Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Zanna Roberts Rassi, Italian Trade Commission looks on as Marie Clair's Sr Fashion Editor Aniello Musella greets the crowd at Boyd's and explains about the exciting new Italian fashion and Style
Jeff Glass, Co-Owner of Boyds, with Alexa Wilson, Marketing Director of Marie Clare Magazine, Zanna Roberts Russi, Sr Fashion Editor of Marie Claire and Aniello Musella, Trade Commissioner of the Italian Trade Commission
Samantha Sclueltz, Lauren Hering, Fran D'Ambrosia, and Jessica
Kristen Foote and your name is on the tip of my tongue darn it. None the less, hot fashion. I love what Kristen is wearing mixing it up black and white like a fine milk shake.
My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard,
and they're like,
its better than yours,
damn right its better than yours
Matthew Vlahos who is working very hard on the 20th Anniversary of Dining Out For Life. Check my column in the Philadelphia Magazine Online Thursday for a special dinner on April 29, 2010. Guest, Diane Johnson, Nina Tinari, Jimmy Contrerars, and Mia Tinari. Not picture, Christian DiCicco as he was chowing down at The Oyster House. Have you been there lately. Beautiful. What a huge difference it was when they opened up the place and got decent windows.
Donna Coughlin, always very generous in keeping me in the loop, and her beau Charlie P
Jen Utley and Nicole Cashman. People Jen did not pose for Playboy nor does she live in Haddonfield, NJ. Please leave those poor people alone and refrain from sending them jersey's to sign.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Every Monday and Thursday I will be giving you in depth gossip/news/tidbits in my new column at Philadelphia Magazine's new online Blog The Philly Post.

Here's a link to my columns including today's posting (for the most part these are events that haven't been posted on PhillyChitChat yet):



Check my Philly Mag Posts for updates on Dark Fields with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro:

What is filming in Philadelphia today?

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@iPhillyChitChat: I just passed the Dark Fields set. They r just setting it up. I imagine it will b shot mid-afternoon @ 1818 market st.

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@olv The Dark Fields is also filming at Bank at 1139 Chestnut St in Philly today

Here's the list of the major actors that will be roaming the streets of Philly for the next 6 weeks.

Bradley Cooper ... Eddie Spinola & girlfriend Renee Zellweger

Robert De Niro ... Gennady

Abbie Cornish

Anna Friel

Earlier posts: http://www.phillychitchat.com/2010/03/renee-zellweger-and-bradley-cooper.html


MARIAN ANDERSON AWARD honoring Bill Cosby, behind the velvet rope

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby was honored with the Marian Anderson Award for his work in encouraging academic achievement and calling for parents to raise responsible children.

Cosby received the award and an unrestricted $50,000 prize at a ceremony Tuesday at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, Pa

Marian Anderson Foundation An African-American, Anderson became an important figure in the struggle for black artists to overcome racial prejudice in the United States during the mid twentieth century. In 1939, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) refused permission for Anderson to sing to an integrated audience in Constitution Hall. Their race-driven refusal placed Anderson into the spotlight of the international community on a level usually only found by high profile celebrities and politicians. With the aid of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Anderson performed a critically acclaimed open-air concert on Easter Sunday, in 1939 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. to a crowd of more than 75,000 people and a radio audience in the millions.
Reporter Kristie Gonzales from ABC6.
Maria Papadakis and her mom look stunningRich Przywara and Meredith Sossman
The cocktail reception was held in the grand hall lobby of the Kimmel center. It's the pre-event like this, and the dinner that usually makes up the bulk of the money for the prize money.
Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds-Brown's assistant Jason Lewis puts down reading material at her table for her guests. The dining area was designed for this event by Evantine Design
Blondell had two tables full of guests, which helps offset the costs of the event.
Girl rocking some color, with lots of blues in the audience too. Many of the cocktail guests were politicians, business owners, executives, representing local colleges and spouses.
Council women Jannie Blackwell
The Tinari Clan: Nino, Carol, Mia and Nina with Dave Fisher who will officially be part of the family when he and Mia marry next month. Carol and Nina are both on the Board of the Marian Anderson Foundation.
Guest, Tricia Wellenbach, Karen Lewis, Executive Dir. Of Avenue of the Arts, Melanie Johnson, CExec. Dir City Representative Office and Judge Majorie Rendell

CBS3's Natasha Brown was on hand to do the reporting
The press lines up in preparation for their shots of Bill Cosby. The other guest performing in the show do not walk the "red carpet", which is disappointing. The press was impressive, representing Snapglow, Philly.com, Daily News, Metro, Black Pro Network, Dateline Philly, Suburban Paper, Tribune, Getty, Splash, Philly Style, Philly Magazine, CBS3, ABC6 and NBC10 (& me Philly Chit Chat, Photo Agency WENN, Philly Inq Michael Klein's column, and my new column in Philly Magazine "The Philly Post - On the Town with Hughe Dillon".)
Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds-Brown and her guests
I met this sweet women who was so excited to be at the Kimmel Center for the first time ever. She had seen the write up and was so excited to see Bill Cosby in person again. The last time she had seen him was when he spoke at Central High High School, a school they both graduated from a year apart. Lois Kukcinovich. She has a facebook page too, it's a wonderful means to keep up with all her grandchildren's activities. so sweet and stylish too.
Cosby gave special thanks to Gavin White, longtime Temple University track and football coach whom he credits with giving him an athletic scholarship to Temple. Here he is on the left as Bill Cosby, who's sporting at Temple Univ tshirt
Bill Cosby addresses the crowd before dinner. It was an odd placement for the podium, but makes a great picture. Pamela Browner White in a fabulous dress by Melani von Alexandria, who we met last year at the Philadelphia Fashion Show.
The Cos meets the press. For Philly it was like shooting Madonna and the press turn out represents this, unfortunately outside of Philly these photos did not get picked up. (As promised soon I will discuss the business of photos and which ones sell, get placed or die on the vine.)
Mr Huxtible is done his remarks and heads back to his dressing room for his big night. As I reported in my first column for Philly Mag, which appears Mondays & Thursdays, Bill Cosby skipped the fancy dinner and had a primo hoagie and Avian water for dinner.
Former Mayor John Street
Dinner is done and Nicole Cashman thanks her associates for a job well done running the dinner event and bringing in the press to cover the first half of the big night. Pictured Left to Right. Susan Norcross, Nicole Cashman, Ellie Kosarek, Ashley Schaeffer and Casey Cashman
James DePriest after conducting The Philadelphia Orchestra. Mr DePriest is the nephew of Marian Anderson.
Denyce Graves. So amazing and gracious. She travels with a humidifier and whenever she's in her dressing room it is on. Before the show she chowed down on fruit and Avian water.
Lizz Wright performs for Bill Cosby. The first time he heard her was at the Playboy Jazz Festival in 2003, reports Michael Klein.
Thomas Wilkins is Music Director of the Omaha Symphony, a position he has held since 2005. Additionally he is Principal Guest Conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Friends with Bill Cosby he was honored to conduct the Philadelphia Orchestra at this special event. (Please support the Philadelphia Orchestra. This weeks program is the Rite of Spring, and seats are as low as $40. Treat yourself.)
David Brenner's famous profile
Boyz II Men, so hot, so good
"I want to pay tribute to the guys who have stayed at home as opposed to guys who went on the road." In quick order, Moran impressively landed tenor sax man Bootsie Barnes (an elementary school classmate of Cosby's), alto sax man Tony Williams (also a buddy), drummer Mickey Roker, bassist Lee Smith, pianist Don Wilson, and tenor sax man Tommy Grice. (via Michael Klein) Drummer Mickey Roker still plays every weekend at Ortliebs in Northern Liberties.
Mayor Nutter awards Bill Cosby with the Marian Anderson Award. Having the telepromters on the podium convinced me to take the photo not from the front of the stage but from the side where many of the photographers were standing for the past 3 hrs. The white puff of hair is Bill Cosby's daughters Erin.
The crowd at the Kimmel center
Bill Cosby during his long winded 45 minute thank you speech covering his childhood, living in the projects, aspiring to do something with his life. (The speech was neither inspirational or very funny. I felt sorry for Pamela Browner-White and Chita Rivera who stood throughout the speech.)
But I was glad I stayed cause in the end I got some of my favorite pictures of the entire night including this one.

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Trip to Charlotte, NC to Visit My Sisters

What is this bug? We picked it up along the Skyline Drive in Virginia; I recommend you take lots of Dramamine before you embark on it. I had Mike turn the car around after the first 10 miles of hairpin turns as there was no way I was going to make it the next 80 miles like that.
I did get this one shot before I turned around and left. I miscalculated Spring. Since the Appalachians are a tad higher than sea level Spring had not arrived yet.

Spring along I-81
Taken at 75MPH, not bad. I really should stop and smell the roses & take some pictures.
I love this shot. Often I forget there are men and women fighting for our country around the world. Thanks, you're in my prayers. This is in New Market, Va
Almost there. 10 hrs from Philly, to Lancaster Pa to pick up my niece then to Charlotte, NC

My other niece (Judy's daughter) was already in Charlotte visiting. Before her mother became ill, Colleen was living and going to school in Charlotte, working as an aupair and getting her LPN. Boy did that LPN come in handy when her mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Colleen gave up her schooling and her friends to return home to care for her mother. I am grateful, and admire her a great deal.Oh my little pride's & joys. Crista's kids Michael Jr & Bo
The boys visit Grace down the street. They've never met the owner, but everyday on the way to the park they stop by to say hi. Woof!!!
The dollar goes a long way in Charlotte, NC; it is definitely a great place to raise a family too. Very diverse, preppy, church going peeps, families and shopping. Every development has their own upscale shopping center.
Easter Breakfast at the Bateman's
Mike & baby bo
greatest shot

It was the first time I got to see The DeFeo Family Inline Rink. My sister Janine and her hubby Tom wanted to give back to the community so they bought them an inline hockey rink for their local YMCA. Tommy's been with Microsoft since it's teenage years. Here's Janine and son TJ, who is an championship ice hockey player.
Dad Michael and baby bo on the swings. Michael is originally from Cinnaminson, NH

After Easter dinner. Munley cousins, Crista and Tommy.

Cousins different but close. Nicole is edging, artistic and loves shopping at Hot Topic. Kelsey girly girl whose favorite color is pink. Athletic and high spirited.

Everyone should do their Easter Egg Hunt with prepackaged eggs. $14 for 50, damn where were you all my life?
Did I mention the dollar goes far down there?
To relieve the stress of a day at the office Tommy has taken up lego's and he is a serious builder. Did you know this summer LEGO animals will be part of new exhibit at Philly Zoo? I'll get to hang out with Tommy & my sister Janine. So excited.Crista and Bo
I gave each of my sisters key chains for Easter from John Wind. Proceeds got to fight AIDS. The fight not over yet. I miss my best friend Shaun Conley, and close friends Wayne Cohen, Michael Root and a handful of wonderful people who died before their time.
The Boys on their rockers. These will be the only dogs in the house for a couple years.
I told my sister she needed a picture of Michael's clothes because he's not going be this size forever, and you know when you buy your kids clothes they are really thought out. Then each outfit worn at an event holds a special meaning.
My niece Kelsey's kicks. She's so cool
Everyone says Michael Jr is mini me. He chats alot, is very curious and is a night owl. I gave him this Phillie's hat that I had gotten from a Cole Hamel's charity event. He's adorable and he calls me Uncle Chewy.
Have a great weekend. Thanks for all your support and readership this past week.