Thursday, September 11, 2008


The Midtown Village Party photos will appear on Friday.

I love my Mariah and Nick Cannon picture. This caused quite a stir among some of the paparazzi in NYC as I always seem to luck out (well some of them did compliment me by saying it was intuition) and get a few good exclusives, or near exclusive shots. Most of my fellow photographers are happy when others get these types of photos, other always unhappy, and then I can count on one hand how many just really out and out tell me to go back to Philly because I am taking money out of their pockets. This type of intimidation only helps me to step up my game to do better than them. I do a lot of research, I work long hours and I have a lot of patience to get the shot. In fact I waited 2.5 hrs to get this shot. Rehearsals were over hours before Mariah emerged from Radio City Music Hall for me to get this shot, and I was in a good position, next to me was Mariah's #1 fan, my friend Cara. Mariah was coming in our direction to say hello to her.
Is Eva Longoria Pregnant the headline states: Well I saw her up close and I would say No!! Eva looked good in her Tracy Reese chocolate sparkly dress as she was promoting the new M&M Premiums. I like the mint chocolate, but don't tell Mike.
Rhianna arrives at her hotel with no make-up on, not leaves like the article states. (Click on picture for the larger size). Rhianna is sweet, but on these particular days during rehearsal she didn't stop and pose like she normally does at her hotel.

This is probably a good example of a paparazzi photo, and one I shouldn't have taken. Nicole has just walked into Cipriani's Downton in NYC (as she ignored me and my request to take a photo). She sees Damon Dash and they started chatting, next thing you know he pulls out his iPhone and starts showing her photos. I took two shots, and then realized how rude it was and stopped.
Beyonce leaves Radio City Music Hall. It was her birthday too, and the fans started singing, but she was on her way to dinner with Jay Z and didn't stop for the fans, but she did wave and give us a big smile. We are standing behind security gates about 10 feeet away as she gets in her Maybeck.
Not a paparazzi event, when a photographers is at a red carpet event and the clebrity poses for you. This is Fashion Rocks at Radio City Music Hall last Friday 9/5/08; It was an amazing night where I took over 500 photos of your favorite stars of screen and song. Hillary Swank looked amazing.

And I did have two photos in the Phila Inquirer this week too!! Philadelphia Eagle Stewart Bradley checks out his first photo spread in Where Magazine!! He was at the Wayne Edwards store picking out clothes to wear in another upcoming photo shoot that I can't tell you who for, but it will be in the November issue. This month some of my photos appear in the "Going Out" section.
I saw Ne-Yo in NYC, a few minutes after I took the photo the photo of Rhianna at her hotel. I mentioned, gushed about seeing him the week before at his listening party and praised his new CD "Gentleman" which drops on Tuesday. He still didn't acknowledge me as a person stating something to him, I bet if I was a chick things would have been different,
but he did pose for the photo below, which I saw on a Rhianna fan page. And he did pose for a handful of fans. When a photo has a watermark on it as the shot below does, it means that the site just copied it without purchasing it. A person could just write them and ask them to remove the photo from the site, but I don't bother anymore. I don't believe it's hurt my sales and you know I can't police everyone.
And a blessing for 9/11 (I took this photo Monday night)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rhythm & Blues Pioneer Awards Tuesday Sept. 9

Last night the spotlight was on Philly as one of the biggest events came to our City to honor some really deserving people in the music industry.
First off Trudy Haynes, I am always thrilled and honored to see her. Here she interviews the Geater with the Heater, who was the perfect MC for the night, except he never gave us the last names of the talent. Oh and its not really his fault because there were no tip sheets which are really important to have because there were a bunch of people I had no idea who they were and would have really wanted to submit their photos and achievements to my photo agency in NY.

My friends Carmen and Margarita, who own their own NYC agency said, "HughE Get the Chaka Khan & Bonnie Raitt photos, they are the only ones that will sell to magazines." The rest will go to blogs and websites, which is fine by me, it's all good to get the word out about the Pioneer Awards, the institution that has now settled in Philadelphia, brought back to life by a handful of people. I don't want to say I am an expert about running events or red carpets, but I have been photographing in NYC for about 3 years and I do have a little experience on how it should be done. (In the end my photo agency rejected all of Chaka's photo as I had brought a short lense and a long lense. I used the short lense on the carpet as the long lense wouldn't have been able to get the groups. Unfortunately the short lens shots came out to soft because the step up, and repeat were too far away [it's a new lens I am still learning to use it])

is fi

OK I know who this guy isIt's John Oates and his wife. Another thing, if we weren't shooting half a block away, we could actually ask the celebrity what his wife's name was, but he wasn't in shouting distance.
Sugar Pie Desanto who I later heard did a backflip on stage!!

Geater doing what he does best (I went to Memories in Margate when I was a kid)
Who am I? I don't know I didn't have a tip sheet, it was a bummer, I can't promote people without knowing who they are.
Who am I?
They did have a guy that did a great job at getting the talent to look to the right, center and left. I thank you for that, I think you get the jist of the distance a bit here.
Who am I having a great big laugh? At some point I asked to attend the cocktail party as I wanted to shoot a few guests to have on Philly Chit Chat, and also to contribute to Philly Style Magazine. Someone didn't get the memo and I was denied access. Well that didn't go over to well with me, as I was working on on so little sleep.

Aaah the real queen of soul Teena Marie and her daughter Holly (later I found out the REAL REAL Queen of Soul showed up. A little birdie tells me that the Queen footed her own bill to drive down from NY to present the award to Chaka)
More royalty, Dionne Warwick with Teena Marie. I was thrilled to see them both.
Wayne Brady, who was barely on the carpet and couldn't hear us yelling to stay on the carpet because he was about a block away.
Dancing in the Street, My Baby Loves Me, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
They deserve two pixs - Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan. I just had the thrill of seeing her and photographing Patti, Miss Ross and Gladys Knight perform at Radio City Music Hall. From an email I received this morning " The one and only Diva, the Queen of Soul made a surprise appearance at The Pioneers award to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Chaka Khan."
Patti Jackson and Chaka. I love this shot.

Just wanna reach out and touch you
The Kimmel Center shines in glory like it was meant to be. Showcasing the many talented people that come through its doors. Oh and one more thing someone wrote me. I was told by the organizers that Bonnie Rait, the hostess for the night, was not posing for any photos, and if someone took her photo she WOULD SUE THEM. SO I left at this point. That is just ridiculous. BONNIE I can't believe doesn't want her photo taken. And then I got this in an email from a friend who had stayed " Get this, if you wanted to shoot pics or get audio of Bonnie Raitt the made everyone sign these lengthy release forms then she never even came up."

The last time I ran into this craziness was when I went to shoot Miss Ross a month ago, she could only be photographed from the left side, and only for 45 seconds, at least she gave us that. Then she didn't show up for the press conference, but Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle and Gladys Knight were there.
I thought it odd to use Bonnie Raitt's likeness since she didn't want to be photographed at the event, but they used her face to promote the event. You think they would have used Chaka's.

Update: At the end of the night they did allow a handful of photographers to get the photos that were necessary to promote the event nationally. I wish I knew this was a possibility as I might have sat in the press room for those 3.5 hrs and chatting with my colleagues, although I probably would have been cranky as I was so tired. - HughE

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Relatively Speaking

Emma Roberts - Julia Roberts niece, a model/actress
Chanel Iman, the daughter of model Iman, step-daughter of David Bowie. Well today is my last day for fashion week, and I really am ready to come home. I actually was going to go home last night, even bought a train ticket, but friends couldn't believe i would leave before the Marc Jacobs show. I changed my mind and stayed, it was ok worth it. MJ was hard to shoot, very dark entrance where they have the photogs shoot from, I was far from center as I had shot David Letterman. That was a success. Saw Meg Ryan, beautiful, but didn't linger. I will write about this night, it was good, I got a Halle Barry tip, and photographed her, then well I show you in pictures. Its about 5AM and I hope to get a couple hours in before a Victoria Beckham appearance about 10AM.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronsom next to get married? re: NY Fashion Week at Bryant Park 2008

The girls arrive at the Tent to see Samantha's sister's Charlotte Ronson Collection. This is where I made a colossal mistake. I should have picked up my ALL ACCESS pass before they arrived, because after they went inside they denied everyone. These mistakes are hard lessons as it would have given me access to shoot the front row and backstage. For the show LL changed into a black Ronson design to be photographed. It is probably one of the reasons she didn't pose for photogs outside as you want to promote the designer that you are being paid to grace their front row. (or maybe it was a freebie as it's her sister-in-law) (the first two photos were taken by my friend Simon, who should become a professional photography)
I am happy with the shots
but what else am I really going to say as I kick myself over and over. The reason I didn't get there is I went to the NY Times Bldg to catch Selena Gomez (Nick Jonas' girlfriend and star of a Disney Channel show) as she entered to give a talk to some kids. I missed her going in and I didn't get to the Tents until 10 minutes before show,
and then I caught up with my friends and then the LL commotion happened. To the left is my friend Simon. He's standing on the wall at Bryant Park. His shots were blocked as the security guard held up his jacket. There's Lindsay's car, which was 5 minutes late picking her up, it was a mess for her to get to her car, but security has an amazing way of parting the sea of photographers and gawkers.
I have video of this scene, and when I return to Philly I will put it up to show you the insanity. If they just put up a security walkway with gates, we could get our photos and celebrities could exit gracefully. Instead nothing and pandemonium ensues.