Saturday, June 21, 2008

RIHANNA PARIS JULIA ROBERTS re: my 36 hour celebrity jaunt to NYC

Just back from NYC at 1AM after a whirlwind week. It's 5AM and I just finished processing, editing and doing key words from my 36 hr jaunt and shot over 2 dozen celebs. NYC is amazing in that every moment you are there you can be photographing a celebrity, either at an event, restaurants, hotels, morning shows, late night shows, news programs and store openings. I went to just about each of the above in those two days, and don't forget earlier in the week I covered the Tony Awards, it was great, but I am glad to be back in Philly and as things have gone lately things are really begining to happen here too. (Times Square at 3 AM)
As most of you know I can't post photos that have the potential to be published so these are not my best shots, just shots that I didn't submit anywhere or shots I just couldn't live without posting. We will start from worst to best shots. Julia Roberts is an actress. What you see on the big screen is a big act. She is cold and miserable. On Thursday I traveled to NYC to cover the Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl. Julia was the producer and the biggest name on the carpet. She refused to take off her sunglasses on the red carpet, thus making the photo useless except for promoting this one film.

Chris O'Donnell went from Batman & Robin to Super Dad. Here he is with his goodlooking brood. Chris was great, when he left the theater at the end of the movie, he signed autographs for the fans and posed for photos. No ego there, a real professional. Thanks Chris.
Then the 24 hr spree just got better and better. I photographed Paris leaving her hotel. It was great as I knew I just couldn't make it to her midnight party at Tenjune. Of course the Jackson Lee photo that was taken there made it into People the next day because she was with Benji and it was a great shot. This shot was sent to my agency that is why its really small. Eye contact and fashion going on here. Paul Anka. I got to speak to him for a few minutes and tell him how much I really appreciated his music. He gave me this great photo as he left. I shot alot of great people at the Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala, but will be posting them later and on my other site. Because after Rihanna it's back to Philly, Philly, Philly where my passion lies.
Rihanna PLEASE DONT STOP THE MUSIC - OMG I love her now more than ever. She is a fantastic singer and she gave it up during the CBS Morning Show Concert, which will air Monday morning on CBS. I got some good shots, but I really like this one.

I should also note that I love my NYC celebrity jaunts not only because of the amazing people I get to photograph, but also to see the friends that do this business full time, the Photo with fans, autograzzi and the people in the biz where I enjoy spending hours talking to them and being one of them like I never left. It's really amazing how generous everyone is in helping me to succeed in getting the shots I need to do my job. So thanks to them!!

Thanks to Katie & Simon for letting me sleep on their couch. This is the view from in front of their condo building. Also behind me is P. Diddy, Puff Daddy Sean Combs or whatever he goes by these days, office. Over the past two years I have seen him and other rappers leave the building on numerous occassions. But what I love is he has this billboard of himself at 50th & Broadway which he & everyone else can no doubt see everytime they go in or out of his office. Do you see it in the center of the photo?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

THE PHILADELPHIA ZOOBILEE PHOTOS or how if I wasn't working for myself I would fire me!

Because the Zoobilee is Philly's hippest summer outdoor party, was so much fun, and I took more photos of the Polar Bears than of people; The Zoobiolee is the Philadelphia Zoo's biggest fundraiser of the year. One hundred percent of all proceeds from ZOOBILEE 2008 go to the care and feeding of the Philadelphia Zoo’s 1,300 animals from around the world as well as its conservation programs and efforts.
Not only do you get to sample delicious foods from area restaurants served by the likes of these sweet girls: -Emmy and Molly Jamisom and Suze Heilman, but

you can get your face painted as Janet Carey and Julia Purdy have
Pet a snake (I was to afraid to get close enough to ask them their names)
the best part of Zoobilee is the zoo is open and you have free reign to travel where ever you please to see the animals on a nice spring evening. OK Actually the best part is you get to support the Zoo’s conservation, education, science, and family programs.Susan and Avie Wheeler enjoyed the polar bear exhibit too

Mainline Realtor Michelle Leonard and Society Columnist Rose Marie Riley. I really enjoyed chatting with these two storied women of the Main Line, who were very helpful giving me tips on how to pursue the mission of Philly Chit Chat as a Social Diary. Thanks:)
Thanks to all the restaurants that helped make the Zoobilee a great success, especially the Squeeze Juice Bar, which will be opening a Center City location shortly. The eateries participating in the Zoobilee were challeged to participate in the "Culinary Conservation Challenge" which generates interest and demand for sustainable foods. The contest is also intended to raise awareness of the environmental, wildlife and human health benefits they offer. Locally-grown products reduce greenhouse. Kudos to the following restaurants. They are participating in this year's Culinary Conservation Challenge! Cafe Apamate dining, Eliza's Bakery, Daniel Stern's Gayle & Rae and Starbucks

Upcoming Events dot Com , Gus Calabrese and lovely Ania Szymanskihad a roaring good time. (Sorry I just had to do it.) as did WOGL's Jamyra Perry, WOGL Morning Vixon Valerie Knight husband, Frank Sestito. I had an interesting conversation with Frank or as some of you may know him as DJ Frankie who back in the Spun at the Library, Music Box, Loft (Philly), Her Place, Someplace Else, Flanigans, Popcorns, Scintillations, Ciao! and the one and only Second Story. In fact Frank tells me that the gang from Second Story is planning a reunion (hear that HA Winstons); Check out for information and keep on grooving. For me I never made it over to Second Story, but a lot of my friends went and I have heard the stories, so it should be a great time and I for one definitely want to bring it to you in photos.
Here's Jamyra Perry with her friend Melony Roy EP from Hear Philly re: Hear Philly! is an online radio station that takes you on an audio odyssey of Philadelphia and The Countryside®. Hear Philly showcases the things that make Philly More Fun. It's devoted to things to do, what to see and where to eat when you're out and about in the Philadelphia area.!/2886.html Thanks sponsers
Thanks to the volunteers like Sharon, (my friend) Celeste Navon and Jackieto the guests
including Kim Jessum and Gail GriffinAnd as I strode out with a great big smile on my face, I saw these two couples and thought to myself they need to be on Philly Chit Chat - A Social Diary, and I was right as it was Robin and Glenn Pew and Jay and Jacquie Montfort. Mr. Pew said I would love a photo of me kissing my lovely wife and you know what it was a lovely way to end the evening, an evening of much generosity and support for our nations First Zoo. Thank you Philadelphia. Oh one more thing, did I mention the how cute the polar bears were. I am off to NYC for the rest of today and tomorrow. If time permits I will post a few photos from tonights premire with Julia Roberts and give you a little behind the scenes scoop. Look for a few updates over the weekend as I am trying to catch up on events. - HughE


Co-workers yelled for me to come to the window and check out the large French flag flying in City Hall's Courtyard today. Why is it there they asked; I responded in an indignant manner "You must not read my blog, they are filming Transformers 2 in the Courtyard tomorrow!!" So I went over on my lunch hour to see if I could get a few shots and to visit the farmers market which I embarrassingly hadn't seen yet, and to my surprise it had been moved to Dilworth Plaza for the day. Strawberries still $5 a quart. As much as I would love to support the market, we are in Strawberry season and Strawberries are about $3 a quart almost everywhere else. The gates to the pass through were closed, but I did shoot this with my long lens. Looks like an outdoor Parisian cafeAnother angle "Ecole Militaire" (Wikepedia states: École Militaire is a station of the Paris Métro. It is named after the École Militaire (Military Academy), which was founded in 1750 on the basis of a proposal of the financier Joseph Pâris (known as Duverney) with the support of Madame de Pompadour, with an aim of creating an academic college for cadet officers from poor families. It was designed by Angel-Jacques Gabriel and construction started in 1752 on the grounds of the farm of Grenelle, but the school did not open until 1760. ) The French flag in the courtyard. Did you know that Philadelphia's City Hall is one of our countrys finest examples of French 2nd Empire designs. You need to take the tour of the building given every day at 12:30 leaving the tour office in Rm 121 (where I took these photos, today's a good day to go ie Hint Hint) and you can also take the self tour to the observation deck and check out our fair City, again you must go to rm 121 to pick up timed tickets. Small fee charged.
And a sign that points to the Eiffel Tower?
I hear they are also filming at Rittenhouse Square today.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TRANSFORMERS 2 FILMING AT CITY HALL Thursday, could it be true?

I got a call from a friend who told me that filming for Transformers 2 would be at City Hall on Thursday; which would make sense because when I saw this listed for the filming locations on a website that I monitor it stated:

June 14 The Free Library on Ben Franklin Parkway,

PA Richmond Power Plant, PA

June 18 "Saturn on Hook", no idea exactly what that means, maybe local Philly residents will

Thursday unknown location but involved a French theme (HughE's note to self - hmm I wonder where that could be)

June 22 Brooklyn Bridge, NY

June ? Princeton University

So I thought I would go over and visit my friend in City Hall Tour Director Greta Greenberger for confirmation, but I didn't need to as it had all come to me (Here she is with Dorothy a volunteer guide who's been with the program for about 12 years.) When I rounded the bend from South Broad I saw lots of cables running along the ground
a couple guards posted in the courtyard, note the one in the center leaning against a trash can that I know isn't usually located on the Center Squareand lo and behold equipmentis that you bumblebee? so on Thursday, don't even think about using these tunnels for a short cut as they will be closed for the filming of Transformers 2

but come Friday, or Monday through Friday be sure to stop by Rm 121 for a trip to the observation tower, or maybe even a tour of City Hall by Greta or one of the volunteer tour guides. There is a small fee charged and all tours end at the observation tower. The tour of the building is given once a day at 12:30PM and leaves from Rm 121. Tower tours are given every 15 minutes, but you need to go to Rm 121 to make your reservation. Go early, the 1901 elevator only holds 5 people and it fills up daily. Contact phone 215-686-2840 You will learn that City Hall is one of the most magnificent examples of French 2nd Empire design around.
Enjoy yourself if you go, as I will be in NYC Thursday til Sunday shooting Julia Roberts, Jill Scott, Rhianna, Kelly Ripa, Abigail Breslin, Lorretta Lynn, John Legend and maybe a few more peeps that are on my wish list. But don't fret Philly Chit Chat will be published Thursday & Friday as I have a long list of things to report on; god knows I am behind.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

LIZA MINNELLI LEGEND re: it was only a year ago that Liza was here for the Gala at the Prince Theater

On Sunday I was in NYC to cover the Tony Awards. I love Broadway, and I love Liza, so all in all it was going to be a great night for me. I couldn't believe the turnout for this years event.
There must have been 1000 fans screaming to see the stars. If you were to ever go, the place to wait is right under the awning across the street. This is where the cars stop to drop off people and, when the actors win a Tony Award they leave Radio City Music Hall and go into the door under the awning to the press room.

well it's Liza May Minnelli on the yellow carpet with Kate Shindle. Wow Liza is much shorter than I thought, or I guess Kate (graduate of Bishop Eustace in NJ) is tall Even the other attendees on the red carpet were excited to see Liza. Here I am trying to shoot Mandy Patakin, and his wife is looking towards Liza.
After a few shots Liza turns her back to us so she can dab her eyes. She knows that a photo of her dabbing could be sold so many different was which would misconstrue that she was simply hot
She turns back around and is "Lit Up" by the flashes. Now I could have fixed this is photo shop, but I wanted you too see her lit up.

Much better. But PUBLICIST get your arm out of there, I need a clean shot!!
and Liza is on her way down the carpet. I jump off my ladder to follow the action.It's amazing how Liza has slimmed down she performed last year at the Prince Music Theater (Their gala is coming up 6/30/08 and they need your help, or we could have two theater's we need saving)

Here the Publicist is trying to stop the flashes, but Liza wants to pose some more. Evenutally she did get to Access Hollywood, which was behind the publicist (Please check out to see what else a publicist does at the Tony Awards)
One of my fun shots of Liza

Please come out and support the Prince Music Theater Gala on June 30, 2008