Monday, October 19, 2009

National Lingerie Football team Passions Kick-Off Party at G Lounge

Last week the National Lingerie Football team Passions, had their kickoff party at G - Lounge so I stopped by to help my friend G-N Kang celebrate

Shelly Lashly, Kim Wheat, Jaime Doamons, G-N Kang, Dana Dizillo, Donna Ferry, Tabitha Alexander, Front Row: Cheryle Firweather, Tyrah Linsby
First game:
Sovereign CenterReading, PA
Fri, 10/30/09
09:00 PM
Hacina Saadi and 76ers center Samuel DalembertJohn Bolaris tells me that this is one girl to look out for, she's gonna be a star - Jenny Butler!!
Donna Ferry and Wired 96.5's G-N Kang
Kim Storm and Philadelphia Eagles Stewart Bradley enjoy the festivities. No need to start any rumors this as I set this shot up.

Brittany Burkeitt, Stacey Kracher, Chuck Peruto and Monica Devlin

Uri Jacobsen and friends. (Did I mention that note pad was carted off by a young slightly intoxicated women who told me she loved me and well I knew I should have paid better attention to it)
Alyssa Radar a few serious looking dapper friends. Alyssa spent last night at Fox & Hound with Miss Heaton who succeeded in her good luck charm ways as the Phillies brought home a win. Take that warm blooded Dodgers who obviously live a charmed life in the warm California sun.
With his Fame Face on, the serious Arthur Kade, with Mia & Chuck Peruto in The Vault
As I rolled out of there about 1AM the party at G Lounge was still going strong.


Anonymous said...

with his fame face on, that is precious.

Anonymous said...

Sexy momma's. Looking forward to seeing the first game. Bring home the title gals.

Anonymous said...

Arthur Kade has the same lame t-shirt on in every pic you post here. What a joke.