Friday, October 2, 2009

Peregrine Falcon Staying at the Ritz-Carlton in Center City

Hey I don't want to be a downer, but after I left the Utley's SPCA event at Boyd's and before I went to the Philly Mag Cocktail Party then the Q Kitchen (Formerly Bump), I received some bad news about my sister Judy. Her Ovarian Cancer has spread throughout her liver (they still have the next phase of treatment for her, so there's still hope for something, I hope). So I was no longer in the party mood. Sorry I didn't attend those functions, and sorry this is an abbreviated entry. I do have two entries for Friday, just not the ones I had planned. I don't do them ahead of time, I really do each one every day.

No need for emails or comments, I know your thoughts and prayers are with my family.

Peregrine Falcon hanging out on the 24th floor of the Ritz-Carlton across from where I work as a paralegal.
Hmm maybe the Ritz-Carlton should have that cracked checked?

Kawasaki Stunt riders Jason Britton and Eric Hoenshell take on the Rocky Steps last night

Check out Kawasaki Stunt riders Jason Britton and Eric Hoenshell film their Extreme Sport show at the Art Museum Steps last night. Earlier they had visited Love Park, and around Midnite they were headed to Geno's/Pat's Steakhouses

Filmed for debut on an unknown channel in November - Next week I will try and get us caught up with the Philly Social Diary. Check Sunday's Michael Klein Inqlings for photos I've took at various functions this week.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Getting a lot of emails and hits on the blog for what was filming last night on the BF Parkway in Philadelphia. Thanks to a tipster that reads my PCC she tipped me off Monday night that they were setting up a filming for Tuesday night. She thought it was just Paul Rudd but lucky me it was Reese Witherspoon too, filming the James L Brooks Untitled movie which used to be called "How do You Know?" (Which I love) (I had to lay on my stomach in the road to get this shot)
It was a reshoot for a scene that was originally filmed in Washington DC. The link to those pictures will be at the end of this entry.
Many of you know that Reese Witherspoon was a slippery one. No matter how I tried I could not get a photo of her. Of course my problem is I always was asking her for a shot. This time I didn't feel the need too as she was across the parkway. Sony pictures were great and didn't harass me allowing me to cross this off my bucket list. Filming went late into the night and I caught this shot of Reese yawning. Unfortunately her bodyguard saw me and moved just slight to his left to block the shot, otherwise it would have been more adorable.if you go to Michael Klein's site you can see a few more of my better photos.
This photo was picked up by (another shot from lying on my stomach)
Ok she's adorable, I'm in love with her again. Although I will say she didn't acknowledge the fans across the street that waved and told her how much she loved them. I guess her Hallmark Card comes across the screen.
I hear that Owen Wilson will be coming October 7 to do a few re-shoots. Also filming is now scheduled to go on until November. Maybe I'll get another Reese Witherspoon shot, but I won't be trying as hard this time.
Here are the shots from DC of Reese Witherspoon & Paul Rudd

Two Radio City Rockettes lead Philadelphians in an attempt to form Philadelphia’s Largest Kickline on the Art Museum steps

Every year fans of the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show flock to the Big Apple to catch this 75 year old tradition. This year Philadelphia is in luck as the Rockettes will give two performances at the Wachovia Center on Wednesday, December 2. To promote the upcoming show two of the Rockettes made the trip to Philly and kicked off the promotion at one of Philly's most popular tourist site the Rocky Steps.
The Rockettes plans included an attempt to form Philadelphia’s Largest Kickline on the Art Museum steps. They brought props, I now have a hat for the holiday season. I probably should have grabbed that scarf too, it would be perfect for my caroling this year.
Unfortunately, they didn't bring a battery powered radio to play the Rockettes theme. The folks on hand only had a gas powered one, and well it seemed to be out of gas. BUT that didn't matter because the Rockettes are professionals and the show must go on....

so they hummed it
and took the participants thru the drill
successfully breaking the Philadelphia record for "Largest Kickline on the Art Museum steps" with about 30 people.
You don't have to go to NYC to see the Radio City Rockettes, just jump in your car, take the Broad Street line down to the Wachovia and start a new tradition. Tickets to The Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes are available via, 1-800-298-4200, Wachovia Complex Box Office, or select ACME locations.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Philadelphia City Hall Tour Guide Director Greta Greenberger (Rm 121 - come visit us in Philadelphia some day) called me yesterday to tell me she had about 20 Reid Rosenthal Where Magazines left and wanted to know if any of Reid's fans would like them. (OK who was the person who bid on the signed magazine (donation to the Ovarian Cancer Walk), I must have accidentally deleted that email:(
The first 20 people that leave a comment/message to Reid (cause he reads my blog, try to keep it PG rated girls) and then email me w/your address at buzz @ phillychitchat (dot) com I will send you the magazine and I will pay the postage.Here's a gift for youse an unmarked Reid photo. Thanks everyone for all your support this month and your prayers for my sister. Thru this blog it's been so nice to meet the Reid Rosenthal and Gerard Butler fans, they are such kindred spirits.

Les Richards Menswear Fall Fashion Event at Del Frisco's

Les Schwartzberg, owner of Les Richards Menswear hosted a crowd who checked out latest fashions sold at the Les Richard Menswear store , at the Shops of Liberty Place. The event took place at Del Frisco's Steakhouse and was a benefit for Project Home 100% of the proceeds from the evening went to Project H.O.M.E and Les Richards Menswear will donate 500 fall coats to help keep the homeless warm as winter approaches. With Les is Lei Zhano of Project Home who accepted Chanel Palmer & Irena Valda
Johnny Webb takes care of all your needs inside the Del Frisco Men's room. There's also a nice women in the ladies room to keep the girls looking pretty.
Denise Hasher, Hy Goldberg and Heather Yost enjoyed the festitivites
Megan Heaton, Pierre, and Sabrina Strickland
Briana Scazafabo and Mark Anderson. Brianna is styling it, wearing her birthday BCBG dress given by Mark
A nice crowd turned out. One problem noted, it was hard to get the crowd to move beyond the bar area. Next time I would suggest setting a buffet in the adjoining room to spread the people out. It's nice to have butlered hor dourves, but it's better to have a room to move. Plus the other room had tables and a beautiful set up as the wine storage.
Harry Starkman, model Lisa Woods, and Alan Silverman
The Neff Associates crew. Laura Krebs, Mike,
Kim Genkin, David Neff, Ashley Kraemer, Lisa Kinchella
Diba Ahmed, Mr Philadelphia Albert Lee, Missy Loga and Monica Getahun

Stacey Kracher and her twin Anne Nikolaus
Lisa Kinchella, Kyle Garis, and Heather Widdop; Kyle states that this is how you know fantasy football has gone too far
Ken Burke, Richard Connor, Megan Colley and Kalonji Foreman. The guys wore Les Richards clothing and Megan sported Jewelery from Safian & Rudolf jewelery.
Louis & Les Schwartzberg