Friday, February 13, 2009


Times Square at 2:43AM early Wednesday morning. City Still Awake.
Here I am in NYC for Fall 2009 Fashion Week. Got a lazy start as I arrived about 4PM to pick up my credentials, then attempted to make it to the Letterman Show to shoot the departing Jonas Brothers. No such luck as I just missed them, it's ok as today I am credentialed to shoot them at a taping of the CBS Morning Show at Noon, right after I leave the tents and the Red Heart Fashion Show. Don't get me started, so irritating, I put in for that in Mid-January, (amfAR New York Gala to Kick Off Fall 2009 Fashion Week at Cipriani on 42nd Street- Outside Model Doutzen Kroes )

wrote them today to ask what was up with everything, and they tell me they didn't get my email in Jan, even though I attached it, and the list is closed as I didn't get my Secret Service clearance, but I had one for Laura Bush, and I didn't vote for her husband. Ugg so I will shoot the folks going in, of course that is at 8AM and if I really can make that, even though its 4AM now, that means I have no excuse when I can't make the gym before work. (Vogue Editor - The Devil Wears Prada lady herself - Anna Wintour. Shocking she smiled for me.)
Sex and the City's Mario Cantone who told me he doesn't have a contract for the new SATC movie. No wonder he looks so sour here.
Donna Karan. Last time I saw Ms. Karan back in October, she had just gotten a new face for her 60th birthday, now she's gone and got a new body. I told her she looked fabulous, which she does, the best money can buy.Rachel Zoe girl, you are a stylist give it up for the paparazzi especially since your career is tanking. I had no idea she was married, she keeps this one in the closet, and trust me someone said they think he is in the closet. Never the less he gave me a great smile, considering Rachel turned her head. Guess she doesn't want to end up on Perez drooling (Sorry Ms Zoe I have no control where my photos are picked up!)

Natasha Richardson, always sweet, unfortunately for us both the crazy fan who calls her her "British Mom" was there, so no one got good departure shots. I did get a few photos of the crazy fan trying to get a hug as Natasha ran to her car. I often want to ask Natasha what in the world does she think of this girl and her devotion. Natasha often keeps the girl happy by acknowledging her by saying hi Karen, so she is aware.
It's Liza with an A, not Lisa with a S cause Lisa with an s goes sssss not zzz and then a double nn or my friend David, who turned me on to Liza a million years ago, will leave me a nasty comment. I actually got a lot of excellent shots of Liza, as I LOVE her, it's in my gay genes. I feel guilty I didn't come up to see her show, I did see it in AC over the summer thought. Love my Liza Minnelli

I heard this new logo fizzled. I like it ok.
Ben Gazarra is the first celebrity I remember seeing in my life. I was working at Bookbinders 15th Street and he was eating dinner there. I was so besides myself I almost dropped a tray of dishes on him. Oh how times have changed, I think only the sight of Madonna could do that to me now.
Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen takes control of her dress before she steps off the red carpet
I heart you readers! Happy Valentine's Day and a big Happy Birthday to Donna Coghlan tomorrow

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Babes, beach, and Spring Fashion Wired 96.5 's Fashion Affair at the Curtis Center@

Last Sunday I dragged myself out of bed, as the night b4 was the Union Trust opening, on the advice of my friend G-N Kang, who now that I think I bid adieu at about 2AM at the 1 Yr Anniversary party of the G Lounge, she must have been more tired than me, this is a long run on sentence how do I get rid of this underlining. Anyway it was Wired 96.5's Fashion Affair

at the Curtis Center across from Washington Sq Park. When I walked into the familiar office building I was blown away first by the spread

catered by Cescaphe ballroom in Northern Liberties. The food was so incredibly delicious, I immediately wanted to call a dozen friends to meet me in the lobby of the Curtis Center in the shadow of the beautiful Dream Garden, which was saved a few years ago from being sold to one of the casinos in Las Vegas.

Shortly after I arrived I ran into Jack & Jill's Boutique's owner Anh Nguyen (r) and her friend. Today's show would feature a lot of the clothes that can be found at [insert plug] Jack & Jill Boutique - 115 South 22nd Street, Phila T: 215.568.0202 As I continued down the hall I was completely blown away by the transformation of the hallways that lead to the elevators and to the main lobby, which is beautiful in it's on right.

but was just WOWee WOWee when I saw it's transformation. And thought I have to call my friends to see this, wait I have a blog, hey we need to throw more parties here it's beautiful and many of the folks I spoke with describe it as South Beach influenced here in Philadelphia. I think Arthur's dad was rightLightly effervescent and fruity without being cloying, Nuvo was easy to drink and refreshing. Andrea Jackson and Pam Woodland enjoy a little nip.
SHECKY GIRLS NIGHT OUT are in the HOUSE. Remember I told you about this fun outfit coming to Philly 2/24 - 2/26 at the Crystal Tea Ballroom in the Wanamaker Building. Shop up to 50 emerging designers on sale; Sip delicious complimentary cocktails and beverages; Sample new and cool products and services from our sponsors
Score fabulous finds in Shecky's Deluxe Goodie Bag! And I'll be there too on 2/24/08 and maybe just maybe 2/25/08 too. Hope to see you there. Nice the girls came down from NYC to meet and greet at the Fashion Affair, Jessica Ferro and Natalia Salzar.
Nice to meet you girls.G-N Kang, how exciting I am to have gotten to know G-N, really sweet, down to earth and kind. Here she is with Aci Nae who made G-N's dress by hand in the last 24 hrs before this pix was taken. Thanks Janae and Monica!!!KW Coutoure - Producer & Fashion Editor Wired 96.5

On with the show...this segment was very clever and the model had the wind up doll moves down pat
Although the majority of the audience were women, I do believe many men would have enjoyed the fashion show

but there was plenty of eye candy for the girls too. I love the expression of the girl with the white bagI like this picnic themed outfit. I don't know who sells this piece as
Anh was standing right next to me and I would say, is this one of yours and this is and it be can be found at Jack & Jill's

As can this and it's an affordable $115; just adorable. Jack & Jill
I should have magnified this dress more; the dress is very stylish, but the clasp is really the highlight as it secures the dress but also acts as an interesting jeweled piece hanging down the back of her neck. This dress can also be found at Jack & Jill's for only $145
The Curtis Center's tropical decor was perfect for this spring fashion show especially this light green number
Hot, sexy GREEN
Jack & Jill accessorizes but they don't sell undershirts
Stylish couple Bill Rotchford and Elizabeth Smith. I never look this good with my combo tshirt/jeans
Great fun shooting this fashion show, and good practice as I travel to NYC this afternoon to begin a 6 day shoot of Fashion Week. I will still be blogging Philly as I prepared ahead, but there's a good chance I will be interjected a few celebrities & stories as I photograph them per event. Fashion Week starts on Friday, but the best parties are always the night before. Once I bagged Pam Anderson, I don't think she's been back to NYC since that night 2 years ago. Last year I found a Marc Jacobs party, I brought my friend Luisa, Simon and Demis and we were the only ones shooting celeb after celeb. Here's a few fashion plates Elaine Roberts, Jeanivieve Robinson, Sherri Jacquelyn and Kelly Bulik

Stylish couple Anthony Oliver and Nashima TannStylish couple Ingrid and Jose Ramos
They had over a thousand listeners attend this free event. There was free gourmet food with gnocchi, pasta, jumbo shrimp, fruit, etc. Plus, free valet parking. Tons of demos on stage as well. For more photos and videos,T
Congrats to Melissa Bingham of Haddonfield, NJ. She won the shopping spree worth over $10,000!!!
I wish there had been more PR on this event, it was a real winner. Next year as soon as I hear about it it will go up on the PhillyChitChat calender, which by the way is at the top of your page on the right. I have added a lot of events and will populating it more in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CHIFA HITS THE GROUND RUNNING along Philadelphia's New Restaurant Row

Chifa is a term used in Peru to refer to a style of food produced by the fusion of creole Limean food with Chinese food brought by Chinese immigrants mainly from the province of Canton in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is also used to define a restaurant where this type of food is served. (Wikipedia)
As I walked into Chifa with Mike I found myself in a fun, sedate, comfortable space, a little hideaway. In fact Chifa has a lot of little hideaways like the tables in this back dining area on the right and left of the door. Each cubicle contains a family style table separated by the main dining area by tiny beads that offer just enough privacy while also allowing the guests to see what's going on in the main room.
The investors should be very excited about thier new venture Kim, Mike, Eugene, Ed, Jeff and JeanieI wish I had photographed the lounge in a softer light so you could enjoy the soft blues. What I did find interesting were these fans on the ceiling, they looked just like table fans. Also I really loved the wooden shutters lining the right side of the wall
Matching the wooden shutters across the room behind the bar
food was plentiful and tasty. I especially enjoyed Peruvian Cervicheand the company of Jimmy Contreas, Andi Pesacov, Maria Quattorne and Matthew Vlahos
as well as these delicious creamy chocolate candies with an edible gold leaf
Downstairs I found another comfy quiet place to get away, listen to music, grab a cocktail and gab with friends.It was here that I found Dana Spain and good friend, Steve Rockman, Zoltan and Diana Kerekes enjoying the delicious food and ambiance.One of the highlights were these Shrimp Anticuchos which seemed to flow throughout the evening, but it really was enjoyable to chat with Steve and Dana, who we last saw on the social scene at the Donna Coghlan Girl's Night Out at Table 31. Dana tells us that she went to the Philly Auto Show last week and fell in love with a few beauties. Other favorites included Oyster Cerviche, Conchitas, Empanada and this delicious crunchy Caramel pop corn which will accompany the Root Bear Float and a dash of vanilla ice cream.

According to the 1/31/09 Phila Biz Journal

The space is on a block that’s becoming a restaurant row. It has two Starr restaurants: Jones, at 700 Chestnut, and Morimoto, at 723 Chestnut. Also opening on that block next month will be Union Trust Steakhouse, at 717 Chestnut.

The block also includes Las Vegas Lounge, Kibitz in the City, El Azteca II Mexican, Aqua Malaysian & Thai Restaurant.

“That corridor is going beyond a restaurant row. It’s a restaurant headquarters,” Garces said. “It’s exciting and it’s good for the city.”

Joanne Nerlick. Maria Spinner, Pat and Marty Cleere ate, drank and were merry.
David Maser and Kristen Kyriss enjoyed the evening.

Yesterday, February 10, 2009 at 5 p.m., Latin superstar Chef Jose Garces will debuted his fourth Philadelphia restaurant, Chifa (707 Chestnut Street, 215-925-5555), named after the unique hybrid of Peruvian and Cantonese cuisines found in Peru.