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March 2009


WPHI 100.3fm The Beat Music Conference and Workshops

The 2nd Annual Radio One, whose stations include WPHI 100.3fm The Beat, WPPZ Praise 103.9fm, and 107.9fm WRNB, hosts its 2nd Annual Music and Entertainment Conference tomorrow. This sold-out annual event gathers individuals interested in music, film, dance, and fashion, desiring to gain knowledge and potentially their big break within the music and entertainment industry. Regarded as Philadelphia’s own American Idol, the 2nd Annual Music and Entertainment Conference unites Hollywood stars and budding artist through music and entertainment educational workshops.

Brandy & Jazmine SullivanDuring Sunday’s workshops, participants will be exposed to multiple, renowned experts per panel. Some of the featured panelists and workshops range from an R&B Workshop starring Philly’s own, Grammy nominated Jazmine Sullivan and Brandy, Hip-Hop Workshop highlighting Common, Gospel Workshop featuring Yolanda Adams; Music Writing and Production Workshop showcasing New Edition member and Boyz II Men founder, Michael Bivins; Film and TV Workshop featuring Oscar award winner Jamie Foxx; Fashion Industry Workshop starring America’s Next Top Model winner Eva Marcille;

Keri Hilson- R&B Singer who’s CD just dropped last week. I never hear of Keri, but a quick YouTube search got me up to speed that she duet’s with lots of people that we know.
Ms. Latina Pennsylvania Donna Mobley Thomas

Author Miasha will present for one night only stage play: Secret Society

Saturday, May 9 University of Pennsylvania – Irvine Auditorium Presented by 5th Avenue Productions $40-$50Call 215-834-9480 t

Toccara Jones- Model has slimmed down and is now marketing an exercise tape

Brandy visits Philly again. Love ya girl, I bought your new CD. I snuck into the “Green Room” to get this photo. I got some of the best photos from this room before they kicked me out. As a freelancer that has photos published internationally, I think it’s a mistake to keep me in the Press Room which is less colorful. I had about 3 photos published on from this event.Jamie Foxx wraps up with the Law Abiding Citizen filming this week.
Yolanda Adams, beautiful voice, beautiful person
What the heck is Patti wearing?
This year’s conference will also honor legendary icons in the music industry such as Boyz II Men, Teddy Pendergrass, and Patti Labelle.
Mycheal Knight- Fashion Designer and my Laiya St. Clair. Somehow the Beat let Laiya slip away. She was the best, connected out to here, wonderful person too, generous; I know she will bounce back somewhere else and be better than ever!!


The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone PREMIERE – PHILADELPHIA CINEFEST & FILM FESTIVAL Two thumbs Up

Friday night was the much anticipated premiere of The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone Philadelphia Film Festival/Cinefest ’09. Honestly I was not expecting much, I went because it was filmed in Philadelphia and my friend Sarah Doheny was involved and she told me I would enjoy it.
She was right, and in the middle of the movie I twittered to my followers that the next Rocky has been born, but it’s not even fair to compare The Nail to Rocky as dare I say I liked it better than Rocky, and so will your girlfriend. It’s a movie about boxing that even the skittish person will enjoy. The Nail – a drama about a fresh-from-prison former boxer who rebuilds his life while pumping up a bullied teen in South Philly.

William Forsythe with Colleen Hawthorne and Denise Murter; Both of these actresses have appeared in countless films in the Philly area as well as in NYC. Click on their names for their bios. Denise has something that sets her apart from many people and that is she has seen an UFO and the Discovery Channel has done a piece on her last year, and in a few weeks the History Channel will be airing another piece. You can read about her sighting here:

Guest, Tony Luke, William Forsythe, Producer Lynn Eastman-Rossi, Director James Quattrochi and Leo Rossi
Tony Luke Jr and Sarah Doheny who’s company UCANCIT is all about product placement in movies, like The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone. Unfortunately, it’s run at the festival is over, but don’t fret I have heard rumblings that a major studio has picked it up. I kid not, it’s a story that hasn’t been told, and is worth seeing.

A film that you can see is “The Answer Man” starring Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham. Filmed entirely in Philadelphia last summer and premiering at Philadelphia Film Festival/Cinefest ’09 Monday Night at 8:30PM. Jeff Daniels will be here to introduce the film and recieve the

Jeff Daniels – Artistic Achievement Award for Acting Here’s a shot I took of the film set last year at 21st and Delancy Streets



Thursday night kicked off the 2009 Philadelphia Film Festival or Phila Cinefest at the Park Hyatt. The party took over the entire 19th Floor. I wish I could say I went to the party, but I ran into friends that I never take the time to hang out with and instead had dinner at 10 ARTS, but that’s another night. TRY THE TROUT hmm hmmm good.
OK guys, the stylish and sophisticated trail blazing Joey Sweeney and his beautiful partner in life and work Ruth Carpenter of Check out her new ‘do, I LOVE IT. Dare I say the hipsters are taking it to the next level.
Jimmy Contreras, Carol Tamburino, Matthew Vlahos, Matthew Vlahos Public Relations and Molly O’Shea, Hyatt Hotels
Carol was telling me how she just had dinner with Connie Stevens (Sabrina’s Godmother) at Del Frisco’s and then I was saying I don’t want to see this picture why didn’t you call me as I was across the street at 10 Arts having dinner and i would have popped over. I can’t complain that people I don’t know forget to tip me off when people I know and care about forget to tip me off to photo ops.
Erin Elmore and Jimmy Contreras Dancing With The Philadelphia Stars which is coming up Sunday April 19 to benefit Sickle Cell Anemia, it will be a blast.
Liam Dacey, WMGK, Hayes Jake, and Cyndi Drue (I love Cyndy Drue, she makes great cards too) Follow Cyndy as she follows the film festival here:
Congratulations to Michael Braunstein for his promotion, he’s only been with WYSP for a short time and they already recognized talent when they see it.Patryk and Maria Gonzales
Andrew, Joe Hoffman, Jonathan Verdick and Amanda Congor (who was talking to a cutie all night. What’s the story)
Steve Cisowski, Zack Nicla and Matt Manfodino (I know that’s not right, but can’t read that handwriting)I met these three two years ago at the Phila Film festival, so we’ve come full circle. It’s just amazing where our lives have brought us to now. Noel Zayas, Megan Smith, Brownstone PR and Where Magazine Publisher Laura Burkhardt
Mary Patel and Elliot Curson
The new terraces at XIX. You can now eat dinner, have brunch or just coctails with a city view, very romantic indeed.


GERARD BUTLER – Your Daily Gerry FRIDAY 3/27/09

OK Today Gerry went to Parc and was reported to be in a very intense conversation with a women, maybe it was the women he was smooching with last Friday at Strongbox. Smooching you say, Hughe didn;t mention Smooching, well for the commentators that said I was holding back they were right, he was smooching the one girl and then gave the other girl a quick kiss, in succession just like that. Now girls you may be upset, and it might be appalling to you, but this is every guys fantasy. Also since my post on Friday I recieved an email from the women who was in the bar where Gerry joined in singing Happy Birthday to the patron a few weeks ago that I wrote about, remember. Well she sent me a photo of Gerry and his Philly “Girlfriend” lo and behold it is the exact same one that he gave the smooch to last Friday night. So maybe perceptions are off, who knows, or maybe his Philly “Girlfriend” brought her friend along for a night of fun, who knows. Now I did overhear another funny conversation, but that I will be keeping for my wrap up as it was funny. I was out tonight and talked to a few of Gerry’s “Friends”.

Curious: Do you guys go to town on Just Jared, TMZ Or Celebritybitchy where they all have articles on Gerard’s randy behavior with women. I mean he’s slept with Paris Hitlon, Cameron Diaz and Naomi Campbell he’s not exactly a high brow man.

Just found out Gerry will be back next week maybe after going to Dressed to Kilt in NYC (I mean if he’s not going I don’t understand why all his fans are going). He is leaving Philly next Thursday. I thought filming was over, but it isn’t I saw photos and they were out in the neighborhoods today.

Last night Gerry went to D’Angelo’s for dinner, I was tipped off but skipped it as I had to wash my hair.

Someone in the comments sent me a link of a girl Gerry was with in November:

Ding ding ding ding, we may have a winner, that may be the girl he was with at StrongBox…or someone that looked like her

No more bashing me. I reported what I saw last week. I have friends that party with Gerard every single night. I always know what he is doing, and where he is. I have a life and I don’t always have time to chase him down.


Philadelphia Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division Holding Essay and Poster Contests for Law Week

I don’t usually post these things, but because of the economy and the cost of college these days, sounds like something that should be promoted to help the next generation. Ties in with today’s other entry theme of next generation.

Philadelphia Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division Holding Essay and Poster Contests for Law Week
PHILADELPHIA – In honor of Law Week, April 27 – May 1, the Young Lawyers Division of the Philadelphia Bar Association is holding its annual Edward F. Chacker Essay Contest for area high school seniors and a Poster Contest for fourth, fifth and sixth graders. The essay contest is open to all high school seniors who attend Philadelphia public, parochial, charter or private schools. Students are asked to write an essay of at least 1,000 words in response to: “If you were chosen to advise soon-to-be U.S. Citizens at their Naturalization Ceremony, what would you tell them their responsibilities are as a U.S. Citizen? Why are these responsibilities important?” The winner will receive a $1,000 college scholarship courtesy of Edward F. Chacker, a long-time Philadelphia attorney and partner with the firm Gay, Chacker & Mitten. The poster contest is open to all fourth, fifth and sixth grade students who attend Philadelphia public, parochial, charter or private schools. Students are asked to draw a picture that best illustrates their favorite freedom. Savings bonds will be awarded to the winners in the amounts of $250, $100 and $50. The deadline for submissions to both contests is Friday, April 10 at 12 p.m. Submissions can be mailed to Michael Petitti at the Philadelphia Bar Association, 1101 Market Street, 10th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Submissions to the essay contest can also be emailed to Any questions, contact the Philadelphia Bar Association at 215.238.6300 or visit the Young Lawyers Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s website at