Friday, March 14, 2008


Or has one of the lights been knocked skyward? Last Saturday the sky was wicked (sometimes I don't even have to leave my house to get a good blog shot)Oh but sometimes I do and am awarded with a photo published in Us Weekly like this week and my shot of Amy Smart (who I have to tell you I had no idea who she was, but one of my friends tip me off to shoot her as she walked towards the tents at fashion week that early Sunday morning on 2/3/08) Have a nice weekend:-)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I noticed when I was hanging out on my ladder waiting for the celebrities to make their way down the red carpet that Pat reached into her bag to grab a few baseballs. Since I am very familar with the autograzzi (shout out to Philly's Team Derek!) I knew exactly what they were for I thought who cares about Paul Giamatti, I want to get Tom Hanks signing Pat's balls
so I made it over there, running into gossip maven Dan Gross and saying I think Pat's gonna get those balls signed and wouldn't that make a great picture. I waited, and waited for the moment she asked him to sign the balls
And after he walked away I could see they were signed; I asked her how did it happen. She told me he signed them as he spoke. He just took them out of her hand and signed them. She told me they were for her husband and went over the story with me; I was going to ask her if it was alright if the photos and story could be published, but she disappeared. And then later I had second thoughts about going through with any publication because I thought, maybe Pat would get in trouble for doing this on the job or something. So I didn't persue it. I know, I know I am never gonna make it in this business because I am way too sensitive about my pap shots and peoples feelings. But thank God their are people who don't care about those things, because lo and behold you can catch the story, without pictures, at see below:
Dan Gross reports: CBS 3's Pat Ciarrocchi who covered the red carpet arrivals, made certain to get a baseball signed by Hanks and Giamatti for her husband, David Fineman, a baseball freak, she said. What's their baseball connection? Giamatti's late father was former MLB commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti, and Hanks starred in "A League of Their Own." Several months back, Ciarrocchi got "The Natural" star Robert Redford to sign a baseball while interviewing him when he was in town. Ciarrocchi bought the ball at the Constitution Center's gift shop for $9.95. The center is hosting the "Baseball as America" exhibit through May 11. The "John Adams" series begins at 8 p.m. Sunday. We haven't seen it; Daily News TV writer Ellen Gray will weigh in Friday.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Paul Giamatti makes his was down the red carpet. Something Philly does different than NY, the the video/media/tv second are placed first, the photographers second. The problem with this the actors are tired by the time they get to the still photographers. On the otherhand there's less of

the whoring of the last minute photos as the actor is being interview on camera and photographers shoot them, blinding them on camera. SO I don't know which is better really. Pat Cirocchi giving us a little color on the Red CarpetI'm on a ladder, but it doesn't help when people in front of me shoot with an extra high flash. In NYC we use a list for first come first serve, in Philly the bruts just fight for their spots. I presented the list I had to the PR but they didn't understand, the photographers weren't going to follow it and said it wasn't NY. So I asked the PR to show me the set up, but she said it would be an hour before they showed up and she didn't think we would want to stand there. I guess she doesn't know how the pit operates. We jumped into our positions. I did get a front spot, but the poor guy who had been there first didn't (arriving about 4PM to the Constitution Center), I was the only one willing to give up my spot. I hope he remembers who has his back. I really much prefer to shoot in NYC with the professionals.
Tom signing for a fan as he walks inhmm $9.95 copy of Forest Gump. SHARPIE people, use SHARPIES. The signature comes out nicer.
The Screen writers wife is as ecentric and into the spirit as he is

How many times can you say you seen Archibold without his Ben Franklin outfit on

The author and the screen writer, can you guess who is who
Paul Giamatti and himself as John Adams

Monday, March 10, 2008


Last week at Macy's they celebrated their induction with an appearance and autograph signings. It was great to see them in person. About 100 people came out, a lot of fans, children of people who used to work with them and old friends, like Patty Jackson from WDAS
Gable & Huff
Kenny Gamble
Leon Huff (I don't know them well, but I think one of them has a more demostrative personality)
Checking out an old photo of them with this girls uncle

A few fans 'graphsJust a note on the R&R Hall of Fame inductions; I hope you had a chance to see Madonna's speech. Nice to hear her talk in her regular voice losing that English accent, and really humbled.