Saturday, May 2, 2009

LADY GAGA rolls into PHILADELPHIA PHOTOS from Electric Factory

Opening up for LADY GAGA'S Philadelphia shows were two Harvard boys who graduated and became Chester French. Hip Hop DX "When Harvard grads D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey formed Chester French, the heavy Pharrell [click to read] cosign would suggest that their music would hold some degree of an “urban” tinge. Thankfully their debut album Love the Future includes none of that, besides a Star Trak label. Here is a group adored by Hip Hop heads, simply by being themselves – messy haired white boys in khakis and oxford shirts crafting Rock reminiscent of the ‘60s and ‘70s." Great music, I will be buying their CD."
As with many of their fans I love the song "She Loves Everybody", which was played heavily last year on MTV. They did a nice cover of "Love Lockdown"
Great things are coming out of Chicago of late, Obama and this relatively new band The White Tie Affair. Sounding similar to All American Rejects and Fall Out Boy, who ironically were playing down the street at The Festival Pier. Nice cover of Akon's - Right Now (Na Na Na)

Another great group, perfect for the Lady Gaga bill as this band is easy listening aka late '60s style music, not rock but music to lay back and party to. It seems to be the rage these days, a door opened by Amy Winehouse. Hopefully none of these folks will fall down the rabbit hole as she did.
Friday night Lady Gaga rolled into town with her "Fame Ball" tour. Lady Gaga may idolize Cyndi Lauper, but she is more likely to be compared to Madonna as she writes her own songs, and style's it out.
Unique in style, as Madonna and Cyndi were in their heydays, but Cyndi never evolved sticking with her quirky style much too long and was left behind even though she had the better vocals. Lady Gaga may be hot right now, but she would be smart to follow the Madonna model than the Cyndi Model. I do love how she has embraced the Andy Warhol legacy. I am a huge Warhol fan, and have read all the books, and have elements of his style in my life. PhillyChitChat is what Andy Warhol would have done if blogging was around in the 70s when he would attend all the socialite parties, the blow outs at Studio 54 and the private settings of his friends homes. I just prefer to bypass on the drugs, and pissing art phase.
This would have been a much better photo had I not be so uneasy upskirting her. Sometimes I overthink too much between appropriate and inappropriate shooting. What would Andy do? He would have shot the photos and edited later.
It might be best to just watch this video as the bass is a killer

Lady Gaga "LoveGame" Philadelphia Electric Factory 2009

These are a few shots I sent to my agency in NYC
Cheeky. I love my new camera, it's great for this kind of shooting with a super high ISO.
Hands down my favorite photo. After this shot they rush the photographers out the door and into the street. What I didn't realize was I had a ticket and I could have stayed. Next time I will be leaving the press box to catch the show, which I listened to outside. Just as great but w/o the visuals. Since I had stayed for the concert I thought I would wait until Lady Gaga would leave, it was only 10:45PM and Patrick Dempsey could wait til 12 until I got to the G lounge
Things were looking promising as Gaga's luggage came out. The planes tag States: Stefani Germanotta even though Gaga's full name is Joanne Stefani Angela Germanotta (I guess she includes her confirmation name)
Bam Margara was in the house with his wife Missy, but that didn't stop this fan from smooching him.It's ashame Gaga doesn't allow photographers in to shoot her singing on the piano, now that would be a photo I would like to get.
The White Tie Affair lead singer Chris Wallace. Stil waiting for Gaga, who is having a meet and greet with 50 fans. The first 25 were given yellow bands, for a definite meet & greet, the 2nd group silver for a possible meet and greet. She met with all of them.
Finally after 3 hrs of waiting she emerges. NO PHOTOS PLEASE or she won't sign for the waiting fans was the statement after I took this photo. The following night in NYC, the paps didn't put up with the no pixs stuff and she ate it up. Also heard Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were at her show. I did read on Twitter that she thought she was a real talent, and enjoyed the show.
This was taken without flash. I should have just taken a few of these, but thought maybe when she was done the line she would pose. I asked there again and still got a no. I respected that, but in hindsight, I should have just shot her because it took me 30 seconds to ask the question when I should have just taken the photo (even the security was wondering why I didn't take the photo anyway). She didn't have a fit when the fans and autograzzi took her photo
and she's usually not that shy. Check out my agency's WENN PHOTOS blog It doesn't matter I am convert now, a huge GaGa fanboy.

Friday, May 1, 2009

ERIC MAYBERRY breaking news The Publisher of the Metro is leaving , PHILLY PLAYWRIGHTS AND A READING

Last night I was invited to the home of Kelly Boyd, of KB Consultant's, where she played host to patron of the arts and the Philadelphia Young Playwrights. Also hosting was Metro Publisher Eric Mayberry. It was here that Eric informed the room that he would no longer be the publisher of the Philadelphia Metro, instead has founded SmartBoy Enterprises, a media and entertainment management. He will begin a once a week column that will be featured in the paper. Metro newspaper becomes one of his first clients in his new company.
Enjoying the evening was Young Playwrights board member Nessa Forman, formerly of WHYY and now on her own doing wonderful things, Producer Mary Patel and Joseph Conners. Mary tells me that she has been working with producrs Jonathan Sanger and Jack O'Halloran on an HBO project. The Mark Webber project is on hold, but only until Webber is done with his latest film in Vancouver. Also spotted at the party, politician Tom Knox, who seems to be getting out more and more these days.
Actress Wendy Staton interprets the words of The Monologue F.A.T. authored by Kya Johnson (Aimee Leong, authored the Monologue Torn Between). My favorite line was when the character decided she didn't need to change for someone else, that she was happy the way she looked and she would remain FAT - Fabulous and Thick, and that she "would be a model with curves like a bottle."
Actor David Raphealy channels the words of Marshall Johnston. Founded in 1987 by Adele Magner, and led today by Executive Producing Director Glen Knapp, Philadelphia Young Playwrights is an award-winning program that taps the potential of youth and inspires learning through playwriting in up to 50 public and private K-12 schools each year. Now in its 22nd year, the organization remains the only theater arts program in the region promoting literacy through playwriting and supporting the development of each student's distinctive voice.
Patron of the arts Philadelphia Magazine's Carol Saline (and some of you know my neighbor growing up in Cherry Hill) who sits on the Board of the Suzanne Roberts Theater, Chihuahua lover Tina Bregman and Arden Board Member Virginia Kimmel

Proud dad Lindsay Johnston, Marshall Johnston (writer) and proud mom Vivian Gadsden; In celebration of its 22nd year, Philadelphia Young Playwrights will hold its annual benefit, Write On! A Celebration of Student Voices, on Wednesday, June 3rd from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m. at World Café Live (3025 Walnut Street, Philadelphia). Tickets start at $125, with admission for PYP students, alumni and teachers available for $50. Producers' Circle contributors ($1,000) will be invited to attend an exclusive pre-party hosted by Harvey and Virginia Kimmel on May 18. Tickets can be purchased by calling Young Playwrights at (215) 665-9226 or visiting The benefit serves as a fundraiser for Young Playwrights' programs throughout the year.
Another proud mom, Kelly Boyd with Gracie

Cort Day and Kate Egan; Owners of Egan Day, fine jewelry and decorative objects, in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square area. The shop is the exclusive representative of the nature-inspired works by renowned designer, Ted Muehling, and will feature his sterling silver and oxidized bronze candlesticks produced by E.R. Butler. Egan Day also showcases the figurative and highly imaginative creations of Gabriella Kiss, exquisitely set semi-precious gems by Maria Beaulieu, and finely wrought enameled and carved rock crystal cameos by Jonathan Wahl.

Eagen Day 260 South 16th Street between Spruce and Latimer

Phila CineFest Development Director Thom Cardwell, with Metro's Cynthia Williams, and Laura Powers
Jeffrey Boyer enjoying a laugh with Rey Ayala, the Resident Concierge at The Residences at the Ritz Carlton. Info on Philadelphia Young Playwrights 7 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Floor 2
Philadelphia, PA 19103 (215) 665-9226 - phone

Eric Mayberry, Marshall Johnston, Kya Johnson, Glenn Knapp, and Nancy Stuski with the Young Playwriters. Generous support for Write On! is provided by award sponsors Beneficial Bank, Harmelin Media, Metro Philadelphia, and The Philadelphia Foundation. Advocates Circle Sponsors include Accordion Films, Henkels and McCoy Inc., Independence Foundation, Sheehan Events, and Target.
Under the direction of Mayberry, Metro Philadelphia improved its profit by more than 27% in his first full year as Publisher. Earlier this year Eric tried to buy the newspaper, but as far as I was concerned he had made it so successful it was out of reach to purchase. After travelling to China earlier this year, Eric told me he had an ephiphany, and needed to take his life in a different direction and came to this decision. “When I was introduced to Eric, I thought he was one of the most impressive publisher candidates that I had ever met. His legacy at Metro is solid and he is leaving Metro Philadelphia in much better shape than when he arrived. We respect his decision to start SmartBoy.” said Per Mikael Jensen, President of Metro International. Mayberry will not be replaced and the Philadelphia office will fall under the leadership of Metro NY.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Webby Awards Vote for a Philly's BlueCadet

Bluecadet Interactive announced today that it has been nominated for Best Art Website and Best Use of Photography in the 13th Annual Webby Awards. Both of Bluecadet’s nominations are for their work on the website Hope: Living and Loving with HIV in Jamaica ([]
Fans Can Vote Online to Help Bluecadet Interactive Win Internet's Top Honor

"The H.O.M.E. Page Cafe" at the Philadelphia Library

Earlier this month I was invited to cover a special event at Del Frisco's. Del Frisco's is donating dozen's of their famous Lemon Cupcakes daily to Sr. Mary Scullion's "The H.O.M.E. Page Cafe" at the Philadelphia Library. (Located on the first floor towards the grand staircase on the right.)
The man on the right is a previous homeless man who was helped by Project Home and currently works at Del Frisco's. 6 ABC's Monica Malpass (left) looks on as Del Frisco's GM Shang Skipper and DM Dee Lincoln present $5,000 check to Sister Mary Scullion (right)
All proceeds from the sale of the cupcakes, as well as the other products sold at the cafe, go to the organization she started over 15 years ago Project Home; A nonprofit organization that provides housing and services to chronically homeless men and women in Philadelphia. The cupcakes are only $1.50 and although they are not on my Nutrisystem plan I did have one. OMG they are delicious. The H.O.M.E. Page Cafe is the result of a partnership between the Free Library and Project H.O.M.E., a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing housing and services to chronically homeless men and women in Philadelphia. The H.O.M.E. Page Cafe will offer Library users beverages and baked goods (including the Del Frisco's cupcake and Metropolitan Bakery goods —as well as a seating area with free wireless internet access—while also offering Project H.O.M.E. members job training and valuable learning opportunities
Today Sister Mary Scullion found out that she is one of Time Magazine's 100 most important people this year. I know for Philadelphia, especially the homeless, she is one of our most important and influential people every year.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SARAH JESSICA PARKER AND MATTHEW BRODERICK EXPECTING TWINS at the Opening Night of the Philanthropist on Broadway


Shooting Broadway is my first love and when a show comes up that I am really interested in I'll bump a Andy Garcia movie premiere or a Katie Holmes party to photograph an exciting Broadway opening, as I did for this one. Matthew Broderick has always been a favorite of mine ever since I saw him in "Torch Song Trilogy" way back when. Tonight he was opening at the American Airlines Theater on 42nd Street, Broadway baby YEAH.

Chistopher Hampton (Playwright) (Who did the screenplay which was turned into a delcious tale the 1988 - Dangerous Liaisons directed by Stephen Frears and starring John Malkovich, Glenn Close, Michelle Pfeiffer and Uma Thurman.) and David Grindley (Director)

Although Sarah Jessica Parker wasn't on the list I received beforehand, I figured she would walk the red carpet for her husband's show, and she did. Here she is signing a few autographs for fans. It was a Coup d'état to photograph her that night as she is always on everyone's must photograph list. Most of the photographers were the long time shooters of the white way including Henry, Joe and Bruce. I enjoy shooting with them and they always make me feel at home. Many celebrity photographers in NYC overlook the charm of Broadway, but I enjoy it as well as my other red carpet events. Tonight they missed out.
Sarah Jessica Parker - WaHooo. I watch SATC every night, so I'm a huge fan and am always excited when I can photograph her. For awhile there when I lived in NYC I used to see the happy couple at least once a week to the point where they recognized me, but not the case now, bummer.
Swoosie Kurtz, va va voom, still going strong at 64, who was in Dangerous Liasons the movie. One of the things I do before I cover an event it look people up to see who might be there, friends, family etc. Then after the event I do the same thing to find out why they were there.
Ron Rifkin's real name is Saul Rifkin. Saul is his name on the TV show Brothers & Sisters. He's a good friend of SJP and Steven Webber, who also stars in The Philanthropist, was on Brothers & Sister's for a few episodes.

Jerry Stiller, I remember watching the Stiller and Meara show when I was growing up, way before Ben Stiller's name was ever mentioned. He and his wife Anne are big Broadway supporters, unfortunately for me she was absent at tonights performance.
Steven Webber of Wings fame, and one of my fav movies "Jeffrey"
Anna Madeley, Samantha Soule, and Jennifer Mudge

Jonathan Cake hits the boards on what looks like another promising Roundabout Theater production.
It was shortly after this that Matthew tried about 3 times to say for a spot commercial on "I'm Matthew Broderick, and your watching or something like that and he and SJP began a fit of laughter. So cute, as sometimes he can be so serious. Probably why he does intellectual comedy so well.
I don't think this person even thought to ask "Are you too adding to the size of your family anytime soon, that would have been the scoop.
I love that she has "Carrie's" trademark flower pinned to her dress.

From the 10 minutes I caught of the show to take this photo, the audience was laughing it up, and really seemed to enjoy it. This show will definitely be on my hit list in the next couple weeks to see it. Congratulations for a good run. (See below for theater information & summary of play)
Check out more info on upcoming Broadway Shows at
as well as my favorite sites Broadway World, Playbill and Theatermania where you will also be able to see a lot of photos taken at shows by Bruce, Henry and Joe. Leave them a comment, we all love feedback.
Congratulations to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick on their impending addition to their family.
The Philanthropist

Matthew Broderick stars in this comedic take on the insular lives of academics.

Written as a response to Molière's The Misanthrope, Christopher Hampton’s wicked comedy examines the empty, insular lives of college intellectuals. At the center of the story is Philip, a professor who seems almost absurdly removed from the political turmoil surrounding him, including the assassination of the Prime Minister and his cabinet.

American Airlines Theatre
227 West 42nd Street
(Between 7th and 8th Avenue)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last night I attended 36th Film Society Of Lincoln Center's Gala Tribute Honoring Tom Hanks in New York, NY, United States. Here's a fav shot from the night, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson posing for the snappers on the other side of the entrance.
The PR over invited and we had to split into two groups. I would have been 4th row in the tent in front or 2nd row where I took my shots from.
It worked out well for me, after the sun set as we were facing southwest.

Charlize Theron, sexy hot cool
The genius Roger Waters. A lot of the snappers were excited he was there, plus wondering how he knew Tom Hanks?
Who doesn't love Sally Field. Sometimes it's hard to watch on the bickering on Brothers & Sisters, but to watch Sally Field week after week, it's worth it to me. This was really the whole reason I went last night.
Julia Roberts. Boy did she give it up last night, I got some of the best shots of her ever. So beautiful. She's moving from the bratty women group, that will be a party of one Jennifer Aniston. I photographed Julia last year at a premiere of a movie she produced and she wouldn't take her sunglasses off. Well last night made up for that event.

What's up with Ron Howard's hair?
Is there anyone scarier than Christopher Walken, really?
OK maybe a very messed up Pamela Anderson at the next event I went to last night: Sapphire stripper club opening where Scores used to be on East 60th Street, Manhattan. Samantha Ronson tweets from the Sapphire DJ Booth: Note to self: read the whole email from @brandonphelps before saying yes to dj gigs. Sapphire??? Oops!If you want an unwatermarked photo ck out to purchase one.