Saturday, January 24, 2009


After a week of shooting the movie "Law Abiding Citizen" in and around Philadelphia, particularly City Hall, with no Gerard Butler sighting, but plenty of Jamie Foxx sightings, I was excited when I read that the Mayor would be formally welcoming the entire cast and crew to Philadelphia and presenting them with the City's Key To The City - A miniature Liberty Bell.

Alas Gerard Butler makes his first appearance in front of my lens. During a brief ceremony in City Hall, Nutter presented them with the miniature liberty bell replica as starry-eyed city workers applauded and occasionally let out screams directed at Gerard Butler. Gerard would look over and give him one of these sexy pout smiles. (If you take this photos, please link back to my page or give photo credit, Please)I have to confess it was the first time I have ever seen him, I never saw any of his movies, but I know he is popular, in fact my agency said go get him he's your bread and Butler for the next couple months ie big seller around the world. Ya know I thought he was attractive, but what really captivated me was his jeans, I like his jeans, I wonder what brand they are? I'm getting ready to shoot NYC Fashion Week in three short weeks and I need a new Wardrobe so I have been looking for something slick and hot. Here in Philly people will tell you I wear black all the time to photograph events, but in NYC I like to wear jeans, so I have been in the market for a pair. I like his fade. Although they must be tight as he has wrinkles near the waist.
A few weeks back I wrote about going to a fashion show here in Philly where someone told me the jeans cost $200. I didn't know jeans existed in that price range, and I thought$50 was too much to pay. I think it's at this point that Gerard tells Jamie I am taking too many photos of him, but what he didn't know was I was shooting his jeans. No doubt the peeps in the chamber were probably screaming about his jeans too, they looked really nice on him. Mayor Michael Nutter welcomed Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, and Director F. Gary Gray to Philadelphia. He gave them each a token Liberty Bell, the official gift from the City of Philadelphia. Actors Bruce McGill and Leslie Bib, neither or who I got a good shot of as they seemed shy or something. Next to them is GPFO Ex Director Sharon Pinkenson, a favorite Phila Celebrity here on PCC.When it was Gerard's turn to speak to the members of the media, and drooling employees , he mention that he was always paired with Oscar winners, ie Jodie Foster, Hilary Swank now Jamie Foxx, and he was feeling a little left out. Then he went on to say this "Liberty Bell" was the closest he would probably get to an Oscar. At that point he went into his "Oscar" speech thanking Philly, his fans, Jamie the director. It was quite funny.
When Jamie got up to the podium, he reiterated what the Mayor said, which was taken from a quote the media has been saying the past few days, which is Jamie wants to play Obama when the movie of Obama's life is made. So Mayor Nutter introduced Jamie as the guy that might play him someday in a movie. Jamie got up and started mimicking the Mayors soft spoken whiny voice and doing a few antics. Very Funny.

OK stop taking pictures of me and my jeans, you probably can't afford them anyway, his scowl says to me.
Anyone know what kind of jeans these are? Must be straight leg, blue jeans of some sort. I don't understand how a pair of jeans could be $200. A friend was trying to tell me a few weeks ago, it depended on where the fabric ate their grass, probably in Switzerland or somewhere far. So if you know what kind of jean's he wear's and I know you do because I have been getting 1,000 hits extra a day from the Gerard Butler fan's, could you tell me?
Sharon Pinkenson, our tireless Exec Dir of the Phila Film Office that encourages films to be made in our City, and the Philly area. L-R Gerard Butler's manager and business partner, Alan Siegel, Sharon, Gerard and Mayor Nutter.
As I left the press conference, I notice they were setting up a shot at the Northwest corner of the building.

And when I left work that night about 7:30PM (I took a long lunch to do the press conf) I noticed they were still filming.I don't always write about celebrities, but do write a lot about Philly and it's people, so if you are in and around the Philly area maybe you would like to subscribe to my feed, if not thanks for stopping by and please come to Philly, see the beauty, the history, retrace the steps of Gerard Butler, what at the restaurants he did, sleep at the hotel where he lay his head and check out the City Hall tours.
For more info on Gerard Butler check out

Friday, January 23, 2009

JAMIE FOXX Filming of Law Abiding Citizen in Philadelphia 1/22/09

These photos are terrible. My computer crashed tonight, seems I have too many photos something like 120,000. Hopefully I can save the shots I took since January 1st when I did my last back up, so Sasha I am hoping to get those shots to you this weekend.

These photos are terrible too for a couple reasons, dirty City Hall windows, I didn't have the right lens and most importantly, I didn't have access to my photoshop to tweak them because the contrast is off. Here's what the set looked like.
The director chairs (over the weekend the film will take itself inside to film in the hallways and several different rooms. The crew spent the day changing lighting as they believe the bulbs were too strong and wanted softer lighting)
actors Bruce McGill and Jamie Foxx's stand in's for light checking and placement of actors. These shots were taken about 11AM (I took lunch early). The director is in the blue.
This shot was taken about 4PM. Those poor extra's must have been freezing. Jamie Foxx is on the right in the suit and blue tie.

Tonight they film here in the East Pavillion, but during the day it was the food tent.After this weekend the film moves out of center city for a few weeks, promising to return in the warmer months of March, but you can still tune into PhillyChitChat as the cast and crew will still call Center City home and they have to eat sometime.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shecky's Girls Night Out in Philadelphia - Wed & Thurs Jul. 22nd-23rd

100 E Penn Sq
Philadelphia, PA 19107
district: Philadelphia

Thu Jul 23 (5-10 pm)
Philadelphia: Girls Night Out - General Admission-Free
General Admission is complimentary for Shecky's Subscribers (Does NOT include Goodie Bag)
Philadelphia: Girls Night Out - General Admission + Shecky's Famous Goodie Bag-$25.00


Sheckey's Site

In December I recieved an email from an event that occurs in Philadelphia and cities around the country twice a year, sorta like fashion week; Spring and Fall.
"I wanted to get in touch with you regarding the upcoming Shecky's Girls Night Out event in Philadelphia. Girls Night Out is the premiere event of season and brings together everything you need for the perfect night out with your girlfriends: emerging designer fashions at up to 75% off, delicious complimentary cocktails throughout the night, fabulous beauty products and services and our famous Deluxe Goodie Bag (plus much more!)." Did you say Goodie bag, I love goodie bags, even it it's make-up. You've heard of re-gifting right?
According to Diana on Yelp San Fran " The free drinks make it even better... all alcohol is complimentary and there is plenty of it! I generally get the goodie bag, this last time I got allot of conventional things but things I'd rather buy at Target then receive in a "Goodie Bag", you know, toothpaste, tampons, but have some nice beauty products in there and its always nice to try new products! The bottom line is for $25 (if you buy tickets in advanced) you and a friend get in (yes that is 2 tickets), get all the alcohol you want, and a stuffed goodie bag... call the girl friends and plan a night out, it will be your cheapest night out in SF!"
Shecky's night out, btw these are all fashion shots I have taken this past year. Who doesn't like a fashion show, make-up demonstrations, cocktails and a girls night out. I'm so excited to get to go observe, photograph and write about it.
Having no idea what the heck the night was about, I knew just who to ask, the hip, katie holmes wanabe co-worker if she had ever heard of Shecky's Girls Night Out. She told me she had gone in the fall, and it was great. Lots of things to look at, buy and the Goodie Bag was awesome, worth the money.
Over the holiday's my cousin Debbie asked me if I had heard of it, and by that time I had. She said she wanted to get a group together and head on over asking where she should park. There's a garage right under the Wanamaker building. SO look for me to photograph you on the first night, because that's the night I'm going with Debbie and three of her fashion starved girls. Now Shecky's does fall right before Lent, so if you are planning to give up chocolates or booze stop on by on Tuesday 2/24/09 for Fat Tuesday. In fact it might be a good place to kick off your partying night. So remember Shecky's Girls Night Out Philadelphia – Feb. 24th-26th - Philadelphia Date: Tue.-Thu., Feb. 24th-26th, 2009. Time: 5pm-10pm. Place: Crystal Tea Room at The Wanamaker Building 100 Penn Sq. E., 8th Fl. (@ Chestnut Street)

Advice: I hear that not all vendors take credit cards, so bring the green stuff, plus there was not a lot of food available, so its a good idea to eat a little before you go so you don't get too drunk and wake up next to that something you don't remember. But don't come too late, as you will want to make a night of it. Most importantly HAVE FUN and start thinking about SPRING!!

JAMIE FOXX and GERARD BUTLER Philadelphia Filming of Law Abiding Citizen

I have photos from the shoot done in Philly 2/26/09 here:

Yesterday I was running a tad late for work as I was working on the HOD entry into the wee hours and then when I woke up again this morning. SO I had to pass on this scene being shot right outside my office. I am sure Jamie Foxx is down there somewhere

I did make it over there about two thinking they would move to the courtyard,
they were setting up a shot, which I later learnedwas for filming inside on an upper floor in a room, so no shots of them yesterdaybut I did get a shot of their clothes (Great Photos and video can be found here:
Today is another day. I hear it's gonna be warmer too, which would help. P.S. To my NYC paparazzi friends, Catherine Zeta Jones is no longer with this production, so feel free to stay where you are - LOL

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

THE HAIR OF THE DOG Bites Back against the Bitter Cold in 2009 - Photos

John Bolaris Girlfriend Erica Smitheman (She's mentioned in Playboy magazine article) is what you are all serching on and they are both picture in a shot I did for my PhillyMag column.

2012 Hair o the Dog is this weekend 1/14/12 buy your tickets here.

UPDATE: Hair of the Dog 2010 Photos


Last Saturday night the temperatures outside the Bellevue were downright nasty and cold, while the party inside was just getting hot around 9PM (and once I got past these guard dogs, which was not an easy task even if your name is on the list under VIP, it was smooth sailing)
Most people think that the Academy Ball, which is this Saturday, is the kick-off to the "Social Season", well times have changed, the kids are alright and they have a social event that blows the lid off of fun while still dressed to the nines, men in tuxedo's, women with long beautiful, color gowns and jewels glittering their bodies, that I believe is the real social starter. While many of the well heeled Philadelphian's were either at Sundance, Phoenix, Washington DC or spending the weekend in Miami, a few hundred of their peers were kicking is the Ballroom of the Bellevue, including the sultry Kathy Zapp and Laurel Fairworth, President of Cachet Communications. Behind them are auction items who proceeds went to the designated charity for 2009 is The Great Guy Group, in partnership with Adopt-A-Pig. Jamie Bradley, Jana Surau, Jasmine Salgado and Nicole Healy. Jamie says that every year, a week before the HOD, Nicole Miller has a half off sale and it makes it affordable for her to spend a fancy night out with her friends. Now write that little nugget down for next year.No longer mending a broken heart and instead experiencing new horizons Monique Crawford hangs with Sabrina Strickland doing her best impersonation of Elaine from Seinfeld dancing to the beat
Entertainment: included 39 Mariner and DJ Adam Bennett - I don't know what it is with the sunglasses at night, but I came across dawgs left and right with the shades on. I knew it would be a wild and crazy night when before 60 minutes even past since the shindig started, a bunch of guys were comfortable enough to dance together - Woof!! Having been in the Ballroom a few weeks back, I quickly went up to the balcony/VIP section to check out the scene. I failed to leave for the next 2 hrs as it was the place to be for me to capture all the action.
VIP tickets cost $175 and included your own table, bottle service, Butlered & Buffet
Hors D'oeuvres, Finger Foods and a whole lot of space to party in. And I was still able to get a lot of great photos like Sherrie, Susan and Rich who were dancing all night long on the floor

Ai Takeuchi, who successfully talked Jamie Lewis into attending with her, says it's fun to dress up, everyone lets their hair down and the men are easy to meet.
but it was also a night to run into old friends and make some new ones
For a party that some naysayers called "over", "boring" or tired, I say why couldn't they just admit it was the economy stupid and they weren't able to swing the $99 and the tux becuase this party was happening and something really special. Not your regular run of the mill bar party, but a dress up, ho down, swinging event.
Marta Poznanska, Bridget Hanley, Karen Nema, guest, Rachel Cipressi Mike Barkovich and guest

Rachel Welsh, Meridith Difilippo, Ron Hansen (one lucky guy), Irina Vosbobognik, and Sasha O'Donnell
Journalist to the stars, Nathan Lerner and Silver Cho. No doubt he has stories to be written about this night.

Nicole, Michelle, Stephanie and AmberJohn Colabeli and the lovely Lauren D'Orsio who just celebrated a birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Lauren.
I wear my sunglasses at night, I remember that song, maybe the guys did too? What is the deal with these sunglasses, they certainly aren't bear googles as he as a few beauties with him
KJ Hicky and Aly Green of the newly formed Slilencia PR firm (shhhhh)
I just might declare this month Megan Stecher month, here's the natural, friendly beauty with her "now officially" new squeeze Mac Francis. Where did these two decide to go to watch the Eagles game, and then later the Baltimore game. I'm sure the tears were flowing where ever it was beings that the Eagles were weighing heavy on Megan's mind, and Mac's hometome Colts just had to get into the Super Bowl.
I know her man getting secrets

Missing from tonight's big shindig were some of Philly's Socialites - Sabrina Tamburino and Steve Thorne were in St. Barts for the long weekend, Arthur Kadyshes back in Miama for another Chickation, folks in Sundance, Nicole Cashman, Donna Coghlan, Charlie Pasquale, Adam Spivak, Mary Patel, Sharon Pinkenson, and the rest were in DC for the Inauguration, and although I missed capturing their crazy antics, the event was still deck out, chock full of drama and stories staring these girls

Monique Crawford and Lindsay Furman decked out in her Nicole Miller

Newly elected Larry Farnese, Lauren Beloff and Anthony Sembello
VIP's across the room. I spy John Bolaris? Did he predict the snow yesterday?

Seriously "We are the beautiful ones"

Hacina Saadi, HOD founder - Rob Molinaro and Julianne Glato

John Bolaris, girlfriend Lauren Nelson, former CBS3 anchor Alycia Lane, and beau Chris Booker - retired to the Park Hyatt at the Bellevue for Hair O' the Dog, the annual bacchanal. Among attendees: former Fox29 traffic reporter Dorothy Krysiuk, who said she's been "banking sleep" since she left the station Oct. 31.
Hot Jill Rizen sporting a wife beater and sexy short black skirt to showcase those legs and the very sexy Michael Spain-Smith
As the night grew late, and the grinding increasingly grew, I knew my job was done and it was
time to go. As for you, you should check out the Hair of the Dog next year. It really was a fun time, especially for the money, and it is fun to dress up, go out with your friends and get wild. I was impressed that they still got a huge crowd considering that other big dress up night just passed 17 days earlier.