Friday, June 19, 2009


Alycia Lane stated on her her facebook account today - "Anyone want a chic 950 square foot true one bedroom NYC apartment (midtown west, 2 blocks from CP) for just $529k? "Alycia and her love Booker have jetted to their new life on the left coast in LA. ( Pictured L-R Lauren Nelson, Alycia Lane and Lauren O'Dorisio at the Barney's Co-Op opening last month)
Fully renovated, beautiful pad. Killer location, subways right there, doorman building...and quiet!
Live in the lap of luxury - The tremendous master bedroom measures 12’x18’3” with a wall of closets. (I know that Halle Berry lives here too when she's in NYC)

The beautiful bathroom has been gut renovated with white subway tiles, granite topped vanity and Italian tile flooring.

(Actually I think it is a steal, I have friends that live around her and they've been pricing apts and this is a very good price for midtown)

Price: $529,000 Monthly Maint: $1,587.60 Percent Down: 30% Contact: Joelle Pergolotti Phone: 646-314-9941
In addition, the building has a major bank branch and a newsstand at its 57th Street corner and is also very close to a McDonald's and a Rizzoli's book store, to say nothing about all the other attractions of 57th Street, which, unfortunately, has a lot of traffic.


When I was in NYC for the Tony Award's Weekend, I heard that Kelly Ripa was doing something at the Boathouse in Central Park. I thought I would run over there and see if I could get in to cover it 'cause I love me some Kelly Ripa. No, nope, no way, and I was in good company as about 6 other photographers couldn't get in either, seems the 3 premiere agencies got the "exclusive" shots, or so they thought.
Kelly was tuned into the paparazzi in the rented row boats, she's a professional , she knows how to work it, she walked to the edge of the pier posed for photos and some of these shots ended up being published. As for me I was across the lake with my 300mm which just couldn't make the reach. (now this is a good example on the two kinds of photographers. The one's shooting the event inside the tent are credentialed photographers, the guys in the boat well this is paparazzi photography, me in the bushes across from the Boathouse same thing. We are taking candid photos of a celeb not as invited press.)
But I was pretty excited as it looked like Kelly was doing something for Alex's Lemonade. Now I knew I needed to get a shot of her to bring back to Philly with me, as she's a home town girl living in a lonely world, oh I digress. Anyway when I could tell the press conference was winding down I beelined it to the parking lot to look for her SUV. It was already at the door to carry her away. The other photographers were there too. I took a lot of great shots, none of them available to my blog.

I had a chance to ask Kelly if this lemonade stand was connected with Alex's Lemonade.

"No, it's for Ovarian cancer" Now most of you know that my sister has Ovarian Cancer, and there really is so little awareness for it, but a lemonade stand for Ovarian Cancer in June which is Alex's Lemonade Stand's big campaign month; wouldn't that be confusing? (Ovarian Cancer Awareness month is September and their color is purple. So maybe a grape drink stand would have been less confusing.)

Surely Kelly has heard of Alex's Lemonade Stand, or at least her family must have heard about it when she I'm sure told them about this campaign? (Hopefully some of you made it out to the Great Chefs Osteria 2009 event. I was there last year, but this year was covering the Octo Grille Opening)

-This summer, exclusively at, you can get “Cool For A Cause” and design and open your very own virtual lemonade stand. You can even pick the flavors of lemonade you want to feature like Rosemary Watermelon Lemonade, Raspberry Mint or Citrus Twist, just to name a few. For every stand opened, Electrolux will donate $1 to OCRF as part of its $500,000 commitment to help fight ovarian cancer. - Michael Klein got on the case to get down to the bottom of it and this appeared in last weeks Sunday's Inqlings:

Feeling the squeeze

Competition - in the nonprofit world? Now there are two campaigns based on lemonade stands.

For nearly a decade, there has been the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, inspired by Alexandra Scott, who at age 4 in 2000 set up a lemonade stand at her home to raise money to fight childhood cancers. The Wynnewood girl raised $1 million before her death in 2004, and parents Jay and Liz Scott are continuing the fight.

On Monday, at the height of the foundation's annual fund-raising blitz, Electrolux rolled out a national campaign to help the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. The appliance maker and its spokeswoman, South Jersey-bred talk-show host Kelly Ripa, are calling for people to create online lemonade stands.

Electrolux, promising $500,000 to the fund, has done similar charitable endeavors, but none involving beverages.

"The timing struck me as unusual," said Liz Scott, making lemonade out of what one might call a lemon. "Then I stepped back and realized they're also doing a good thing."

(Liz Scott a class act)

(Outisde the Marriott Hotel last Friday)
Mary Kay Kopf, chief marketing officer of Electrolux Major Appliances North America, said through a spokeswoman: "We applaud a decade of Alex's 'Original' Lemonade Stand efforts and wish them continued success. We support all efforts to raise funds and awareness for cancer research."

Jonathan Vendrick outside Loew's Hotel last Friday.

A photo I took of Terrence Howard outside the Ritz-Carlton last Friday. (My photos appear every week in Michael Klein's Sunday column pg. B2) What a great Father's day shot too, as Terrence Howard sells the charity lemonade with his son Hunter. As we wind down the month of June, the need for donations doesn't dwindle, please find it in your heart, in your wallet to donate to this worthy cause and if you have a little something left over please share it with the Ovarian Cancer organization through
If you can't find an Alex's Lemonade Stand but want to donate money virtually, they just Tweeted: Drive a Volvo? Buy a cup of Virtual Lemonade to benefit childhood cancer & you could save $ on your next service appt!

Also accepting prayers for my sister Judy. Thanks for your support, I've received inquires lately and Judy is holding her own. I'm just holding my breath. Hopefully this week we will hear some great news. The doctors at Sloan-Kettering are awesome.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Everything old is new again as Philly's Octo Waterfront Grille debuts along the Delaware River next to the grand Ben Franklin Bridge
Yesterday's weather didn't dampen the spirits of party goers of the new incarnation along the Delaware River last night as Octo Waterfront Grille, which no doubt will pick up the shorten moniker of Octo Grille, then just Octo as it's popularity soars.

Chris Petty and Kathy Larsen enjoy the Octo opening, especially the seafood spread.
Laurence and Donita Randle
Attorney Scott P Sigman, Hair of the Dog founder Daniel Cronin and guest

Political guru attorney David Maser, Tania and Craig Drake "Jeweler to the Stars". I love seeing what Tania is wearing, almost as beautiful as she is. Plus she's sweet as can be.
Keith McMillion Steel case, Andrew Herton Cherry Hill Imports, Donna Coghlan and Charlie Pasquele. Yesterday marks the 1 year anniversary since I met both Donna and Charlie at the Alex's Lemonade event at Osteria. Donna been a huge help in a lot of ways to PCC, and a good friend, thanks.

The night was already great seeing so many friends, but look who pops in but Arthur Kade and Joey Sweeney of Philebrity fame. Louise Castellano and Megan Smith; Megan is rockin those legs. She is one of my partner's in the NBC10's Be a 10 in 10 Weeks. Which was explained to me as feel like a 10 because there's no way I am going to be a 10 in 10 weeks, hopefully I will loose 5 x 10 in 10 weeks, but that's about it. I have to say thanks to all the people I ran into last night that gave me a lot of love and support on my quest, it's really appreciated.
The pier is divided in two distinct "rooms"; the larger bar area which has TV's hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room above a very expansive bar, and this smaller, more intimate area. This space also has a TV, but it's hanging on the wall. The restaurant, which is situated on a pier overlooking a marina, will be under a massive tent and feature sizable fish tanks featuring freshwater fish, lobster and octopus (the inspiration for the name Octo). In between the two bar areas is a nice set up with tables and booths for you to enjoy your food and drinks, and take in the view of the waterfront as well as the beautiful Ben Franklin Bridge. Jay Tackett of Tackett & Co., who's is responsible for the modern feel of the design. Another note, nice touch with the bathroom attendants. One girl told me on nights like this (rain) they are a nice luxury as you need the extra hair spray to prevent the drowned rat look.
Thillist Josh Valocchi, Matthew Vlahos and Robert Johnson, Vlahos PR and Matt Ray, Media Relations PhilaCinefest
The love ladies Heather Yerrid, Tal Vaknin and Anh Nguyen, Jack & Jill Boutique - 115 South 22nd Street, Phila T: 215.568.0202

Jared Poe, The 400, Steve Ward VH1 Tough Love (Look for some exciting news about him next week), Rapper Azz Iz, Aly Green, Pete Magliocco, Rob P
Philadelphia Eagle Winston Justice, hanging with Roopal Patel and John Clarke

Jimmy Smith, Novacare, PR Extrodinaire Jamie Gordon, Carol Dooling, Inquirer, and Dave Baldwin, Inquirer
Reggie Berry, Philadelphia Film Society's Andrew Greenblatt (Check out their new film series -The first series, Filmadelphia Classics, will begin on June 24th with a screening of Raging Bull, starring Robert Deniro and directed by Martin Scorsese.), Jackiem Wright, and Jeff Gould

Micaela Rosenthal, Stacey Kramer, Amanda Segal and Diana Bonaccorsi. Amanda loves the hip vibe and the modern look of the place.
Uri Jacobsen and Sabrina Strickland. Sab is always great bringing style and hotness where ever she goes, and I'm not just talking about her clothes.Danielle Krupa, Vanessa Tangi, Monique Crawford and Patti Ritter
Aly Green and Octo owner Clark Maloney (Thanks for an awesome party)
Aly Green and The hippest kids in town make the scene. Joey Sweeney, Ruth Carpenter, Veronica Scarpellino, Josh Valocchi and Jill Storey
The 400 with their posse. Chris Flintard, Jared Poe, Jackiem Wright, Reggie Berry and Rapper Az Izz

Erin Elmore fresh from the Borgata and her smashing interview with Paris Hilton for Borgat TV. Paris, of course, did not allow any questions about her personal life. I wold have like to known why she just went away to Bora Bora with Doug Reinhardt, professed her dying love, then dumped him through her publicist the next week. Can we really trust her, why does she exist? Erin was working the Octo Grille for Philly's own TMZ - PR Power Houses, Aly Green of Slilencia and Peter Breslow. These two are responsible for last nights hugely successful party. Look for big happenings in both their lives in the coming months, I am sworn to secrecy but will let you know as soon as I get the go ahead.Michael Untermeyer is the Republican candidate for Phila District Attorney (seemed like a really nice guy too) and Rakia Reynolds, Skai Blue Media. follow her on twitter

Thanks to fans Saige Robb, Kalomji Foreman and Danille Schott.
Lindsay Kravitz, Aly Green and Kaci Mitz or as I like to call them, 3 good friends who were filling your gift bags til midnight.
So whether your looking for a place to relax, eat a good meal, take in the view, enjoy hanging on the water and don't feel like fighting the traffic to go to the beach, no doubt The Octo Waterfront Grille has something to meet your needs. I imagine it's gonna be one of the best front row seats for the upcoming fireworks on June 27 . See you there. (It was nice to be at a pary

What does Arthur Kade have to say for the night. "It was off the hook, a happening place. Great place to women, work a tan."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Every Week Gavin of Fusion sends us an inspirational email to keep us motivated: The “Secret” to fat loss … EAT LESS, no matter what you eat
As I go into the third week of NBC10's /Fusion Cross Training Philly's Biggest Loser ChallengeI have to say it's getting hard. Some of my bad habits are trying to sneak their way back in, but I continue to eat my salads, chicken, and fish. I am not as motivated to work out, but I do because I am beginning to see results. I've gone up 2 notches on my belt.
Today's workout was concentrated on interval cardio, band training and sit ups with Jesse, who the girls like to call Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa's handsome husband. If losing weight isn't motivation enough, it's working out with the handsome fit trainers at Fusion Cross Training that will get you there.

This week Gavin's email stated:
The key to consuming the proper amount of food/drink for your body composition goals is being able to accurately estimate the caloric content of various foods and drinks. As it turns out your eyes, stomach and emotions on their own are not the best systems for assessing caloric content as you might well know. Our eyes think in size and equate lots of food with lots of calories, which is clearly not always true just think of a massive salad. Finally our emotions don’t think at all, they feel so depending on our mood we will ignore all other systems and either starve or binge. It is only our minds that can really be the judge so we need to arm them with knowledge. (I am an emotional eater, whether I'm happy or sad I think I need to reward myself with something sweet. I've been really good the past 2 weeks and have only had two mini choc bars, and 4 peppermint hard candies. Just that is amazing as I was eating bags of raisinets telling myself that sure it's chocolate but it's fruit too.)
To truly know your daily calories you could go around with a scale, but ultimately the more sustainable way is to understand the range of calorie densities of different food categories/types and make choices based on that. Lower calorie density foods can fill your plate visually, your stomach with bulk and your body with nutrients without adding a ton of calories. In fact it is nearly impossible to overdo eating whole vegetables and fruits because they are so low calorie and high satiating. Examples of the lowest calorie density food types are natural carbohydrates like veggies, fruits, and whole grains (contain 4 calories per gram). Next on the scale are lean sources of proteins like beans, poultry, fish, non-fat dairy. Proteins also contain 4 calories per gram however they are packed tighter so when you weigh out 4 grams of some common vegetables and 4 grams of chicken you’ll notice a big visual difference (about half as much), which is important to start to grasp in terms of building balanced meals. It’s kind of like books in a library, from the shear size of a Harry Potter book you might think it is really dense and tough to get through, but once you start reading it you find it is light and you can get through it in no time.There several websites and books for calorie contents of foods, try . Place all of your 100 calorie portions out on the counter and compare them, even take pictures of them. In shear minutes it will change your beliefs about calorie density and embed the reality into your head, giving you a much stronger base of knowledge to start building meals that are calorie and nutrient balanced to achieve your goals.

Strategy: Build your meals like you build a salad, low to high density

Build your meals like you might build a salad, starting with a base of the lowest calorie density foods first (load up on veggies!) and then start adding the higher calorie density foods (i.e. meats, then sugars and oils) in smaller portions to create visually and internally satisfying meals while managing calories.

Once a week we're a lot a cheat. My cheat day was yesterday after I weighed in and was given the results 2 more lbs, for a total of 7lbs in 17 days. Then I went to Sweet Ending for a 4 oz Reeses/Watermelon Korean Yogurt. Our bodies burn a large number of calories just to function, but to prove how much harder it is to burn up those calories that take us over our requirements look at the following times to burn 1200 calories via exercise:
155 lb Women:
- 8 hours: Walking flat
- 3 hours: Biking moderately
- 2 hours: Running 9 min/mile,
or 13.3 miles (half marathon!)
185 lb Man:
- 6 hours: Walking flat
- 2.2 hours: Biking moderately
- 1.5 hours: Running 9 min/mile,
or 10 miles