Friday, September 11, 2009

Rihanna at NYC Fashion Week Party with Giuseppe Zanotti

Scroll down for today"s entry, but here are photos I took last night at a fashion week party:

RANDOM BEACH SHOTS, FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER iPhillyChitChat as I photograph celebs @ Fashion Week in NYC Thurs til Tues

Ventnor, NJ
Erin Elmore, friends and sister at Chelsea Pool
Carol Tamburino and friend Jody
Jill Jacobsen and friend

My favorite view from Caesars PierCabana Club Gang

Congrats to the girl in the green who is getting married the same day as my friend Colleen, 10/3

I'm staying with Simon & Katie in NYC at their pad in the heart of Midtown. Thanks for letting me crash on your couch again.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

FASHION NIGHT OUT PHILADELPHIA - PHILLY FASHION NEWS - U.S. Premiere of Brazilian Fashion Designer Marcia Ganem

Thursday evening at the King of Prussia Mall. The event, called Fashion’s Night Out, has been created with the goal of promoting retail, restoring consumer confidence and celebrating fashion. Organized by Vogue Magazine, Fashion’s Night Out will be the season’s biggest-ever fashion event offering shoppers and retailers a unique opportunity to rise above the economic doldrums and reinvigorate the joy of shopping. On Thursday, September 10th retailers will be keeping their doors open later (from 6- 11pm) and offering their customers unique experiences including: trunk shows, makeovers, give-aways and of course, entertainment. For a full list of the events retailers are hosting please visit:

The first annual Philadelphia Fashion Week will take place from October 8-10, 2009. The week will include a jam-packed schedule of fashion designers from Philadelphia and from across the globe showcasing what's in style. This exclusive event will be held in the gorgeous Philadelphia 23rd Street Armory, situated in the heart of Center City. The event will give Philadelphia’s fashion-conscious crowd, including journalists, buyers, celebrities and social types, a sophisticated, stylish and attractive venue to view the latest in fashion trends sweeping the globe. You can find some of our designers below. Hope to see you there!!!

I got a little behind with my work this summer, I thought that it would be an easy summer with lots of free time to catch up on events I photographed but did not post. That was not meant to be. Here's an event I said I would go to but couldn't make. I promised I would publish their photos. (It's rare I do that)

U.S. Premiere of Brazilian Fashion Designer Marcia Ganem at the Kimmel Center -
Marcia Ganem’s fashion represents the soul of Brazil as she employs the talents of local Brazilian communities for varied cross-stitching, lace-making and beading techniques inherent to her designs; all the while, she remains true to her mission of environmental sustainability with recycled polyamide fibers incorporated into her lines. Her work has appeared on the fashion runways of Fashion Rio, part of the global seasonal fashion shows, as well as on the cover of high profile magazines, such as Vogue Brazil. High profile stars, such as Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson and Vera Fisher have worn her designs. Márcia Ganem serves as a high end representative of a cultural exchange of sister city Salvador, Brazil to Philadelphia.

Mary Anne Friel of Fabric Workshop and Christina Roberts of Fabric Workshop request an autograph of Marcia Ganem, Brazilian fashion designer.

“Model struts the runway, kicking off a collection of couture gowns inspired by the African percussion drum known as xequere
Natalye Paquin, COO of Kimmel Center; Márcia Ganem, Brazilian fashion designer; Anne Ewers, CEO of the Kimmel Center; Suzana Silva; and, Janine S. Domingues-Vasquez for Conexoes Consulting and we co-produced the Marcia Ganem fashion show with the Kimmel Center. Our event is called Bahia Week.
Brazilian Fashion Designer Marcia Ganem photos should be credited to Jim Roese.


Sightings, stories and musings will get you a mention on PhillyChitChat if you like or a photo that I've taken of you at an event without my watermark, maybe even an invite to one of the events I go to.

So if you see Reese Witherspoon, or Jayson Werth or Stephen Starr or Mayor Nutter somewhere or you have a pix or story to show I will reward you with a pix, gift bag or maybe take you with me to one of the events I attend.
How adorable is Paul Rudd in this photo? (++Note to self, when getting once in a life time photo with celeb try and keep your eyes open) I just took near the Public Library on Locust St.- across from Rittenhouse Square Park My partner and I were walking our dogs and we had the opportunity to see a full scene with Jack Nicholson and Paul Rudd. VERY COOL STUFF. Rudd left his trailer and I got some nice photos of him before he took off in a Lincoln Town car - he said he had to catch a train back to NYC. He was super approachable and amazingly nice to EVERYONE around. I think he is the coolest!

"Photo by Kevin Slattery, recent transplant from San Francisco, novice paparazzi looking for a non-profit marketing jobs in Philadelphia." (Has extensive research, I googled him)

I met you briefly one night when my partner and I saw Neil Patrick Harris, Amy Sedaris and others at Audrey Claire. You were staking out the house they were filming at on Spruce. We didn't get a picture of little Doogie either, he wasn't as friendly as Rudd!

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Also thanks to the multitudes of tipsters regarding Bruce Willis & Demi Moore eating at Parc and around town last weekend; as well as the filming of the Reese Witherspoon movie for the past few weeks. Wednesday and Thursday filming is along 20th Street at Twenty Manning.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Cashman & Associates threw a huge bash at Dusk in Atlantic City last Friday to celebrate the "Official" end of Summer.
Here are the Cashman girls in action right before the event begins.
Jill Rizen and Andrew Henning were there. Blowing kisses back to you Jill too.
as well as Elaine Vettese, Brynn Murphy, Desiree McDevitt, Noel Stio and Jackie Baik
Kayce Cashman, Ashley Schaefer and the newly acquired Lauren D'Orsio filling in as new baby momma Carrie Nork Minelli takes care of her new bundle of joy, Princess Caroline
Here comes trouble in the form of Kristen Foote, Sabrina Tamburino and Lauren D'Orsio
Chuck Peruto and a lovely blond who's name I missed
But I did get this numbers, Brynn Murphy, and Elaine Vease
Metrospective Communication's Liz Galantino,Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors LLC Brian Belko, Allison Cordinari, Emily Ford
AJ Feeley's last night as a Philadelphia Eagle and could someone tell me who this is. It was so loud in the club I couldn't hear.
Elaine Ravar and Binita Khanna
Lauren D'Orsio, Kayce Cashman, Doug Kammermer, Michael Harris: Director, Marketing and Special Projects with the Phillies and wife Joy

Holly and Doug Kammermer; Doug says, Rain may hold off another day, then it may come down in buckets. Also, I will be heading to Famous Daves to eat tonight as today is the day the Daves and Dougs east for free at any location in our area! MMMMMM RIIIIBS!!Sabrina Tamburino and soon to be husband Steve Thorn. I see a FB profile pix in the future.
Mya "Ghetto Superstar" became a top ten single in 1999, and the #8 most played singleGhetto supastar that is what you are
Comin from afar reachin for the stars
Run away with me to another place
We can rely on each other uh huh
From one corner to another uh huh
for me a little dancing was done, never enough but by 330AM it was back to the Chelsea
I finally got to ride in a limo for the first time in my life, of course I can't tell you the circumstances, or who with. It was a Justin Wineburgh client, and it's privilege. You'll have to depose me. Other peeps enjoying my first time Nicole Cashman, Sgt. Ray Evers and Brett Perloff. Strong box opens this Friday with a performance by Jazzy Jeff, then look for a blowout opening party at the end of the month orchestrated by Nicole Cashman & Associates.
I'm doing an Ovarian Cancer Walk A Thon with my sister Judy on 9/26/09 to support us:

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, but the Teplitzky's will make you think she does

Stephen Starr used to be affiliated with two restaurants at the Chelsea. I covered the Chelsea Prime in an earlier posting this month, and this past weekend I checked out his other place
Teplitzky's, which was the name of the original owners of the Coffee Shop. Which is located in the Chelsea Annex section of the complex. It's a reasonably priced, delicious diner capturing an era gone by. The Chelsea Annex rooms are of a similar era with it's original pink and yellow tiled bathrooms, and rooms that are less posh than the main building. The beds are still as comfortable as ever, and I will be buying a Serta in the coming months.

Yesterday I read on Philly Grub Street that Stephen Starr is no longer affiliated with these two restaurants. According to the Atlantic City Press, who broke the story, [the] Starr Restaurant Organization will no longer oversee the two restaurants they created for The Chelsea when the hotel opened in August of last year. However, both restaurants (Chelsea Prime and Teplitzky's) will remain open and will now be overseen by the hotel's food and beverage operations.
My review is based on two meals I had their Saturday one at 4AM, which is closing time and may I add a dumb move since the 5th Floor closes at 4AM you would think they would just run 24hrs a day and catch the drunkards and hungry leaving their club upstairs. The late night menu was very reasonable. I had hot cakes and hash browns for $11. They were delicious. Nicole hash browns, eggs, pancakes, sausage and I bet a damn good workout the next day 'cause she's so in shape, but is not afraid of eating a good meal. The other two guys had eggs and really enjoyed them. Then Mike and I had dinner here. I had a Hanger Steak Salad he had a steak. Both were delicious.
Then then next day we had breakfast, again delicious. What I really love about the place is the decor. Very kitschy, capturing the era. The inside diner area reminds me of an upscale Arnold's from Happy Days, and the outside reminds me of Laurie Petri's living room except it overlooks a patio and pool. No doubt the waitress' will remind you of the sassy Flo "Kiss My Grits" TV Show Alice.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, I'm doing a Walk in my sisters Name and You Can Help

As I have mentioned this past year, September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. The whispering disease has affected out family in a big way, as some as you know, my sister Judy was diagnosed last year. She is fighting an amazing, very brave battle against the disease, and unfortunately the disease is the devil advancing even thru rounds and rounds of treatment. We feel your prayers and are very, very grateful. On September 26, 2009 my family, including many cousins, aunts and uncles, will be participating in Annual Avon/Monmouth County Walkathon. My sister may not be able to participate this event, but will be there in spirit and is grateful for any support anyone could give this deadly disease, whether financially or awareness. (This week I noticed teal colored ribbons on telephone poles in many NJ's towns. Teal is the color of Ovarian Awareness)
To make a donation or to support Judy'd (Doots) team click here:
KALEIDOSCOPE OF HOPE’S ANNUAL WALKATHON Information below about the walk in case you want to participate.
Annual Avon/Monmouth County Walkathon
Date: Saturday, September 27, 2008
Time: Registration and warm-up, 8:15 - 9:00 AM
Announcements, Speakers: 9:00 AM
Walkathon Begins: 9:15 AM
Celebration: 10:30-11:30 AM
Place: 600 Ocean Avenue, Avon-by-the-Sea Boardwalk, Avon
Distance: One, 3 and 5-mile routes
Sorry, no dogs are allowed on the boardwalk
Directions: From the Garden State Parkway: Take Exit 100-B (Rte. 33 East). Take Rte. 33 East all the way to the end, which is the traffic light at Main Street in Bradley Beach. Take a right and follow Main St. for about 1.5 miles into Avon. Take a left onto Woodland Avenue and stay on it to Ocean Avenue.
To download our 2008 pledge form, please click here
For more information contact us at: (732) 280-2007

Monday, September 7, 2009


Link to donate money to the Ovarian Cancer Walk that I am participating in:
To make a donation or to support Judy'd (Doots) team click here:

I wasn't in town but here are a few people that were; I'm glad to see most had helmets on!

Hadas Kuznits from KYW3 has a fun blog w/pixs & video of the event

Jeff Fusco Photos for Philadelphia Weekly:

EarthToPhilly Philly Naked Bike Ride goes off without a hitch, but with a stitch or 2 - Get the backstory at E2P:

In case you missed the fun, we've added more images from yesterday's naked bike ride through Philly -

Video on Youtube

@bicyclewithme: Naked Bike Ride In Philly #bicycle haha awesome!

IT'S LABOR DAY, TAKE THE DAY OFF, do a little fishing

Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge - 9/6/09