Saturday, October 25, 2008


The mother of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson has reportedly been found shot to death at her South Side Chicago home.

The family's pastor has confirmed that 57-year-old Darnell Hudson Donerson is one of two people found dead Friday afternoon in the house.

The "Chicago Tribune" reports on its website the suspect is in custody, but a seven year old boy taken from the home is still missing. The Cook County Medical Examiner's office identified the two shooting victims as 57-year-old Darnell Donnerson, the actress' mother, and 29-year-old Jason Hudson, the Oscar-winning actress' brother.

Police identify the missing seven-year-old as Julian King, a Hudson family relative. In a police statement, the suspect in the shooting was identified as William Balfour.

The "Tribune" reports Balfour pleaded guilty in 1999 to attempted murder and vehicular hijacking.

This was the first photo I shot of Jennifer Hudson at the premiere of Dreamgirls. She had come over to the fan section to greet and sign. It was also the night before I moved from NYC back to Philadelphia after 18 months of a paralegal assignment I was on. December 7, 2006The next time I photographed her I had become a professional celebrity photographer. This was at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 28, 2007

The 40th Anniversary of New Line Cinema 10/6/2007 held at Lincoln Center, NYC; Pictured here is her long time boyfriend from Chicago, Il

During her busy schedule, Jennifer came to Philly to do a Q&A with my friend Laiya St. Clair over at the Beat 100.3 By this time Jen was dating a new guy that would eventually become her fiance, but I wasn't able to get a photo of them even though he was in the Green Room.The premiere of Sex and the City May 2008. Jen my heart, soul and prayers go out to you. You're such a wonderful sweet girl, I hope that you can recover from this horrible tragedy that has happened to your family.

Friday, October 24, 2008


JL Sullivans in the Bellevue, hosted The Philadelphia Metro's kickoff party for their new Arts & Culture section which will be in the Thursday edition. Council women Blondell Reynolds Brown and Peggy Amsterdam of Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance gets into the Philles spirit.
Ryan Martinez is a member of Philadelphia Beatles which was at the Society Hill Playhouse, but closed prematurely this week, with Maryanne Sterin, Deen Kogers of the Society Hill Playhouse

Mann Music Center's Marketing Manager Phil Sumpter and Natasha Towles

GPFO's Director of Marketing Nicole Ross recently organized a "Green going on the Silver Screen event"; "Our main goal tonight is not to completely change the way the film industry thinks about the environment, but it is our goal to get them to think about the choices that they make everyday on their sets," Nicole Ross said; with her is GPFO Director Joan Bressler (coming up next week photos from the GPFO Annual Party, and you'll never guess who was there, well unless you read MK's column this week and saw the picture I took published.

Gary P Steuer, Philadelphia's newly named chief cultural officer of the Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy, Peggy Amsterdam and Metro publisher Eric Mayberry
The first issue with the section focusing on arts & culture in Philadelphia.

Proud wearing McCain/Palin button wearer Craig Drake, with democratic former City Controller Jonathan Saidel, attorney's George Bochetto, Christy Adams, Scott Sigmen of Bochetto & Lentz. A few weeks back I was invited to a kicking party at their firm to welcome their new entertainment industry attorney Kevon Glickman.
Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds-Brown checking out the new arts & culture section, which is in the Thursday's edition of the Philadelphia Metro - did I mention that?
Thanks so much for visiting PCC this week. OMG I was so busy, I am now getting the occassional Photographer for hire events, and those photos must be turned around and sent out to the client in a very short time, so that's why my blog entries are sometimes delayed. Also if a photo from an event is to be in one of the media organization I contribute to, well that's another delay. The biggest being Michael Klein's Sunday column which always delays the photos a week. I am going to work on a solution for that so I can be more current. I know people have been inquiring about a few parties I've attended and I promise I will be posting them this week. The numbers this week are unbelievable, but of course I wrote about the Phillies, oh and I get about 100 inquires about the Henri David Ball and the Elvira event through google. So just think it took me a year and a day to get 100,000 hits, and less than 4 months to get 60,000 hits. So thank you very much, especially to my daily readers. - HughE PS Check out this cool Obama picture a few artist constructed in a Shickshinny, Pennsylvania Field of Hope

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Because today there's another Philadelphia Phillie Pep Rally and it's at the Reading Terminal; Phillie's Fever has hit town - RTM site states: Join 1980 World Series champion Dickie Noles and former pitcher and current Comcast SportsNet analyst Ricky Bottalico in Center Court at Noon (12PM). We will also have music from the Fralinger String Band.

Help cheer the Phils on to victory in the World Series.

Remember, wear something RED!

But before you go to the rally I suggest you stop of at this little nugget of a place to pick up a shirt, hat or gift. Sure a lot of people have jumped on the Red bandwagon, but I thought this shop was unique as it is a dedicated "Phillies shopping destination" across from my Godiva Chocolate dessert stop, as long as the Phillies are hot, this store is hot. I found it while walking around Liberty One today and it was crowded at 3PM... After checking out the various shirts, and almost picking up a couple of pink one's, Lillian and Janice settled on the tradional red "Phillies Champion" shirts
I asked Lisa where she was going to wear her pretty in pink Phillies Champion Shirt. She had a most interesting story as she was heading up north to take a deposition of a prisoner, and would just have to find a local restaurant to catch the game. I noticed Lisa's huge ring with the pink crystal. She told me she bought it across the mall at Swarovski, it was a limited edition Breast Cancer item. I stopped by Swarovski's on my way back to the office. They told me the iconic Nirvana Ring (retail $260) is sparkling in pink in support of The Libby Ross Foundation's Yoga Program for Breast Cancer Survivors. Only 2,000 of these sparkling rings will be produced, so hurry to your local Swarovski boutique or
Then there's Frank Welsh of FranklyLegal (gotta love that name) purchased a few ties for himself, and flags to hang around the office. No doubt when those afternoon games came up he took a long lunch.You'll need some Money! Moola! Credit! Cash! but not too much because the prices seemed really reasonable. I bought two onesies for my sisters new boy Beau for only $20 and a beer bottle insulator for $10, so basically you need the moola for multiple purchases, see Frank above (check out these Phillies Dollar Bills; it's not surprising that Victorino is the big seller. They are $5 each and very realistic)I did take a photo of the sign for your convenince. Most shirts are $20 like my favorite one

This one was my favorite, plain and to the pointAnd it seemed to be very popular with a the people I saw wondering around Liberty Place
as I scoped out the place
and there was an occasional paired with kick ass boots and black jacket. Suitable for work attire this week.
As I made my way home I ran into the Obama folk at 16th and Chestnut. "That Guy" is getting into the spirit too and I had to have all three. So enjoy the games, the excitement, the anticipation, and the sea of red this week
And Go Phillies!!


It's true you want to know. Whether I am at my regular grocery store, at a family function, with friends or at my day job, people want to know - "They pay you right?" "How much do you get for a picture" Everyone always thinks it's thousands of dollars, not even close. I always tell them the days of celebrities without their underwear are over. Now those shots you can retire on.

This week a photo I took of Rihanna
is in Star Magazine. Rihanna is so beautiful I didn't even realize she didn't have any makeup on, but I guess when my photo agency saw the photo that tagged it as such and this week it's in Star Magazine. Star used to be a tawdry mess with half truths, somewhere along the line it's become more like People Magazine; many young people don't realize the stigma Star had as it's gone to mostly a photo driven magazine
I on the other still cringe when my photos appear in it, but when the check comes I get over it as Star does pay much better than the other magazines. Believe it or not people always ask me what I make from a photo that's published. I usually tell them because they are under the misconception that it's thousands of dollars. Basically a page is valued at $800. So there's three pictures on the page, but one is the full page; the photo on the right gets $400. My photo is worth $200 then my agency gets half and I get $100. To get this photo I waited about 2 hrs. During this time I also photographed Chris Brown and NeYo. Neither of them sold, but had Chris Brown been with Rihanna _JACKPOT!!
But this photo has longevity and will be sold over over and over again, so in it's lifetime I could make a thousand dollars. Although websites are probably read more than magazines, and the photos stay there indefinitely, you make less about $25.

Unless it's a foreign market, for this shot that I took in Philly in May of the Marley & Me movie I made $55
Us Magazine Online $50
Us Magazine hard copy
Amy Smart (middle) $133.33 after the split with my agency. $10. But it's ok, I love seeing my shots get picked up, especially in Elle Magazine even if it's only online. The publicity for an event in little 'ol Philadelphia is priceless. My reward is doing a good deed by promoting an event I believe in, it really is. Philly is happening and the word needs to get out.
or when I can tell a story about a celebrity that others may not know. Like how Terrence Howard signs his autographs upside down and backwards. (Click on pix to see it larger)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nightlifegay: A Halloween invitation with Elvira

Nightlifegay: A Halloween invitation#links

Nightlifegay: Phillies pep rally at Reading Thursday

Nightlifegay: Phillies pep rally at Reading Terminal#links

Wear your Phillies Red on Thursday, October 23rd as the Reading Terminal Market presents our PHILLIES WORLD SERIES PEP RALLY! Join 1980 World Series champion Dickie Noles and former pitcher and current Comcast SportsNet analyst Ricky Bottalico in Center Court at Noon. Music will be provided by from the Fralinger String Band.

Valanni's fall fashion show - "Big Time" with BRINI MAXWELL

AND THE BEAT GOES ON.... "On Thursday, TV's Brini Maxwell hosted "Big Time" at Valanni, the medi-latin tapas restaurant at 1229 Spruce Street. More than two dozen 80s-inspired looks went down the runway, from boutiques like Bus Stop and designers such as Zivile Pupinyte. Local celebrity guests included television personality/calendar model Butch Cordova, Phillies Ball Girl Janita Applebaum (who weekends on 100.3 The Beat), reigning Miss Philadelphia Brintha Vasagar (wearing Tibi from Kimberly Boutique) and Jimmy Contreras of Kimberly Boutique -- rumored to be one of Philadelphia Magazine's "Most Eligible Bachelors" in the upcoming November issue. His boutique participated in the show, and paired Tibi with fashions from Felix Populi, Brini Maxwell's new line of fashion and home accessories."

When I walked through the doors at Valanni's restaurant on Spruce Street last Thursday night I was transformed to the era of Grace Jones and “Dynasty,” of Armani shoulder pads and polka dots, and that damn square Rubik's Cube which I could never figure out. As you can see by the above photo Valanni's went all out, out in decor, drinks, and the runway, which extended 5 feet into the sidewalk. I hear that in the wee hours a few men were strutting their stuff and they couldn't hack it falling a couple feet to the pavement. No one was hurt, except for a couple of the bruiser's egos.
The PR treated me swell allowing me a few moments to snap a few fashion shots of Brini Maxwell. After snapping about a dozen photos I apologized to Ms. Maxwell for blinding her with the flash, "On the contrary young man, I love the lights, camera's and action" If only Jennifer Aniston was half the lady. There's a myriad of reasons these special events are put on, and this is special night as Valanni's completely transformed their elegant restaurant into a decadent den of the '80s complete with Red Hots, Lemon Drops in candy dishes, big hair and vintage Madonna music, whatever happened to her?Often a venue will throw these events to bring potential patrons into their restaurant in hopes that the guests will make a return visit, and for this event maybe the attraction is the electrifying atmosphere of the bar. Mirrored on one wall so that everyone on all sides of the bar can check out their surroundings for the decor or maybe their next potential suitor.

Two wild and crazy guys, Aron and Scott scope out the scene, a scene that any club or restaurant craves, a scene that people want to be at, a great party that I was witnessing happen, that night I really saw that Philadelphia was a happening, it wasn't a bar, it was a holiday from the regular bar nightclub scene, something specialand here is something else that is special...Sarah Cooper Bobersky testing out the runway. I love the day glow colorsafter pushing my way through Sarah I made my way to the Korbel VIP lounge to check out the Gift Bags, you know how I love those gift bags sponsored by Ettore and others

These two guys were like, what the heck am I going to do with Kotex, but I think they were a bit looped as it was hand lotion, I think.
Guy Candy. I love his skull belt buckle. This outfit can be found at Crash, Boom, Bang which my research tells me used to be Zipperhead. The building still has those cool ants climbing the walls.

Zivile Pupiuyte @Zivice Art (she looks like she would be in art, doesn't she?), Elena Brennan - Bus Stop, Reen Schellehem, Laurie Hartenstein and Cathy Cifonelli of Behind Closed doors. According to Philly's Daily Candy "A former fashion designer, Cifonelli breathes glamour into old furniture by recovering them in retro textiles. With an irreverent approach, she might slap a coat of red paint and a swath of leopard-print fabric onto a tired chair."
From Dan Gross' column earlier this week: 100.3 The Beat host and former Daily News Sexy Single Janita "Applebaum" Styles and husband, Jessiah "Milk" Styles, just celebrated their second wedding anniversary at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel's SoleFood restaurant, where they met. Jonathan Vendrick, VIP manager for Loews, made sure that the pair were well-cared-for, and arranged for their room to be strewn with red and white roses. - L-R, Joanathan Vendrick, Jimmy Contreras and Brian Goldthorpe

David Blaine, er I mean David Scoops Dyer makes an appearance with his camera crew. The vid isn't up yet, but do stop by Streettalkin to check out there new improved site and the videos showcasing the events, places and people in this city, sorta like Philly Chit Chat but like TMZ instead. Funny how I compare them to TMZ and people always call my website Perez Hilton, except I don't draw penis' on people and I usually avoid contreversy. Hmm do I have any to offer here, no but the Valanni team has a few more exciting events like "Big Time" fashion coming up. Streettalkin was one of the sponsors that night. Check out Phawker's AARON STELLA, GAYDAR EDITOR's opinion, which is as divine as he is . GAYDAR EXTRA: A ‘Big Time’ At Valanni (darling, who at Phawker hates you, you must change that picture, you are not Skylar, you are more like friendly adorable Peter Petrelli; if you picked out that graphic, nevermind)PR extraordinaire Matthew Vlahos helped organize the event, paying attention to every detail without a rest. Hey Matt straight down front, what could be more important than me taking your photo.

According to Digg Philly's Mathew Ray's interview: The most important thing is a good basic coat. I say: Keep it simple. It will go with everything and you’ll always look good. You should also have a well fitting suit. The nice thing about a suit is that it can be the cornerstone of so many different looks, from casual to formal, when mixed and matched with other pieces in your wardrobe. Last but not least is a pair of jeans. MC'ing the fashion show, Brini took time out to pose with fans and a few sponsors. On our far right is Jennifer Karwoski. The holidays are coming up, and you want to plan a party, think about Valanni has taken over the space next door, divided it into dining tables, and save a rather large section for events like your holiday party: "Jennifer Karwoski" below with George Anni (Married to Val Anni - get it Valanni) Brini is clutching her pearls as is Donald Carter, Philly's gay republican who once appeared on the Bill Mahr show to discuss politics, is going to vote for a democrat for the first time in many years, it's Obama for him this year. Palin was just the worst choice and he says it's time for a change and he's an Obama man. (Now if only Todd a Philadelphia Democratic committeeman would get over his Hillary rejection and vote for Obama, instead of McCain because his poor wittle heart hurts and he wants revenge)As the crowd warmed up, the guests took the runway out for a spin. The permit for the night closed 1/2 of Spruce Street for the overflowing crowd.

Drew Berenato, Antoine Johnson and Jake Roberson ("The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."). Drew was walking by and ran into Antoine, they went to Villanova University together and were friends. Can you imagine that? I'd really like to know how the night ended for these guys, comment section is free.
Julie Cohen, Katie McMeans, Jake Roberson, Antoine Johnson, and Jenny Limm all of House of Talent Antoine Johnson is the CEO of both HOT and The Sapphire fund (Geez and I think I have too much on my plate)
Below you will find Veronica Vukovica & Anthony Checetto, Another Philly Chit Chat reader, thank you. Anthony is Director of VIP Services at Yakitori Boy (Staying grounded in our Japanese roots, Yakitori Boy is modeled after Izakaya, similar to a Japanese version of a pub. We serve traditional Japanese cuisine, tapas style, promoting sharing and a greater sampling of the menu.)

Anthony also recommends this very cool video his friends from UPENN did in honor of Spike Jonze (Who I am so irritated I did not photograph a few weeks back when I saw Michelle Williams getting out of a car for a screening of her new movie. Spike got out too, and I thought I would let them gather themselves for the red carpet, but he skipped the carpet part - bummer) Anyway you have got to check out this video, of course after reading today's entry.

Freaks of the Beat - Drop Music Video

Kerry Goldstein Premiere and Meg Rider of Manna. Mystery solved, it was Meg Rider that heard that I was at the Pie in the Sky event lst week at City Hall, and then twittered about it.
Lymar Torres and the Baraness (seriously Laura she spelled it that way)
The talented gong show inspired runway dancers are Mindy Norbeck and Daniele Strawyre

The great Chris Gabello creating magic, check out his magic from this event at (I'm so glad he doesn't have a blog, I'd lose readers by the second) Many times people ask me if I did head shots, and I refer them to Chris. You got to check out his site, it's the real thing.
I think you'll agree that Jen's idol in the 1980's was Molly Ringwold, Sweet Sixteen forever girl!!
Patrick Thomas, Greg Taylor and CeCe Cunningham in anticipation of the evenings event. There's no doubt about it that Greg is into fashion and style just check out that sharp blazer with a kerchief in his pocket. A Washington DC native CEO Gregory Taylor's women's ready-to-wear clothing line Walish Gooshe
Patrick Hamilton coozies up with Steve Cisowski. Lately I hear Steve has been practicing his Hip-hop class moves he's learned in class, and I do hope he invites Philly Chit Chat to the recital.
Brini was so smooth in her commentary as she describes the outfits in her smooth Mrs Clever/Mrs. Cunningham tone "Isn't this marvelous, really makes a statement" she cooed. "Roadie TShirts making a comeback, how nice."
Kenny, Jart D, Martha and Star. Shirts are still in style untucked, but thankfully it looks as if pants are riding back up.Lorna Kuehl, Lauren Swartz, Anna Sorensen, Jen Walters, Steve Williams, and Dave (Anna I have a gift bag for you. Anna told me that she reads PCC every day. So maybe when a reader tells me they read Philly Chit Chat I will give them the gift bag from the event I am attending as a little thanks for you being you and reading me - Thanks, really.)
At about 1AM I had to call it a night, it was a school night after all. I left Kinky Jen to her own devices and made a beeline home as I had to be up and ready for my day job in less than 5 hrs. Did you know I have a day job, yeah paralegal.

The gift bag by Ettore including shampoo, lip gloss, hand lotion and coupons plus it came in this cute little white bag. Sometimes when I get such cute bags I think to myself I wonder if I can recycle this and drop it off at Ettore's so they can use it for someone else. Oh BTW I have this gift bag & the one I recieved at the Rum Bar for my biggest fan:
Here are the guts of the bag...I love those little pac man guysTonight is turning out to be the craziest of schedules for me first up: catch another event that Matthew Vlahos will have his creative hands on as celebrity chefs "Rumble in the Kitchen" at the Loews Hotel. The Action begins at 5PM ; Then the AIA Design folks are having a VIP that I hope I can make as my arm candy tonight will be the women who got me into all things archetectural, City Hall Tour Director Greta Greenberger, then it's off to the opening of Calderwood 2's new store across from Osteria. Now you will have another furniture store close to Center City to buy great pieces from to outfit your abode. Next up and the PW "Taste of Philly" event at the Franklin Institute, which I know will be a lot of fun, but I have a feeling I won't be rounding out my night with 'cause I have to find time to do PhillyChitChat as it is its about 2:30am right now, so I am signing off. - HughE