Friday, June 12, 2009


I think only getting about 9 hrs sleep last weekend is catching up with me. Today's the first time I've taken off w/o doing an entry in 18 months. I really wanted to do the Tony Awards entry, but I had an event every night this week and just can't do it justice today. So look for it on Monday, and then the Zoobilee, which I went to tonight and it was awesome as usual.

Support Alex's Lemonade Stand this week...Liz Scott will be at the Omni Hotel 3rd & Chestnut, Doogie Houser is filming a movie across from the Loews Stand at 12th & Market



Thursday, June 11, 2009

Delmonico's Steakhouse Grand Reopening Hosted by Philadelphia Style Magazine and Howard and JoAnn Wurzak

I was hired to cover the Redesign/Grand Opening of Del Monico's Famous Steak House on the Main Line last night at 4200 City Avenue,
inside the Hilton Hotel. Surprisingly my early evening post afternoon rush drive from Center City only took about 15 mins. The Hilton has convenient valet parking, or on the street parking, even with this big event I was able to find a spot.
Our hosts for the evening included: Howard Wurzak is President and CEO of the Wurzak Hotel Group.; with wife JoAnn, Philadelphia Style Magazine publisher John Colabelli, Chelsea Wurzak, and Colby Miller (missing from picture aspiring actress Brittany Wurzak)
Mainline PR Style Diva Sarah Doheny and partner in many ways, John Soden arrive on the scene, now we can get the party started.
Milica Stojancic with Hacina Saadi. Every month Hacina hosts "Girls Night Out" dinners at some of the hottest restaurants in the area. No doubt here tonight checking out Del Monico's for a future engagement. "Dinners are for most of all for fun, socializing, networking and for meeting new people and friends. Any girls can be a member."

Sherry Witman, Sharon Delix, Judy Lundy, Nancy Amoroso, Jill Powell, Hilarie Morgan, JoAnne Wurzak, Sherri Shaffer and Linda ChodorowDonna Coghlan and Charlie Pasquale. Donna and Charlie just returned from an exciting trip to Disney World where they say the VIP Pass that allows you
Dinner was a buffet, elaborately staged with everything from oysters to prime rib, but unlike during cocktails, the lines looked interminable, but people were patient and by the time I was ready for a few oysters, I zipped right thru. The room as you see is beautiful, with a lovely banquette and floral design to break up the center of the room.
1 Degree of Danny Bonaduce, Steve "Little Big Man" Kwasnik, who did a celebrity boxing match last year with the former Partridge kid, gets his picture snapped with the infamous Arthur Kade who was just grilled by the WYSP morning man,. For an interesting play by play of the interview check out Brian Hickey's Philly Blunt or there's always the Kade version: on

Thanks to Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur as one of the sponsors of the nights festivities. Here Erin Hildveth, April Stuart and Kate Rast do a Nuvo Sampling with Amy Norman and Vincent Gaitley.

University of Pa graduate Mia Angiolillo gets it on with a little Nuvo herself with long time friend Frank Cipriati
Marissa Rosen and Danielle Poe
Alex Costello, Hal Roseman and Valerie Jarrin

Sexy, hot model Aisling Hall (Great name too) and Thomas Brennan

Steve Kwasnik and Dustin Kaplan. President of Last Call Promotions. Check out all the great happenings at Atlantic City's best hot spot, The Chelsea.

Sandy & Gary Loubenback of Malvern
Laurel Fairworth and Dr. Veronica Valdes DDS make the scene.
Merle and Bobbi Wolfson (or as I like to call him my co-worker at the law firm I work at). Merle and Bobbi, Merle is an avid golf player, and the both are world travelers. Every once in awhile I sneak away to his office to hear his very adventurous stories.
Sizzling Lindsay Furman and sexy Sabrina Strickland out and about looking for fun and trouble. If you don't know this duo, just say hello.
The economy friendly menu. No steak above $35
Did I mention seafood, well they have that too.
4200 City Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19131
(215) 879-4000
PS If your photo wasn't on here, then it is being held back for Philadelphia Style Magazine. That doesn't mean the above photos won't make the magazine either. None of these photos can be sent out or purchased through PhillyChitChat, sorry.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NBC10 BIGGEST LOSER UPDATE, but mostly about NYC and my Video Diet over the weekend

Still fat, but working on it. Weigh in was yesterday and I lost 5lbs in a week, which is amazing since most of you know I went to NYC to cover the Tony Award's and I like to have my NY b/w cookies as well as roasted nuts, er and well bagel & lox too.
(BTW I didn't have time to do the Tony entry today, you will have to wait until tomorrow [It'll take me at least 3hrs to write and I want to do a good job; ] As it is it's 1AM and I have to wake up at 5AM for a work out. )

I did catch John Stamos leaving the Tony rehearsal's earlier on Sunday

This past week I did a lot of workouts, mostly chasing tips regarding celebrity sightings or appearances. A lot of the times I will take a cab or subway, but this weekend I tried to fast walk as much as possible. In this instance I had been hanging with friends at the 79th Street pier watching the Hudson 400th Anniversary boat brigade, and then needed to go to 44th Street to a theater where I knew Jane Fonda (& I thought Oprah) was going to be attending. Jane is using a cane because she just had knee surgery.

Eating right is an important element to losing weight. Sometimes if the portions are large, I will order a To Go box along with my meal. It does make a difference to split the meal in half and quickly put it in the box; although I have been known to open the box again for a few more tastings.

I have a lot more of this these days. I'm so excited that in less than 10 days I can touch the ground. It's really amazing how Fusion Crosstraining Fitness combines cardio, strength training and yoga in order to get fit. This morning we did a lot of ab work. I actually like it, and I push myself to finish as many sets as I can. I realize I am not in competition with others, just my negative thoughts on failure.

New Jersey-born James Gandolfini began acting in the New York theater. His Broadway debut was in the 1992 revival of "A Streetcar Named Desire" with Jessica Lange and Alec Baldwin. here he carries out a SWAG bag (SWAG stands for "stuff we are given." tweeted Jane Fonda) after the rehearsal's of the 2009 Tony Award's Show.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


(I know you are probably looking for my 2009 Tony Awards photos, but with very little sleep yesterday, and very little time, (I had to work out, today's weigh in day) I couldn't do them justice) Tonight I will do them)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Please Touch Museums Storybook Ball with my niece and nephew Kelsy & Dillon (clever name eh?). As most of you know I am a huge fan of the Please Touch Museum, and this night just cemented my belief that it is one of the best museums for kids that I have ever seen.This family fundraising event will be open to all families - bring your grandchildren, children, niece or nephew! Families will be encouraged to dress as their favorite storybook characters and will enjoy food provided by Max and Me, carousel rides, entertainment, a theatrical production of "Eat Like a Pirate"

Tim, Laura with kids Diana and Vanessa Henne
nephew Dillon and niece Kelsey
Cynthia Moghanaki, Bridgette Bonatsas, and Hanna Moghanaki
There are so many different areas for the kids to play in. There's a room with arts and crafts, a McDonald's, A kitchen, and this grocery store where kids can be like mommy and daddy buying food for the family. It's really cute.
Dillon and Kelsey fall into the Rabbit Hole in the Alice and Wonderland exhibit. Now the black circle is not special effects, it's me having the wrong lens on my new camera. It's irritating that with my new camera I have to get different lenses. Could someone who works for Nikon fix that?
Kelsey playing on the "Big" piano.
Longtime members Henry and Claudia Scott, with Leah Scott, Jazzie Winguard love the new facility and location.

This is a fun section, you can sit in the cars and pretend to drive them, even the horns work. Adults seem to like the race cars too.The Please Touch Museums President Nancy Kolb (purple boa) with Roy, Amy, Holly, Andy and grandchildren Faye and Harry.

Kelsey loves the hand sanitizers located through out the building. It is the Please Touch Museum after all.
This was Dillon's favorite part, the boats and water park, he didn't want to wear the waterproof bib and returned home a bit wet.The Pennsylvania Ballet's Suzette Logue and Lily DiPiazza with Andrea Hoffman, VP Community Programs Outreach & Partnership,
my niece is so dramatic, like her uncle
The end. They have a great gift shop.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Just a short entry on Two Tony Nominated Actresses that I photographed on Broadway Saturday.

(We will return to our regularly schedule entry when I get back from NYC and a weekend of photographing celebrities)

Marcia Gay Harden should get a Tony just for having to work with two of the most difficult people on Boradway, James Gandofino and Jeff Daniels. (I have a story about Jeff from Saturday night, but that will be another day)

Jane Fonda Twitters, and that is how I figured out which play she was going to on Saturday afternoon. She was gracious, and sweet.