Friday, January 16, 2009


There are only 10 of these statues in existence. These statues were made as centerpieces for the 225th Anniversary for the Masonic Temple Gala in 1999. After the Gala they donated them to the City Hall Tour Office Gift Shop where 8 of them were sold for $15, the my friend, CH Tour Director, Greta Greenberger and I each bought one. Here's mine next to my ice bucket on my hutch.

Here's Greta's. When Comcast came calling to "borrow" a William Penn statue, she lent them her's. She thought they would give it back in a few day's, but when she went to the ceremony it was obvious it wasn't going to happen as she saw it fastened to the last beam that topped off the Comcast Tower, making this WP Statue the tallest in the City.

Comcast Ends the Philadelphia Curse?
Phillies win world series, fan thinks Comcast helped...
08:45AM Thursday Oct 30 2008 by Karl Bode
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An anonymous reader writes in this morning: "Prior to 1987 there was a gentleman's agreement never to build a building taller than the statue of the city's founding father William Penn. When Liberty Place was built in 1987, some believe this upset the sports gods and the city of Philadelphia was cursed with never winning a championship since. In 2007, the Comcast Tower was built making it the tallest building in Philadelphia. The tower was also topped off with a likeness of William Penn as an attempt to break the cities 2 decade old curse.
I hope, that when the Eagles win the Super Bowl, this time when there's a parade I think someone should ask Greta Greenberger to ride on one of the flat beds, because without her the William Penn curse might still plague us.

There's a rally for the Eagles on Friday at 1 p.m. in The Bellevue’s Gourmet Food Court. Eagles Cheerleaders will be there! So will Swoop! There will be an Andy Reid Look A Like Contest and prizes also given to the best fan, male and female!! (I made this photo large enough for you to use for your desktop if you'd like, click on it for the larger size)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


According to Cooper on Tripadvisor: I knew someone who grew up in a Phila suburb who raved about the Mutter, and made several visits there. So when I went to the country, we took a day trip to Phila, just to see that museum.IT WAS FABULOUS, AND SO INTERESTING AND INFORMATIVE! I am not into medical stuff or doctors, but I was enthralled! What brought PCC there last Friday night was their 15oth Anniversary. When I first read about the event, I couldn't believe my lucky stars, how awesome would it be to have a party in the Mutter, of course I always thought a Halloween Party would have been well suited, I was wrong, because even though this is a museum of oddities, it also a college of medicine; The College of Physicians of Philadelphia which advances the cause of health while upholding the ideals and heritage of medicine. The hours 7 - 8PM were reserved for cocktails, then 8PM dinner and 9PM Disco time. When I first arrived I was under dressed, I was thinking 70's Disco Dance cocktail hour dress, oh well there will be no photos of me today.
Enjoying the festivities are Socialite Luther Brady and Bobbett Beider
Melinda Villescas, Emily Snedden, Tara Caton, Anna Dhody, and Elle Saine
The stylish Tim Merrick and Janet LaValley
Curator Anna Dhody, with College Trustee Shirley Bonnem and Joan Lapayowker of the Women's Committe.Mike Lutolf and Nicole Armani. Note the interesting, fuzzy purse Nicole is styling.
Did you know you could rent the Mutter for your organization, meeting, party or gala? It's really a beautiful venue with lots of different rooms.
Our one-of-a-kind treasures include:
  • The plaster cast of the torso of world-famous Siamese Twins, Chang & Eng, and their conjoined livers
  • Joseph Hyrtl's collection of skulls
  • Preserved body of the "Soap Lady"
  • Collection of 2,000 objects extracted from people's throats
  • Cancerous growth removed from President Grover Cleveland
  • Tallest skeleton on display in North America
Tonight was not only a celebration of the Mütter Museum, but of it's long time director Gretchen Worden, who devoted her entire professional career to revitalizing the Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and died August 2nd, 2004 after a brief illness. Ms. Worden relied on an encyclopedic knowledge of medical history, a tart sense of humor and a compelling television presence to forge an international reputation as a museum educator and spokeswoman for the Mütter. Her recent book about the museum became a best seller. She was a frequent guest on “The Late Show With David Letterman” and appeared in numerous science documentaries produced by the BBC. Ms. Worden, who was 57, continued to work until a few days before her death.
Many of her friends and family were on hand to see the unveiling of her portrait which will be housed at the museum. Nina Tafel told me that Gretchen never thought she was big boned, but in fact her remains didn't fit in just one urn and two were used as well as the spreading of her ashes in Cape May. But it was her candor that came through that the items house at the Mutter Museum is not to be feared, nor is our mortality, but accepted as a matter of life.
The artist Alexandra Tyng, daughter of famed Philadelphia architect, Louis Kahn, admires the wonderful portrait she did of Gretchen. (I just saw the movie MY ARCHITECT - A SON´S JOURNEY based on Louis Kahn, which was fascinating. Just yesterday I passed by his old office and looked towards the window he looked out.) Alexandra's portrait of Gretchen Worden is just breathtaking in size and realism.
Later that night, when I watched my Tivo I saw Gretchen's urn featured on NBC10 news as they reported the story of the Mutter Museum's 150th Anniversary. I noticed the detail just a little better, and love the faux fur and Marilyn Monroe label. I am sure just as MM's legacy remains strong, all the good works that Gretchen created will keep her legacy alive at the Museum. Dinner 8PM in the side room.
9PM Disco Time
Some folks skipped the dinner and came dressed appropriately for the night
Others were given props on their way in
This women did an outfit change, because she wore a simple black dress to the dinner. I love it when people go that extra mile to bring it!
I was blown away with the set up by Sherwood Smith-Soley of
This event was really a hidden gem, unless you read the PhillyChitChat calendar as I put it up a few weeks back. $85 later reduced to $35 - 4 hr open bar, dessert, and the best lights, and music by my friendthe great WXPN DJ Robert Drake, on the left with partner John Stanley.
In my best Austin Power's accent "Looking smashing baby"... Jennifer Brockenbrough and Gregory McDaniel
Everyone seemed to have a ball
Including Matt Carter, Emily Behar and Charles Miller and Andrew Rosenthal. Andrew wants you to celebrate with us as we join University of Pennsylvania Alumni Clubs from around the world in saluting our Founder, Benjamin Franklin! We will honor Ben's legacy with a beer tasting on Saturday, January 17th from 4pm-6pm at Center City's own Nodding Head Brewery.
Only a few tickets are still available for this popular event. RSVP at
And thanks to these folks for bringing it together tonight for us, J Bazzel, Jon Goff, Kellie Goldberg and Sherwood Smith-SoleySteve Tyson Smashing Baby!! Bringing it!!
The Mütter Museum is run by the College of Physicians and is open to the general public. (Make sure you catch The Mutter Museum documentary currently being broadcast on the Discovery Channel).

General Admission (Ages 18-64): $12
Children (Ages 6-17): $8
Senior Citizens (Age 65+): $8
Students with valid ID: $8
Student groups: $6 per student
Fellows of the College: FREE
Children under 6: FREE

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


True heroines don't always save lives. Sometimes they're simply mothers, with an everlasting devotion to their children.
Carol and Sabrina Tamburino a mother daughter relationship that most would be envious; a mom who always goes the extra mile to make sure her Sab has everything she ever wanted....Last Saturday at Table 31 we celebrated Sabrina's 29th Birthday with a handful of good friends
Arthur Kadyshes and Sabrina Strickland
long time family friend and newly sworn in - Sen. Larry Farnese
and this crazy bunch of friends including ?, Nadia Maransky, Kelly and Julius Jones, Terry McFillin, Sab and Carol, Tara Marone, Chuck Peruto, Jr, Michael Smith, and Lauren Beloff,
P.S. - I believe that these folks who I photographed at a Larry Farnese party in June 2007 can be found in the photos above, can you spot them?
Due shortly - Tara Marone, Sandra DelGiorno, Terry McFillin, Martha Snider (who is going on a fabulous Italian trip with Carol), Carol Tamburino, Sharon Coia and Amelia Fogarino Carol tells me that over the years she's had lots of parties for her little girl. She always tried to make them as special as she could. She had this license made for one of the celebrations.
Sharon Coia, Michael Smith and Sabrina
Tony Rufo, the lucky groom to be Steve Thorne, and Ron McKay
The lovely DJ G-N Kang and model/actor Arthur Kadyshes (It's nice to see so many guys and girls who are friends, or does someone want to tell me something. In fact last week I questioned Mac Francis and Megan Strecher, and now they have changed their FB status to DATING)
I know that my mom's dream for my 5 sisters was that she prepared them for life; Ok and that maybe they would meet their prince, fall in love and live happily ever. No doubt Carol is pleased with Sabrina's direction of life with the gentleman prince Steve Thorne.
Then it was off to G Lounge, and although everyone told me to go for a surprise I went home. I had been at the G Lounge earlier day for a shoot, which I will be writing about in the near future, so it was a long day, and of course I went against my intuition and well went home, what an idiot I missed this awesome moment, and ok maybe the next one too.I mean really, what an awesome party, thanks for inviting me and
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SABRINA (Sabrina makes news and was featured in Sunday's The Insider section here: )
P.S. Yesterday I photographed Jamie Foxx near Rittenhouse Sqare - Karma paid off in spades as my friends know I like a good candid shot too, but hey if anyone sees him or well anyone of note, shoot me an email buzz @ PhillyChitChat. com (no spaces)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Eagles Beat Giants and everyone in Philly had a good time

Oh the stress of it all, of course I have to talk in circles here as I can't tell you what mistake I made, especially since it was a done deal, maybe I was just sabotaging my relationship, I wanted it to work out and well I didn't go to G and I missed the one thing that I wanted the most in the last 78 hrs. Hopefully it will all work out, but many of these subjects on this page discovered how really neurotic I really am - LOL (OK Wednesday will be the party at Table 31, Tuesday look for the unbelievable awesome Mutter Museum's 150th Anniversary, great party, oh and plenty fun the rest of the week) This is the new Pepsi logo which I shot at 21st & Chestnut today; it looks a lot like the Hope that could be coming in the next few weeks too in addition to the E*A*G*L*E*S win!I ran into a few Philly Chit Chat Socialites (A socialite is a person who is known to be a part of fashionable society because of his or her regular participation in social activities) When I lived in NYC, not only did I cover the celebrities, but I covered the Socialites like Lydia Hearst, Tinsley Mortimer, Lauren Davis (who dates David Lauren, if she takes his name guess who she would be?); Genevieve Jones and Tinsley Mortimer (which was reported in today's NY Post as headed to D court with her husband Topper) After covering the Philly Scene for a year it is clear we have Socialites, which isn't always based on wealth, but also by his or her regular participation in social activities and fondness for spending a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained. There's no doubt I have tapped into that crowd. Here are a few of our friends at the Boathouse in the Rittenhouse Hotel enjoying the Eagles game yesterday. I don't have all the names, but L-R The great PR women who I really believe blazed the way for many of the start-ups today, she set the standard by which others would measure themselves by, Nicole Cashman of Cashman & Associates; Sabrina Tamburino, who looks good in a gown, awesome in a party outfit and just as fantastic in a pair of jeans and a stylish top, Steve Thorn, way in the back Sgt. Ray Evers, Brett Rosenbloom Meteorologist Doug Kammerer , Elizabeth Renn, Justin Wineburgh, Phillies "World Fucking Champion" Chase Utley and the whole left side who wanted me to just let them watch the game. So jealous as a lot of the folks at this table are heading out to Sundance. I appreciate everyone who's offered for me to go, but I am saving my vacation days for NYC Fashion Week in Feb, so stop tempting me.
Then it was off to Cavenaugh's did you know there was one at 19th and Sansom.
Two of my favorites, Sabrina Strickland and Arthur Kadyshes. Last week he and Celebrity Wired 96.5 DJ GN Kang enjoyed a delicious meal at Del Frisco's and then grabbed a fan pix with Gerard Butler who arrived last week for rehearsals for his new movie "Law Abiding Citizen" and who was also exiting the dinner club.
Whether it's Rouge or Cavenaugh's these girls know how to let their hair down and have some fun. Betty, Anh Nguyen (She just opened Jack & Jill at 115 South 22 nd Street, check it out), World Famous Korean Beauty Queen Janice Lim and Adriane Domanski
HAIR O' THE DOG 2009: 15th Anniversary Edition promoter Lindsay Furman battling it out with Sabrina Strickland. Lindsay is a tough gal, as she show's up with her Giant's wrist bands on, I won't hold it against her and will still cover the Hair o' The Dog next Saturday, which is also the same night as the Lemon Ball. (Did I mention I have populated my PCC "Conflict Calendar". So if you are PR, a Publicist or Charity Organization, send me your info, I want to create a comprehensive calendar primarily consisting of charity run causes or benefiting events.
I finally met Scotty Buck, officially. Here he is with Sasha O'Donnell

Rachael Landis, Mike D and Sasha ODonnell
We Win, the Camel was wrong. A sign for things to come - I spotted an Eagle on top of the Sofitel when I left the bar, oh no not really, probably a Red Tail Hawk, but it was gigantic. This a block away and what about 15 stories in the air.

Last week I was interview for an article that was done for the Inquirer, and I have to say my last quote was dead on as I came across these two girls Olivia & Britney outside Cavenaugh's on my way home: Hugh E. Dillon, a local photographer and self-named "Philadelphia Paparazzi" (his photographs of area social events have graced this paper), thinks Paparazziphilly is onto something outrageously fun. "Why not hire someone to experience what it's like to get followed by a paparazzi out for the 'gotcha' photo you enjoy looking at so much in the glossy magazines," he said. ". . . People just respond differently to someone who is holding a $3,000 professional camera."
These days with Facebook and Myspace, everyone's friend is a paparazzi, I rarely see a photo on it without a tongue sticking out, or some behavior that in most circumstances would be described as a 'Gotcha Photo" except most of the shots are posed, and by definition a Paparazzi captures candid shots.