Friday, December 19, 2008


Tuesday was a late night for me as I was out at the aloft hotel for the BJ - The Kid From Chicago listening party. Another blast managed by Terressa Thompson and Jaime Boyd at Experience Event Marketing & Media
Grammy award winning, songwriters, producers Vidal Davis and Andre Harris greet the crowd.

High Maintenance girls or as they like to call themselves - The Clam Clan, or at least that's what someone told me (is that true?). After this shot they asked me to do individual fashion shots, and a few head shots; I mean they are styling it, but really it's called the BJ Kid from Chicago Listening Party, not glamour shots are us, even though you are rockin' it. It was hard, but finally they let me go to shoot the main star as he was kicking off just as I took this picture.
But since they are rockin' it I will throw them another photo for their Facebook, but remember the photo credit girls to PhillyChitChat - thanks!! Shanae Scruggs, Pamela Brinson, Melody Brinson, Jessica Bodle, Ciara Harvey and Gina Collazo cheldin barlatt, partner, i-g creative a boutique marketing and sales consulting firm and alison zimmer, marketing assistant, i-g creative

Bummer, I just heard tonight that DJ Exel is leaving the East Coast for LAX in January. Many of the parties I have shot these last few months, he's been there laying decent tracks; he's in demand and you can catch him maybe for the last time, on New Year's Eve 2009 at Pearl's Geisha and Glamour eventSabrina Ponders, Denise Beek, Kathy Bagli, Kyleen Shaw and Karen Conway
Although this party had it's share of "celebrities", these two guys were right up there under the word unique: Kirk Ellis is the championship "Guitar Hero" and Billy Gaines is the founder of the "World Series of Beer Pong" held every year in Las Vegas.

More stylin' from Airin McClain and Nicole OliphantLet the listening begin
BJ takes to the "stage". For years he's been a back-up singer for Usher, who was supposed to be there, but because of the snow and ice didn't make it. Take a listen:

Oooh ohhhh baby. A nice set he sang about 5 songs, and included a few of the ladies in audience participation. Bringing that level of heat to the party stirred one of these ladies and a gent to get a room which for a little romance, which was a good idea since we were in the aloft hotel.Christina Patti plans on hitting the JLS New Years Eve party at the Bellevue, maybe with fan of disc golf Nora Erickson and James Halloway. The girls were grooving to BJ, and although I wish I knew when his new CD was going to drop, we all did a sampler in our parting gift bag.
3Kingdoms recording artist Remy Hendrix and producer Curtis Brown
Somewhere a poor pink bunny is shivering
John Clark never far from a pretty women (John's a stand up guy, and not pretentious when I asked if he had an "e" at the end of his name. He was like no problem. Some in the weather dept threw me attitude when asked a similar question.)

The very busy Matthew Vlahos, Teressa Thompson with Jimmy Contreras These boys have been keeping a low profile as they nest and settle in from much needed rest after the fall social season. Come January, following the week after the Academy of Music opens the winter social season with the annual Anniversary Concert and Ball, on Saturday, January 24, 2009, the Matthew Vlahos publicity machine will be having the seasons most celebrity studded, who's who of Philadelphia at the opening of Union Trust steak house on Chestnut Street.
Sherman Beyer with 2009 Grammy Nominated writer Helen Bruner and co-writer nominated Terry Jones with record producer Craig White
Yameen Allworld and Laiya St. Clair
Maybe an ode to the purple one himself - Prince
BJ the Chicago Kid and Marsha Ambrosius of Floerty

Thursday, December 18, 2008


If you haven't bought your 2009 calendar here are a few choices specific to Philadelphia:

'Boys of Philly' 2009 Wall Calendar
  • 12 hot local guys with beautiful Philadelphia backdrops
  • 100+ local lgbt events already printed on the calendar
  • All major holidays
  • Fascinating local lgbt fun facts
  • 8.5” x 11” format (measures 11” x 17” when hanging)
  • Premium 100 lb. gloss cover stock
  • Calendars printed in full color, inside and out

Also sold at:
- Absolute Abstract (141 S. 13th Street )
- Giovanni's Room (345 S 12TH St )
- Nevermore Inn (6426 Lower York Rd, New Hope)
- TLA Video (1520 Locust Street & 517 S 4th Street)

Or if you can't get to any of those places, you can still buy them online at

TWO THOUSAND NINE. That's the theme of our latest Philly Skyline, The Calendar, which is a good thing since its accuracy is required for punctuality, all next year.

The Skinny on the 2009 calendar:
• It's glossy.

• It's 11" x 17" (or 8½" x 11" times two, vertically).

• It's totally original, lovingly made right here in Philadelphia from someone who knows Philadelphia, not pieced together by some big production company with outdated stock photography.

• It's full of original photos, which in a sense amounts to a dozen 8x10s you can frame when the month is out.

• It's the only place you'll find all the Philly info and birthdays you absolutely need in 2009.

• It's only 20 bucks!
Your choices to buy Philly Skyline, The Calendar: 2009 are two: 1. You can buy it in person at Conspiracy Showroom (910 N. 2nd Street, across the street from North Bowl and Standard Tap in Northern Liberties) and 2. You can buy it RIGHT HERE on yr Skyline. All online payments are made through PayPal, the standard, trusted, secure payment source on this 'ere internet. Shipping is a measly three bucks and covers the protective mylar envelope and the cost of shipping via USPS.


The publisher of Where Magazine, Laura Burkhardt invited me to attend The Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association (GPHA) 17th Annual Scholarship and Hospitality Awards Luncheon on Tuesday. The GPHA serves the interests of 87 hotels, including all Center City properties, and over 140 allied members throughout the Delaware Valley. I choose to leave big Bertha home electing instead to taking my baby Nikon 7900, which I used to shoot almost all the photos on Confessions of a Paparazzi from 2006 - 2007 so it may be small but it's decent, except for this picture of the ballroom at the Bellevue.
Greeting us at the door was the Phillies Phanatic himself, my palms began to sweat, oh I should have brought Bertha, should I run back to my office and get her, will little Nelly be able to capture the big green creature, bird?OMG hyperventilating now, it's the Trophy, thank god I brought a camera, it crossed my mind not to bring one at all, thank god I didn't listen to that evil voice. James was kind enough to take a photo of me with the trophy. My only regret is I honored it and didn't touch it, I wish I had, I would have like to know if the flag poles were solid or easily bent?
After (exhausting myself by handing out all my biz cards to the concierge so they could tip me off to celebrity sightings) we retired to the ballroom for lunch. - ONLY KIDDING, really please call me. WON'T you? Actually I've met all these folks before, no one ever calls me for tips. Darn, how does MK or Dan Gross get them, they don't even have camera's!After scholarships were given to students in the hospitality field of study, and the Nice Awards were given to a couple of outstanding tourism groups, the Phanatic ran in to collect the "Heart of Philadelphia Award" which was given to the Philles team . "The Phillies thrilling brand of baseball brought excitement and national attention to Philadelphia, not only as the home of the World Series Champs, but by enticing tourism and travel destination."
Sorta like the Mummers, by the way donate money to Save the Mummers here !
Joining Laura at her table were: Mariska Bogle from the Philadelphia Tribune, Sophia Agorastos and Anastasia S. Karloutsos, the Waterworks restaurant, Me (OMG another pix of the elusive HughE, no stalking please),Bruce Yelk GPMTC, Table 31's Lauren O'Dorisio, Punch Media's James Zeleniak, seated Laura Burkhardt, Lago's Kristina Garcia and Laura Vernola, Garces Restaurant Group Starting in January, Morris Visitor Publications Joins forces with Center City District to publish The Center City Guide The digest-sized magazine focuses on Center City attractions, events, dining, shopping, museums, galleries, and nightlife, and was previously published by Philly Style Magazine. Now Morris/CCD will be distributing them throughout the City in apartment buildings, condo's, and high traffic areas. I've reviewed an early copy, and this will be the premiere "Go to Magazine" to find out the who's, where and what is going on in the City Guide. look for it in a few weeks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


100 Years publishing the Philadelphia Magazine

and all I got was this Krimpet Kake (My reading comprehension/math is down; I told my co-workers that I was going to see a 10 foot long cake after I read about the Tastykake celebration was going to be 12oo times the size of a Tastykake Krimpet)
If you give it out for free, they will comeand you will get press
Al Roker gets a shine

Look I have four fingers
All Gone

SPOILER ALERT - City Hall Gets Lit Tonight - Plus more City Hall Tidbits

Head to the Avenue of the Arts tonight, Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., when a dozen buildings along Broad Street will light up for the holiday season, a display that will last through the new year. The festival begins at 5:30PM, food and beverages will be served. The buildings lite up at 6:15PM to music.

Last night was the dress rehearsal and I caught my favorite building going through the motions

red and

and Pink and GreenPurple and oh wait this sounds familiar Captain NoahRed and yellow and pink and green, Purple and orange and blue, I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too!
Last night on the way back from a gig I saw this, a street cleaner doing his job, but it was raining. What's the deal? Isn't that what rain is for. It just looked silly. It irks me as couldn't we save the money for street cleaning in the rain and put it towards the budget of street cleaning after the Mummer's Parade (also why cut their budget a month b4 the parade, especially if tourist planned for a year to visit our City just to see this unique parade?)
It also drives me crazy that the City is still planning to lend the money to expand Central Library; let's not, let's take that money and spread it among the libraries that are closing. Finally, you know what happens when you close 55 out of 63 pools, fire hydrants are opened, and man power has to be sent out to close them; more people swimming in fountains, maybe getting injured and then suing the city, and because we are self insured, we pay. It's about safety.

To me cleaning the City Streets in the rain is just a tiny tip of the ice berg where it seems that money is wasted. I don't want to see this guy lose his job, but maybe he could do something more constructive instead of gassing up Gussie and cleaning a rainy street.On another note: the scaffolding is down, City Hall is free and clean after the 8 year cleaning project (This was the last side to be done). Of course now we don't have any money to celebrate, but you can celebrate by coming by and admiring the best City Hall in the world and all the superlatives that you can find out about when you visit Rm 121 and take the tour or go to the observation tower.