Friday, April 18, 2008

COMCAST'S NEW LIGHTS and a blogger celebrity sighting Brad Maule of Philly Skyline dot com

Director/Columnist Mary Patel, Rachel (Rachel's store is Conspiracy Showroom - - women's clothing & jewelry boutique, etc etc) and her main squeeze and everyone's favorite Philly building scriber, Brad Maule
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE - The First American Sign Language Film

Last week Universal Language screened at the PFF. It was a sold out silent crowd. "Universal Signs", a deaf love story. One of the first of its kind a movie all in sign language with captions.

Claire Brown-Kohler introduces the film with an American Sign Language interpreter signing along for the deaf audience

After the show their was a Q&A with the director and actors
I was especially excited to be invited to this screening as Sabrina Lloyd from 'Sliders' fame was in the starring role. I later learned that she accepted the role as soon as she was asked, and learned ASL in only 3 months. It took me two years of training to get a complete sentence correct. The after party was held at McCormick & Schmidt's where specially labelled Universal Language bottles of wine were given as parting gifts.

There was a nice turnoutActress Sabrina Lloyd and Director/writer Ann Calamia converse as producer Catherine Miller looks on. Sabrina and her friend Chelsea pose for photos. When Chelsea met Sabrina at the college they both attend in Manhattan, Chelsea had no idea about Wade, Numbers or Sports night. One of their mutual friends told her who Sabrina was and then lent her a DVD of Sliders. She thought it was cool, but I can tell she wasn't really impressed by it, she likes Sabrina because of her personality and friendlyness. Hottie Anthony Natale and Sabrina Lloyd, the stars of the movie Deaf Robert DeMayo, Deaf Actor Anthony Natale; Actress Sabrina Lloyd; cinamatographer; producer Carol Finkle; producer Catherine Miller and Writer/Director Ann Calamia at the premiere of their movie "Universal Signs" at the Philadelphia Film Festival
I always wanted to chat with a celebrity about the business of celebrity; Sabrina doesn't get asked for her autograph much, and most of the people who get a glimmer of recognition of her think its because they they went to school with her, or maybe from the neighborhood, or just look bewildered. Paparazzi rarely shoot her, and she's been to the Waverly Inn a few times.
Last night producer Catherine Miller and Writer/Director Ann Calamia won the Philadelphia Film Festival 's Full Length Movie Award for "Universal Signs"; Here they are at the closing night party at the Top of the Bell Atlantic Building.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


(ThIS IS JUST A DRAFT ENTRY - WHEN I HAVE MORE TIME ie not working my 9 - 5 job today, I will fill in the blanks and missing names) The Gate Keeper staff and volunteers that keep the festival running behind the scenes. Thank you so very much!!SPONSORS SPONSORS SPONSORS - Thank you, thank you, thank you. Here is George Reppert Regional Director for ZYR Vodka (in the center) on the left Laura's future husband, she says and on the right James Duggan, CFO BUCKmonkey and assistant to the Development Director Thom Cardwell who acquires sponsors. Now that's a hard job to me, I have such trouble asking anyone for anything, so my hats off to those guys!!
Our friendly Festival Photographer Gail Kamenish , what can I say about her. Love her to death, it's so wonderful to work alongside a professional who knows what she is doing, gets the job done and is sensitive to others. Also YaYa Liem, welcome aboard as the new managing director, another sponsor from Assouline Caviar Liz Martin, and TLA Kelly Burkhardt
I'm their biggest fan as you know, Sharon Pinkenson and Joan Bressler of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office

The Burkhardt Girls - Kelly and Laura Burkhardt

The moment has arrived and Patti Smith is hereDirector/Columnist Mary Patel and author screenwriter Steven Byler If your photo has appeared in Philadelphia Magazine, then Zoey has taken it and her friend has written it down

Mary Patel, Luke Erle (who won best Independent Film) and Scott Seigman

Separated at birth, Jay McCarroll and Mark James

Then it was over to the Prince Theater. It was fun to walk along Chestnut Street as a Patti Smith groupie. No one recognized her, but they must have known it was someone. A chef in training popped out of the Art Institute and as he looked trying to figure it out, I said it was Patti Smith, "Who?" he replied; Patti Smith, you don't know Patti Smith, I guess your too young. Then it dawned on him and he nearly collapsed of disbelief. I thought he was going to run after her, which really would have pissed people off I think, but he ended up just admiring her as she walked slowly towards the theater. Below is Thom Cardwell and , giving out the special Archie Award, the Archie Award is named in memory of Ruth Pearlmutter's husband, Archie. He was a big fan of movies and a supporter of all things film.. The Patti Smith Film was shown "Dream of Life", as Patti, her son Jackson and director Steven Sebring relaxed in the audience to catch the flick.

As Patti was waiting to go on stage she was standing right next to me. I told her and Steven how much I really enjoyed the movie, and asked her where she grew up in Jersey. She said it was Deptford, and she went to Deptford High School. I mumbled do you know such and such and then realized I was talking to Patti Fucking Smith and I crumbled at the realization. I mumbled a few more words of admiration, told the director how much I enjoyed his shooting the concert scenes in black and white, and hotel scenes in color and the one on one scenes in vivid color. How angelic Patti looked, very pure and thanked Patti for her candor and dedication to America. At one point in the movie she read the constitution and the audience clapped, then she said that George W Bush should be impeached and imprison, and the audience went wild.

In the movie we meet her parents, and we go to their house in Depford. I was curious about how Patti got her sense of independence, and lead a life so free of the everyday trappings (ok except for her penchant for Prada) Her father is a man of little words, but speaks volumes in the words that fall from his mouth. Her mother a wonderful wife and mother from her era, a women as Patti might have describe as living and existing in New Jersey, which is perfectly acceptable, but Patti found herself wanting to expand and explore so she left her home to find herself. Her mother collected cows, cow cookie jars, cow S&P shakers, cow everything. A funny story Patti tells about her parents, who Patti calls Mommy and Daddy, which is so endearing, was that one day Mommy comes in from the yard and says to Daddy (who she calls daddy too) "Daddy there's a boar in the yard what should I do?" in which Daddy responds "if he's a bore, don't talk to him!"
The joy and pride in Patti's face when she talks about her son Jackson. Here Patti surprises the audience with a few songs, her son Jackson accompanies her. I stole a few moments from Patti, at the cocktail party, and right before she went on stage. My previous thoughts were wrong, as I went on hearsay of others, Patti was genuine, sweet, kind, caring, thanked me for taking her photo (although I know I took too many) and just seem so appreciative of life and believed in living by the golden rule, which as you may know I seriously try and apply to myself; do unto others as they would do to you, even if they're bastards - LOL ok I added that last part, but even if they're bastards I still like to treat them with respect, it's a waste of my energy to do otherwise. ok I digress, this is Patti's day and I am talking about me on my blog. Talk about misunderstood. My autograzzi friends "Team Derek" was there. They are fans, I saw them in the audience watching the film enjoying the Q&A and later they cleaned up with 'graphs galore. It just goes to show that Patti Smith is generous. I know she was beat after arriving at the Film Festival. She had literally just flown in from Paris, the only other City where she showed up to a festival where her documentary was showing. She loves Paris and she loves the City of Brotherly Love, which she repeated a few times.

LARE from Kleenagel, LTD Fine Wine Importers and another wonderful sponsor, with Claire Brown-Kohler and the wonderful PFF volunteers
Gay Black Republican Donald Carter and Luke Erhle. I hear Donald gave Luke quite a tongue lashing over his movie, Choosing Connor, and its depiction of Republicans, specifically gay republicans. But you will have to see the movie to see what he is talking about. I thought the movie was good, but went in a direction I wouldn't have gone in. Kenneth, Ritchie, Susan, Brad and opps
It was a nice crowd with plenty of room to move on the 52nd floor of the Bell Atlantic BuildingJeff and his friend David It was great meeting new friends this year, like Lewis Tice and oh I am getting old cant remember Lewis' friends name
My favorite children's TV Host (I will be looking up names later, I have go to get to bed it is 4am)

Hillary and Steve Shemin. I met Hillary last year the first night of the film festival. She's a great photographer too. Here is some of her work:
Robert Mendelson from the Philadelphia TribuneThe best DJ, Robert Drake spins, and spins well Love the tutu

In a quick style change, Kelly dresses comfortable for the evening festivities. Heather, well she is hot, creative, aura of bright yellow and sweet. Glad to see them this year.Thanks to Dwayne and Laura. Dwayne is another sponsor and as soon as I find his card I will tell you who what when and where, good night I am falling asleep at the key board

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Uma Thurman showed up. Did I mention I got a new camera. I have barely read the manual, but the camera takes awesome photos. I have a good Uma story on about last night on Garrison Keillor, the one thing about shooting celebrities, you learn to spell their names correctly
Can you believe this women slept with Warren Beatty, Jack Nicolson and Nick Nolte, ok I might believe the last one
Meryl "the Icon" Streep, never took her sunglasses off for us. Tomorrow we will go back to the Film Festival and over the next few days do a wrap up.

Monday, April 14, 2008

John Legiuzamo visits The Philadelphia Film Festival

A WHIRLWIND some of you know, if I have an inkling that a photo may be published in the local paper, I don't like to scoop my photos. Yesterday a John Leguizamo shot appeared in INQlings so now I am free to write about his visit to the 17th Philadelphia Film Festival, which happened last Thursday.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Carrie Rickey did a Q&A with him. I always love this shots, but they never get published, which is crazy as a picture tells a thousand words.
Sal Mineo, James Dean, Marlon Brando, maybe, but not Too Wong Foo, Thank You Julie Neumar
JL and Director of The Take, Brad Furman posing with PFF staff. I do still have a few exclusive shots out and can't show you the ones I took back stage. This one I did not send up to my agency, but it shows JL with guest services Mark James, and Debbie's Fleishman's son who's name escapes me at the moment. Guest services has an important job to ferry the film festival guest to and from the event, navigating the crowds, making sure they have everything they need, ferrying them around, getting them to the press junkets and making sure they are fed. They are the gate keepers of the celebrities while they are in Philadelphia. Sponsers are incredibly important to the film festival, and I know the PFF folks appreciate them. In fact I myself thank them everytime I see them. Thanks to Marsecco Wines

The party houseFrom - INQlings: John Leguizamo, here with The Take, nibbled caviar Thursday at a film-festival reception thrown in Old City by Mary Patel and Joe Barber, whose documentary, Electile Dysfunction, sold out its screening. (Thanks Caviar Assouline )JL Loved his Caviar; he brought home a doggie bag. You can order caviar online from Assouline. I had some, it was delicious. You can also stop by their store in Liberty One and pick up some or have a tea sandwich, sometimes I go there to indulge. I heard after he left the Patel residence, he went over to Pearl, the new hot spot at 19th and Chestnut Streets, and he missed his train partying until 3AM. Not only does the Pearl have delicious food, but it sounds like its a fun place to party. Not a sponsor, but I ate there and it was good. I really need to post those photos during a lull in my schedule Development Director Thom Cardwell with British Film Makers Teresa and Nicola Collins.ya gotta love her style
Director/Columnist Mary Patel and author Stephen Byler
Susan and friend Ian, visiting from the UK
Tigre, Laura, Dwayne and guest. Hmm looks like this photo needs a bit of lightening
OK this is why I need to do rapid shooting getting a few shots at a clip (I sometimes just shoot one at a time as I know the flash must hurt a tad); inevitably I get a shot where one of the subjects has their eyes closed.
OK one of these hot folks is on a children's TV show, the kids of today are so lucky to see this eye candy, . On the left is Tim Dowlin who will be seen in Mark Webber's 'Explicit Ills' in the coming months. The movie was filmed last year in Philadelphia. Then it was off to the next event at National Mechanic's, a tattoo party. I almost got one.Here's the gan from Tru skool productions they were just hanging out
Our friendly Festival Photographer Gail Kamenish and friend

The Take see it in a neighborhood near you, soon.