Harcharek (City Paper and A Food Coma)
Bone Marrow served at Ladder 15
I purposely didn't tag the pixs so you can have an unvarnished picture for your FB page. Make sure you say you were at Collin Flatt's bday party. If I don't have your name written down, please give it to me so I may add it. thanks
It's 2am I must go to bed now. Next week I am going to start earlier and get to the gym.
John Hobbs, Casey Hughes (head brewer at Flying Fish), April Reynolds, Collin Flatt, Kristin Moore, and Stephen Lyford.
Happy Birthday Collin Flatts

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro on Movie Set today in Philadelphia MAGAZINE POST

Bradley Cooper & Robert De Niro on the set today:

My Philly Mag Column Today - Hughe Dillon on the Town


Wawa Welcome America Events

Philadelphia the birthplace of the nation celebrates another year older with a huge party and is invited the world: June 25 - July 4, 2010

FOOD, FRIENDS, FIREWORKS, AND A PARADE, who could ask for anything else on July 4th.
Taste of Philadelphia June 26 + June 27
11:00 a.m.
Penn’s Landing, Columbus Boulevard at Chestnut Street
Taste of Philadelphia continues with a day long sampling of the best cuisines in the city. There’s music all day to groove to and help you keep your appetite up for more great food. Stay for our headliner evening concert and dazzling fireworks.


Wed June 30 2010
Wawa Hoagie Day - The Mile Long Hoagie is back!!
7:00 p.m.
Philly @ the Movies: Rocky
9:00 p.m.
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Join Wawa for an epic Philadelphia double feature: the famed Hoagie Day celebration followed by a special screening of Rocky. Wawa will serve a culinary masterpiece fit for display in one of the museum’s galleries - a mile-long hoagie! Enjoy a party atmosphere and fun before settling down for Philly @ the Movies at the foot of the “Rocky steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It's a one-two combo that can't be beat!

Enter the Rocky Contest

Thursday July 1, PHL airport will have an exhibit but u have to have an airline ticket to see it.

Avatar will be shown @ Penns Landing in the evening on July 1 (Will it be in 3d??)

July 4th 2010

Philadelphia Independence Day Parade
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Historic Philadelphia
Immediately following the Independence Day ceremony, Celebration of Freedom, the nation’s best July 4th parade steps off. Bring your flags, patriotic spirit and plenty of energy to this renowned parade and revel in the pageantry that has made this march through Historic Philadelphia a new local tradition. Miss America 2010 will be the celebrity guest.

Philly wants to break the record of 6000 "High Fives"

Party on the Parkway
12:00 noon – 8:00 p.m.
Benjamin Franklin Parkway, 20th Street to Eakins Oval
The whole family will enjoy this afternoon of fun, free entertainment and of course, lots of food! Stay for the Life, Liberty & You concert and jaw dropping fireworks later in the evening.

THE GOO GOO DOLLS will entertain you at 9PM



And I was there. It was a great night. Packed with lots of fun people that weren't too out of control.
Tara Nurin states: You know your country’s cuisine has come a long way when a restaubar advertises its menu as “Great American Pub” style then fills it with hummus, chorizo and wok-fried pot stickers alongside of its Carolina fish & chips and St. Louis BBQ ribs. If one’s looking for that elusive all-American feel, though, this is it.
A sprawling space on the bottom floor of an office building, this highly polished wood-and-brass pub shuffles in its power broker financial attorneys for co-worker lunches and meet market happy hours, then gives way to post-post-frat house DJ parties and equally testosterone-scented and preppy football viewings.
Public Houses' GM Dino Minelli and wife Carrie Nork Minelli
Guest, Reggie Berry, Jacky Wright, and the Mayor join the crowd for the anniversary party. Reggie was doing a little celebrating himself as it was his birthday.

I should have done some cropping in this picture to focus on the beauty that is Laura Powers, Christie Honigman, Michelle Rossi-Simoni and Elisha Rampolla. Laura works for KB Consultants and today's a big day for them as their client Le Merdian opens their doors to the public. Read all about their drink menu in my column today.
Aly Green and crew including Jason Dills and Craig Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Nork, who just returned from their honeymoon with Diana & John Martinelli.

RJ Cacciutti, Maha Malecka, Joanna Jatkowska and John Johnson
Vatche Manoukian and Kristie Gonzales, flanked by Darlene Monzo, Jim Gabriele,
Jen Sherlock and Jill Murphy
Carson Andre, Samantha J, Zach Seidman, Kelli Disanto and Dustin Lotter. The three folks in the center all work at Dusk at Caesars in AC. Look for Brody Jenner to make a return appearance in the next few weeks. He makes the girls scream!!
Julie Bartolomeo, Katie Czaplicki, friend, Arthur Kade. Julie and Arthur met the day before when they were both extras in the film Dark Fields. In one scene Julie bumps into Bradley Cooper, she said it was well worth the bruising.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The William Penn Award Charles Pizzi

April 16th was a very busy night as both the William Penn Awards and the Donors are Heroes party was going on, luckily for me one was on the mezzanine floor the Donor's party was on the XIX floor. Even luckier is I ran into my friend Justin Pizzi outside the Bellevue and he brought me right up to the VIP party where I met his mom and family. His mom's a big fan getting to know me when Justin did the Be a 10 in 10 Weeks for NBC10 as I worked out last summer at Fusion Cross Training, which I just started doing again yesterday. So on with the show....

Charles Pizzi, president and chief executive officer of Tasty Baking Co., received the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce's highest honor, The William Penn Award, at its annual black-tie gala held April 16 at the Hyatt at the Bellevue.
Leci Valdes, Elise Frank, Sherrin Thomas, Lindsey Kaskowitz. Originally Pizzi just wanted to serve Tastykakes as the desert, yes it's true. But Pastry Chef Elise Frank said that she would whip up something better. Using the ingredients to created some of the popular cakes, she created her own desserts and had Charles Pizzi taste them side by side with their inspirations, the Krimpet, the peanut butter one and the chocolate cupcake. He chose her desserts instead.
Max's parents
NBC10’s Justin Pizzi,’s Slice of Pizzi host Chris Pizzi and Wharton student Keith Pizzi. Those Pizzis are a successful bunch.
Rounding out the family was mom Elyse, brother Gabe and aunt Marie Bonner in the VIP room. (Missing was dad at the moment of my visit.) Also enjoying the festivities were past William Penn Award winners…
The lobby of the Grand Ballroom, below Mark Focht, Director of Fairmount Park, and Kate Wilhelm, Director of the Fairmount Park Conservatory
Pizzi's passion for Philadelphia sports teams inspired the dinner's theme, "Get in the Game," which featured Eagles cheerleaders, Sixers mascot Hip-Hop, and table centerpieces of sports memorabilia donated by the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers.
The evening for nearly 720 guests was co-chaired by Ron Rubin, Judith M. von Seldeneck,
Autumn Adkins, President of Girard College and Gerry Lenfest - Mr. Lenfest and Miss Adkins have a mutual bond over the high school Mercersburg Academy, which is an independent, coeducational boarding school for grades 9-12 located in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, United States. The school's mission is: "[to] prepare young men and women from diverse backgrounds for college and for life in a global community.
When Mr. Lenfest was a young boy, his mother had passed away and he was a troubled youth. He credits Mecersburg Academy with helping him find his way to the success he is today. Before coming to Girard College, Ms. Adkins was on the faculty at Mercersburg Academy. I sent this shot to them so they could send it to their mutual friend.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010



The May 2010 Movie with Bradley Coooper
Check my Philly Mag Posts for updates on Dark Fields with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro:

Last week Dark Fields filmed at Union Trust Steakhouse at 7th and Chestnut Streets. Filming began about 11AM in the downstairs area of the restaurant. It was a lunch scene. In this scene he's having an argument with his broker. He's dressed in the blue suit with white shirt. Basically it seems like he's only wearing two outfits, one is for the dark persona, the other is his blue suit good guy outfit.

Robert De Niro was rehearsing upstairs in one of the meeting rooms. At 2pm I got a tip that he was leaving in 30 minutes thru the back door. I passed there were just too many variables that made it an impossible shot.

Later in the evening, the filming took place upstairs in the new Mezz area. It was a party scene, the extras had to change into cocktail attire. One such lucky girl from Philly gets to bump into Bradley Cooper in the scene. He's in his dark clothes and moody.
This week (I took these pixs Monday. Signs say they are there til late Wed night) the filming has moved to the Loews Hotel. But don't expect to see De Niro wandering around as the Loews has a valet that is inside a garage. My source tells me that the filming is taking place on a high floor which is acting as De Niro's office. Bradley Cooper is also in the scene...
the best place to get a sighting of BC is at his trailer which is parked on the west side of City Hall. This also might be tough as it's heavily guarded by mean ass security guards that scream if you loiter to long, but I often remind them that it's public property.
On the south side of City Hall is the studio's offices, plus

the bathrooms. Lucy is the woman's room, Desi the guys.The make-up and wardrobe trailers are on the west side.
This is another good spot to get a sighting of Bradley Cooper

as the trailer on the left is Bradley Cooper's make-up room. See the pictures thru the window of him in his various emotional states for his character.
Good luck and happy celebrity stalking for lack of a better word. I would appreciate tips at buzz @ thanks Hughe