Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx Law Abiding Citizen Filming In Philadelphia

It's over for filming across the street from where I work
, filming ended yesterday at Philadelphia's City Hall.

Throughout the day filming went on in the 6th Floor Caucus room. People were texting me of Gerard Butler sightings. He even stopped and signed a few autographs for the workers in the building.
I have added a few photos that I haven't posted before or even submitted to my agency, just to thank all you Gerard Butler fans who have visited PhillyChitChat over the past week or so.Although I have a press pass, because I wasn't on "Official" business, I wasn't allowed in to photograph the pair. See the light in the courtyard on the left wall, that is oppostite to where the Caucus room is located.
After realizing that the filming would go into the night, I decided to walk towards City Hall and was surprised to find the courtyard opened, and workers manning the lights.

I came to work today, and the courtyard was empty. All my dreams of photographing him a 2nd time in Philly are gone. I hear they were both busy over the weekend, bummer that no one tipped me off.
According to Dan Gross' column

Jamie Foxx throws Super Bowl party at Smith & Wollensky
"Law Abiding Citizen" star Jamie Foxx threw a Super Bowl party for eight at Smith & Wollensky at the Rittenhouse. The crew hung out in a back room and Foxx went for a Caesar salad and a bone-in ribeye steak. The film will soon be shooting in North Philadelphia and the George W. Hill Correctional Facility in Delaware County, where actor/comedian/musician Kenneth Keith Kallenbach was incarcerated when he died last year. Foxx's "LAC" co-star and producer Gerard Butler partied over the weekend at Public House (18th & Cherry) where he was friendly to fans.

Thanks again, and I promise to catch my first Gerard Butler movie sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

The filming is just over at City Hall. They have moved production about 5 miles away to the prisons.

Anonymous said...

Good to see GB is getting out and about...

Anonymous said...

Maybe GB will do a karaoke nite..I heard he loves it..and Dj Joe H has over 40,000 songs! at national mechanics on tues and warwick hotel in rittenhouse on sat. =0)

Anonymous said...

tHANKS THAT was nice ofyiu

GerardButler.Net - Officially Unofficial Gerry Butler Web Source! said...

Thanks for sharing all your pictures of Gerard, and the set.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo's and comments about GB--I'll bet that after you see one of Gerry's movies you won't be able to stop & will find yourself watching all of them--he's addictive.

Anonymous said...

Are the done filming in Philly center city? I walked by tonight Feb 5th at about 1230am and they we're packing up for the night. Just wondering if that was it for this area. If anybody knows of anything let me know i'm just down the block and only found out today that they were shooting in philly.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the px of GB