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PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE BEST OF PHILLY 2010 Couple ville & link to today’s column

today’s philly mag column with lots more details, breaking stories and different pictures than here”

If Philly Style Magazine was about being seen and hooking up, the Philly Mag party was about debuting New Couples, established couples and potential couples: Michael Callahan and Chris Ledford, who’s rocking some hot glasses; Later in the evening I caught the two doing an Astaire and Rogers spin downstairs.
Tanya Little with Ray Evers and Gillian Kocher
Married Couple: Christina Saler and John Saler. Christina and I both work at Kohn, Swift & Graf. John’s at Stradley
Trish Cashman and Kate Wilheim. Kate is not with her new beau Chris Chimicle’s, but they’ve been sizzling up the party circuit, restaurants and movie lines for the past couple months. It’s serious.
A couple of movie makers: Violet Mendoza and Tigre Hill

The party was sizzling, much larger than last year. The economy must be looking up.
David Maser and Gwen Gioia Brian Goldthorpe and Bruce Yelk

Today’s Philly Mag Column


Mad Decent Block Party…7/31/10 Philadelphia

Mad Decent and Diesel partner for the first time since Diplo served as judge on the 2004 Diesel U Music initiative. Mad Decent brings the talent heat and Diesel adds their own brand of playfulness to the events including Friday instore pre-parties with complimentary beverages, photos taken, pictures, Diesel dunk tanks at each location, and the invention of the Diesel Dollar ie “money” that can buy you anything onsite from block party VIP access to Mad Decent merch to custom air horns—dollars available to anyone who swings by the store during the Friday pre-party!

But the big party is Saturday: July 31, 2010 / 1:00-8:00 PM

Diplo, Bosco Delrey, PO PO, Maluca, Paul Devro, The Deathset, Dirty South Joe & DJ Sega, Brendan Bringem, Nadastrom, Toadally Krossed Out
531 North 12th Street(Between Spring Garden & Green St.)Philadelphia, PA 19123


RANDOM SHOTS WITH SOME JUICY TIDBITS, Plus the real location of Cigar Bar, er I mean lounge

First I want to thank the reader who gave me the tip on “Eagles wideout Hank Baskett and his reality-show wife, Kendra Wilkinson, bunking at Two Liberty Place, the high-rise on 16th Street near Chestnut.” (Michael Klein’s line) I’ve never met the reader before, but they tell me “I always think of you bc I think you are genuine and real. Esp bc you work so hard at this bc its your passion. I just am impressed by u and so i like helping you if i can.” I so appreciate that, I really do.I love doing this, and although I love writing most anything to promote Philly and the folks that live here, I also enjoy the increased readership as they will be exposed to some of the charities I cover too. Maybe seeing what people wear and hearing the experience of the events, they themselves might buy a ticket to the next event, or maybe just send a check of support. And for passion, I really do love doing this, I have always been a fan of gossip, and spreading fun news that doesn’t hurt anyone. I mean really isn’t that what’s happening by having Kendra and Hank move into Liberty Two, now the residences are going to get HUGE national coverage, and maybe someone from outside of Philly will help fill the tower.


The other day I gave the wrong location for the Lumiere it’s a lounge, not a bar, they won’t have a liquor license. What they will have is a 24 hour concierge services, (i.e. travel, chartered jets, exotic rentals, yachts and car service), personal errands, reservations (domestic and international), events, private lounge access, and much more all in a luxurious lounge setting with access to international cigars and complimentary cocktails for members. There are 3 levels of membership. They also have a lounge at the Wachovia Center, er Wells Fargo Center. So look for cross benefits to go along with some of the memberships, I suspect. As I also suspect there will be ladies running the concierge desk at the lounge.
2oth & Market. This lot has been empty for a decade. Who ever owns it needs to step up to the plate and make it into a park until they can sell the darn thing. How much is it going to hurt you to put in a few benches? The insurance premium can’t be much higher for this “attractive nuisance” than what it is now. You must be getting tax breaks too, so just do it for good will, maybe Karma will bless you?
Update: A reader sent me this: The original owners were Opus East a division of Opus which was liquidated while its west coast counterpart filed for bankruptcy. A true sign of these economic times. The site is a great site but it’s one of those parcel’s that has been held out to be the next skyline game changer (Comcast Center). Opus tried to sell it at a price point where you could build a parking garage and have that carry your cost for years until another larger tenant like Comcast i.e. Blue Cross, Peco, Aramark etc. would come along and lease a brand new Class A flagship building. As for who owns the site at this point, it is more than likely it is the lender- which means it will be a few years before we see something done on this site. (thanks, such a smart person w/a finger on the pulse of what’s going on.)
Working on the Turrets at City Hall. Soon the building will be done, so glad they earmarked the money before the recession.
I was at Tutti Frutti the other night. Their was a string band of sorts there. They installed their new mural on the wall, and I gave them an idea that they are going to implement soon. Did you know at the end of the night all the yogurt left is drained out so the machines have to be cleaned? Well it gave me an idea, I told them and soon you’re gonna hear it too.
This is ridiculous. Mike and I got a $75 ticket on 13th Street near Samson Street next to Zavino’s. At midnight it goes from a parking spot to a towing spot. I guess from 6AM til 8AM you can park for free. Ridiculous!!
Damien from Del Frisco’s and the dancing grandma at Parx Casino 360Lounge
Quinn and Maria Papadakis with their soveniers from the Philly Style Magazine Party. Look for my Phila Magazine Best of Party pictures tomorrow in this column, and in my Philly Mag Column. Maria called me from Greece on Friday to wish me a happy birthday. That was the day they were dedicated a town square in her dad’s name. The next day she was going to a wedding with over 1,000 people in attendence. Now that is a big fat Greek wedding.
The Sex and the City slot machine at Parx is a penny machine. Kinda ironic isn’t it?

on the 51st floor of the Comcast Center. Great view.
Mom, Me and Cousin Lisa Libertella Clifford at our birthday dinner at the River Winds in West Deptford over looking the Delaware River.
Ohhh I was on the news the other night, well in the background of this ABC6 story on the Ryan Howard charity event at Morton’s Monday Night.
Good Day



OK the Philly Magazine column is not posted yet. I don’t have time to do a proper PhillyChitChat today, sorry. But I promise gossip, & tidbits you won’t hear anywhere else, I think. I forgot to write in my Philly Mag post that after the concert there was a post party below the stage with VIP’s, but I choose to leave the parking area cause I hate traffic. Condi got back to her suite at the Ritz-Carlton about 11:30PM. Aretha rolled in at 12:23AM to the Four Seasons, she wouldn’t sign my playbill, as she was on her way to some zzz’s in her cute pink bathroom, pink PJ’s and pink slippers. I didn’t take any pictures cause she’s the Queen and I love her even if she didn’t sign my playbill. Thanks for your readership I really appreciate it. Sign up for the Philly Mag free subscription email ONLINE, it will send you an email daily about what’s on The Post, which is where my column goes. Sometimes like yesterday, I do special posts. UPDATE: Just as Kendra’s sex tape breaks, she and Hank Baskett plan their move to Center City. TODAY’S COLUMN CLICK HERE + Aretha & Condi Concert