Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Marley & Me Philadelphia Inquirer 5/17/2008

I just ate at El Vez last week. Jennifer Aniston has good taste. When I walked by around 3PM, I ran into some friends eating at one of the sidewalk tables. The place was a buzz, Jen was inside. I spoke with one guy who told me "She's more sexy in person. If I wasn't gay, I would have trouble controlling myself". He said that she was sitting in a back booth, but everyone knew she was there. He had to restrain his friends from photographing her, but they agreed, partly because it was rude, and secondly because the lighting was bad. But when it came to exiting the restaurant all bets were off, as a few people were on the sidewalk with their cell phones taking a shot. As for me, a good shot was not to be had, unlike Demi Moore who walks around freely and is reasonable when photographing, Jen not so much. I guess I should have been in NYC last week when she and John Mayer made a very public statement by stopping in the paparazzi hangout "The Waverly Inn",,20200309,00.html
Or I'd better get out to her movie shoot where she seemed to smile for this guy.

UPDATE: PEOPLE ONLINE TODAY: the actress was "incredibly nice to the staff" and kept calling her waitress "sweetheart," an onlooker tells us....And from today's Philly Daily News, Dan Gross' column Jennifer Aniston was too focused on escaping lunch at El Vez (13th & Sansom) without being photographed Saturday afternoon to notice her meathead bodyguards spitting on and pushing photographer HughE Dillon as he tried to take her picture.,,20201183,00.html?xid=rss-caughtintheact

Friday, May 16, 2008

PHILADELPHIA ' S FITLER SQUARE News, a FINAL WORD ON OWEN WILSON Marley & Me and Mama Palma's Rise from the Ashes

(I try to stay current in my Philly Chit Chat, but when you do back to back events things get lost in the shuffle. This is my week end's wrap up and I will write about what I did last night, Monday) Last Saturday I was meeting my friend, going on 10+ years friend, Deming for lunch (ok it was for a funeral and lunch). He wanted to show me his new puppy too, Alfie (L) and 8 yr old - Genji (R) He lives in Fitler Square
After catching up, it was off to the 7th Annual Fitler Square Festival. I like the festival, cute small, very neighborhood like, neighbors greeting neighbors

Lots of jewelery on sale for the ladies. I wish you could see her earrings more clearly, they say "Love"cutting edge entertainment, very Bohemian band "The Broken Banjo" this guy was juggling for his daughter, not see here. I like a guy who is versatile that can juggle tennis balls and a front end loader I ran into my friend Patti Fox, who used to sell my greeting cards at her place "The General Store" over on 20th Street. She's moved on to other things. She's with her mom, and daughter. Three generations of Fitlerites! Really I went to the festival to see if I could find Patti and I did. We caught up.
Remember this place a few weeks back, it wasn't a dream my roman. They did film a movie with Lauren Graham and Jeff Daniels near the corner of 21st and Delancy. The Dream of the Romans filmed in front of and inside this house
and it can be yours for a little over a million bucks this is across the street

Where I ran into my co-worker Elkan Katz. It's must be spring the flower boxes are done in the neighborhood and looking good. I could do a whole segment just on those flower boxes I photographed last week, err maybe on a slow week
I wandered over to Mama Palma's, which is in the throes of construction. As I was poking around I came by Renaldo and his father. Renaldo says the restaurant will be opening on Tuesday May 20 (update according to MK its 5/27). He wants to thank his neighbors and customers for all their support and prayers these past few weeks since the fire; "People stop by, they give me hugs, food, free lawyer help and kindness. Thanks" Work is continuing almost 24/7 to get everything in place after the new floor was put in. The fire seems to have started in the basement and burn the first floor which fell into it. Just smoke and a little water damage occured to the living space on the 2nd and third floors. The place will be up and running next week and the pizza will be the best in the City once again.

Yesterday the Goodyear blimp was flying around the City.

One last thing on Marley & Me; when Owen Wilson wasn't filming a scene, he was hiding in the JL Sullivan’s Speakeasy staircase.

Something he wouldn't be able to do today, 'cause it opened last night. More coverage on the fun and photogenic JL Sullivan’s Speakeasy opening on Philly Chit Chat Monday. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Awesome a photo of mine was picked up by OK Magazine today

The Philly Inquirer (3rd and 4th Photos)

Marley & Me Filming in Philadelphia, Pa Owen Wilson and Eric Dane Photos (Plus a free chicken sandwich)

First of all, WOW Thursday already. Here at Philly Chit Chat, I like to do an entry a day, but I do take Saturday and Sunday off, I have to sleep at some point (right now its 2:30AM). I usually have about 300 - 500 visitors on any given day, but I guess I was discovered this week and have about 700 unique hits daily since Tuesday. I hope the momentum continues as there is a lot to cover in Philly for you, I have a few fun stories to write about in the next few weeks, if I could just stay in some evening, there are a couple great restaurants opening up that you will get to see and hear about next week, and hopefully I will have the first Jennifer Anniston photo, which I will share with you even if it's picked up by a publication.

Now for the long time readers of Philadelphia Paparazzi, er I mean Philly Chit Chat, I couldn't give you the best shots from yesterday, as there was a bidding war and a stipulation is the photos can't be seen before they are printed. On to today's entry: I love a parade, but when all the action and people are at Broad and Locust, where they're filming Marley and Me well then McDonald's brings the parade to the people* OK check the next entry, the photos have been published.
Chicken looks for and gets photo op (Press release states: McDonald's Offers Chicken Options from Morning to Night with Launch of Southern Style Chicken Biscuit and Sandwich)Decides to see how to get attention to their new chicken sandwich and decides the best place is across from the $10 million budget movie production, probably a good move for them, not so good for Owen Wilson or the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. Good thing Sharon Pinkenson is in Cannes.kinda funny seeing the string band play the Chicken Song and parade participants doing the chicken dance* (remember the FREE CHICKEN SANDWICH PART) * May 15 - On the House: McDonald's Invites Customers to Try New Chicken Offerings - McDonald's is giving its customers a chance to try the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit from 7:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m., or the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich from 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. on May 15, with the purchase of any medium or large beverage at participating restaurants while supplies last. McDonald's expects to give away more than one million Southern Style Chicken Biscuits and five million Southern Style Chicken Sandwiches during the national sampling event.*
but draws little attention away from the "Movie Stars" that have invaded our city. (Let's see thats McDreamy, Owen Wilson, Ellen Barkin, Demi, Ashton, Parker Posey, and soon Jennifer Anniston. This City is crawling with celebs and I am going to get very little sleep in the coming weeks.) Fans on the island watching the filming outside the Bellevue. They had nice little cameras and cell phone cameras.
Theres dreamy. Now when I pull out my big gun, it draws all sorts of attention fromPR, Production folks, Owen's bodyguard, who thought it would be a good time to block my shots.

but I have seen a few fan photos, and they are just as good as mine. hmm theres that big head again. (I really can't show you all my good photos as they have gone out to papers and People etc...after they are published I will show you them. I don't like to undercut my market.
more fans. And who was it recently that said Philadelphians are cool and don't care about celebrities. That stuff has gone hand and hand with celebrities since the days of the Studio Industry shopped out their stars for PR, oh wait, they do that now. Last night Jennifer Anniston and John Mayer went to the paparazzi hangout, THE WAVERLY INN, now don't think that doesn't give me permission to shoot her when I get my chance. Don't manipulate the media in celebrating your new relationship, but prevent me from getting a shot of you when you come to town. I will ask first of course, if she says no, well you know I probably won't take it. But if she says nothing, well that sounds like a yes to me.
Shooting went on for hours, but I had to return to my day job

Where I could oversee all the action. Owen is near the red fire hydrant

these girls are pointing to him
Contrary to what Philebrity stated last week about Philadelphian's being too cool to care about celebrities and there was no need for paparazzi in Philly, check out all these Philly Paparazzi:
My photos are on the Inquirer now:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Philadelphia GAY RODEO Liberty Stampede 2008 Thoughts and Photos

I had never been to a rodeo of any kind, and now i know why. It was a two day gay rodeo put on by Liberty Gay Rodeo Association , and we didn't make it until the 2nd day at the 11th hour. It was bring your kids, friends and fally day as it was Mother's Day. We only caught two events. The barrel race. Where folks had to run their horses around these barrels and were timed

Nice turnout of cowboys fast

Matt spent a lot of time keeping everyone informed on Twitter - There was just so much to see and do at the Gay Rodeo in Devon. btw, Toby Keith apparently has his own clothing line. My response: It was great except for the pulling of the cows tail by that drag queen who must no be a member of PETA.
Did I mention drag queen races. Except the poor bulls had to be pulled from their pens so drag queens could ride them 5 feet over the finish line. Often the bulls didn't want anyone riding them so it was a struggle to get them in place

and when they were watch out, the drag queen rode them fiercly
and the celebration after crossing the finish line, five feet sometimes 3 feet later was exhirlrating. I guess it's like riding the mechnical bull. You neve know how far or how long you're gonna be with it.
I guess you can tell that I won't be going to Rodeo again.
Another satisfied winner. Good thing I missed the calf roping contest, I would have been crying my eyes out

I'm not a member of PETA, but this was just not my cup of teaBull riding can be fun, adventurous, exciting
but there's a downside

a dark downside
I don't think the bull likes it and if you fall he will stomp on you

I don't think that drag queen will ever forget his first bull
she lived and the Malvern EMT made sure of it
more cowboys
Later in the evening there was a happpy hour and awards ceremony. This guy got started early. We decided that the rodeo wasn't for us, and headed out for some grub at Hooters. You would not believe how many folks bring their Mothers and Grandmothers to Hooters on Mother's Day. We were just crossing our fingers that it was someone's birthday, because if you haven't seen how Hooter treats a boy on his birthday, then you haven't seen it all.