Saturday, April 12, 2008

JAY McCARROLL AFTER PARTY at the Planetarium - Martha Graham Cracker entertains

A week ago, yes I am running behind but what do you expect with over dozen movies a day and at least two events, and just so you know, as I have gotten emails for photos, I have a day job 9 - 5, so photos will be uploaded to smugmug Sunday when I am taking a day off from shooting. OK here goes. Opps gotta run, I don't even have time to write this I am off to a private party with Shane West and gang. Then tonight he receives the 'Rising Star Award" from the 17th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival. Just look at the photos til I can write about them...

Jay McCarroll was his usual outrageous self, funny, entertaining and well Jay
Director Michael Selditch, very stylish

You think with a plus size designer we could get a few plus size models? Jay how about some representation gurl? Beeutiful!
This raincoat is going to do to Jay, like the Tutu did for Heatherette!No chocolate for himMartha Graham Cracker blew us awayI just saw her a few weeks back, and this set was completely different. Mike wants to follow her around the country now
When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with mars. I wish you could see the ceiling of the planetarium. Ettore, Jay and Gary; Can you tell them apart? Have I bragged that I met these two a decade or two back, when we were kids.

I don't think Jay could pull off that stylish hat Matt is styling. He couldn't feature his trademark spike. I suck, I have never seen Project Runway ever, none of the seasons.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Oh I would love to go into a long story about who sat in these chairs Thursday night, but I have to go, it's 4AM and I'm tired. Now just because I got in at 1AM doesnt mean the work stops when I step into my cab, as I have to process the 400 photos I took and narrow it down to a reasonable "best shot" of 35 - 50 to send to my agency and other media Can you see, ok it's Carrie Ricky on the left and
on the right is - see picture below. Having been one of 2 photographers back stage, I did get some good shots. But it will all have to wait 'cause I gotta work my day job in 4.5 hrs. Its a good thing it's TGIF today. Although I do have a movie at 9:30PM to cover, maybe you'll come out to see it to "Placebo" at International House, then I will sleep in on Saturday. Next week lots and lots of photos, maybe Perri will finally see hers, because god knows its awkward running into her having not put it up yet. Thanks for visiting the blog, numbers are up, about 600 a day - Whoopi. Someone besides mom likes to read what I write and look at my pictures. Thanks HughE

Thursday, April 10, 2008

"ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION' - The one political movie you should see this year debuts at the Philadelphia Film Festival 2008!

My Friends Mary Patel and Joe Barber finally delivered their baby at the 17th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival last night; they've named it
Before the show began Joe gave me a peek at the giant HGTV projector he rented from Texas. All week as the date approached he would tell me about this projector, and how special it was, otherwise the film would have been shown with the regular signal. He wasn't nervous at all about the delivery or whether it would come in on time, or maybe he just didn't let it show. Sure enough it did arrive in time...The view from the projector room. Joe did a little bit of the run through.An empty house, but not for longThe show was sold out and the line went out the doorThom Cardwell, Director of Development listens intently as Mary and Joe do the Q&A after the movie, which by the way was awesome. I saw an earlier print last May, just as the film was in post production. What a difference a year makes. The sound, the print, the HGTV, the editing, the soundtrack was fantastic. The story, the interviews, everything, I was really, really impressed and entertained. This movie is looking for a distributor, and it really deserves one. Really, am I gushing, ok so when you see something in post production its not really all that good unless you have a vision I guess. But the final print, OMG so good, and funny too, but isn't politics a funny business? Then it was off to ONE, formerly the Mansion. It still looks like a mansion in many of the rooms.
like this one.

My Mike and my friend Tim (on the right). Before I got into the paparazzi/blogging thing, Tim and I would work on lots of political campaigns together, let's see our first one was Rendell mayor 2nd term, Katz, Clinton, Spector, Rendell, Gore, Katz, and I am sure a few in between I can't remember. Bobbie, Mary & StephenTim and Mary

Our friendly Festival photographer Gail , and Joe Barber's girlfriend Mary Beth. Happy Anniversary Mary Beth & Joe. I was there on the day you two met at Fork! for the Film Office Seminar on getting a screen play made. I took your first photograph together, I did.Joe Vignola and Thom's perfect head Beth, Scott and Mara (It's funny, and flattering that Beth reads my blog, and sent me a "fan" email a few weeks back. I am so embarrassed as I put it in my "need to respond" folder, but never had a chance to as I forgot to check the folder.) Nice to meet you Beth, thanks for reading. This guy is going places...I would like to see him work because his work is so goodKate and ChadDonald Carter, the former VP of Log Cabin. The only black, gay republican I know. Thought he's not supporting John McCain, he thinks Ron Paul still has a chance.Oh Mary, Mary, Mary, I am so, so proud of you. The movie was really great. I was so busy today that I didn't have a chance to return your call from last night, I wish I had to gauge your feelings right before the show. I bet you were nervous, because these next series of shots really reflect how you feel, and how you deserve to feel. Can't wait to see you tomorrow and recap the days events, gossip and to give you a big hug!! Love HughE, the Paparazzi Guy as she likes to introduce me to people as - LOL

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I know this is so uncharacteristic for me, but really she is:

17th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival - Bad Biology Premiere - Frank Henenlotter's Movie about Mutant Genital Love

Lewis Tice, Philadelphia Film Festival Special Programs director and media outreach introduces Frank Henenlotter. to give him 2008 Phantasmagoria Award.
at the 17th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival

hottie of this minute: Anthony Natale; Can you see a young Johnny Depp?

Charlee Danielson RA Thorburn, Charlee Danielson, Frank Henenlotter and Anthony Natale Without giving away any spoilers, a girl with "Bad Biology" below the waist, wants a boy with "Bad Biology" below the waist. These two get lot's naked in the movie.Franks "stabs" himself with his award.
I didn't have a chance to see this film, but I did hear people laughing and having a fun time. Frank says that is what he was going for fun, and shock. So if you want to be shock, go out and see "Bad Biology"

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

FIRST PERSON: The Documentary that Will Change Minds

The portraits presented in the First Person documentary are based on kids living in Philadelphia, in tough neighborhoods. Not unlike kids in the "better" neighborhoods, these teenagers also have obstacles such as lack of motivation and peer pressure, but while also battling the violence that sometimes permeates their world. Most of the kids parents were very supportive and encouraging, although some of the kids did grow up in different parental situations, with single parents, and with little structure, and discipline. What was truly brave of these kids was their candor regarding their situations, particularly Macho, who confesses that he puts on a tough exterior to get through the day, or Fresh who contemplates selling drugs on the street because he doesn't ever want to work at McDonalds. First Lady Lisa Nutter; Scion rep, James Johnson, Director/Producer Benjamin Herold who received the Scion Award for Best Director of a documentary, First Lady of Philly, Lisa Nutter and Thom Cardwell, PFF Dir. of Development
Here are the kids again...A big obstacle for the kids was the school system. Either teachers didn't seem to care, especially towards grading the students and just passing the ones that were getting the failing marks too or they were too overwhelmed with the responsibility of being the only parental force in the kids lives, which is really a losing battle. As it is teenagers don't always have the respect for adults in any neighborhood, and without parents to enforce discipline, the kids can run amok. It was heartening to see the teens as dreamy eyed Sophomores and psyched by the prospect of college and becoming professionals; but as the years waned on, the motivation eased and only 2 out of the 7 profiled made it to college. (Although another one is studying Real Estate in jail, as he serves out his term for murder)

Ursula Rucker entertains at the after party at the World Cafe
As much as I was disappointed in the kids who for some reason or another dropped out of school, because of the lack of motivation, or hopelessness. The support of their parents was amazing, and really impressed me. In the end it just seemed that peer pressure was too much to overcome for most of them. How many of us would rather be accepted by our friends, then to study alone for a future that seems so far off.

What a shock it was for me and Malikka Saeed to find out that the key to college costs are out of reach for so many. I was wondering was she the only student to go to a non-coed school? Maybe taking the distraction of the opposite sex out of the equation was helpful to reaching her education goal.

The candor of the students was amazing, even with my blogs I don't think I could be so brave and vulerable in admitting my fears in such a public way. Finally, come on, don't you think it's our responsibility to educate the kids of our future. College should be affordable. Thank you Steven Parr, Malikka Saeed, Kurtis Graves, Shalisa Ousley, Macho, Doug Fresh for your courage in sharing your stories. I do hope you live your best life, but you'd better start soon or you might become one of those people Sharlisa describe so perfectly "I see my friends basically just sitting at home, doing what they was doing when they was little kids, watching TV and eating cereal in the afternoon.” TO SUPPORT FIRST PERSON and to read more about the documentary: And thank you Ben Herold for the story.