Friday, October 3, 2008


Last week I attended the much anticipated Butch Cordova's clever take on the subject of calendars - Straight/Butch calendar debut signing and party to celebrate the publication of the calendar that was 2 year's in the makin'. In Bed with Butch, Butch Cordova the WYBE/DUTV host had a brainstorm a few years back. The 2009 wall calendar, called Straight and Butch, featuring provocative photos of Butch posing with twelve different naked straight men that promises to push the artistic envelope. His subjects included friends, men who worked at stores he frequented and and men who answered his ad on Craigslist.

The 2009 wall calendar, called Straight and Butch, featuring provocative photos of Butch posing with twelve different naked straight men that promises to push the artistic envelope. “The goal was to make a bold and powerful statement,” says Cordora in his latest press release. “A social experiment if you will, about where we are in the world today in regards to tolerance, acceptance, sensitivity, sexuality, masculinity and the human condition.”

He gather a few talented photographers, Christopher Gabello (here with his wife Kristin [the cover shot above was taken by him), Tony Ward, Aaron Cobbett and Mike Ruiz.
Christopher took this photo with his subjects in the Wissahickon Creek. Gabello tells me that he shot it 200 feet away with a long lense on a ladder as to capture the entire environment.
Another Gabello shot taken on the same day, is based on the iconic shot on John Lennon's "Double Fantasy" album cover. Shot in the bedroom of someone's house, Gabello photographed this from above his subjects as they lay in bed. Although based on the Annie Lebowitz's piece, it contains suttle differences that make this shot stand out and really makes it a fine art piece which should be framed and sold separately. But you can own it if you pick up this calendar at Giovanni's Room in Philadelphia, or
Another Beatles inspired shot was this take off on Abbey Road, and although it's been done before, the photographer Michael Itkoff takes it and delivers something a bit different, ok their nake that's different, but also he shoots the whole scene, not just the subjects. And that cross walk, completely added with Photoshot 'cause this is Elkin's Park and their are no streets like this. All the guys in this shot also have their own solo shots in the calendar. Michael Itkoff grew up in the suburban sprawl outside of Philadelphia, PA.; besides being his own accomplished photographer he is also the magnificient Annie Lebowitz's assistant.

Black Gay Republican who I hope is voting for Obama, Donald Carter & local Philebrity Survivor contestant Gervase Peterson who is in the calendar about 4 times
Key Greene, Adrian Abonce, Javier Suarez, Michelle Bottalico, Zach Brady, Rocky Ciarrocchi Alba, Nino
Christine Settino, Jennifer Shreiner, Butch Cordova, Sherri Eyer, Heather Krehling, Susan Curtis and Dave Newby
Tony Borzotta, Chelsea Winters, Jamie Krass, and Melissa Grojean,
"The initial plan was to have Tony Ward" (you know Madonna's Tony Ward, did I mention I photographed her this week) "do all 12 photos. When I met with him, he was intrigued by the whole thing. He had never heard of anything like this and felt it was a strong conceptual, bold idea. And while he's incredibly straight, photographs the naked female body and has no desire what-so-ever to shoot male nudes, at the end of the day, all photographers want is a powerful, never been done before, in your face project to work on."

However, as the project moved along, he felt multiple photographers would add to the juxtaposition and diversity of the photos, ending up with six photographers total. Butch and Billy Barton at Tattoo's Mom's
Tony Borzotta, Natalie Danner, Gervaise Peterson & Butch Cordova

Where do I buy the Straight/Butch Calendar might wonder; well you can start at Giovanni's Bookstore, or any of the TLA Video stores and shortly it will be available on; You can find Butch on his TV program In Bed with Butch on WYBE/DUTV and his radio show. Also upcoming is a documentary on the whole shoot "Straight & Butch" which should be ready for screening next year.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN CONCERT ON PARKWAY re: After Philadelphia Obama Concert then go to MIDTOWN VILLAGE FESTIVAL Plus The Philly Sign Grave Yard

After being such good sports in changing the date for the Midtown Village Festival to accomodate a charity event, now the festival is up against another important event; the Bruce Springsteen Obama Rally on the Parkway Saturday 10/4/08, but that's not going to put a damper on the festivities, they know that after a day long voter registration & accostic set by Bruce, you'll be thirsty, you'll want to party, usher in the fall by heading over to Center City's newest hotspot - Midtown Village to celebrate the fall festival for shopping, good food and then stop on by Octoberfest at McGillins or stop by there first and then head over to the shops and other activities planned that day. (I know after the Bruce event I'm heading over there, I will be pumped and want to continue the party and McGillin's is a must stop)
There's a reason Gourmet magazine -- named McGillin's one of the 14 coolest bars in the U.S. because it is...The last time we visited McGillins Old Ale House was for St. Patrick's Day and really is there any other place you'd want to be for Octoberfest either.

On Saturday join Chris Mullins, his dad and the entire McGillin's staff in helping you kick off Octoberfest. As usual McGillin's is going on all with a tented area along Drury Lane, Karaoke, food and beer, lot's and lot's of delicious beer for you to get into the spirit. Celebrate King Ludwig's wedding. Octoberfest beers & food. Through Midtown Village Festival - Beer Garden, music & karaoke.
Did you know that besides being one of the City's oldest bars, McGillin's displays many of the signs that used to adorn some of Philadelphia's iconic businesses.
While I was there for lunch yesterday another Philadelphia establishment was preparing to change their name and they dropped off the old sign to be displayed at the bar. Commerce Bank is just about to undergo a name change after being bought by Canada's TD Bank.
So really after the Springsteen Obama Voter Registration Rally stop by the Midtown Festival, I mean you have to go in that direction for public transportation, so why not just stop on by. Midtown is 13th Street between Chestnut and Walnut streets; Sansom Street between Juniper and 12th Streets; and Drury Lane which will all be closed to traffic so that visitors can stroll the street and enjoy the food, fun and music. Festival runs from 12 Noon til 8PM, but the bars and restaurants will be open til 2AM, so get your party on.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Philadelphia's GLBT Man About Town - Thom Cardwell Gets Roasted by Friends and Family

City of Hope Roasted our good friend, and Philadelphia Humanitarian Thom Cardwell the other night. Many of Thom's friends and family came out to celebrate the special night and give Thom a few zingers down memor

Here Thom is surrounded by Assouline Caviar Liz Martin, a childhood friend and his sister Janice
What we all wanted to see, Thom on his thronebeing thanked for all his generous contributions to society
To see a great video of the night's event go to StreetTalkin Philly's own TMZ get's the David "Scoops" Dyer gets the dirt from Thom Cardwell. (Clink on link for interview)
A nice crowd turned out to fete Thom
Dan Conitaro, Courtland Beakley, Brian Goldthorpe, Jonny Caputo and Bruce Yelk
Susan Helfich, Jimmy Rout, Thom and Mark

Mark, Patti and Perry
Some of the fine folks from City of Hope that do the great work to fight Cancer. On the right is Harry Giordano from the Philadelphia chapter. www.cityofhope.orgDan McCafferty (DA candidate 2009), Thom and Dawn Tancredi, Esq.

Mary Patel enthusiastically hugs her Thom
Thom and Scott Barnes
The Barnharts - Paul, Mary Kay and Paul Sr with Pat Brothers
The roasters and roastee

Thanks to the sponsors including and vitamin water
Thom shows off his big rock to Philadelphia Tribune's Bobbie Booker

The roaster and roastee Michael, Mary, Johnny, Mickey, Brittany Lynn, Thom, Jimmy, Susan and Michael
Patti Klein, Thom Cardwell and Sarah Doheny
Photos from the Metro's "On the Scene" column (click to make larger)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Published on People Mag Online today

I took this photo Monday at David Letterman's Stage Door (Click on photo to make bigger)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Café Cret operated by Capriccio Opens on the Parkway in Philadelphia with a reasonably priced Menu

TODAY at 11AM the gates come down and the doors open as the Center City District (CCD) is celebrates the completion of improvements to Three Parkway Plaza and the opening of Café Cret (pronounced “Cray”), operated by Capriccio. Check out their site:

operated by Capriccio.Invited speakers include:
  • Michael DiBerardinis, Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
  • Mark Focht, Executive Director, Fairmount Park Commission
  • Rose Hagan, Head of School, Friends Select
  • David Wagaman, Owner, Capriccio at Café Cret
  • Paul R. Levy, President & CEO, Center City District
The dedication of Three Parkway Plaza and opening of Capriccio at Café Cret, marks the completion of another major initiative by the CCD, in partnership with the Fairmount Park Commission, to enhance and animate public open space along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
The café, which features indoor and outdoor seating, will be open seven days a week, year-round, generating revenue to support maintenance of the plaza and the Parkway. The café, named after one of the original designers of the Parkway, Paul Cret, will also serve as an information center for programs and events on The Parkway.

Photo and television opportunities: There will be a ribbon-cutting, with food sampling from Capprico and its vendors, along with entertainment from Parkway and nearby institutions, including Friends Select, Russell Byers Charter School, the Free Library of Philadelphia and others.
The menu is prominently displayed with the prices
Fresh Brewed coffee $1.55 1.75 1.85 to Peppermint White Mocha $4.15 4.70 5.00 and everything in between
Breakfast Burrito $3.95 with egg, cheese & bacon or sausage on a bagel for a bargain $2.99; Ice cream (I guess prices have gone up since I last had ice cream)
Cone or Dish $3.75 4.00 4.45 Milkshake $4.95 Jimmies & extra's $.50
Sandwiches & Salads all very reasonable with grilled salmon on a bed of lettuce the most expensive at $7.95 and the rest falling below that price.
I am looking forward to this little nugget opening on the Parkway, not only because it's on my route walking home, but it's also a wonderful addition for tourist and compliments the area that was fashioned after the Champs Elysie, where many people sip a latte at their favorite cafe while writing in their travel journals, reading the paper or just people watching.