Friday, February 5, 2010


Does Chase Utley live in Haddonfield NJ is a question that arrives on my blog daily.

Philly Inquirer 1/26/10

What is an offseason like in the life of a guy like Utley?

A couple trips to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. A move from Southern California, where he was born and raised, to San Francisco, where is wife is from and where they live in the off season. A quick trip to the Cayman Islands for teammate Jimmy Rollins' wedding.

Many people believe it is this house that Chase and Jennifer Utley live in. IT'S NOT, they do not live in NJ. During the baseball season they live in Philadelphia, Pa specifically Center City. BUT The people in this house do thank you for all the Phillies hats, memorabilia, cards and letters, as I know who lives in this house and they have been on PhillyChitChat. Please do not try and sneak in their house for a glimpse of Chase Utley, he doesn't live here. Lucky for the one fan girl the owner wasn't armed when they caught her in the garage rumaging thru "Chase Utley's trash". So remember no matter how many of your neighbors, friends or relatives tell you that this is Chase Utley's house or that he lives in Haddonfield he doesn't.

But feel free to brag about these famous Haddonfield residents or tidbits.
World's First Dinosaur Skeleton discovered here. Other tidbits: In the movie When Harry Met Sally... (directed by Rob Reiner), Billy Crystal's character, Harry, is from Haddonfield.[18] ; Although the movies in the Halloween franchise are set in Haddonfield, Illinois, Haddonfield, N.J. is in fact the inspiration for the town. Debra Hill, the co-writer of the movie, grew up in Haddonfield, New Jersey.[19] (Also the high school in the movie is a replica of the one in Haddonfield); A scene in the movie AI takes place in Haddonfield, NJ and captures a shot of a house on Kings Highway. This is the location of the Flesh Fair, a rally of anti-robot activists.[20]; Photographer Frank Stefanko took two famous album covers for Bruce Springsteen in Haddonfield, Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978) and The River (1980).

Have a good weekend. Sorry I wasn't able to get to everyone's post like I planned this week as I have the nasty flu. I guess if u have to get the flu it might as well be right before a gigantic snowstorm

Thursday, February 4, 2010

MenzFit "In Per Suit of Change" - Through our deeds, MenzFit transforms lives.

Last month Cori Moscow told me that Gov Rendell was going to donate 4 suits to an organization called Menzfit and wanted to know if I would like to cover it. As most of you know I am a huge supporter of The Career Wardrobe, which dresses undeserved women entering the workforce. Menzfit is the same concept by from a man's perspective. A shot from this 10 minute shoot appeared in the Inquirer and that is icing on the cake for me when I can get something as special as a small charity like this greater exposure.
This past month Menzfit had a "Happy Hour Suit Drive", to benefit the organization. It was held at one of my favorite steakhouses in the City, Union Trust 717 Chestnut Street. (OK who am I kidding, I love every steak I eat no matter where I get it.)
Lena P Crawford and Alma V Childs man the check in table and manage the suits.
The turnout for the early evening shindig was impressive, and the upstairs bar area packed. Great for the event, not so hot for me trying to get decent shots, but this one seemed to come out just fine. Robyn Sussman, Jhanna Lee and Brian Lipstein, president and CEO of Henry A. Davidsen
Hy Goldberg and Union Trust co-owner Ed Doherty
Jacquie Shultz, Michele Baymar and Susan Scovill. Susan Scovill is a well seasoned social photographer working as the Social Editor for the Suburban and Wayne Times. Unfortunately for us newspapers are shrinking and the first section they cut are the "going out sections" as I well know since the Philadelphia Metro cut my column a year ago. Anyway not one to rest on her laurels Susan Scovill took her classy self and camera to some of societies most elegant parties and started a social column of her own last spring called "Susan Scovill on the Main Line." I enjoy watching her work and admire her work greatly as she is one of the grande dames of Social World and covers it was grace.
John White and Janna Lee. About a year ago I met these two as they attended a charity benefit for Magee Rehabilitation at the Sheet metals Hall on Delaware Ave. It was there first date, and here we are a year later and they're married. Actually they got married 3 months after meeting, eloped even. Yes their parents are finally talking to them again. (I have to look for the photo of the two of them as a keepsake. Now a photo like that I don't mind taking the time out of my life to look for, that's special)
Meg Jones and Duncan Lloyd
David Statvetski, Mila Narcisr, Maria Dipietro and Garrett Miller
I'm not the only one donating my time to this worthy cause, guests donated a suit or other professional men’s attire and enjoyed complimentary Blue Coat cocktails, butlered hors d’oeuvres and samplings from Union Trust’s new dessert menu. I had a few sodas.Shelli and John Katrina, Katina Consulting
Mereille Najim, Jeff Gould, Meesha Miller and Nigel Richards
Job hunting is extremely challenging for most people. However, it is more demanding when a job applicant lacks confidence, or is unable to present what is considered an acceptable business image for employment. Employers often make judgments about a candidate in seconds, and appearance plays a major role in securing employment.

For many men who may be experiencing unemployment issues, MenzFit is available for their rescue. Located in both Washington DC and Philadelphia, PA, MenzFit is taking an active yet innovative role in assisting the underserved population especially in this increasingly competitive job market. Rhonda E. Willingham, the President and Founder of MenzFit, started this unique program to help men get jobs and become self-sufficient.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Sporting Club at the Bellevue celebrating it's 21st Birthday

The Sporting Club at the Bellevue celebrating it's 21st Birthday on Janurary 21, 2010. The party was a resounding success with well dressed peeps, mostly members of the Club and the well healed of Philadelphia rubbing elbow to elbow, especially in the hallway where the food lay in wait. There were several bars in the narrow hallway, and a strategically placed one in center court on the basket ball court. It was my understanding that this was the first time they held a party in this room, I felt guilty walking on the floor and suggested to a few people that maybe we should remove our shoes. They assured me the floor would be fine. The Sporting Club is part of The Bellevue complex which includes the Park Hyatt Philadelphia, restaurants XIX and The Palm, and exclusive shops such as Tiffany & Co.,

Nicole Miller, Williams-Sonoma, Origins and Teuscher Chocolates as well as offices for the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Tierney Company and Pennsylvania Realty Investment Trust. It’s a great place to work out, dine, shop and stay right in the heart of Philadelphia’s downtown.
Tim Rubin with Bellevue owners Ron Rubin and brother George Rubin.
Elizabeth Capelin, Robert Sitoski and Eileen Alleurt
Thanks to the sponsors and donors for the silent auction including Union Trust, Apple, XIX and Del Frisco's
Dawn Reilly, Denee Doyle and Gerri Miller represent Jacquin's Liquor which was the premier liquor served in the VIP Philadelphia Style Magazine Room.
Phila Style Magazine Publisher and now he's adding Washington DC's Capitol to his resume, John Colabelli. I hear he will moving his operations down there and running both magazines from that office, but he's not disappearing for good as he will be here two or three times a week; with Sabrina Tamburino Thorne who's jetting down to Jamaica this weekend for a destination wedding.

Keeping guard of the VIP Room are Amy Stratton Asst. GM and Clif Johnson, boxing coach.
Melinda on Yelp says: This is the Ritz of the Philadelphia gyms. Basketball court, pool, squash, a boxing area, ballet room, several group fitness rooms, a yoga studio, an indoor track, a large workout floor with state-of-the-art machines, a fleet of treadmills, each with their own television.
21 of the prized blue Tiffany & Co. boxes, filled with $2,100 worth of prizes, were offered as raffle prizes. (Thanks to Inside The Bellevue for this shot & the red Carpet)
Photographer Dori Calhoun, Natalie Danpriman and Robin Silverberg
Hacina Saadi, Jessica Concannon, and Courtney will no doubt be heading to the hottest party in Philadelphia The Wing Bowl at the Wachovia Center on Friday 2/5/10; In addition to the 2nd Year Anniversary of the G Lounge. It's a 2 night event on Friday, February 5th and Saturday, February 6th. Both nights are sponsored by Playboy Energy Drink and Azunia Tequila. On Saturday Night they are having a Pajama Party hosted by 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Year and star of "The Hills" Jayde Nicole.
PR Guy Peter Breslow, with Breanne Metz, Michael Botte and Tracy Fauntleroy, Brand, Communications, Marketing (Consultant) at TEF IncA student Melanie Fullard from the "Students Run Philly Style" organization which promotes fitness and education for children and teens gave an emotional testimonial as Tiffany Bucciarelli, General Manager Sporting Club next to the new DA Seth Williams.
Cheers to The Sporting Club's 21 Years and to the next 21 Years of keeping folks fit.I later headed down to the PAWS Fashion Show & Fundraiser at Trust. That even as you will recall was also nicely attended. BUT seriously folks, please don't keep your parties a secret from me or my PhillyChitChat calendar. Can't we all get along and post these events in a more timely fashion by sending me your press release 6 months in advance. That way if someone wants to have a party on your date, they can check the calendar for a conflict. The Calendar is for the most part is only for charity events, large gatherings of Philly peeps & celeb attending shin digs.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Mayor Nutter, Deputy Mayor Cutler, and the Mural Arts Program will announce How Philly Moves, a project that will create an extraordinary and vibrant new work of public art on the Airport’s parking decks facing Interstate 95. The artwork will feature local Philadelphia dancers against a rich field of black, illustrating the city’s vibrant and diverse culture. (My friend David Persica [yellow shirt] is one of the dancers that will be depicted in the mural. Congratulations David!!)The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is pleased to announce How Philly Moves, a project that will place an extraordinary and vibrant new work of community-based public art on the parking decks facing Interstate 95 at the Philadelphia International Airport. The nearly 50,000 square foot mural, incorporating the photographic work of and designed by artist Jacques-Jean “JJ” Tiziou, will be produced over the next 18 months and is scheduled to be dedicated in June 2011. The project, developed in cooperation with the City of Philadelphia Office on Transportation and Utilities, will employ 35 artists and individuals in various Mural Arts Program workforce development and re-entry initiatives.


Every year in the Courtyard of Philadelphia City Hall,
local musicians Jan and John Haigis

lead a sing-along of Groundhog Day Carols to celebrate the changing seasons. See
them tomorrow between 12 & 2PM in City Hall's Courtyard.

Singing new words
to traditional songs by singer/songwriters
John and Jan Haigis
folks will celebrate this
special time of year (when
we are all ready for spring
but spring is not quite ready for us). Groundhog Day marks the midpoint between the solstice and the equinox, (40 days before, �40 days after) Song Sheets will be provided

Please join us as we welcome continuing hope of SPRING !!!!!!!� Questions? chrismayphilly Punxsutawney Phil has spotted his shadow, meaning a predicted six more weeks of winter. Head to for more.Please call (610) 58300788 or visit

Saturday Snow Photos
I love this shot I took with my phone
Issaiah Zagar's Magical Glass Garden on South Street
Don't complain about your job...
One of my favorite buildings in the City
Cafe Ole in Old City must have a heater under it's sidewalk

Elfreth's Alley
It will just be a matter of time before the Headhouse Farmer's Market sets up shop
IM Pei's Society Towers

Interesting house in Atlantic County
Ocean City Boardwalk. My parents had a house in Stone Harbor for most of my life and it rarely snowed down the shore, so when I heard that the shore got more snow than us I zipped down there to get a few shots.
Visiting with my nieces and brother-in-laws in Somers Point, NJ
I love the beach in every season
Ocean City lost a lot of beach from the November Nor'Easter. These pilings were completely covered by sand before the storm.
Before long you might be using your iron on Jaws
but I'm not placing my bets on either the Ground Hog or these folks to predict when Spring is to arrive
but I can predict that I will be traveling to summer in about 12 days.

for a week.