Friday, July 10, 2009


Last night sandwiched between the cocktail party for Chad Allen in honor of his movie opening up the 2009 Philadelphia QFest and the QFest afterparty at the University of the Arts, I ran over to the Doubletree and covered a couple of Philly's socialite's Tal & Jill traditional Moroccan "wedding rehearsal" dinner before the big day on Sunday.
There was a lot of dancing and celebrating (Tal's mom)And dancing and well wishing...Congratulations Jill & Tal - Mazol Tah for an awesome life together. Thank you for inviting me.
Another plus for me was the QFest after party was across the street so I just hopped over there for about 30 minutes and went home. Fusion Cross Training at 6:00AM comes awfully early today.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN or how many Parisian movie set cafe tables fit in a dorm room?

TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN Domestic Total as of Jul. 7, 2009: $305,522,774 in less than a 14 days since it's release. The reviews are in and they are mixed, but one thing is for sure there are die hard Transformer fans.

Remember last year when they transformed (no pun intended) City Hall into a Parisian cafe for the movie? I was able to sneak in and take a few shots of the set up. They even had a guard to keep watch over the "valuable" scenery.

The next day for filming the cafe looked perfect. It was here that Spring City actor Ted Borodaeff plays a mime in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The bit was shot last year in City Hall's courtyard, which was done up to look like a sidewalk cafe in France for the action flick. As Kevin Dunn and Julie White, playing the parents of star Shia LaBeouf, dine at a table, a pancaked-pussed Borodaeff pops up to perform. White tells Dunn that mimes freak her out. (To say what happens next would be a spoiler.) (INQlings:
Dreamworks thought well enough of Philadelphia to donate the tables, chairs and umbrellas for our own little outdoor cafe. It was a big hit with the lunchtime crowd. As a big time EBayer, I suggested to someone that we sell off the chairs and put some money into the coffer's, buy reasonable cafe table's that weren't souvenirs and save the rest for a rainy day or something. That person was shocked that I would sell off such treasures and stated there were camera's to protect against theft.
Well, yesterday when I walked by I noticed something had change, there were less of them and of course I wasn't surprised a bit. I asked the security guard what had happened to the cafe tables. He told me that out of the original 15 tables and 45 chairs given to the City. 6 tables and a dozen chairs have been stolen and almost every umbrella.
Most of the thefts occurred at night, he said, when the gates to the courtyard are still open, but the courtyard it self is darker. Even locking the tables and chairs together was not a deterrent, and he showed me how to get around it. The umbrellas, surprisingly he said were taken during the day. They were just slid out and carted off. (Perhaps to some dorm down the street?)
So Mr Mayor, let's just cash out with what we have, buy a few more tables & umbrellas and call it a day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

THE BUILDING BOOM CONTINUES IN CENTER CITY with the help of Jon Bon Jovi, Project Home and the Bethesda Project

Today homeless advocate Jon Bon Jovi, Cardinal Justin Rigali, Sr. Mary Scullion and Brian Hudson, joined two of Philly's leading homeless organizations, Project Home and Bethesda Project, to announce a unique joint venture to develop a Leed-Certified, affordable housing facility in Center City. The building behind them will be torn down, and the new building will rise in it's place.
Jon Bon Jovi is helping to build affordable housing in Philadelphia, New Orleans and his home state of New Jersey through his Philadelphia Soul Foundation.
"And every step I take, I know that I'm not alone
You take the home from the boy, but not the boy from his home
These are my streets, the only life I've ever known
Who says you can't go home"
Rock star Jon Bon Jovi is introduced by the 2009 recipient of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People, Sr. Mary Scullion.
Bethesda Project with Project H.O.M.E. will break ground in July on an eight story, 79 unit $25 million building at 13th and Market Streets for formerly homeless men and women. The building will feature a multi-purpose room, a laundry room, an exercise room, kitchen's, offices, storage, lobby. It will also hold the St. John Parish offices. Environmental components include a green roof, highly insulated walls, a rainwater collection system, high-efficiency mechanical systems and lighting.
Bethesda Project is one of the oldest and largest homeless services organizations in Philadelphia. Established 30 years ago, its services have grown with the homeless population. The organization provides shelters, transitional and permanent housing. Its mission is “To find and care for the abandoned poor and be family with those who have none.”
The groups Project HOME and Bethesda Project are working in partnership for the first time on the project. It's going to be called it's going to be called St. John the Evangelist House, in honor of the founder of Connelly Containers, John and Josephine Connelly, who made their fortune in manufacturing right here in Philadelphia. In 1955 John and Josephine Connelly chose to share their good fortune by establishing the Connelly Foundation with the simple but clear purpose of providing charitable grants to organizations seeking to enhance the quality of life in the Delaware Valley. Over the years the Foundation has been very generous to Project Home, and that is an understatement Sr Mary Scullion says.
(note to my readers, these are not the best photos as I save them to send out to the wireservices especially since I didn't have the tools to water mark them. Sorry the last photo is so dark)


Last week Carol Tamburino and friends threw a wonderful, beautiful Bridal Shower for Sabrina's upcoming nuptials to Steve Thorne. To help get Sabrina to the 57th floor of Liberty One, her BFF Jolie Fisher flew in from LA to say she had an interview with a TV station and did Sabrina want to go with her.Carol Tamburino put a lot of love into the day

Hmmm delicious. I did have a piece of this. It was a lemon cake
One of the many displays that were set up throughout the room
The room was impeccably decorated in a bridal theme
Sabrina Strickland and Pauline Cavalli
Rose Palumbo and friends were on hand to share in Sabrina's day.
Although BFF Nicole Cashman was away conducting business in a foreign country, I'm sworn to secrecy, her mother was on hand
A very nice turnout, delicious food, amazing views, good friends completed the day
The Tamburino's with Sharon Pinkenson and
Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds Brown, Carol and Meryl Levitz
Zarina Kozak and Kathy CiancaglioniJulie Thorn and her friend drove in from Connecticut for the big surprise

Avrah Cohen
Bling, bling
The many faces of Jolie Fisher
Lisa Gaudio in the background, with another stylish women
Steve Thorne sandwhiched between two sizzling blonds one being Sharon Coia
I stayed away from this table, but it looks delicious. My goal is to loose 40lbs by the time the wedding rolls around so I can finally enjoy some of this.Carol Tamburino, Jolie Fisher and friends. Jolie winding down in another look.
A little something for the bridal night

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today is Philly Chit Chat's 2nd Birthday with Pictures from Philadelphia's July 4th Celebration

Today is Philly Chit Chat's 2nd Anniversary, and lots of things I want to say come to mind,
but the message I really want to get is thanks. Thanks for your readership and support. In the beginning I set out to do something that I didn't think was being met here in Philadelphia and that was to feature an expanded "Social Diary" or coverage (my blog was inspired by the NY Social, but covers all society not just high), a photo album of sorts of the people, places, things and especially the Charity Events that I didn't think were getting written about enough.
Things that people might be interested in talking about, odd sights, people, art, culture etc.

Over the years I worked hard to break stories that I thought were interesting, stories overlooked, events that needed to be seen, stories that needed to be told and other crazy exhausting things that I've always been curious about. (I've always been curious.)
This is the Ben Franklin "House". They have a great free movie that fills you in on his life. He was an amazing man who contributed a lot to our country. It's a must see for all Philadelphian's and tourist.
Mom on the right, and her BFF, Cheryl, from high school on the left. I gave them a tour of the historic
sights on July 4th.
After mom was tuckered out, I took my niece Kelsey and nephew Dillon out to the party on the parkway. We ran into Mike who went food shopping for our party.
I can't believe in the two years since I started PCC that my photos appear regularly in Philly Mag, Philly Style and the Inquirer. (and that I had an "On the Scene" column in the Metro for 7 months before it was killed, I wish I could get that back. People are excited to be on PCC, but even more excited to be in the newspaper, and it's even a better promotional tool for charities)
Like the Sprite/NBA best dunker event on Saturday on the Parkway. The winner got $10,000
I was excited the first year when I received 500 hits a month on my blog, but thanks to Philebrity, Foobooz, The City Paper and others (who I am forgetting to write about at 2:30AM) who picked up an entry here or there that they too thought interesting I got much more exposure. (But those are the three that consistently pick up my entries, and I really appreciate it as well as admire their sites.)
Special Thanks to Cashman & Associates for inviting me out to covering their events from almost the very beginning. Thanks to Philly Style Magazine for giving me carte blache to cover even the tiniest of their events. Thanks to Thom Cardwell for inviting me to cover my first event in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Film Festival (PhilaCinefest now), thanks to Dan Gross for publishing my first photo in a newspaper in March 2007, and for Michael Klein for publishing my photos since Sept 2007 (Every Sunday page b2), thanks to Phyllis Halpern, Greta Greenberger, GPFO, Matthew Vlahos, Laura Burkhart, Mary Patel, Christopher Gabello, Nathan Learner, Gus Calabrese & Brett Silver, all who were really helpful in that first year when I was finding my way (and I know I am missing a lot of others and I appreciate you all too), thanks to all of the PR Firms that have sent me press releases, info and invited me out to cover things. (I know I have been slacking lately updating the calendar, but after adding NBC10/Fusion to my plate it was the tipping point to my free time)
Thanks to my partner Mike who supports this crazy hobby I have. After working all day long as a paralegal, then going to an event for a couple hours, then writing about the event for another couple hours, and only getting about 3 -4 hrs sleep, I don't have much time to do much else. Mike picks up a lot of the slack so I can live this crazy life.
Thanks to the law firm, Kohn, Swift & Graf where I work; thankfully they know I don't want to quit to pursue this hobby and allow me to do it by not sending me away anymore on business trips. They support me in everything I do, and are excited too. I think my one boss gets the paper every Sunday just so we can talk about the picture that was published, as I am not allowed to ever say what is going to be in the paper beforehand. That is why some of my events are published a week later than they occurred. Can't scoop myself. Support the Philadelphia Inquirer. No matter how much news I get online, it can never comprehensive print news.
Thanks to you, my readers for putting up with my rambling. Thanks for reading me, supporting me, for your emails, for your comments, for allowing me to have a voice in Philly. I hope over the past two years I shared something with you that your found interesting, or hopefully inspired you, especially if it caused you to support one of the many charities I have covered.

You like me, you really like me. I was excited when my readership was 500 a month, then it was 500 a day and now it's 2,000 a day which is just mind blowing. (Thanks to Google for ranking me so high)
If you have been reading PCC for the past 5 weeks, you know that I am participating in the NBC 10/Fusion Cross Training "Be a 10 in 10 Weeks" challenge. It's been 5 weeks, and well I lost about 10 pounds, learned a lot about the correct way to work out, still learning about how to eat better. But for the next 6 weeks I will be concentrating on this program, and going to events a lot less so I can do workouts twice a day. I will still be writing PCC every day as I have plenty to say, and a dozen events in the can, I just won't be covering events more than twice a week until the program is over and I won't be writing after midnight any more. I really need to see if sleep is the answer to the weight thing. So for the next couple weeks it will be short, sweet and to the point, lots of photos not much filler, I think.