Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Wrap Up re: or my success is delaying my posts

Success is killing me. I have only been back from NYC Fashion Week a little over a week. I have shot a handful of events, but now that I am published in The Metro, Philly Style Magazine, Rittenhouse Magazine and the Inquirer I don't want to scoop myself just in case it ruins the day of one of my 497 readers each day to have seen the photo in another media source after seeing it on my blog, so I have to hold back on the photos. So today and maybe once a week I will do a crazy wrap up, maybe a street fashion segment, to fill the gap of an event that should go into the press first or until I build my event porfolio up again. Tonight I was at an event that I will write about next Thursday (The Metro comes out Wednesday). This is the sunset I saw tonight.
I was backing up my photos from Fashion week, I still have one more entry to do sometime next week, but not these photos. I still get tingles up my spine when someone like Rhianna looks me dead in my lense, gives me that all important eye contact and I capture it. I know she's really not looking at me, but connecting with the fans. But it still makes me smile because with 70 screaming photographers on the carpet, it's not always easy connecting like this.
Poor Tyra, she was being rushed down the carpet as the show was begining, but Tyra wanted face time, and the chance to be published so she gave us this pose as she was pushed along the way. I can't help think that she is a beautiful corpse here. (Sadly I was at a funeral today, my 59 yr old neighbor died at a wedding while dancing with his wife. They even had a photo from the wedding of him dancing 10 minutes b4 he died of a massive heartattackAt the funeral they had a photo montage of his life to the soundtrack of "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing")

Last week I went to a mini concert of Solange Knowles. The week before I photographed her on the red carpet at Fashion Rocks. I asked her last week who she was wearing - Georgio Armani. I wish I asked her how she sat in it?
Thursday she was at the Luxe Lounge. She was so styling it with those shoes. She did a Q&A with my friend Laiya St. Clair from The Beat 100.3

This is the shot that was in the Philly Inquirer on Sunday. Solange kicked it, I immediately went out and bought the CD. It's only $7.99 at FYE. Go buy it, it is worth it!! Check out for cuts like this one
It's hard for my friends, I want to capture every moment. It could be worse, I could be a videographer. Sarah and Matt just want to talk about upcoming events, schedules and the future. I am really energized by these two. It's really exciting to see how events, PR, Social Media, news, information is created and disseminated. I keep telling them we need to get an elephant to really make a splash at the next event. YUbr PR maven Sarah Doheny tells me that she had one a few years back at a wedding she coordinated. Oh well what should I think of next.

It's fall. I am going to start my 1002th diet on Monday. This time I am serious, I may even get a trainer. But these 2am bedtime hours have to go.
On my way home I pass the Parkway Building, nice on the outside. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

TONIGHT TWO GIANTS RECIEVE ROASTS - Thom Cardwell and 2008 Recipient Mikhail Gorbachev who isn't have the man Thom is in his generosity

One of Philadelphia's most notable GLBT members, Thom Cardwell, will be on the hot seat tonight at the Independent Visitors Center (6th & Market Streets). Most people know Thom as the face of Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, but oh has he done soooooooo much more. Here are just a few of his accomplishments: American Bandstand regular, founding member of Greater Phila. Prof. Network (GPPN), Founding member of GALA Arts, Jounalist, and Screenwriter to name just a few... (ok entire paragraph lifted from as I'm too busy today to think of my own wording, but the photos are mine)

The Independence Hall area will be buzzing, as Gorbachevwill also be receiving the Liberty Medal right next door. So security will be tight, and parking will be at a premium, but don't let this keep you away.

Thom also a very BIG heart. Thom has pledged to raise $100,000 for the City of Hope organization and is event will help raise funds for that goal. The reception begins at 6pm with the roast at 7pm. For Tickets, call 800-344-8169 or you can buy them at the door.
According to SteakWith on - Giving Gorbachev a medal is a joke. He was a complete failure as the Soviet leader. He attempted to "reform" the Soviet system, not cause its complete collapse. Gorbachev did not want a democracy and did not want freedom for the soviet puppet states. SHAME on the Constitution Center.

SEPTEMBER IS OVARIAN CANCER AWARENESS Re Philadelphia Style Magazine's Celebrity Bartender Event to benefit Ovarian Cancer Research

Also reposting this entry, tonight at Kildare's and

Philadelphia Style Magazine Celebrity Bartender event with AJ Feeley and publisher Sarah Schaeffer 6 – 8 PM.

I never knew that September was Ovarian Cancer Month until just a few month ago when my beautiful, young, vibrant sister was diagnosed with the "whispering cancer".
(not picture 3 of my siblings)
After reading about the disease online for hours, days and weeks, I then focused on awareness, education and fund raising. Yesterday my sister and I promised each other that next year we do an Ovarian Walk together, unfortunately after a little research last night, I didn't find any local Philadelphia area walks, but I did find this great fund raising event coming up on September 18:

Philadelphia Style Magazine will sponsor a Celebrity Bartender event to benefit
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
Sarah Schaffer and AJ Feeley from the Eagles will be bartending - 6PM til 8PM.

Kildare's 509-511 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147
(PS I won't be there, as I have another charity event that I committed to shooting - City of Hope's Thom Cardwell Roast at the Philadelphia Visitor's Center - See Philly Chit Chat Calendar for details)

Special Ben Franklin Bridge lighting for ovarian cancer awareness

The Ben Franklin Bridge will have blue and green lighting to support Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month this month.

If the doctors can waste time finding a gene that predicts if a man will cheat or not, why can't we cure cancer?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

13 The New Restaurant at the Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia

Thirteen is the main restaurant in the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, it had a "soft" opening in the begining of the summer; "soft" meaning, not a big party like say the Del Frisco's Steakhouse in the Packard Bldg, as I wait by my mailbox for that invitation or Union Trust, which I no doubt will be partying at in November.

Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner daily, Thirteen is an ultra modern concept offering creative American cuisine served in a new and upbeat atmosphere.
It has a great menu, and it's not the kind of restaurant you would think was in a hotel; although the menu has the standard farePhilly fare Philadelphia Cheesecake and the Philly Original Root Beer Float, I do believe there will be more than enough surprises to keep you coming back for more like . Now the reason I was there last night ...

was for a co-sponsored party held jointly by Where Magazine and The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) hosting the Philadelphia Concierge communityL-R Linda Hess, Laura Burkhardt, Jeff Guaracino, Caroline Bean, Morgan Obldowski and Cara Schneider. All of them are from GPTMC, except Laura who is the Publisher of Where Magazine. And all of the GPTMC folks are going to be super busy this week as they are responsible for a lot of the happenings associated with The National Constitution Center’s 2008 Liberty Medal which will be awarded to former Soviet leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mikhail Gorbachev on Thursday. The reason behind the Concierge Party is to introduce the Philly hotel concierge to this hot new restaurant so they can recommend it to their guests if they so choose, and who wouldn't after tasting their Pulled Pork sliders, Lobster BLT Salad and sushi. Now that is diverse. And check out the bar with the multiple TV's and who needs to sit at the bar when every table also has a TV. It's like working out at the gym, but instead you're enjoying yourself and you don't have to sweat. (Or of course if you're really bored on your date, you could just watch TV, or if you are eating alone and you forgot your book it's perfect. Or if you're with your spouse of 15 years and everything has already been said, or just to get information on what's going on in the world around us.)
Nassar A. Guins, Charles Gudy and Albert Lee (I worked hard on a few of these folks, well not these folks, but a couple at this event, to tip me off to the celebs that might be staying at their hotel's in the future, no budging with them. I will still have to rely on well I can't tell you who silly, but let's just say I want to keep you coming back to Philly Chit Chat to see what you missed)Where Magazine folks Will Klein, Louise Castellano and Chris Matlack, Hyatt Regency Penns Landing

Two beautiful diva's holding court last night: Ella Jones Brown and Zelinda O'Hara

Fran Nachman, Crowne Plaza, Glen Pappas, Hyatt Regency, Teresith M-Luz, Club Qtrs. and Maraj Metelsion, Sofitel (Now I may have botched these names, I think its good to get biz cards and next time I will)
Outdoor dining in any season. The heaters will be coming out soon, and you can enjoy alfresco dining through the fall. I am all about dining on the sidewalk, but you can't beat patio dining with a little privacy while enjoying Saffron Steamed Mussels, Baked Onion Soup or Lancaster Chicken Pot Pie with a little chill in the air.
What you can't see as well here is the over stuffed pillows covering the sofa's and easy chairs where you can enjoy a lite snack and cocktails, amongst the table and chairs for the bigger meals you might not want to spill on your duds; I know if I sat in a easy chair I would easily spill half the mill on my lap.
Adjacent to Thirteen is Circ where you can enjoy premium & ultra premium martinis and cocktails
And what's a party without a gift bag full of coupons, shampoo from Ettore and a Where Magazine - Stewart Bradley is on the cover!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FAIRMOUNT HAS A NEW NEIGHBOR Fleur de Lys, but don't call them a florist, well except if you're looking it up in the Yellow Pages!

Years ago before I got into the photography/paparazzi field I used to live a normal life, involved in community activities, volunteering for bake sales, seeing friends, that's all changed now, but the other day I had a chance to visit my old life and to celebrate someone else's new phase in their life - my friends Roland and Lisa Reed (& baby Rose who I really just met recently as I was in NYC when she was born and then well you know crazy life) There's a new kid in town, Fairmount that is, and you know what, she's needed. Owner Lisa Reed calls it a florist studio. Fleur de Lys at 2441 Aspen Street 215-236-Lily

And the more would include friends, family and the love that went into created such a space. When I was a member of the Fairmount Civic Association, Lisa Reed volunteered on just about every committee, eventually settling on and successfully executing the entertainment committee. There were trips to New York, to Yard's Brewery, to Reading, the kids art shows, plant swaps and a few more things. She was one of the biggest cheerleaders of the community, and why not, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as she is the daughter of longtime residents of Fairmount Abel and Rose Marie Pasicnzyk, who are just as kind and dynamic. Here is Lisa, Rose, Kate and Kathy down the streetIt's not just a florist shop as they sell handmade jewelry, beautiful photo note cards, soaps, beautiful bags and more.
Beautiful Paula and her shy husband, they own the Dry Cleaners next to Fleur de Lys called "Take it to the Cleaners" which is a hysterical name.
Here are a bunch of women that I really enjoyed volunteering with and shooting the breeze. I probably haven't seen any of them since 2005 pre- NYC living. Slava Kozak, Carol Reynolds, Mimi Barton (Although Mimi is on my Picture of the Week email list, and one of my biggest fans) and Barbara Epstein. It was good to see them and maybe I will return to the FCA meetings if not just to nosh and gossip with them.
As you can see the store is warm, inviting and friendly. With couches in the front of the place, you can wait as Lisa prepares your flowers. Bring your own vase and Lisa will arrange them for free. Drop off your vase and Lisa will have your flowers ready when you return. She plans to price the cut flowers at $9.95, $15.00 and $20.00 bunches. Free delivery in the neighborhood is also on the menu.

Rose Marie Pasicznyk, Realtor and friends
Photo notecards by Denise Bierach $10 a box
Author Kelly Ann Zuzulo ( and Photographer Denise Bierach
assorted bags for purchase
And as I was preparing to leave, Fairmounter's Tom and Mary Kate stopped in. I know Tom will be stopping by a lot to pick up a bunch a week, because I know the way to a women's heart is a path of flowers.
Good luck Roland, Lisa and Rosie. Check out Philadelphia's newest florist Fleur de Lys 2441 Aspen Street Philadelphia 9130 215-236-Lily

Monday, September 15, 2008

OH LA LA MY NAME IS BOLDED in INQlings check out my mini interview with Ana Ortiz

(Click on photos to make larger)

Ugly Betty's and Philadelphian Ana Ortiz arriving at the Tracy Reese Fashion Show last Sunday.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Halle Barry "Hail Mary" - Tipped off Leaving the Calvin Klein Store in NYC

OK I have one or two more non-Philadelphia entries and then I will be going full throttle covering the Philadelphia Scene once again. Today's entry can be extrapolated to some of the events I shoot here in Philly, and that would be PR, promotion and advertising. Last Sunday night I photographed the red carpet event "40th Anniversary of Calvin Klein". Many celebrities, and former models appeared. Including Halle Berry and her beau Gabriel Aubrey,

Monday I got a call from someone who tipped me off that Halle Barry was going to be shopping at the Calvin Klein store on the Upper East side. They said the call came from someone at CK; Halle was getting clothes and they were looking for PR which would result from the published photos. They wanted photographers that were respectful, and I was glad I made the cut. While there Richard Belzer from the TV show "Homocide" stopped by the shop, with his dog, to do a little shopping.
After waiting 90 minutes, Halle and Gabrielle popped out from the store. I was thinking to myself, does Halle know that someone from the inside tipped us off.

I later learned that she may not have specifically known, but knows it goes with the territory. Free clothes, free publicity; in addition its NYC an idling SUV with the celebrity plates (I can't tell you how we can know which plates are the A List) and finally you see one photographer cooling their heels, and there's always a chance that others will show up. The five of us did signal that none of us would call anyone else to limit the crowd. Of course 3 of the photographers were from the same agency. I think they thought it would be their exclusive, one of them even threatening to mess up my photo; I said bring it on. He backed off.
Later in the week my friend Janet sent this shot to me, which someone from another agency too from standing on a mailbox. There's really only about 5 photographers and the rest are gathering gawkers. You can see me doing a "Hail Mary" as I was 2nd row shooting. Wish I had my ladder. You can't tell much, but she is looking right at me smiling. She's not upset that we are there. She knows the game, and plays it with class.