Friday, December 11, 2009

RANDOM HOLIDAY SHOTS & that is not the Utley's House in Haddonfield.

Macy's Holiday Lights. It's perfect combination to see the Macy's light show at the top of the hour then as quick as can be go to the THIRD FLOOR and catch
The Dicken's Show or the official title of "A Christmas Carol." and see Santa.For Michael, being 3, it was a little frightened at the Dickens event. Perhaps the figures were too close to the Halloween Scarecrow, or it could have been the skeletons hanging from the ceiling, (if your kids aren't afraid of these things, including a grave yard, then this is a fascinating tale of Charles Dickens.)We did get a really great "Family" picture, which is taken before you go into the exhibit, and trust me for $13 it was worth it for the memory of this day. Then it was over to the Comcast Holiday Light Show (Aren't these ladies precious. They were all from a senior home in Havertown, Pa)
The kids really enjoyed that too, as did Michael Sr. Crista loved the Macy's Holiday Light Show. So you really should put both of these on your lists of things to do. Then we had lunch at City Garden across the street, but I would recommend Public House, Elephant & The Castle, or at Liberty Shops. At Liberty Shops you (17th & Market), you will be able to see one of the largest trees in the City, plus they always seem to have a concert going on in the center court. Plus you might be able to pick up a few items for the holidays. (Michael Jr loved the Comcast Light Show)
We leisurely strolled over from Macy's and checked out the Christmas Village at City Hall and the what the heck happened to this years City Hall Christmas Tree. Are we channelling Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree?
Chase and Jen Utley do not own this house in Haddonfield. I asked Jen a couple months back, she said it's not there's. My brother says it's a Phillie's relief pitcher. I don't know who's house it is, but it's beautifully decorated for Christmas. It's located on Kings Highway, Haddonfield. It's little above the Haddon Hts/Audubon border.
Haddonfield, New Jersey is so beautiful during the holidays. Tonight and next Friday night you can shop by candlelight.
Philadelphia City Hall, another beautiful stop. I know it's illegal to talk on the cell phone while driving, what about taking pictures at red lights?
XIX, Hyatt at the Bellevue Christmas Tree
7 in the past 10 years it has snowed on December 5. 12/5/02 was the date of my grandmothers funeral. Guess what, schools were cancelled, but not the funeral.
Springdale Farms (Cherry Hill, NJ on Springdale Road) has the largest selection of Pointsetta's I have ever seen.
Bayard's Chocolate in Cherry Hill is one of my favorites, as well as the best decorated.
TMW at 12:30 @CamposPHL will introduce the "Flying SUBmarine" sandwich in honor of the ARMY/NAVY game!It's a patriotic RED, WHITE and BLUE!!
Are the parking attendants at my garage trying to tell me something?
So funny. This is going to be a great holiday party gift for one of my friends.
Happy Hanukkah tonight!!
West Point and the Navy are staying at the same hotel!! Hopefully on separate floors.
My sisters and their kids got together one last time before my little sister Crista flew back to NC where she lives. They are doing the "Chicken Dance" with baby Michael, who calls me Uncle Chewey. Dancing between Crista and Margaret is Kelsey.
The Christmas Tree at the Flanders Hotel in Ocean City NJ (This is a very NJ entry today). If you are looking for a live Christmas Tree, I hear that Linvilla Orchards is a great place to go out and "CHOP your own down", which my dad like to do with us when we were kids. I love Linvilla cause with every season they make it a memorable experience and they don't disappoint with Christmas either. The Farm is decorated for Christmas. See our Christmasland display and visit with the animals in their winter coats. The Farm Market features wreaths, freshly cut trees, greens & holly, decorations, fruit and gift baskets, Christmas gifts, hot mulled cider & children's crafts.

Visit with Santa

Saturdays & Sundays 1 - 2 PM
Bring your camera!

Caroling Hayrides

December5,12 & 19 ~ 4:30 PM
The Avalon Sunrise on 12/8/09; Thanks to Colleen & Dave for letting some of us stay at her house between the viewing and the funeral earlier this week.
And you my readers, friends, family, thank you for all your support, prayers, comments, notes and letters. Thank you for letting me share my pain of loss, and my sisters life with you. I really appreciate it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Vote For @TopChefJennifer as your FAN favorite on Top Chef until Noon today

Jennifer Carrroll is still the Top Chef as far as I'm concerned, as well as the Ritz-Carlton, her family. and of course her mom. Last night I joined the Carroll/Lynch family one last time to enjoy Jen on Bravo's Top Chef show for the Finale.
Jennifer Carroll with her Dad and Mom Joan celebrate the ending of the series at 10 ArtsOver the weeks I've had a chance to taste many dishes and I wanted to mention a few standouts. Last night I had the Chicken - OMG so many flavors, so delicious. You receive two, but well by the time I got around to remembering to photograph it I ate one.Holy Mother of God how did Michael win was my thought last night, not sure what Joan Carroll was thinking at that same moment.Jen Carroll signs the new Top Chef book for fans.

The Cobb Salad was always a winner with me. It came in a nice size bowl, although this looks like a dish.Jen thanks the patrons of 10 Arts for coming. Her lookalike sister Jessica is to her left. Mom Joan to her immediate left.
The Salmon and Trout were my favorites too. Here we see the salmon.
Octupus as a side dish was delish, not so visually appealing to me though. I also enjoyed the fried calamari on the other nights. Vote For @TopChefJennifer as your favorite on Top Chef until Noon today Korbel champagne was the sponsor of the party last night and did this nice ice sculpture. I didn't get there til late so I missed the set-up.
Braised Ribs on bed of pureed potato. I also had the steak, which was outta of this world, and I love steak.

The Rabbit was my hands down favorite dish. A variation that she made on Top Chef will be on the new menu when it comes out in the next few weeks.I reported a few weeks back that Mr. Carroll had been keeping a list of requests for his daughters hand in marriage from the guys he meets when he travels the race track circuit. It is no longer needed as she has met Mark Czerniak and is happily dating; with her are friends and co-workers on her left, Martin Mariano Director of Food & Beverage and the Ritz-Carlton's GM Mike Walsh. (Check out Michael Klein's Inqlings for story and another great shot I took. )

To finish off each night Pastry Chef Monica Glass would prepare a sampling of delish. Here she prepared tiny sweet potato nuggets with vanilla ice cream. YUM! ! (update from Monica in the comments section of what exactly I was eating)
Hmm after weeks of Jen's delicious food, a lot of stress and no exercise I will be again following the Fusion Cross Training Fitness program to lose the 100 lbs Judy asked me to do before she passed away. So by next 12/3 I will reach my goal. I will also be joining Weight Watchers so when I go back to 10 Arts I will know what I should eat, and how much.

Monday, December 7, 2009

JUDY DILLON WILKINS - The Phila Inquirer Stories

This is the song I picked to remember my sister for her funeral today.

Thanks to the Philadelphia Inquirer and those involved in doing such a great job with the write up for my sister Judy. I will be gone for the next three days attending to family. Thank you. Hughe

Donations can be made in honor of Judy Wilkins to where she sought comfort in their counseling groups, crochet groups, and by traveling the scary cancer path.
Gilda's Club South Jersey
700 New Road
Linwood, NJ 08221
609-926-2699 phone
609-926-2688 fax