Thursday, March 6, 2008

THE PERELMAN MUSEUM - I finally went to see it and like its right next door to where I live. Don't stalk me!!

This sculpture is iconic with the new place, I see it on their brochures and in photos. I was surprised with the placement in the building. Not a very clean area, sure it's white and sterile, but whats up with the horizontal lines and red exit sign?

Now this would be better suited if only it was 20 feet wide
Art is subjective
That's it for this week as I am off to NYC for 24hrs of intense celebrity stalking, er I mean photographing. Big event tonight with the opening of the Terrance Howard and Anika Noni Rose Cat on a Hot Tin Roof play on Broadway. See you next week... for the photos.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This is one of my favorite blogs, it's out of the box hysterical and has a great name too. Check it out:
Geekadelphia - you won't be sorry.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More photos from last weeks 4th Annual Flavors of Philly

The American Liver Foundation’s 4th annual Flavors of Philadelphia ( was a hot ticket last night, as the city hails the culinary soirĂ©e of the year. Two dozen “prep kitchens” rolled into the elegant Crystal Tea Room to provide each of the local celebrity chefs a private space to prepare their outstanding, gourmet four-course meal for their very own of table of twelve lucky guests. Flavors of Philadelphia patrons were treated like royalty as they began their culinary adventure with exquisite hors d’ oeuvres before sitting down for a personally prepared, specially designed menu, complete with wine pairings. (Nutter was there, not rapping though)

Laura Burkhardt who was the celebrity chef for Susanna Foo, gave the Mayor his first meal of the night.Voted "Woman on the Move" by Mainline Life Newspapers Sarah Dohney of who helped put the whole thing together. I really love this shot of Nutter and Sarah.

Hmm shrimp

Laura leads her table in song and dance Thom Cardwell and the chefs and servers of XIX/Nineteen
April Margera, the long-suffering mother of MTV prankster Bam Margera, was among special guests Feb. 26 at the American Liver Foundation's 4th annual Flavors of Philadelphia at the Crystal Tea Room. Here she hands out her latest cookbook to the guests at the Philadelphia Park Casino’s Park Grille tables who were about to enjoy Chef David Zuckerman's four course dinner.

This shot made the Philly Inquirer
Playing with fire, April Margera (left), mother of "Jackass" star Bam Margera, finishes creme brulees forthe Flavors of Philadelphia. With her at the Tuesday benefit was Marian Rothstein, Bam's mother-in-law. (Philadelphia Inquirer 3/2/08)


Look who flew into town, er well Bensalem, yesterday to sign her new CD single "Outta My Head (Ay YA YA), hmm. Anyway for only$1.96 you could have a meet and greet with Ashlee, or as Perez calls her Asslee. It beats the $250 folks had to pay to meet Paris a few months back. Well there was one bird that must have missed my entry and Dan Gross' column on that subject. see (first two entries)
Meet Red Robin, waiting patiently sans CD for a meet and greet.
Meet the Q102 security teamRed Robin waits anxiously with her handler Ashlee appears with her Starbucks, water, Hand Sanitizer and bodyguard Red Robin recives the news, not only did she not buy a $1.96 CD, or stand in line with the rest of the fans, but she didn't RSVP as a VIP so Ashlee would not be posing with her. In tears, Red Robin flies the coop
But not before a few fans stop her for a photo op

If Red Robin had only purchased the $1.96 CD, maybe things would have been different

Monday, March 3, 2008


but I did do an entry today for ; Philly Chit Chat will be back tomorrow with something fresh and fun, hopefully. Thanks HughE