Friday, August 7, 2009

Reid Rosenthal: IS THE NEXT Bachelor; OK I have no idea just wanted to pump some excitement into your day

A couple weeks back I was invited to a TOP SECRET photo shoot for the September 2009 cover and fall fashion feature story for Where Magazine in Philadelphia. Where Magazine is Philadelphia’s premier visitor publication. The photo shoot took place at the Shops at Liberty Place in Philadelphia. (Now sneakers aren't bad with suits, but with a $600 suit you would think he would get some nicer sneakers)The reason it was TOP SECRET was it occurred 5 days before the last episode and for legal reasons the photos were not allowed to be released to the media until "After The Final Rose" episode aired.Grooming was provided by Ettore Mastroddi of Ettore Salon & Spa in Philadelphia. The photo shoot photographer was Christopher Gabello. # Karen Gross is the editor and Laura Burkhardt is the publisher of Where Magazine in Philadelphia. Reid Rosenthal, Realtor at Prudential Fox and Roach, Laura Burkhardt , Publisher Where Magazine, Christopher J. Cabott, Esq. (Reid's Attny); PR coordinator Kim Genkin and Kate Ryan (Missing James Zeleniak PR for Liberty Shops)

Reid and photographer Christopher Gabello. Laura Burkhardt is the publisher of Where Magazine in Philadelphia, Karen Gross is the editor with Reid (who was tight lipped no matter how hard the girls tried to coaxed the plot out of him)

Grooming was provided by Ettore Mastroddi of Ettore Salon & Spa in Philadelphia.
Les Schwartzberg of Les Richards men’s shop at the Shops at Liberty Place. They provided all the clothes for the shoot. Reid loved the suit he wore and Les was generous enough to gift him with it. This shot appeared in Michael Klein's column after
was cropped a bit. The flash in the mirror still got on my nerves, but it was just one of those perfect candid that I strive to get. Spotted two nights ago at Parc, Reid was enjoying a bite to eat with a few friends. Mum on his future, I guess he like us are waiting the outcome of the online voting to see who will be the next Bachelor!!
My cousin Lisa writes me, after I said I didn't watch the show: Yep...he was almost the Bachelorette's pick...but he was holding back too much on his feelings and with only 6 weeks to select someone you think you might marry, Jillian didn't have time to waste wondering how he felt! he then came back the night she was choosing between the 2 other guys to tell her he loved her, but it was too late. bummer - he seemed like a really good guy. if kristin was still single, i'd tell her to go hang at Tria!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I just recently discovered how to take photos off my phone, it was very easy. Here are a few shots I've taken over the past couple months. I may have posted them to my Facebook page (hugh e dillon) or to twitter (iphillychitchat)The candles on the tables at Union Trust match their wall hangings and light fixtures.
The Philadelphia Parking Authority will give you a ticket even if you leave someone sitting in the passenger seat when you've gone in to pick up your Chinese dinner and are in a no parking zone at 3:32PM, which is 2mins after it became that no parking zone because of rush hour.

Inside the Curtis Center at 7th & Walnut
My sister's non alergenic dog; a Lapadoddle. A cross between a Labrador and poodle. The kids named him DoddleNYC 57th & 7th Ave
Gay Hermit Crab
The only thing left from the Garden State Park Racetrack is the headhouse, but it looks as if they are willing to sacrafice it too. It's not being maintained.

Hi Hugh,
I just wanted to drop you a line with some info on the car.
We call it "Eagle 1" and it is actually a kit car, which means the body is made out of fiber glass and is a replica of a 1923 Ford Model T Bucket. The fact that it is a kit car means that it has newer technology so it is a lot more manageable to drive on the street today. It was built with a 350 cubic inch Chevrolet engine and a Chevrolet Turbo 350 automatic transmission. It has a lot of horsepower to weight ratio so it is quite fast and it sure helps that it was also equiped with the newer disc type braking system. It took about a year to put it all together and the cost was around $35,000.
I do try to drive it when ever the weather cooperates and it is very easy to drive. Earlier this year when the Eagles were in the playoffs I took it to a lot of the Eagles pep rallies at the Chickies & Pete's Restaurants. Fox news did quite a few clips with the car and it was on the Fox news quite a few times with Kathy Romano and Jen Frederricks. Jerry kolpan even came to my shop with a camera crew to do a clip and it aired on the Fox news at night. It took about two hours to do the shoot and after editing it actually aired for about 4 minutes. My other claim to fame was I had it on the field for the 75th anniversary game when the Eagles played the Detroit Lions. For the pregame ceremonies Swoop drove the car onto the field and then I got in and drove it back off the field and into the tunnel.
If you have any questions or need any more info feel free to contact me.
I would be more than happy to do any appearances with the car. (For free for charities)
Talk to you soon, John Meo
JimmyStyle allows pets in his store
My aunts farm store on Rt 538 in Elk Twp. Just a hop and a skip of Rt 55
My sister Judy quilts when she receives chemo for her Ovarian Cancer. Aunt Chris on the right, she just had her 76th bday Tuesday. Happy Birthday Aunt Chris. Judy and I are planning to see Bruce Springsteen in Oct. If anyone knows him it would be great to get a backstage pass and say hi. I leave my camera at home.
My mom's view from her living roomAC Moore sells flags
My friend Marty focusing on a warbler at Tinicum Park - John Heinz
The hallway outside of Red Tettemer Ck out their website monthly, they always seem to have an interesting photo on the front page
My boss has a big umbrella

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


9 Weeks ago, ok actually it was a year ago when I first heard of Gavin McKay's Fusion. I met him at the Where Magazine Holiday Party 2007. He had just recently opened his place, a foreign concept kinda gym, I didn't quite understand it even after he explained how a coach works with a group of people on cardio, strength and stretching.

What I did know that my friend Steve McCann had amazing results from working the program in a short time. That intrigued me, especially since Fusion was about a mile from Steve's house, in the opposite direction from his work and there were at least a half dozen gyms in between. I thought there must be something special happening at "Fusion".

But that still wasn't enough for me to check it out. Plus I didn't like the hours, and my gym was $400 for the entire year and it was conveniently located in my apt building. But I found out that convenience doesn't mean results.
Then 9 weeks ago when my friend Matt Ray Tweeted about the NBC10/FUSION CROSS TRAINING "BE A 10 IN 10 WEEKS CHALLENGE", I was intrigued not that I was going to be on TV, but maybe because of the added pressure of being on TV, blogging about my journey. It was about me, and what I saw as my last chance, it was about clothing, and sweatpants. I don't want my clothing to be sweatpants.

(NBC10's Consumer Reporter: Tracy Davidson )
Last week on my 40th+ birthday, we had a few guest join us for boot camp in Rittenhouse Square. NBC10's Anchor Vai Sikahema, Weatherman Dave Warren with videographer Brad Berner and Consumer Reported Tracy Davidson. (See this weeks video highlighted in red at the bottom of this entry.)
Last year a doctor asked me if I wanted to have the bariatric surgery, I declined, determined to find another way. I didn't, so I just changed doctors. Then I found out you can refuse to be weighed at the doctors, and I did. Awkward, but effective.
I know this is my personal journey, but I can't implore you enough that if you have a weight problem, and suffer silently, there are little things you can do to change the course you are on. In 9 weeks I lost 14lbs, it certainly doesn't sound like a lot to me, but it's a world of difference in my attitude. The last time I was 283lbs I was miserable, but this time I'm a miracle and I know I can do another 14lbs, and then another 14lbs all the way to my goal of 190lbs.
It's more than 14lbs, it's a change of attitude. It's realizing that there is another choice, the choice to get healthy, the choice to not eat that cake, cookie or candy, every day or maybe not at all. The choice to go for a walk at lunch, or take the stairs, or buy a bike and go for a ride (I recently bought a bike to do just that; to make an investment in your future. It's easy to say I'm happy being fat, or I'll worry about that later. When later comes, sometimes it's usually too late to do anything. Just today someone told me about their friend, 41 yrs old almost 400lbs. She died of complications of obesity. I said to him, how much living was she doing, she probably died of a broken heart besides the physical effects. I know at 300lbs I was not living as much as I can. Sure I'm Philly Chit Chat, but life was getting physically difficult. But that being said once in awhile I will have a Varga burger (Or next week a Butcher & Singer burger), but this time I only ate one slice of bread. (I did eat all those fries though, does that count? Don't tell Gavin!)Congratulations to one of my fellow boot campers who doesn't cheat and who lost 30lbs during the 9 weeks of boot camp, including 17lbs on his 2 week vacation to the beach. I really admire him, and he's an example for you to follow. He worked out daily, he ate well, kept a journal, drank water and got proper sleep. He told me that he had been heavy all his life. His motivation was the early deaths of his parents who were overweight, and the longevity of his grandparents who were thin. He didn't want to repeat of his parents lives, especially the health problems that come with being overweight. He really is an example to follow. (He's shy, but he's on the far right)
Vai Sikahema, Dave Warren, Brad and Justin Pizzi. Justin must have lost weight as everyone always tells me how great he looks. B4 I started at Fusion, I never woke up before 8AM so I had no idea who Justin was, sorry. (I still go to bed about 2am, but I wake up at 5:30AM)
Again I encourage you to find whatever works for you. I did Fusion Cross Training and loved it so much I am joining the gym. I love it not because it's convenient for me, it's not; not because it's easy, it's not; not because it's a bargain, it's not, but because I was able to do something there I wasn't able to do anywhere else. I was able to lose 14lbs, it was hard, but it was never boring. There was encouragement, there was support, and there were introductions. Gavin and crew made sure you met at least one new person at each session. And I figured out why, those people became your motivators too. Your support system. I may not always look forward to going, but I do look forward to seeing my fellow Fusion folks...
I FEEL GREAT, I'm up four notches on my belt and have gone from a XXXL gym shorts to a XXL!! (This weeks video: NBC10/FUSION CROSS TRAINING "BE A 10 IN 10 WEEKS CHALLENGE" )

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


(As with yesterday, I have two entries. So after you look at these photos go to the Danny Bonaduce entry below this one. Thanks, and thanks for reading I had a record month in July with almost 60,000 readers.)

Last night on my way home from Fusion Cross Training I was walking with Megan & Colleen when I came across Swann Fountain at Sunset. After a few heart palpitations I told the girls they must go on I would be photographing my favorite subject, Swann Fountain for about an hour. It doesn't matter how many times I photograph this fountain, every time I pass it it looks different to me.
For years I never thought to shoot this vertically, but it works out especially with the full moon in the background.At first it irritated me that these two people were ruining my picture (these next 3 pixs were taken with my camera phone, so sadly they can't be blown up too much larger) I wish I could replicate this shot, especially with the graininess.
but then this picture emerged and it's one of my favorites
My 2nd favorite fountain to photograph is the Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, NYC. I have about a 1000 shots of this fountain too, as with the Swann Fountain in every season, in every weather condition.


Last month Second City and WYSP's Danny Bonaduce held a contest at the Shops of Liberty Place in the Rotunda to find the person with the best punchline. The winner would get a walk on improv role during the production of "Nutterly Love" which was playing at the Suzanne Roberts Theater. It's closed now, bummer, but I heard it had a good run.
One of the contestants was a Sharon Geller. She's been on SNL and in a few movies. Her piece was beyond x-rated describing how she didn't like the x-rated words in porno movies and then described each act. Little kids were lead away with their ears covered.
Danny Bonaduce posing with a fan
James Zeleniak sizes up the crowd. His Firm Punch Media does the PR for The Liberty Shops.Danny Bonaduce's show on WYSP probably has more of an edge than ever these days, he's quitting smoking. To prove it he's showing the audience he's on the patch.
Author/Comedian Angel Potter. Angel Potter is a CPA who lives by the motto: to live is to laugh! Ms. Potter is a proud graduate of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA (Alma-Mata of Lee Iaccoa); and is a proud graduate of Camden High School in her hometown of Camden, New Jersey. Ms. Potter is also the author of the following books: Bling-blinging to an empty bank account; Single women's guide to enjoying single-hood; and Repair your credit to repair your self-esteem. Ms. Potter currently resides in Philadelphia, PA home of the Phillies; enjoys sci-fi books/movies and maintains a daily TV show blog at
And the winner is... oy I had to leave b4 it was announced, the program was 2hrs long. When things like this happen I usually contact the PR or have MK contact them if the shot is going in the paper.