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PHILLY CHIT CHATTER Celebrity Sightings & Stories - Dev Patel, Reggie Barry, Jennifer Love Hewitt

A few things I heard this week: Jennifer Love Hewitt with her new love, local boy Jamie Kennedy from Upper Darby. He's in a movie called "Cafe" that was filming at a cafe in West Philly today. The set was barraged by paparazzi, I wasn't one of them darn it, I had no idea they were filming. i still can't figure out who was there as the photos haven't surfaced yet. Photos of him, not valuable, photos of her, a little value, photos of them together = VALUE.

She seems to be the Anne Heche, Jennifer Garner of late falling in love with her co-stars. I hear the two J's left town tonight as he has a gig at Comix in the Village tomorrow night, so if you are in NYC look for Love as JLH likes to be called. They return on Tuesday for a final 3 days of filming.

Last Tuesday, a tipster was kind enough to give me a heads up of Love's whereabouts, but it was a no go at 11AM as I was deep into some paralegal work.

Tonight someone tipped me off to his whereabouts, but I was covering a sweet charity that I will be writing about next week, if she was there, I would have left that sweet charity. Someone else was nice enough to tip me to their resting place, I went by thought maybe I could catch them leaving, but they were gone by then.

According to Dan Gross' column the two were going to the Phillies game Tuesday, and has the pictures: Jennifer Love Hewitt was at the Phillies game last night. To steal Bill Simmons terminology, she is my kryptonite. Read:

After the game, Dan Gross reported that they went to Rouge for dessert before heading home. Tuesday what was I doing Tuesday, after shooting two events I did by restaurant "hit and Run", not seeing anyone I headed home. Hit and run you say, what's that. Well from time to time I will check the restaurants, and clubs see who's inside or what's going on. Tuesday, nothing that I saw. Last night I saw a few Philebrities (Thanks Joey);

UPDATE: So jealous, guess the word from my insider who got a message to me that it was in Love's contract not to be photographed must have caveats as Dan Gross got an interview and a photo yesterday:

(Sometimes those riders are in contracts so the star doesn't promote someone else's project especially since they are probably doing a favor by appearing in the movie, ie Paul Dano in Explicit Ills.)

The week before I did a hit and run of the restaurants along the square and struck gold. OK it was after a tipster gave me the heads up, tipsters I appreciate it. About 9PM I came across Dev Patel eating at Stephen Starr's PARC. He is the guy towards the left in the light colored shirt. Some of you may know I have a new camera, well this damn thing is so advance it doesn't have one lens that covers the range, and you have to carry two lenses to do the job. Me I was shooting an event that night, I left the long one at home. So I couldn't get the long shot and just leave. I had to wait if I wanted the photo, or of course I could have done something else.
So about 10:15PM Dev gets up from his seat with his friends. They all hug, but then cross the street together. I pull out the camera and ask him for a couple shots, he says fine. I get one shot off, and he turns as his friends walk into the park. I check the photo, which I guess I deleted later or I would show you, anyway it's out of focus. BUMMER. I chase after him "Dev it was out of focus I need another shot". He and his friends complain "What kind of paparazzi are you your photos are out of focus." I say, "the kind that has waited for almost 90 minutes for you to finish dinner, then dessert, and then ask for a photo, now you know most of them would have just approached the table and photographed you."

OK you're right, but this time I want to check to make sure it's in focus. I get off 3 shots. I don't like the first two as he's smiling, which is ok, but
this is the 3rd shot and it's the best. He's saying I thought you said a couple shots, this is the third one. Phillygrrrl just twittered that Dev is at the North Star rocking it out. I on the other hand will wait til the next sighting as the gods of thunder are rocking it out right now.

Saturday night at the G Lounge the VIP management team of The400PTM,
L-R Jason Thompson Power Forward (PF) for the Sacramento Kings, Reggie Berry (The400), Darrius Heyward-Bey
#7 NFL Draft Pick he will play Wide Receiver(WR) for the Oakland Raiders,
Jackiem Wright (The400), Devard Darling (WR) for the Kansas City Chiefs; were celebrating Reggie and Devard's Birthday as well as Darrius being drafted into the NFL. (Missing from pix Jared Poe)
Last Friday Joe Fraizer signed autographs and posed for photos on behalf of T-Mobile, outside the Liberty One shopping center. It was a beautiful day, and an estimated crowd of about 150 came out to greet Joe.
Reese Witherspoon, rumored to be here. No confirmation, but her people are here and scouting a location for her to live; Think high end, high security, not much street walking for Reese like Demi, Dev or Parker Posey. Hopefully she will enjoy her time in Philly, but it will be crazy as she's the caliber of star that is going to bring the paparazzi in from LA & NYC. More really interesting stuff about Reese next week as I am holding back.

As you know my photos often appear in INQlings, and other media sources in the City, and so do some of the stories I come across. They all don't make it in print, but I think they should be heard, and so every Friday I will do a column of what didn't make it, or what I just wanted to write myself. I'll still be doing Philly Chit Chatter Weekend Picks etc., but on Wednesday. Both columns could appear with an entry and I will note that at the top of the page. This one doesn't.

REMEMBER check the PhillyChitChat calendar which is in the top right corner. I populate it with interesting events.

There's a lot I didn't put into this one, but the stories aren't as timely. For those of you who's events I covered and haven't written about yet, I do hope to catch up this week.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


When you think of a football player you might think of Seattle Seahawks Julian Jones
Or Indianapolis Colts Raheem Brock, here at the 5/8/09 Magee Rehabilitation Hospital's Annual Night of Champions fundraiser which I will be writing about next week.And then there's Philadelphia Eagles Stewart Bradley
(Who I hear is dating a local girl, who's not a Mormon she tells me)
When you think of football players, most men don't lust after the players, but now they will as Philly has a LINGERIE FOOTBALL team and Wired 96.5's Chio in the Morning side kick G-N Kang has made the cut for the PHILADELPHIA PASSION LINGERIE TEAM, who held their team try outs in Aston yesterday. LFT is where football meets hooters. OK well more like Hooters meets Hooters and a football. Talk about Fantasy Football. In just a few short weeks Mini camp will be in full swing and training camp is in July. Season starts in September and instead of

walking the runway like she did on Tuesday night for the "Women's Empowerment" to benefit Project Home, G-N will be running plays down the field.

Look for G-N moves like this to hit the field at ‘LFL, Friday Night Football’ at Sovereign Bank Arena starting this fallwhen she ditches this fashionable attire
And her Freddy Kruger outfit
for something like this (Credit:Joe Cavaretta, Sun-Sentinel)
G-N tells me the photos for the team will look more like the above "YIKES! gotta work on my abs!! EEK. My body is beaten to a pulp tonight. It was not easy. It was four hours of football drills, sprints, throws and catches, and scrimmages. About 90 girls tried out. 12 made it.
Philadelphia Passions is the 10th team added ("
With G-N Kang's hot schedule coming up what's to become of her side kick Arthur Kade as she had be his trusty confidante for the past several months as he makes his climb to the top
(It's a shame he didn't make that high school football team)Is the party over?
Or will G-N introduce the Kade to a fresh crop of 10's to help end the drought?
I can't wait to find out. (No wonder Kade did those football videos this weekend.)(And for all of you who have been hitting my blog in the last couple weeks about G-N being single, engaged or married, let me just say for the google gods G-N Kang is SINGLE)

Congratulations G-N I'm excited for you babe.

LINGERIE FOOTBALL TEAM Fans will have only (2) two opportunities to catch their Philadelphia Passion at Sovereign Bank Arena. The Passion will host their home opener against one of the LFL's most potent offenses when the Miami Caliente come into town on November 6, 2009 and wrap-up their season at home against the Tampa Breeze on December 11, 2009.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


There are Three Entries today so scroll down, events this weekend, Jennifer Aniston and Let Them Eat Cake event with...

Hello, there are a couple things that should be on your radar this weekend. First on Saturday, May 16th and Sunday, May 17th, dozens of Old City shops will bring their wares out onto the streets in celebration of the second annual “Old City Stroll & Sidewalk Sale”. From 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. visitors are invited to explore the neighborhood's eclectic character through shopping, dining, and cultural enrichment during this family-friendly event. (You probably think I should have a photo of Old City there, and well you're right.)While you are in the neighborhood: Bart Blatstein, founder and president of Tower Investments, Inc., the city’s leading development firm, will open The Piazza at Schmidts (2nd Street and Germantown Avenue,, a beautifully landscaped, 80,000 square foot open-air plaza with free events year-round, surrounded by three new buildings including 35 artist’s studios and boutiques, four new restaurants, 500 apartments and 50,000 square feet of office space in the Northern Liberties neighborhood on Saturday, May 16. Opening day festivities will include: a Trunk Show with 150 emerging artists, crafters and designers from 10 am to 4 pm; and a not-to-be-missed line-up of musical talent with Illvibe Collective from 1 pm to 4 pm, The Northern Liberties Dance Band from 3 to 4 pm, and Gina Ferrera presents Worlds in Collision from 6 to 10 pm. On Sunday the action will continue with a live broadcast of the Philadelphia Phillies vs. the Washington Nationals baseball game from 1 to 4 pm, live Big Band music and dancing from 4 to 8 pm, and a showing of the movie Cinema Paradiso from 8 to 10 pm.FINALLY A VERY IMPORTANT CHARITY EVENT On Sunday, May 17, 2009, breast cancer survivors Cheryl Dudley and Beatrice Marx will join over 500 women, caregivers, friends and families on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (at 8AM - 12PM) to support women affected by breast cancer while experiencing the healing effects of yoga. This event features a basic, outdoor yoga class and Healthy Living Expo. It is a unique event in that it is collective in nature and people of all ages, skill levels, and walks of life can participate. This year, Living Beyond Breast Cancer has set a fundraising goal of $100K and is taking a grassroots approach through encouraging people to form fundraising teams or donate money in honor or memory of a loved one.

The event will feature a basic, energizing yoga class led by Jennifer Schelter, founder of Yoga Unites®, master teacher and executive director of Yoga Schelter Studio in East Falls; music by Samadhi Kirtan; a light breakfast; and a Healthy Living Expo, where participants can find information about yoga and fitness studios, healthful foods, natural cosmetics and other complementary goods and services.

The Yoga Unites for Living Beyond Breast Cancer lead sponsor is Yoga Schelter. The benefactor sponsors are Philadelphia City Paper and Olga and Warners. The presenting media sponsor is PumpTop TV.

Early registration (by May 14) is $30 for adults and $15 for children under age 12. Event day registration will be $40 for adults and $25 for children. Sign up at or call (610) 645-4567.

LET THEM EAT CAKE Benefiting City of Hope at the Loews Hotel

Wikepedia states: "Let them eat cake" is the traditional but incorrect translation of the French phrase "qu'ils mangent de la brioche." Brioche is actually a type of egg bread enriched with a large proportion of butter, rather than any type of dessert or confection. While commonly attributed to Marie Antoinette, the oldest source that anyone has found is The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
Fondant foodies and Brides-to be came to the April 14, 2009 event at LOEWS Philadelphia, of the same name LET THEM EAT CAKE…A Wedding Cake Design Competition for pastry arts professionals and students. Tickets were a reasonable $40 which included cake, and cocktails. Guest enjoyed the fabulous sounds of Back 2 Life by Brandywine Valley Talent.
tablescapes created by EVENTRICITY; When I first covered this event last year, the timetable was confusing: 3:00 p.m. – Set-up for pastry chefs (professionals and students) as arranged by Loews
4:00 p.m. – Judging and vendor set-up
5:00 p.m. – Chefs may reenter the Ballroom to decorate their table for presentation to the public
6:00 p.m. – Then the public was allowed in.
This year it clicked, the public only enjoyed the results, not the judging part.
The event brings a bunch of chefs, brides to be, event planners, and other vendors together to raise money for City of Hope, a cancer treatment and awareness center. City of Hope is a pioneer in the fields of hematopoietic cell transplantation and genetics. Chefs from some of the Philadelphia's finest restaurants, including Culinary Institute and Restaurant school make beautiful cakes which are then judged on cake and filling flavors, use of levels, color, etc. You would have thought I was one of the judges after taste testing many of the cakes; I wasn't but learned a valuable lesson, too much of a good thing is bad.
Cakes were judged in nine categories like Most Artistic, Best Tasting and Best Overall – Professional, College and High School Vocational. The winning cake was baked by Miel Patisserie and they won Most Artistic, Best Tasting and Best Presentation. Cousin Jess and Miss Keystone Andrea Helfrich
The Chefs, Judges, and participants
The after party with "It Girl" Sabrina Tambourine, Jeff Guaracino, guest, Carol Tamburino and Jess.

Jeff Guaracino works for GPMTC who just launched a new campaign today that is rather clever:

"With Love, Philadelphia XOXO" - Visitors who book one of the nearly 100 featured packages on will receive a special gift at check-in. The giveaway includes a Philadelphia Privileges coupon book, a five-pack of With Love postcards and a With Love pin, along with other brochures, coupons and maps.This event was back in April, I apologize for posting it a tad late. I am trying to catch up. Who knew when I went to NYC I would get so backed up.

PHILLY CHIT CHATTER - MAY 13, 2009 Win a Signed Poster of Jennifer Aniston

I can't stand her, but Ingrid from the upcoming movie Jen's in that open's on Friday, well she's sweet and I am doing this for her.

Facebook: We are giving away free movie passes, as well as an autographed poster through our page. The person who refers the most friends to the Management page will win, it’s that simple. Here is the link to our Discussions tab, which outlines the contest:

We are also giving away free movie passes through our Events. Three lucky winners will receive $20 in Fandango Bucks that we will email to them immediately after the contest is over. Please view our Events tab for details:

Twitter: We are currently running a contest for an autographed poster from now until Wednesday, May 13. We will be asking a series of trivia questions and the person who answers the most correctly wins. Check us out:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


On Monday, May 11, The Hamels Foundation, run by Cole Hamels and his wife, Heidi, hosted their first adult carnival and silent auction at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.
Maria Charno and Tracy Seng. Note her new shorter sassy haircut.
The proceeds benefit the foundations efforts to build a school in Malawi, as well as inner-city schools here in Philadelphia. Originally, this had been a private event, but after an abundance of people asked to become involved, the Hamels foundation opened it up to the public. Tickets are still available at this time.
“The $300 donation/ticket included food and drink at the Please Touch Museum and mingle time with Phillies players, Eagles players, a silent auction, the World Series trophy will be there as well,” said Hamels Foundation Executive Assistant Andrea Lydon. "We’ll have fun carnival games, plenty of entertainment, complimentary valet parking, and lots more. It’s going to be a great time, and at the same time it all goes to our efforts here in Philadelphia, and abroad.”
Heidi & Cole thank the guests for coming, and explain a little about where the proceeds will be going. On screens at the 4 corners of the room played photos that Heidi took on her trips to Malawi. At the end of 2007, an estimated 91000 children in Malawi were living with HIV, and over half a million children had been orphaned by AIDS.

Sgt Ray Evers with the Phillies Championship Trophy. I know a lot of you search for Sgt. Ray Evers, he's single. Just email me your intentions and we will arrange for a hook up, I mean a meeting.
Fun and merriment was had by all. A little Patron anyone?
Sharon Coia, Carol tamburino, Cole Hamels, Jen Utley, Miss Philadelphia 2009, Ryann Richardson. Ryann's platform is "Raising Awareness of and Combating HIV/AIDS in Young People", which makes this the perfect place for an appearance by someone that is very concerned with the issue of the Foundation.
According to Dan Gross' column today: SEN. ARLEN SPECTER and wife Joan dined with Phillies slugger Chase Utley and wife Jen at La Collina (37 Ashland) in Belmont Hills after Sunday's game. The senator attends most Sunday home games. We're told Specter and Utley were gracious to fellow diners and said hello to those who approached them. Also dining there Sunday was

Shane Victorino off the singles market as you know, and only a few months away for his wedding to Melissa Smith. According to Dan Gross' column today:

* Shane Victorino took fiancee Melissa, mother of his daughter, Kali'a, out for a Mother's Day dinner at the Water Works, where they were accompanied Smith by a group of friends.Chef Darryl Harmon sent out seared pineapple, instead of the restaurant's signature seared watermelon, to the Flyin' Hawaiian.

Super stylish Phillies Phans - Jen Utley, Nicole Cashman and Heidi Hamels.
Everything runs smoothly with The Cashman Girls in charge.
Christie Honigman is with Cashman & Assocs. firm now; here she is with Krista Guido.
Sharon Coia with her prize winning Chase Utley batting hat, with Carol Tamburino.
Reggie & Melissa Brown enjoy the carousel. I have to say I have been to 4 events at the Please Touch Museum and this is the first time the carousel went partially unused. I think it looks cool to be on it. In fact a few of the Phillies enjoyed a spin or too.
Del Frisco's Shang Skipper, guest, Philadelphia Style Magazine John Colabelli with Table 31's Lauren D'Orsio.
Sharon Coia, and Snake Charmer Carol Tamburino
Please Touch Museum's President Nancy Kolb with Mime
Nice gift bag for the guests, Phillies Hat, a limited edition Cole Hamel Ball, a $100 coupon from Hugo Boss, oh and a missing chocolate bar, I have no idea where that went, I swear maybe.
Cole and Heidi fell in love with Africa on their South African honeymoon in early 2007. They plan to focus the efforts of the Cole Hamels Foundation on rebuilding a school in mountainous, malarial Malawi. To a similar end, Madonna's charity, Raising Malawi, is famously injecting millions into the landlocked nation, which is about the size of Pennsylvania and is located in the continent's southeast section. It is ravaged by HIV/AIDS, high infant mortality rates, seasonal flooding and deforestation.The Hamels have gotten ideas from Madonna's direction."We won't be able to do what she's doing," Heidi said. They will do what they can, and they will do so intimately.