Friday, December 5, 2008


With the holidays looming large, it's a given that most of us will be attending at least one seasonal shindig, whether work-related, a gathering of friends or a family celebration, but here at Philly Chit Chat we are going to cover as many events as possible to share the joy, fashion and cheer and report the goings on that you might be interested to read. Where Magazine! and Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) threw a shindig at Macy's yesterday for the concierge community and their children, and friends. It was held in the Greek Hall, located near the Christmas decorations department, and just down the hall from the great Holiday Light Show. I love this photo as Laura Burkhardt plays with one of the kids who attended the event. Do you remember the first time you saw the Wanamaker Lord & Taylor now Macy's Holiday Light Show. It was probably with your family, when you were a kid and today it still tugs at your heart. Local actor Michael Heyniger, plays an elf at Macy's on the weekends assisting Santa, with him are Tee and Jonathan Vendrick

Getting into the Christmas spirit was Dino and Carrie Minelli. Right after this photo we ran over to the buffet and enjoy an eclectic menu of food from the Marriott Hotel's latest restaurant "Thirteen" . How many places do you know can serve sushi, Mexican food and LOBSTER Mac & Cheese, yummy. Gotta get some more soon.
At 6PM it was over to the area where the restaurant used to be to watch the light shot; I can't recall the name at the moment, but I had no idea the restaurant wasn't there anymore. Last year at this time I attended the Where Magazine concierge holiday party, and it was there. So at some point it's been removed and replaced withThe women's bathrobe section, and a few feet back, a toy section. Here Marriott's Gwenzotta McDaniel and Theresa Miller enjoy the show.
we also found the James Zeleniak family including wife Alicia and son Varjak Paul. (such a cool name, and after a little research I have found that it's the name of the character in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's, but in reverse; note to self find out if that was an influence) Who doesn't get goosebumps the first time you see the light show each year. As the festivities began to wane I got this great shot of happy friends Michael Byrne, Laura Burkhardt and Jeff Guaracino. Tonight I urge you to catch Michael Byrne as Joan Crawford The PGLTF 6th Annual Holiday Ball 7PM at Philadelphia Ethical Society CALL 215-627-6483 TO RSVP! It's going to be hysterical.

Earlier this week I was chatting about
Holiday Ornaments, here you will find a few, but not just any ornaments, autographed one's by some of your favorite celebrities! (Leslie Jordan, Elizabeth Taylor, Bebe Neuwirth and Mario Cantone to name a few!) Talking about a treat, Christmas came early for the kids that attended the Where Magazine and GPTMC Holiday Party as each tyke brought home a gift bag compliments of Macy's, Where and GPTMC.

Besides the lights, who doesn't love Horton hears a Who? I can so relate to that guy.


OK I want to start a new segment that I might write once or twice a week about things that might not pertain to an entry, but maybe it's something coming up, random thoughts of HughE, charity events, charity sales at stores etc. It's gonna be limited, or something I really think is interesting that I might go to, maybe it will have a Phila Celebrity, people ask me all the time "HughE how can I see a celebrity."
Maybe I will break some news, or tell you about a celebrity sighting. For example last Saturday night Alycia Lane and Booker were spotted at the G Lounge. I heard they were having a good time, very much in love and necking like school kids. Good for them. Also spotted in the vicinity were Stewart Bradley and a few of his friends who play on with him. So the G Lounge might be a good spot to go to see some of Philly's celebrities.A few recommendations for the next 55hrs as so aptly defined as the weekend:

Tonight: Friday, December 5th
7PM The Philadelphia Ethical Society on Rittenhouse Square.
I'll be there too.

Also it's First Friday and you need to check out
rock-photog Scott Weiner exhibit at Glam, Dec. 5, for "Home & Away." He debuts shots of celebs he shot in Philly along with pictures from desert travels through Utah and Arizona.

Or perhaps you might want to help out a child at CHOP and see the inside of the MarketPlace, the mysterious design center only open to the non-professional public twice a year or for these special occasions. Check out the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund's Toy Drive at the Market Place 6PM - 9PM to benefit Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Tonight is the monthly Sex Dwarf Party at Fluid. DJ Robert Drake takes us back to the great music of the '80s. $2 drinks til Midnight, kinda reminds you of the '80s too
This Month's Theme "Snowball 2008"

Finally - THE LINDA CREED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION'S "ENCHANTED HOLIDAYS", Luncheon & Fashion Show. Crystal Tea Room 12/6/08 11AM - 2PM (I guess I will miss the Army-Navy fly over about Noon, so when you hear that sonic boom you'll know what it was)

Originally Lisa Nutter was the Guest of Honor, but she canceled as something came up, was her respone. I wonder if she will be at the Army-Navy game greeting W & Laura, as I hear they will be attending the game at 1PM?

-Have A Great Weekend, and as always, thanks for reading PCC

Thursday, December 4, 2008


(PS let me just start out by saying, I don't mind you using some of these photos for Facebook, but I would appreciate Photo Credit, like it says in the margin, PhillyChitChat is fine, and you put it in your comment section right before you hit save. I don't do email blasts so my photos or google or links is what generates traffic. Thanks a bunch)

Last night was chock full of fun events to cover. First ran over to a holiday party I will be writing about soon, then planed to go to the Philadelphia Style Magazine party at Chima to celebrate the new gift guide in the current issue (pick it up to see 4 sections of HughE taken photos)

So Carrie and Dino Minelli & I left one fab event and ran over to the Philly Style Mag event; as Dino backed his car into a spot on the end of a block near Chima, some idiot decided she (no jokes please) would pull into the spot and beat us (it was very Seinfeld). She refused to move (yes that is her tire up on the sidewalk), and being the gentleman that Dino is gave it up, after a few choice words. So no Chima, no PSM. Not letting the she devil ruin our night we

ran over to Public House and caught the action there.
Facebook is the way to go to get the word out there on an event, the place was PACKED!!Working the door was Jane (Ok I have got to make it clear girls write clearly or your just gonna be plane Jane) and Nicole Iacono. Thanks for manning the door, I saw that line and completely avoided it. Carrying a big camera gets you in the VIP section - YEAH
Tangled up in Blue's Cynthia Ray. Ray doesn't have a regular brick & mortar store, but sells through ebay. Very clever, her stuff is beautiful too.Renee Christopher and Tara McLaughlin of Physician Body Solutions , Their website states "At Physician Body Solutions we specialize in offering minimally invasive facial and body contouring solutions for restoring and maintaining a more youthful appearance. Using our innovative High DEF SmartLipo procedure under tumescent (local) anesthesia, we can take off those unwanted pounds and unsightly bulges while you are awake resulting in a new slimmer, tighter body contour than with traditional liposuction procedures." I asked if they could lipo about 70lbs, and well no they don't, bummer.

There were bargain's to be had, but no one noticed the silent auction table because the bar was so inviting. Look behind you guys near the window. And although it was suggested to make a donation to Breast Cancer Awareness, when I left there were only a couple bucks in the donation box. It's one thing to be aware, but it would have been nice if a few more peps dropped some bucks in the box (yes I did, $20, not a problem even in this economy) . Ok now get out your checkbook and write a check to the sponsor of the evening the Breast Cancer Awareness or my baby the Linda Creed Foundation (I Believe the Children are our future, Teach them well ad let them lead the way, give them a sense of pride to make it easier... (sing along with me) foundation. I am covering their event on Saturday at the Crystal Tea Room. Tickets should still be available for the luncheon with special speaker Lisa Nutter.
(215) 564-3700I can't begin to tell you how great it was to see some color on the runway. I shoot NY Fashion Week, and all around town at the fancy places, and if you read me you know, black should be out by now. If there's anything we celeb photographers get tired of shooting it's people in black, we practically applaud on the red carpet if a celeb shows up in a print or color. ( JS Models, LLC. - )

OK girls go out and buy some color.

Guys ripped jeans should be out, I mean why is it acceptable to wear ripped jeans? I remember when we used to say, how sad that person can't afford to buy a new pair of jeans, and then suddenly we all have to have a pair of ripped jeans and they are in style. I remember when the style first came in and my friends would take a razor to their jeans to rip them (OK I guess I'm old). This guy won't be putting his wallet in his back pocket.Dig it. I like that vests are back, and that mysterious drawing that's been showing up on shirts lately has made it onto the vest. Philadelphia Soul's Sean Scott might've found a new career.

Hoodies getting styled. I really like this outfit.
John captures it all for I see tight jeans are back in. Does this mean no more baggie jeans and boxer briefing
You better work, work it girl, on the runway (aaah Rupaul, whatever happened to that gurl?)
The power girls thank you for coming out I only know Jamie Reibenbach but would love ID's for the other two thanksFront row baby
Talk about fashion Jimmy Contreras will be on FOX 29 at 7:45AM this morning, chatting about the do's and don'ts of fashion etiquette when on job interviews. With him is a guy that doesn't need any fashion 'cause he just knocks the girls dead with that killer smile and piercing blue eyes, Christian DiCicco.

The lovely and talented Kim Genkin, PR Account Executive @ Neff and (the) Les Richards, Les SchwartzbergOK these girls are working it, working it!! Maria Siravo, Jennifer Wolkowicz and Jenny damn I can't read your last name that you wrote. Thanks for showing Philly a little color, a little style, a little pizazz.

Hair and Make-up for the models was done by the fabulous Salon Norman-Dee

Look in the crowd my girls GN Kang and Meesha Miller. I didn't even see them, I was just doing a crowd shot. I bet they were over at Chima, darn that evil women who took our parking spot. Hats are making a comeback, I love the Faye Dunaway inspired hat that Meesha is wearing. She is a fashion plate.
Did I mention how crowded it was, it was time to go
But, Jessica Scott Jamie Reibenbach Matthew Vlahos and Alexis Small thank you all for coming out and supporting our gig, and thanks especially to
Pallini Limoncello, Les Richards, Shop 65, Rack and Roll Clothing, South Moon Under
Salon Norman Dee, JS Models, Alexis Small Public Relations, Matthew Vlahos Public Relations, Dining Out Magazine, Upcoming, Public House
Mission Grill, Tangled Up In Blue, YUBPr, Breast Cancer.Org,
Physician Body Solutions, Aquatic Fitness Centers, Nail Bar,
The end!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

PROP 8 The Musical All Star Cast Jack Black, Margaret Cho & Others - So on target!!


Pat Croce has been the face of fitness in Philadelphia for years, but now that mantle goes to physical therapist and trainer Joe Zarett, who I hear works miracles at his Zarett Rehabilitation.

L-R Pat Croce, Joe Zarett and Chickee & Pete's owner Pete Ciarrocchi A few weeks ago I attended the re-opening of the Zarett Rehabilitation after a renovation and expansion. When I got the inviation I wonder what kind of party happens in a gym, who goes to such an event, what's the dress code. Well not knowing anything about Zarett, I quickly learned the well heeled, athlete's and lots of attorney's work out here.

Here are a few folks that were more than happy to appear on PCC, thanks:
Connie & Joe Smukler with Lynne Honickman, founder and president of The Honickman FoundationOh and Pat told me that he got these custom jeans in LA, created by a tattoo artist. Here he is with his charming wife Ethel. It was fun chatting to them both, reminded me of the Papale's real down to earth people.

Sen Arlen Specter stop by; I voted for him a couple times. He's a character, I like that.

Along the wall are photos of some of the Zarett famous clients, my favorite person Sharon Pinkenson was there. Each of the photos is signed too, a la Geno's or Pat's Steaks or event the Palm (I had lunch at the Palm today with someone who's picture is on the wall. It was a great lunch/biz meeting. Exciting announcement coming up soon. But really great to talk to someone [I don't think I can say who it is at this moment] who is so forward thinking in media, grounded and aware.)Berny Brownstein (His daughter Toni was there and I failed to get her pix stupid me. Toni, Mike and I all lived at One Franklin Town eons ago; it was great to see her) and Joe Smukler

Stylish crew: Richard Barnhart, Anne Synder, Michael Smircomish, Marty Snyder and Barb Barnhart
A beaming Michelle Shlomo, with builder/renovator son Tuval and Patcharawan Macary
This is the women responsible for the new look, Interior designer Robin Stellwagen, (white modern massage tables, room-dividing fish tanks, sleek VIP showers and locker rooms, new equipment and cute little lobby with comfy chairs that I wouldn't want to leave to do all that hard work that is required to look slim and stylish. That's why I am behind the camera) Massage Therapist Erin Loveman (clever name), Kayla Ankeny, Massage Therapist, Ann Gray, Massage Therapist and Tom German Exercise Physiologist
mmm food presented in a clever way
OK recognized again, oh no not for PCC, but because his parents live in my bldg, on my floor. L-R Josh Cohen, Karissa Chaplinsky, Jules Rodin, Neal Rodin, Alyssa DeVore and Nik Deore
Rabbi Abraham Sheinter stops by to give his blessing, with him is Carl Goldenberg
Howard Eskin. First time I've ever seen him in public. He's aging classically.
Tennis player Eric Riley greets a fan
PR Extraordinaire Corie Moskow - Joe Zarett was so appreciative that he thanked Corie for putting the event together and she got a nice round of applause from many who were familiar with her work. It was a nice night in a classy joint, where health is the main topic, but business deals I'm sure are brokered.
Not Pictured: A recently in the news attorney and his Rittenhouse Sq wife who I will continue to ban from PCC until one of them gives me the time of day or even a faint smile of acknowledgment that any stranger would give to another on the street. Now I do know who they are, but when I didn't last summer, they were insulted I guess and said no to appearing on PCC.