Thursday, June 12, 2008

Children`s Crisis Treatment Center`s 2008 Roundup Photos - Giddy Up

On Friday, June 6, 2008, the Children's Crisis Treatment Centers hosted it's annual "Round-up" night at the Loews Hotel! A good-sized crowd braved the hot weather to come out and show their support. Everyone had a great time and all the proceeds will benefit the CcTC ! Thanks to the folks staffing the check in tables the process was quick and easy making a pleasant beginning to the night. It was here that if you forgot to wear something country or just wanted an added flair you could pick up a handkerchief, or a sheriffs badge and even a cowboy hat to top off your attire.
The guests of honor: Gabe Canuso, Roundup Co-Chair; Tony Valdes, Executive Director and Nicole Cashman, Roundup Co-Chair getting into the spirit with their country attire.One of the best Chiropractors around, and my doctor, Dr. Snymen and his daughter Maggie. tell him HughE sent you!!Thanks to The Silent Auction Committees help with the auction the items were amazing, they were abundant it made my head spin, they were laid out in an understandable fashion and it was easy to navigate. The generosity and support of the business/people in the Tri-State area always overwhelms me. Steve Rush and Maria Dipietro
Joe Weiss, Sharon Pinkenson, Leslie and Michele Littman

The spirited Ruth Weisberg and Robin Bond (I hope that Robin got that Pearl Jam auction item she was so ecstatic that was listed)
Sarena Sader, Brett Silver (Marketing guru and Publisher of Phlare Magazine) and Michelle Zou

Shaun Lenet and Joey Fahey Derek and Lisa Davidson, Mr. & Mrs. Canuso, Gabe Canuso and Jay Canuso Jr.

Taz Sulaiman and Laphney Knight
Michael & Avi Kuffler, Sarah Maloney and Joel Aikin, Lee Ganser and Ali Margulles
Ashley Schaeffer of Cashman & AssociatesGreg Segall and wife Caroline greet the guests The event was planned and executed by Sharon Moore of Moore Events. The details were amazing. I loved the table settings, and the chairs were perfect for a rodeo roundup. Moore Events really captured the essence of being in a barn during a lively country hoedown.
Attorney Justin Wineburgh, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown and honoree Nicole Cashman of Cashman & Associates
Yee Ha

Christian Stearns and Jan Schaeffer

What's a Round-up without a little line dancing. These folks really know how to have fun. Next year I might just leave the camera at home and join in on the fun. I don't want to pick favorites, but I have to confess these folks here seemed to have the most fun in all the events I have gone to this gala season. They let down their hair, they danced, there were hugs all around the room, laughter and they were still going strong when I left at 10:30PM to go to my next gig. Thanks to all the people involved in making the Children's Crisis Treatment Center's 2008 Roundup Gala the success it was.

If your photo doesn't appear here, it may be here. Feel free to right click and save the shot that is on the screen, or buy a larger print if you desire. Thanks HughE

Chima Restaurant Philadelphia Lorraine Bracco has dipped a toe into a vat of crushed grapes

A few weeks ago Mike, myself and our friend Bob went to the new Brazillian Steak house in Philly called Chima. Having been to Fogo de Chaos at least a dozen times (for lunch) I was curious to see how Chima stacked up.

Bob was a bit tardy as he works in Jersey, so I had a few moments to walk around the place and take a few covert photos. This is the area to the right when you walk through the doors, the bar is right behind me.with this interesting "fireplace" in the window area This is a seating area near the bar. I was really impressed with the decoration of the place. Very comfortable, intimate and upscale, but not too pretentious . Center City Sips Happy Hour - Every Wednesday This is the hallway that leads to the restrooms and kitchen. I love this slate room divider. This theme is carried out on the outside of the building, which I will show you shortly.Finally Bob arrived and we were seated in the side room which I was not a fan of. It was really quiet, we didn't feel as if we were part of the festive crowd, and as you can see there were a few open tables in the main area. If I were Chima I would probably put couples, seniors or double daters in the side room. Not three guys who want to be closer to the action and excitement of the room. Although maybe they wanted us to see the sunset, which was quite nice from this room.The overall view of the room with lots of busy servers slicing beefIf you read my review about Fago, you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE their salad bar, but surprisingly Chima had more choices at the salad bar than expected- rice, beans, and soup, something that I don't recall Fago having. And the food wasn't piled so high that the tomatos would roll down the side and onto the floor, like what happened to me at Fago.Both restaurants have the BRING ME MORE FOOD, OR STOP MY EYES ARE BIGGER THAN MY STOMACH cards, signalling the waiters to slice another meat for you or not. My favorites were the fillet mignon, lamb chops, and the swordfish, salmon and shrimp; it was nice to have something in there besides beef. Last night Chima had a special event. Lorraine Bracco, the Brooklyn-born actress showcased some of her latest wines from her private label Bracco Wines at Chima. Chima carries three of the varieties of her wine, the Primativo, "It's a hearty, original Zinfandel grape; [you] can pair it with meat, or I love it with a pizza," she says. In addition to, The Bracco Pinot Grigio and Montepulciano.There was a little red carpet event; here comes Henri David, I said loudly and proud that I recognized a PhilaCelebrity Opps no it was WMGK's John DeBella and his wife Lisa. better get my eyes checked. (They were at Chima's the night I ate there too)Here is the new Press Director of the Philadelphia Film Festival, Matt Ray, his friend Andrew, who's architectural firm designed Stir, the bar I wrote about last week; and founder of BUCKmonkey PR, James Duggan.
The Philly paparazzi or celebrity photographers were out in force. Here's Thom Cardwell on the red carpet being lit up by the a couple of Philly's own.

Dave Huddleston, FOX 29’s anchor, his wife Tracey, John Bolaris, FOX 29’s Chief Meteorologist and the always sweet Kerri-Lee Halkett
Anne Marie Green and her friend. I thanked Anne Marie profusely for the nice piece she did on and I a few weeks back regarding Philadelphia paparazzi. She and cameraman Michael did a great job. I was fascinated how she turned a 30 minute interviewed in to a very comprehensive 2.12 min spot.
Here's that slate theme that I spoke about inside; and another beauty Loraine Bracco, looking slimmer than ever in person. I just shot her at the SATC premiere, and she looked great then, I am so jealous, but tonight oh la la, smokin
talk about smoking, Kerri Lee is by far the smokiest anchor person in Philly and really sweet too. when you have a chance check out Chima, you won't be disappointed. The food is delicious, the waiters attentive, the salad bar fresh, the ambiance is the real winner here. The space is beautiful, warm and inviting. And while taking it all in, enjoy a glass or two of Lorraine Bracco's wine.
1901 John F. Kennedy Blvd.215-525-3233 Chima is an elegant Brazilian churrascaria chain that employs traditional rodizio-style service — gaucho-pantsed waiters roam the floor, doling out generous skewered portions of pork, lamb, chicken, fish, sausage and multiple cuts of beef to beckoning diners. Featuring ample veggies, soups and fresh-baked breads, a decked-out salad bar offers some slightly less sin-of-the-flesh fare. Open Mon.-Thu., 5:30-10 p.m.; Fri., 5:30-10 p.m.; Sat., 4:30-10:30 p.m.; Sun., 3:30-9 p.m.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Calderwood 2 Design 1960 - 1980 Mod Pop Op Fab and Glam or everything old is new again

It was a stormy rainy night similar to last nights craziness, but I was invited to a Calderwood Party and well nothing was going to stop me from an exclusive look at the new exhibit featuring avant garde furniture of the 60s & 70s. The only thing missing from this Day-Glo party was FOXY BROWN, but there was plenty of Tang, Pringles, Perrier and Pop Tarts to be had
It's always great to see my friends Phyllis Halpern, Thom Cardwell and wine guru Brian Freedman Downstairs Madam Calderwood greets the guests and guards the French Art Deco, Modernist and 40s furniture that Calderwood is normally known to carry
As I reached the top of the stairs I was estatic to run into my friend City Hall Tour Director, Greta Greenberger (R -L) and her friends Diane and Marilyn

Janet and Gary Calderwood. Gary tells me he found this vintage '70s suit at the Salvation Army. It was only $15 bucks and fit like a charm. Gary is also an accomplished photographer and shared his private gallery with me.
Joan Shepp was also checking out the new exhibit, which the Calderwoods tell me was inspired when they renovated an apartment of theirs and furnised it with pieces from the 60s & 70s. "Why not share these treasures with others?" guests enjoy the evening
cool belt
I believe this vintage desk decked out in the popular lime green color of the era, will cost you about $8,000; the pretty girl is taken.

Formidable Diana Cammarota of Rittenhouse Sq. Revue, her friend Patrick and Developmental Director of the PFF, Thom Cardwell. Diana and I had a colorful conversation regarding the Review and the magazine that I contribute to, Rittenhouse Magazine. A little competition is always good to keep one on their toes, but in actuality the two tomes are totally different. The Revue is a serious listing of happenings geared to the higher end folks and Rittenhouse Magazine for ever spectrum of the neighborhood, eye candy, an easy read with some fantastic photos and stories of the people & history of Rittenhouse Square. But you can see for yourselves: or the Revue (since 2006 the tagline states) not to be confused of course with The Rittenhouse Review blog (since 2002):
Stop by Calderwood Gallery at 1622 Spruce Street and see the exhibit until 8/31/2008

and bring your friends