Friday, April 16, 2010

LUMEN LASER CENTER BEAUTY BASH at Fleming's of Radnor benefiting Steppingstone

The LUMEN LASER CENTER BEAUTY BASH held a reception on at Fleming’s of Radnor on April 14, 2010. The evening included wine tastings, hors d’oeuvres and information about the newest in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Proceeds went to The Steppingstone Foundation. Dr. Andrew Kwak, Founder and Director of LUMEN, presented new techniques for fat and cellulite loss, Botox and skin damaged by the sun. Event proceeds benefit Steppingstone Scholars who will be having their annual gala The Step Into Spring Gala on April 30, 2010 at the Please Touch Museum.Ferrari was also one of the sponsors of the event, unfortunately they couldn't fit one in the gift bag so it didn't come home with me. In the background, in the shadows on the right was Pat Croce. He declined a photo.
Dr. Andrew Kwak, Founder and Director of LUMEN and his team, Gina Lee, LUMEN Laser Center business manager,Theresa Forty, Priscilla Rubin, Jessica Goerig, Genevre Kane and Kristine Casal
Dr. Eric Ricefield and wife KellyAnn.
Debbie Schwartz and Blair Rosen - The Jewelry Maven
Shanell Greene and Jason Trego of Makeup Artists at NARS
Wine Tasting
It used to be that the talk of cosmetic surgery, a session of Botox or other cosmetic improvements was some what of a secret, but now a days society has embraced these procedures, and are even proud that they are taking the steps to ever lasting youth as they also embraced healthy living in the past decade. A great crowd from the Main Line came out to celebrate their future. (I need to get to the gym.)
Eric, GM of Fleming's, addresses the crowd, thanks them for coming. Hughe's Note: BTW the food was delicious.
Dr. Andrew Kwak addresses the crowd, reviewing a lot of concerns women may have about their appearance.
The raffle prize was sessions of Botox, skin peels and other cosmetic procedures that I entered to win. I could use a little refreshing since I barely take time to sleep.

Linda Brajer and Heidi Geffen
Jeannie Cohen, Jennifer and Albert Simmons
Linda Berman and Lucy Hepp were excited to catch up
Cori Moskow, Gloss PR announces the winners of the raffle
Nina Weisbord, president of Steppingstone Scholars, Inc. and Kendra Kirk, Director of Development. Nina told the crowd "Every dollar you spend makes a difference in our kids life."
Donna Caramenico, Linda Jackson-Bradley, Terry Lamson and Dr. Albini Veys
John and Amy Korman, with Andrew Schlessinger and Ashley CofoneAlaina Lackman and Caroline Kallman of Govbergs. Caroline tells me everyone is excited for their move to Walnut St which will be happening at the beginning of July. Yenna Santore and Llana Waber or as I like to refer to them as "Cori's Crew", man the check in table and sell the raffle tickets

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Cevallos & Wong, LLP 1 year anniversary party at Public House

Last week I attended the Cevallos & Wong, LLP 1 year anniversary party at Public House, Phila, Pa. (I guess they took this pix for their blog last April/May as the Equality Forum flags are hung along Broad Street.) It was well attended. Cevallos & Wong LLP was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the vision to make the practice of law a means to serve individuals with grave need for quality, honest and efficient representation. Here's Danny Cevallos with Hayley Curry and Amanda Murphy.Jessica Wong, guest and Jeff Wong. Danny Cevallos and Jeff Wong were each independently recognized and honored as one of "Pennsylvania's Rising Stars" in their respective areas of practice in Philadelphia Magazine’s Pennsylvania Super Lawyers - Rising Stars Edition (Dec. 2008).
Jessica Wong, Mark Palmero and Shannon carson

Kayla Gillin, Cristins Lopez-Moreno, Amanda Liptock and Guy in Yellow Shirt who jump in picture at the last minute, then disappeared. Twinckle Vaidya, Jeff Wong, Alyson McDonald, Zoe Stout, Erica Homko, and Jen Labows

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Stir. Sip. And Socialize at the years most anticipated cocktail party. Philadelphia magazine had its annual Martini Madness event on Wednesday, March 31. For $50 guest could sample unlimited cocktails featuring over 25 different brands of vodka, gin, tequila and rum plus enjoy food from Philadelphia area restaurants. If you missed this party, then you missed a real good time.
I was wondering why a Philadelphia Magazine drinking party was being held in such a gigantic place. Little did I know that this was some party.
Regina Dodds, Kelly Carter, Deborah Cabassa, Katie McCabe and Deana Yokimcus. These girls know how to party and they come every year.
food was served in Martini glasses too, like at this gourmet potato station
Renee Hamilton enjoys a Blueberry Martini, Monica Cooley, Cherry and Jannell Barr Cantaloupe Martini
beautiful night at the Constitution Center
great crowd
DJ, put a record on
I like the flower in her hair
Ed Hardy makes a vodka?
Stephanie Sutsko and Kristin Cipolla
Jeannie Acri, Jill Ott, Jen Carter, Heather Beck and Nahreen Ahmed
Jacquelyn Merrin and Jessica Procini
Mary Beth Hallman and Tara Thune Davis This two lovelies are organizing a Murder Mystery in Philly. Finally it's making a comeback. Thurs Lippencott Housese Uwisunu has a good write up or go directly to the Lippincott House for information here:, Buffy E. VaraneseMarketing Director of Delilah's and Alyssa. Remember a few weeks back I was a judge at Delilah's and I was disappointed that Lady Gaga didn't win because she really was the most talented, well here she is on the right.
Today I had a special entry on my Philly Mag column about Abbie Cornish and Dark Fields (I got a photo of her last night near the set at Butcher & Singer; Bradley Cooper was on set too.)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Zanna Roberts Rassi, Italian Trade Commission looks on as Marie Clair's Sr Fashion Editor Aniello Musella greets the crowd at Boyd's and explains about the exciting new Italian fashion and Style
Jeff Glass, Co-Owner of Boyds, with Alexa Wilson, Marketing Director of Marie Clare Magazine, Zanna Roberts Russi, Sr Fashion Editor of Marie Claire and Aniello Musella, Trade Commissioner of the Italian Trade Commission
Samantha Sclueltz, Lauren Hering, Fran D'Ambrosia, and Jessica
Kristen Foote and your name is on the tip of my tongue darn it. None the less, hot fashion. I love what Kristen is wearing mixing it up black and white like a fine milk shake.
My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard,
and they're like,
its better than yours,
damn right its better than yours
Matthew Vlahos who is working very hard on the 20th Anniversary of Dining Out For Life. Check my column in the Philadelphia Magazine Online Thursday for a special dinner on April 29, 2010. Guest, Diane Johnson, Nina Tinari, Jimmy Contrerars, and Mia Tinari. Not picture, Christian DiCicco as he was chowing down at The Oyster House. Have you been there lately. Beautiful. What a huge difference it was when they opened up the place and got decent windows.
Donna Coughlin, always very generous in keeping me in the loop, and her beau Charlie P
Jen Utley and Nicole Cashman. People Jen did not pose for Playboy nor does she live in Haddonfield, NJ. Please leave those poor people alone and refrain from sending them jersey's to sign.