Friday, April 30, 2010


The building that houses Budukhan wants to put a cell phone dish on it's roof. Instead of saying 15 feet high the zoning board notice describes it as 182.8 inches. Dark Fields was filming at Butcher & Singer last week. I was tipped off that Robert DeNiro would arrive at wardrobe at 3PM, unpredictable he came early and left by 2.30PM. I don't expect to see him too much on the street next week either. All his scenes are being shot in the hotel where he is staying. The shooting is centered around what is supposed to be his office, so they are just using a meeting room that has windows. The Tribeca Film Festival is over on Saturday, so I predict he will be in Philly on Sunday. Maybe he will go out to dinner. Tips appreciated at thanks
There's a crossing guard at City Hall now. I wish instead they would come to my car accident. For now on if you have a car accident police will only be dispatched if there are injuries. I guess that's more good news for people who drive around without insurance or that are under the influence.
Jen Carroll the hottest chef in town. I have to tip my hat to the Where Magazine folks. I've been reading the mag for at least 10 years, and this past year is the best ever. For years they just used canned shots of Philly taken by one of the tourist offices, but now they have stepped up their game in the editorial department come up with some great concepts, and subjects. And it's not too bad that they hired Christopher Gabello to take real photos of real Philadelphian's and important tourism shots.
I hope we're not returning to the Goode years, that weren't so good when people parked their cars in the center of Broad Street and on City Hall's curtain.
Hmm Chocolate Mousse at Del Frisco's, it's on their new Phillie's Early Bird Special Menu
Bravo Philadelphia Art Museum for your beautiful parking garage. BUT YOU (The CITY) suck with your parking fees. $5 for Art Museum Members, $10 for people going to the art museum, $26 for all others. You use Fairmount Park land, you remove at least 80 parking spots that used to be on the backside of your lot, then you charge $26 to people that are going to enjoy the park. (BTW half these cars in this pix backed the hell up after they saw the fees, later in the day you were smart enough to place the sign at the top of the driveway) #FAIL
That being said, take public transportation to enjoy the park (PHLASH begins May 1), it is spectacular, beautiful and should be a must stop at least once a week.
I though Mayor Nutter changed his stance on skateboarders at Love Park. Still I would rather have this police officer come to my car accident especially if I have to deal with an irate other driver.
Birthday day at the firm this week. D&D is trying to get rid of their Halloween containers, I guess.
Costumes from Dark Fields. Bradley Cooper is being very uncooperative posing for photos for fans and paparazzi, but in NYC last Sunday he posed up a storm w/Renee as they went out to dinner. What is up with that? Many of us paps don't even bother with him anymore, which means no press for Philly on a national level.
Zarwin Baum's Stacey Kracher and I have the same items in our offices. Thanks to Zarwin Baum for hiring me to cover their anniversary party. About once a week someone hires me and I appreciate it, especially since I don't have advertisements on my blog. (When you hire me, then you own the photos and can distribute them to mags etc. Soon though I'm going to set up a photo buying opportunity since so many people want me to send them photos. I really, really don't have time.)
I guess people don't read anymore "Keep off the Grass" sign at Rittenhouse Square.
Chris Jazz House has Crawfish. So does the Oyster House down the street, but that place is always packed so I don't need to give them any props. Chris' Jazz needs a PR person.
Monica Glass at 10 Arts makes a mean dessert.
earlier in the night I ate at 1682 at the Palomar. Korean Ribs and Cole Slaw. Delicious. I ate at their outdoor tables, there's a slight slant on the sidewalk so hold onto your glass of wine. As the nite wore on and people got tipsy, I was serenaded by broken glass.
I'm not killing myself for Bradley Cooper shots anymore, but I do love shooting the film sets.
I'd rather shoot Swann Fountain
Variety of chicken wings at Urban Saloon
They do not know how to cook Edamame though
Phanatics Jamyra and Melony. I'm enjoying tracking down all the Phanatics in town
Cari Feiler Bener's brother wrote a book. Go see him at Barnes & Noble Thursday 5/13
5/1/10 I am starting my diet again. I have definitely grieved over my sister with entirely too many desserts. Now I feel like I'm dying. I'm cutting back on covering so many events, and going to the gym/Fusion Cross Training/ riding my bike instead.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Check out my column in Philly Mag today:

VH1 "Tough Love Couples" Screening at Del Frisco's

A few weeks back I attended the VH1 "Tough Love Couples" Screening at Del Frisco's
Speaking of Del Frisco's I was there Monday night and tried out their new price fixed (early bird btwn 4PM + 6PM) menu 3 courses for only $35. If you need to leave work early, trust me it's worth it, in fact it's a huge bargain, especially the chocolate mousse for dessert.
On a Sunday night, Del Frisco's held a party/screening for Tough Love Couples in their Vault for friends, family and fans
Here's host Steve Ward with his family, Dad, sister Monica Ward, Del Frisco's GM Rich Furino (his day off) and mom, hostess of Tough Love Couples, JoAnn Ward.
2 weeks ago on my Philly Magazine column I mentioned that 3 of these couples tied the knot as a result of the TV Show, which by the way brought together 6 couples that were together for a period of time, but for some reason one of the duo was unable to commit to marriage. Thiswas boot camp for love and marriage. Here's Steve Ward with some of the ladies.
Speaking of love, the latest couple to fall in like is Dana Spain and Michael Piszek
with Aly Green

Steve Ward, JoAnne and fans
Aly Green, Jason Dills, Bacherlorette contestant Craig Robinson and ABC6's FYI Philly Nikki Hawkins
Steve Ward addresses the crowd
hmm is that a happy couple dead ahead?
Mario, a former bar bouncer who proudly recounts his party-life past, says he loves Christina. But he takes way too long to answer when Ward asks if he will give up other women forever. What do you think, did they get married?
Check out my column in Philly Mag today:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan Schaer Toddy, PC 50th Anniversary Party

In recognition of its 50th anniversary, Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan Schaer Toddy, one of Philadelphia’s longest standing full-service law firms, held a special cocktail reception at the their new offices in Center City. More than 100 guests, employees, as well as community and business leaders, and friends of the firm were in attendance at the event, including some who have been with the Firm since inception.
Even Mayor Nutter took time out of his busy schedule to stop by to make a few congratulatory remarks. Here he is with Zarwin Baum founders Norman Zarwin (right) and Harris Baum.
Harris Baum addresses the crowd
Charlotte Kate bonded with Audrey Morak as Charlotte, now retired, used to be Harris Baum's secretary. That position is held by Audrey today.
Mitchell Kaplan proudly shows Marketing Director Stacey Kracher the Citation from the Pa Senate presented by
Sen Larry Farnese, here with Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown
Steve Schaefer, Billy Nigro, Stacey Kracher and Mike Quick
Founded in 1960 and currently maintains offices in Philadelphia and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and Marlton and Jersey City, New Jersey. The Firm is listed by Martindale-Hubbell as a preeminent law firm in the United States as well as being listed in Best's Directory of Recommended Insurance Attorney's and many of the Firm's attorneys were selected for inclusion as Pennsylvania and New Jersey "Super Lawyers". In addition, its members are leaders in a wide variety of civic and philanthropic organizations.
Anna Kerney, Nancy Landy, Joe Toddy and Nicole Rocco have a blast
Patricia Holden will speak at the National Business Institute seminar about 'Key Issues and Case Law Update' on April 29 in Philadelphia. Details available at

Jim and Debbie Rose
Jean Coney, Harriet Lessey, Jill Fisher and Stacey Kracher
Barbara Chadwin, Harris Baum, Norman and Marlene Zarwin
Friends for 40 years, co-worker too Andrea Mace and Amy Moskauski
Harriet Lessey cuts the rug with Ken Fleisher. In another life Harriet was a columnist that I read faithfully called Buzz, which was in the Philly Daily News and covered news, biz items and interesting people (sounds familar); For the past decade has had a PR company called Buzz Communications and Zarwin is one of her clients.
The Team at Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan Schaer Toddy - Happy Anniversary!!!