Friday, March 5, 2010

Jersey Shore's J-WOWW invaded PHILLY this week Taylors Nightclub (In Jersey) and then Tavern on Broad Street

Johnny Knockout Entertainment presents: the Fight the Beat Party with JWoww at Taylors in Cherry Hill last Tuesday night. I had never been to Taylor's or Top Dog as it was known, and was really impressed at how nice it was set up, the sound system, downstairs is a restaurant with beer pong tables set up. A virtual young adult playground. In the summer there's a nice patio too.

Stephanie McKelvey and her husband Matt McKelvey enjoy their night out at Taylors
Erin Marie Gallagher loves Wired 96.5 on Tuesday and you can always find her hanging with Heather Houser and Ashley Bush on the dancefloor. Two out of the three girls are single, Erin being one of them. You can find her easily as her name is tattooed on her back.
Jillian Schaefer and Colette Primo get hosed down by the light so Johnny Knockout's videographer can get shots to show on his website.

Amanda Lyon tends the beer bar at the top of the steps and wants to service you. Who wouldn't want to stop by and say hi, she's a beauty. Remember to tip your bartenders please!!
Somebody call 911
Shawty fire burning on the dance floor
I gotta cool her down

Justin Roc Kstar and Kannon from Wired 96.5. It was great to see Kannon as it had been too long. Johnny Knockout was super cool and throws a great party. Look at this crowd...
She won't bring the roof to ground on the dance floor
She’s fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor
That little shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor
Jenni “JWoww” Farley was living it up at the Wired 96.5 Tuesday Night shindig produced by party promoter Johnny Knockout. The Jersey Shore babe sported a cleavage-baring red dress as she mingled with guests at Taylor’s nightclub in Cherry Hill, NJ (my hometown, although I'm from the East Side; I just had to say that everyone always asks.) on right Justin Roc Kstar JWoww wowed the crowd and must have posed with over 200
of the 1000 folks that gathered.

@iPhillyChitChat RT @kannon965: Me and @JENNIWOWW chillin at Taylors (via @JENNIWOWW) awww thx for the RT Jenni
Show Time: Jenni JWoww Farley is ready to judge the Hottest Abs Contest at Midnight as Justin Roc Kstar
OMG eye candy
The other big name there that night was Ed Hardy. He could have open up a shop in the lobby and scooped up more money than Parx's Casino on Christmas Eve.

And the winner is Troy Hood of Cherry Hill, NJ. His sister was standing right next to me and told me her brother was going to win the contest and she was right. That's who JWoww is waving to. Troy won two tixs to the Black Eyed Peas concert Wednesday Night, with backstage meeting privileges, which would explain why they were so late getting to the after party where I waited and waited.
J-WOWW is squeezing her 15 minutes of fame out cause after she left Taylor's she zipped up to NYC to film a VH1 Show on dating which will be on the air in April, then she flew out to LA to join up with The Situation, Pauly D, Snooki and the rest of the gang where the cast appeared in a bit on The Tonight Show on Wednesday night, then it was back to Philly to appear at Tavern on Broad Street to host Spring Break Week - WHEW, girl needs a vacation, but she knows how fleeting fame is. She's not dumb at all, it's just a character she plays. (PS I was planning to shoot the event on Thursday night, but I was beat.) Remember this weekend, The Red Ball on Saturday night, The Oscar Viewing Party on Sunday, and
If you support Joe Sestak go to a Young Professionals' Event for him this upcoming Monday, March 8th at Con Murphy's located at 1700 Benjamin Franklin Parkway from 5:30PM-8:00PM. You can register for the event on Facebook (link below) or e-mail Jared G. Solomon (jaredgsolomon(AT) gmail (DOT) com):

Thursday, March 4, 2010


The divine Bette Midler was a special guest of the 2010 Philadelphia International Flower Show on Wednesday, March 3, where she took a tour of the major exhibits and offered rave reviews (“This show is brilliant!”).

Drew Becher, president-elect of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and Flower Show Designer Sam Lemheney led Bette on a guided tour of the Explorer’s Garden and the displays devoted to Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, the Netherlands and India. She also strolled through the innovative exhibits designed by MODA Botanica and Schaffer Designs, and stopped for a brief consult with landscaper Peter Romano.

Since 2006, Drew has served as executive director of the New York Restoration Project, the program founded by Bette Midler to improve the quality of life in underserved New York communities through greening and beautification. Drew will become president of PHS when Jane G. Pepper retires in June.

Bette was in Philadelphia on Wednesday to see the show, at Drew’s invitation, and to meet with leaders of Philadelphia Green, the PHS urban revitalization program whose mission parallels the goals of the NY Restoration Project. Philadelphia Green transforms communities through neighborhood park restoration, mass tree plantings, creation of community gardens, beautification of vacant lots, storm water management initiatives, educational programs and maintenance of treasured public landscapes. Bette and colleagues from New York exchanged ideas on urban greening with the Philadelphia Green directors in meetings later in the day.

Photo: Margaret Funderburg/PHS


Last week I attended the monthly GPPN meeting, (Greater Philadelphia Professional Network) Who's mission is to provide a social, career and business development channel for the gay and lesbian professional community. Their members reside in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware and represent a diverse array of industries and professional experiences. The monthly event is held at various restaurants in Center City. This month we landed at Terra on Camac Street. (The food is delish here as I ate here about a month ago with Miss Laura B)
Thom Cardwell is the founder of GPPN, Bill Whalon and Q'N volunteer at the door. GPPN is instrumental in networking for GLBT folks to talk about business, the direction of the community and share like ideas. Thom will be one of the Hollywood Red Carpet hosts, along with Matthew Ray at Sunday Night's Oscar Viewing Party at the Warwick.
Jeff Sotland, Tavern on Camac's owners Dennis Fee and Stephen
Terra features new American cuisine designed and created by Chef Eric Paraskevas (Slate, Lolita) next to him is the Commissioner of the City of Brotherly Love Softball League Jeff Sotland, is just about to open Tabu, a Sports Bar at 200 S 12th Street. (On tap will be lots of Flying Fish) and Jeff Kotoff.
IBA Board Member Bill Gehrman, President at En Route Consulting , and Brett Friedman with newest IBA member Greta Russo. IBA is the Independence Business Alliance a membership-based business advocacy organization dedicated to making the Philadelphia region an influential and diverse LGBT business community with an impact on economic development, equal rights and policy issues. The IBA is an official affiliate of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).
Megan Smith, Strak & Stark, Samantha Hutcherson, Brian Ross and Olinshar Nguyen
Michael Braunstein, Local Sales Manager- WOGL 98.1 and Stephen Facenda.
Mark Bradford, Jonathan Hand and Evan Weiner
Stephen Facenda, Owner, Philadelphia Office at Viamark Advertising , Lee Frankel, Hewlett Parker and Conrad Kuhn, Weichert

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SHOPS AT LIBERTY PLACE SPRINGS INTO ACTION (& Did U Know Chick Fil A has a cult following?)

Recently in the news there have been numerous articles about the empty stores along Walnut Street and in The Shops at Liberty Place. Well I'm here to report that the Shops at Liberty Place are on the move and several new tenants are moving in as well as Les Richards, who used to be on the 2nd floor, is now moving to the first store in an expanded space next to Jos. Banks and across from the 3rd location of Brown Betty. That's right now you can conveniently shop at Brown Betty during your lunch hour, instead of rushing over to 20th & Spruce street using up precious minutes of your lunch hour. (Brown Betty's 3rd location will be on 17th Street, conveniently across the street from my friends at GPTMC, next to the Westin and the PNC Machine. I love Brown Betty's, and their pound cupcakes.

Last Wednesday the Shops at Liberty Place held a gathering of media folks and shakers to announce the changes. You may recall one of my favorite stores is Lisa M Reisman Et Cie on Rittenhouse Street near the Square, well I am excited to announce that they will be opening a 2nd store for a limited engagement on the ground floor at the Shops in the old Douglas spot located on the first floor of the rotunda.
So stop by and say hi to Campbell States, Zac Beaver, Michael Hartman, and Lisa Reisman. Tell them that PhillyChitChat says hi.
Brenda Willis, runs The Drexel Convenient Care Center which recently set up shop in the old Verizon Store on the first floor, according to a very descriptive article in the Phila Inquirer: The first walk-in, convenient-care clinic in Center City has opened at the Shops at Liberty Place.

It is a joint project of the Drexel University School of Medicine and the Drexel College of Nursing & Health Professions Schools. Nationally, the Mayo and Geisinger health systems and the Cleveland Clinic already operate retail clinics, she said. "Some of the star health systems are already in this business," she said. Retail clinics, which typically use nurse practitioners to treat minor problems such as colds, bladder infections, and rashes, have gained increasing acceptance in recent years. Nurses also give physicals and shots. The walk-in center, which has three exam rooms, is staffed primarily by nurse practitioners on Drexel's faculty who will work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Primary-care doctors will sometimes be on site, and Tom McAndrew, an internal medicine doctor, will serve as medical director. No Insurance accepted yet, standard fee is $65 You can reach it thru the mall or there's an outside entrance on 16th Street. Brenda's left is Where Magazine's sales whiz Brooke Fortier.Lisa M Reisman and her mom Dr. Fredricka Reisman. Professor Dr. ReismanP founded the School of Education at Drexel University, and is developing the School of Creativity. I'm impressed.

Jeff Guarcino, GPTMC chats with Deputy City Representative Margaret Hughes as Mark Randall plays a lovely melody.
Cameo swimwear will be moving in just in time for the warm weather.

Joseph Fazio, Jr, Laura Burkhardt, Publisher of Where Magazine and Thomas Westerfer, Jr.;
Chick-Fil-A I've always been fascinated by the Cult of Chick Fil A
I love when a new store opens and the Chick Fil A fans flock there the day before to network with other chicks, but most importantly to take their place in line as the first 100 ("We call them Chick-fil-A raving fans," said Rob Dinsdale, the owner and operator of the company's recently opened restaurant in Gilbert Gateway Towne Center.), some might call them cukoo's, but I call them super savers as they get a year's worth of Chik Fil A meals for a year (52 meals). Get your sleeping bags ready as the next Chick Fil A store to open will be at Aramingo & Butler, right across from Sonic Burger in Northeast Philadelphia.

Nate and Big E run the spin for meal at last Wednesday's event.
Gary Kruase, Scarlett Alley and Brenda Mendte, R2L Private Events Mgr.
The Shops at Liberty Place folks include Maria Butkovic, Jeff Guaracino, GPTMC, Jill Scarlett, Debra Marsdale, Maria Hatzivasilis, and Dan Kratz
One of the best looking PR Firms in Philly PunchMedia - Fran├žois Pierre, Sarah Stockman-Brown and Principle James Zeleniak.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Last Friday I attended Fashion artist Denise Fike's exhibit at the cute home vintage decor shop BEHIND CLOSED DOORS @ 752 S 4TH where she displayed her art entitled "Dirty Dishes". There was also entertainment via THE PEEK-A-BOO REVUE. SO There's a picture NSFW coming up
Behind Closed Door's owner Catherine Cifonelli with artist fashionista always styling it with a hat Denise Fike

Cherry Bomb and Ginger Leigh from the Peek-a-boo Revue (I have a feeling that's not their real names)
According to Blank Bare Clean... Denise Fike has a charming way of translating with a paintbrush- a certain beauty that is demure, coy, and classic. Her fashion illustrations are a result of her keen sensibilities for spotting inspiration in everyday life and capturing them in photography. She then later, "creates a graphic painting or collage painting using vintage wallpapers, copper, gold, and silver leaf and high gloss enamel."

As a professor at Drexel University, Denise Fike shares her invaluable fashion illustration expertise with Design students.
Kristy Halliday and Leen Schellekens, Chemistry TAC & Market Manager at METTLER TOLEDO AutoChem Inc.
Jim Boyle and Pam Mellon

"I paint fashion Philadelphia, New York, LA...models...students...icons...designers... people I meet on the street...divas...brides...wannabes & shouldbes."


March 1 was the start of Red Cross Month. Various city landmarks will be lit up in red in honor of Red Cross Month.The Cira Centre and Ben Franklin Bridge are among the landmarks scheduled to be lit up almost the entire month. Other buildings will be as well on a day to day basis. Now more than ever the Red Cross Philadelphia needs your help, and this is a fun way to support your Local Red Cross, and help others. Guests at the “red tie” gala will sample culinary delights prepared by Philadelphia’s hottest chefs and for the first time ever, get to vote on which is the best. They can also dance the night away with entertainment provided by CTO World Entertainment Productions, enjoy access to the Please Touch Museum’s exhibits, sip cocktails from the Ketel One martini bar, mingle with Philadelphia’s social and business leaders, and learn more about the mission of the Red Cross and the everyday work of its volunteers. VIP ticket holders will enjoy an all-access evening, including Max & Me Catering in the exclusive VIP lounge.

The Red Cross will welcome Top 10 recording artist and Philadelphia-area native Adam Crossley for a special performance at this year’s Red Ball. For more information or to purchase tickets online, visit

ABC6 news team Mara Webb, Kristie Gonzales, Monica Malpass, Ali Gorman

The 2010 Red Ball is scheduled for March 6, 2010 at the Please Touch Museum. Get your tickets now by clicking here.

NBC 10 Aditi Roy, CBS3 Pat Ciarrocchi, FOX29 Shenielle Jones and CBS 3's Susan Barnett
Here are peeps from CBS3 and it's sister station the CW; Included in this photo is:
Jamyra Perry, Brandis Smith, Vittoria Woodill, Kharisma McIilwaine, Rachel Ferguson, Hadas Kuznit, Marlo Polonsky and MELONY ROY

This shot was in Michael Klein's Inqlings column. It's GN Kang, Kukla Ania and Arthur Kade
Last year's coverage on PhillyChitChat HERE:

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