Friday, May 23, 2008

HATFIELD'S BBQ TO KICK OFF SUMMER with special guest Greg "The Bull" Luzinski

Earlier this month, Hatfield Quality Meats and their popular mascot Smiley fired up the Grill at the Constitution Center and offered a free lunch to the general public Greg Luzinski was there promoting his new "The Bull BBQ Sauce", which he has been shilling at the Citizen Bank Stadium during the last two seasons of the Phillies. Now you can get The Bull at area supermarkets Acme and Shop Rite. It's only $3.99 a bottle, and its delicious.
And unlike celebrities that have gone before, he's brave enough to pose with a mascots unlike Paris Hilton who kicked the Pennsylvania Groundhog mascot out of line last November as she signed bottles of her new perfume at Macy's or more recently when Ashlee Simpson, in town to promote her DOA Cd "Bittersweet", refused to pose with the "Red Robin" mascot of the same named restaurant chain. I guess the guy who was once describe as big as a door and a half, doesn't feel threatened by a guy in a character suit. Smiley and Greg were all smiles at the Hatfield's Summer Kickoff BBQ
fans were happy when The Bull posed with them too
Happy Summer and have a great holiday weekend, drive safely.
I shot this yesterday at the Loew's hotel looking north up 95. I was there coverning an event and a celebrity who was staying at the hotel, stopped by the party. I'll be writing about this dancer who's pictorial in Playboy didn't hurt her career even somewhere in time for this often married celebrity who could be the poster child for heterochromi.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I remember about 2 years ago my friend Margarita called me a paparazzi. I was completely mortified and denied it, I always thought I was a celebrity photographer, which I am, but when I looked up the definition of paparazzi it stated that it is anyone who takes a candid photo of a celebrity, so I guess I am, and thus embraced the label and also have tried to change the stigma associated with it. Today I received an email from one of the star reporters in the city "Hi, This is Anne-Marie Green from CBS3. We wanted to see if we could catch up with you today to do an interview about looking for celebs in the city." I was completely nervous as I am never good in front of the camera, plus isn't there a code among paparazzi not to talk to the press, press interviewing press, what a concept. Nonetheless a better head prevailed, especially when my friend called and said he was contacted too and to meet him in front of the Bellevue in 5 minutes. And so it goes, here is Jon being interviewed. Jon is a seasoned pro, been a freelancer working mostly in news photography until the budget cuts in recent months cut his career short. It was an easy transformation into celebrity photography, and a lot less harder than photographing the parents of a murder victim or chasing down rapist. (See our interview on KWY3 video at bottom of entry) As we stood in front of the Bellevue being interview, talking about where some celebrities might stay or eat, out walks former Ch 6 & Ch 3 weatherman Dave Frankel. He greeted his old friends and I got my 2nd local celebrity shot of the day.

Reporter Anne Marie Green and Dave Frankel (Hey Dave send me some tips, now that you are a sports, entertainment and amusement lawyer.) Then out of the Bellevue pops ok not a celebrity but my co-worker Craig. To the right is Michael the cameraman for KYW3. Thanks Michael.Anne Marie walking the paparazzi line. I was so impressed with her story that sometimes during the 2 dozen times I watched it, I forgot I was the subject. It was fast paced and packed a lot of info in it. Also for those who saw it or are about to see it, I gave Anne Marie a tip on seeing celebrities, a few more places to go are book signings at Borders, B&N, Joseph Fox and many of the other great book stores in the City. Plus don't forget FYE records on Broad Street, where next Tuesday you can catch John Melendez from the Howard Stern show, signing something. Call them or its always good to check out the websites. Thank you Anne Marie, it was so much fun and exciting. So if you want your business promoted, and you have a celebrity in it, CALL ME. I'll be polite, it'll be painless, I'll get the job done and then get those puppies published.

Thanks Mike for getting the new page launched, and we'll work on getting an up to date skyline logo.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


First things first, thanks Jennifer Aniston for giving me notoriety to get interviewed by CBS 3 for tonight's 11PM newscast and promote Philly Chit Chat and all the fun things I cover in Philly, especially the charities. Check out this video on you tube by chewbaccagirl

Check out for more on Marley & Me filming this week. I just got word Demi has left Philadelphia and is filming her next movie in Romania. Hopefully Shia Lebeauf arrives shortly so my summer isn't a bore.

Children’s Crisis Treatment Center’s Pre-Cocktail Party at Waterworks re: 2008 CcTC Roundup Fundraiser

CCTC is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive mental health services to Philadelphia's neediest children and their families. These services address the effects of abuse, neglect, traumatic events, and other challenges to early childhood development and assist children in reaching their full potential within their homes, community and society.
Last week I attended the pre-cocktail party at the Waterworks where sponsors were treated to treats, cocktails and information on the Crisis Center's major fundraising gala to be held on Friday, June 6, 2008 - An evening of fun in the “Wild West” in support of Philadelphia’s Children and Families
Guests Krista, Ashley and friend
Director of the Crisis Center, Antonio Vald├ęs thanks the sponsors, including the orange aproned Home Depot representative. Home Depot is a major sponsor of the Children's Crisis Center with help in obtaining supplies and materials.
Co-Chair Gabe Canuso talks about the event which will be held at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Millennium Room 1200 Market Street, Philadelphia
7:00 PM Cocktails 8:00 PM Dinner & Dancing
Honorary Chair: Mayor Michael Nutter and the other event co-chair is is Nicole A. Cashman
Dress your best in Western Casual Wear - Yeee Haaa
Remember I mentioned that I needed to buy a pad for names, well I have one now, but when I attended this event I was still using notecards, so I apologize for misplacing them and your names. But you look great!!
As I left the event I caught the sunset and the fading light off of the Waterworks. What a beautiful building, I am so glad that the restaurant concept actually happened in my lifetime. DO go out and have dinner there, or enjoy a cocktail on the patio, the view is wonderful and ambiance is unbeatable. Last year a new chef came on board, so if you haven't visited since his arrival, make those reservations today. The patio can really fill up on those warm nights.
Children's Crisis Treatment Center1823 Callowhill St.Philadelphia, PA 19130-4197
215-496-0707 for tickets contact: Jaime Pearlstine, or 215-496-0707 x1138.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

10 Arts restaurant is a welcomed addition to Philadelphia's vibrant Avenue of the Arts

It's here, remember back in January when we attended the ground breaking ceremony for 10 Arts, the new restaurant to encompass the Ritz Hotel's lobby. Housed in the Ritz-Carlton’s marble rotunda, the restaurant is modern and sophisticated, set against the hotel’s grand traditional background.
We introduced you to Chef Eric Ripert, of New York's Le Bernardin, and the chef that would be running his Philadelphia restaurant, Philly native Jennifer Carroll.

The first time Eric Ripert came to Philadelphia a year and a half ago, he stepped into the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton across from City Hall. The much-honored chef did what everyone does: looked up at the 140-foot ceiling modeled on the Pantheon and did an oh-wow.

This is what the space looked like in the middle of January and now
Melanie Brennan, Marla Abualy, Michele Barrasso and Marissa Duffy describe it as "fresh, sexy, dynamic, refreshing" and those three words the Nielsen family is always trying to target a "young, hip, hott spot!" (Brian Kornegay was just in heaven hanging out with the young, hip, hott girls so he had no comment) This is what it looks like now. Gone are the foreboding brown walls which were somewhat intimidating and not very inviting to anyone who was looking to just sit in a comfortable chair, have a drink and relax. I never liked the set up. It always seemed pretentious and sectioned off.Instead 10 Arts the entire lobby is inviting for drinks, snacks, dinner and chatting. There's also a separate dining area separated by high back sofa's. It's a nice segue from the lobby/lounge to a formal eating area. One thing to note here is the rotunda's centerpiece has now been decorated in a more functional way with a wine bottle display case, and beautiful glass beads, that carries the ambiance of the chandelier that overhangs the ballroom below and the chandeliers that also grace the formal dining area.

I remember hearing about the story of the ballroom hand sewn beaded chandelier. The women was from Woodbury, NJ and the creation took about 2 years. On the day the Ritz opened to the public, she was still finishing up the beading as it hung in the ballroom below.Many guests were on hand to usher in the festive occasion.
Designed by the acclaimed design firm EDG of San Rafael, California, 10 Arts showcases Chef Eric Ripert’s artistry while creating a lively social space. 10 Arts’ spectacular rotunda is infused with energy and vitality. Intensely colored, contemporary features, set against the backdrop of white-marble architecture, highlight a sense of celebration while sculptural, freestanding design elements render the grand space intimate. Cathy girls

Even the Mayor stopped by to meet the owners of the hotel, The Spencers, and the owner of 10 Arts Chef Eric Ripert and his lovely wife Sandra

Annie Karl of the Lt. Gov. Office, Kari Sullivan, Jen Moyer and Lisa Sanchez enjoy the champagne bar
where Frank Cipriotti and Fousseny Gamby opened and poured to their delightThe larger bar was in the main room. The marble topped bar ran the length of the back wall at about 50 feet. Across from the bar is a community table where 12 people can fit easily to share food, drinks and conversation. Paula Moritz, Allied Advertising enjoys some seafood from the ice sculpture seafood bar. The oysters were my favorite, ok and the shrimp.

It's my favorite working girl Laura Burkhardt, publisher of Where Magazine in Philadelphia. Ive been doing this social reporting for about a year now, and I see Laura out their night after night doing right by her business. A lot of these people who go to these events are guests to the hosts, but a majority may be business associates and an event like this is important to bring in people who may utilize your business in the future, may write about it or may help you in promoting your business. The most important aspect of Opening Night is to have fun and let your hair down and socialize, because promoting a business is hard work, and as we all know a lot of money and time goes into planning a spectacular restaurant, and I am not saying this just because I had a few shrimps, 10 Arts is really something special. It's that PR Maven Matthew Vlahos from Red Tettemer and a friend associated with one of the next biggest restaurant opening in Philadelphia, "Union Trust" (shhhh around Labor Day)Style Mavens Philly Daily Candy's Meredith Lindemon and Steffi Freedman. Now I have to confess I did not know Meredith before this meeting, nor did I realize that was Steffi, who I just met for the first time the other night. I was roaming the rooms and their outfits just caught my eye. As someone who has shot the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, once, I consider myself an expert and thought these two look terrific. It was only after I spun them around did I realize it was Steffi, then I googled Meredith tonight and that's who she is. I would have loved to pick her brain for blog website ideas. She is wearing Clu and opps forgot to aske Steffi. I wish I had shot this without a flash, and I should have done what is called the flash test, as the dress was a beautiful black lace and the white underling was well under the black lace outfit. With the flash it looks like a black polka dotted skirt.

Concept at 10 Arts will be American cuisine with an emphasis on the organic and utilization of products from local farmers. The restaurant will have an "approachable" price point. "Le Bernardin, scaled down," says Chef Jennifer Carroll.
at night I am going to have to say it was a little too dark. I would have liked to seen the lights up just a tad, but maybe I am wrong and not as romantic as some.
Dan Piestor and Dennis Glock seem to be enjoying themselves. They liked the food and the atmosphere and said they would definitely come back.Talk about STYLISH, Anne Callahan with her husband Charles Croce Director of Marketing and Public Relations at the Phila Art Museum. I met Anne (& her husband) a few weeks back at an event. Anne had the most fabulous coat on, that I will be featuring in my new section, City Style, in the coming weeks. Anne did not disappoint and again was styling a fabulous outfit and outer coat, with a black top, a pearl inspired necklace and a beaming style. Good to see you Anne, and Charles.

There's my girl again, the tireless Laura Burkhardt (My goal in life is to bring every event Laura goes to, to Philly Chit Chat. Only then will I have fulfilled my mission to cover the Philadelphia Social Scene, because she is in the middle of it), with Suzanne Geryer (GPHA) and Mike Sherifan (GPTMC)

Harry Gianakis, Diana Phillips, Brian and Steff Freedman (r). Brian was probably in the vicinity of the wine rack doing research, as he is a food and wine writer, wine educator, and wine consultant. He is Food and Wine Editor of LifeStyle Magazine, Director of Wine Education at The Wine School of Philadelphia, restaurant critic for and, contributing food and drinks writer for Where Magazine and Philadelphia Style Magazine, wine columnist for Affluent Magazine, and Editorial Director of (Whew that is a mind full) So check him out at and tell me you don't want to pop a cork after seeing his home page.

I like how the computers are hidden below the wine glass rack

Wendy Gordon describes the food as: An 'upscale casual' bistro-style restaurant, not a formal, fine dining venue. The menu reflects an emphasis on local and organic products. There is beauty and wonderful flavor in simple foods. Philly Style Magazine publisher, John M. Colabelli with the Spencers

Desert time (one of the private rooms you can rent for parties)
Future residents of the Ritz Carlton Residences, Marc and Tania Schade. They are in real estate and tell me the market is bucking the trend in Philadelphia. SO if you are looking to buy, or sell give Tania a call at Long & Foster located at the Curtis Center, 215-409-6900 More desert, I recommend the Lemon chiffon pie
Will Klein and Political Columnist Mary Patel. Mary's been missing from the social scene as she has been busy shopping her film "Electile Dysfunction" and working a brand new project that I can't spill here as she will break my fingers I think was the phrase.
Eye candy

Flower show inspired. I always wanted to do this in my house too.I know I mentioned the deserts, pictured below, but there was also miniature cheeseburgers, which seem all the rage now, a crab cake sandwich - OMG OMG OMG delicious, and spicy french fries, I mean come on Chef Eric Ripert is French after all.

10 Arts is a welcomed addition to Philadelphia's vibrant Avenue of the Arts.