Friday, April 25, 2008

THE FIRST SHOT OF DEMI MOORE IN PHILADELPHIA and other shots around town on this warm Spring Day

It's summer, schools out, kids want to save the world while earning $12 hr to take green from you. They'll be everywhere, here are two on Walnut Street. You think they are looking at each other, but as you pass them the turn towards you with their puppy dog pleading eyes "Help Stop Global Warming" for only $100 a month.

It's also time for Equality Forum , how much say did this poor pooch have before his "daddy" colored him pink?
and gave him a mohawk to boot
I stopped by the set of "Dream of the Romans" that wraps up today.
Lauren Graham was nowhere to be found. But Jeff Daniels was about.Then it was back to Walnut Street. I was carrying my camera and this girl said to me, "Why don't you take my photo?" I started to, and then she said oh wait, I just got a massage and I have stretch marks on my head. This pose kinda reminds me of the time I shot Julie Andrews, and she said "Oh I am so sweaty, and I don't like my hair, but take the dern photo anyway."

The anti-Lyndon LaRouche guy is on the corner warning us that LaRouche is going to fry our brains. Isn't that guy dead yet?
Then it was on to Demi Moore's hotel. Now that all the gossip columnists seem to have put a price on her head, I was inspired to stay a few hours to get a shot, and it was a beautiful day too. People were really enjoying themselves in Rittenhouse Square, with their kids, friends
and cold refreshing drinks. It's just a matter of weeks before the Skrim goes up on the PNB Building. So I wait, and wait, and wait, three hours and no celebrity sightings yet, oh wait

it's Philly's own Laura Burkhart, working tirelessly for Where Magazine and promoting Dining Out for Life, which is May 1. Dine out on May1st at a participating Dining out for Life restaurant and 1/3 of your food bill will benefit local services in the fight against AIDS. Go to or look in the April issue of Where Philadelphia for more information. Not Demi
Finally Demi Moore appears and I get the money shot
OK actually I took this last September in NYC, and it didn't sell, but it wasn't Philly and this was the last day of the fashion shows, and she had been shot up and down 5th Avenue all week. But I like these shot, and the legs that went on forever. It's back to Tribeca for me for the next few days, so THE FIRST SHOT OF DEMI MOORE IN PHILADELPHIA is yours to get!!! (UPDATE: I did finally photograph her and post the photos 5/8/08)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


As I walked away after giving hugs to Margarita, Vincent and Carmen, and saying I don't think I am going to come back [to NYC] on Thursday to do the Madonna premire, I'm tired, I have a wedding to shoot on Friday, I know it's Madonna and I never saw her before, in person, except at a concert, but I might have to pass it up. Lots of groans and disbelief, but Margarita understood as I had been out with her til 2AM shooting Mariah Carey.
Then as I walked away Carmen came up to me, gave me a big hug and kiss, and said "Hughie you kill me, it's Madonna, you love Madonna, she's your legend, she's an ICON, you have to come back." Well thats is all true, but Madonna's only fifty, and I saw the only legend I need to see this week. Do you know who this legend is?
Maybe I will try and find Demi and be the first one in the City to get that shot? Maybe it will be the "Money Shot" this week, instead of the drunken Mariah Carey I shot in NYC Tuesday night at 2AM?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Last Thursday, Mid-Town Village was hopping. The weather was fantastic, the restaurants were full and Absolute Abstract & Absolute POP! were throwing a red carpet party for GPPN ( and
there was a LIVE painting demonstration by Local Pop Artist John Stango.
Here are a few tireless volunteers that work the door each month, to brighten your day with a smile, a kind word, to relieve you of your $5 and give you a name tag so you are properly identified all night long. (sometimes it startles me when someone says "hughe so and so, such and such" and I think, how did they know my name?
Then I remember Mike or Bill slapped a name tag on me.I love Absolute Art, they have a diverese collection of wall art for you to choose from. I have a cute Speed Racer tin sign that I picked up a few months back, in my bathroom. Go Speed Racer, did I mention I am going to the Tribeca Film Festival today. The closing night movie is whalah! Speed Racer. I'm so excited. GPPN is the Gay Philadelphia Professional Network. Every month you meet with your peers and you can put your business info here to promote it. I am just about to put my photo business cards on this table in a couple months, as I am planning to step up to the plate and really go into the "event photography" business, but don't fret I will still be doing Philly Chit Chat, blogs and celebrity stuff. Just thought I would do a little event photography too.
Here are a few peers too

I thought I would get artistic on ya
There was a nice turnout and our hosts James McManaman and David White did a great job at taking care of us. They seemed so calm and cool having so many folks inside their place with all the beautiful works about
Some folks hung outside and took advantage of the nice weather
Malcom Lazin was there. His big event is coming up in OMG next week, wow how time flies. Did I mention I will probably miss a lot of it as I am in NYC for the Tribeca Film Festival

Thanks to the sponsors for supporting our efforts.

I love, love, love these new photo prints. At one point James had asked to see my porfolio, but I dropped the ball. It was during the NY Film Festival last Oct/Nov and I just didn't have the time to compile it. (Before I got into celebrity shooting, I concentrated on Philadelphia City Landscapes, I still sell prints in some stores, and plan to actively return to that passion someday. Maybe I will get another chance to show them my portfolio), but in the meantime you have to see the wonderful collection they have, they are really beautiful and the artist captured the City's spirit.
Don't forget to stop by Absolute Pop! next door. (I wish I had more wall space!!)

Finally this beautiful masterpiece painted by artist John Stango, will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to "City of Hope". Which by the way is honoring our own Thom Cardwell September 18 with a roast and a key to the City of Hope. Here is Thom, with the artist and the owners of Absolute Abstract and Pop!, James McManaman and David White

I did mention that I would be in NYC for the rest of the week covering the Vanity Fair Party, Tribeca and Madonna's documentary premiere. I finally get to see that chick in person and not the teeny tiny person she appears to be on stage at her concerts where I pay entirely too much money every other year to see her. So that concludes are photo diary oh until Thursday, when I come home for a breather. Today I will vote for the candidate with 7 letters in their name, and then I am outta here, oh they both have 7 letters. If we were on Big Brother 8, Natalie would think the number 7 meant something and she would be obsessing about it until the house vote. Happy Earth Day.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Chelsea Clinton, Gov. Ed Rendell went on a pub crawl through the city of Bro' love's gay establishments. Rendell does it regularly before elections; he asked Chelsea to come along. (Actor Robert Gant And Rob Reiner are guest, too.) Bars served will be Tavern on Camac, Bump, Woody's Bar and Restaurant and Sisters. I heard it would begin around 10PM. I wasn't planning on doing it, but after eating dinner with Mike and friends, a few blocks away at Ted Montana's, I excused myself and ran over to Bump. Number one lesson, always carry two sets of batteries on you. My flash batteries were dying and I had to be conservative on what I shot.

The atmosphere was Hillary Charged

I ran into a few friends while waiting, here's Wayne Bowman, who I've known for about a decade or so, but don't see too oftenMike joined me and we ran into an old friend Rob. I think the last time we saw him was at a John Kerry event 4 years agoThen there's singer Steve Cohen and MikeA fan of Chelsea's who is hoping she will sign this 'photo with' of him and her. Tip: Next time bring it on a clip board, for two reasons 1) She needs a hard surface to write on, 2) the crush of the crowd will crinkle your photo and bonus tip, always look up when getting your photo taken, it's a better shotThe stickers were flowing, I hear Hillary was picking up the tab at BumpRob Reiner shows up and gets in a political discussion with a bystander Anne Dicker is there, right below the Larry Farnesse signs high up on the pole
Robert Gant tries to slip by but I caught up with him and snapped a few. He didn't roll with the group, but instead was about 15 minutes ahead of the Chelsea & Gov group. I guess he was the warm up act.Chelsea Arrives, we were expecting her to drive up, but she had walked down Locust towards us, with just a handler, and maybe an unseen bodyguard.

She was greeted by Mark Segal of PGN, Gov Rendell and Rob Reiner. To get this shot I had to shoot right above a women's head, and sometimes my camera would bump her a tad. SORRY, but look at this shot, how lucky could I have gotten.


Chelsea immediately jumped into hand shaking and greeting the massesAfter a few words inside, it was off to the crawl. Somewhere along the way we lost Rob Reiner. So I was glad to have shot him at Bump! Chelsea was amazingly gracious posing with fans whenever they asked
Shaking hands with people parked in cars, in alleys This guy asked me to take his photo, a request I usually turn down, but I needed a Chelsea headshot with eye contact and I got it in one of the series I shot of Justin and her, but not this one (Justin look up!) When posing with a celebrity, you have to be prepared from the moment you stand next to them, don't talk to them, don't fix your hair, don't look down. She is smiling but her handlers around her are very unhappy, do you see their faces there on the right. The peps at Uncles see Chelsea coming Gov Rendell and Chelsea approach Uncles and Camac StreetShe shook all their hands; when someone yelled out "Chelsea when are you going to run for Office,?" Chelsea answered that she would someday. (Can you say SCOOP!!, I wish I had my youbtube camera, but the MSNBC guy must have it on tape, see him in the background) More kind words for Hillary and ChelseaHmm body language, stranger guy feels need to hug Chelsea; Chelsea not respondingBut feels more comfortable with shaking hands with the masses. I felt like I had dogged Chelsea enough for the night and didn't wait for her to exit Tavern on Camac All in all it was a great night for me, Happy Hour with friends - At the G Lounge, thanks Matt for your hospitality; Dinner with Mike, Jeff and Bob and then Chelsea and friends to close out the night. To see one of my photos picked up, then stolen by other sites, and then another site create something hysterical, check out the story at