Friday, February 15, 2008


I always wondered what a Vango was like when I often stopped by Sue's for some produce. Last Tuesday I found out as I attended a social event aboce the orange sign.

The event was held upstairs in the lounge. I thought the entrance way was cool with the wallpaper of vodka bottles
and the orange glow of the unique chandelier on the lounge level you can still sit down and have a bite to eat
and at the bar you can smoke? I asked someone why and they said because their liquor sales were higher than their food sales. Hmm sounds funny to me. I had a few nibblings and the food seemed good, people seemed happy with their drinks, but I guess if what you are looking for is a cool place to drink and smoke, Vango's might just be the spot. I hear they have a cool deck where you can lie on a bed and look at the stars in the warmer weather.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I was a bad, bad boy. A friend of mine that surfs philly flicker, sent me a link to the flicker account of those crazy folks over at Red Tettemer; I'm a little obsessed with them as they are in the same building I work in and some crazy shit (IE OBJECTS, BIG RED BALL) in all of their lobbies, but that will be a post on another day. I couldn't download the photos as they were protected so I did the livewriter thing, yes I lifted them and if the Redtettemer folks want me to remove them I will. (ie email with redtettemer tail)image

but it looks like they were attempting to do a Redtettemer's Valentines Love letter on their website, I think. These are the outtakes, but I think they are hysterical and I thought you would want to see them.

I can't help but think of the show "Get Christy Love" from the 70s here while looking at these; if you are under 30 you should Google the show or check out the DVD. It's all very mod Squad meets Johnny Holmes with that shirt and those pants.

Or Maybe


it's the fabulous early 90s


during the Madonna Sex Book era;


The shot they decided to use on the website really encapsulated the story, I really like it. It's edgy, clever, hip and charming. I don't completely get it as I am nearing OMG middle age - LOL, but I can tell it's a young, fresh and hip take on the advertising scene. What do you think?



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

OK it's Official Michael Klein's INQlings is Read by More People Than Any Other News/Blog/Media Outlet than I have been in

In the last 7 days the NY Daily News did a story taken directly from my Confessions of a Paparazzi website, giving me credit and mentioning the site (see 2/4/08 entry), I have a Hillary Clinton photo published in Us Weekly and on Sunday, I was in the Inquirer. INQlings picked up the byline I wrote to explain my Katie Lee Joel shot, which I took in NYC last week. And I got lots of 15 minutes of fame... talk about getting a big head, if one more person recognizes me and my name from the Inky publishing and I am going to have to get an PR person. She's got a whey
Philly paparazzo HughE Dillon, in New York for Fashion Week, caught up with Katie Lee Joel, wife of Billy Joel, who joined the piano man for his stay surrounding the recent Academy Ball. She enjoyed her visit, Dillon reports: "She said the people were very friendly, the streets were surprisingly cleaner than she imagined, the orchestra was lovely, and Geno's cheesesteaks were their favorite. She said she had the 'liquidy cheese sauce.' I told her that's Cheez Whiz."

Monday, February 11, 2008


I photographed her last Friday night attending a private screening at the Tribeca Grand in NYC. What's that on her left hand, does she have carpel tunnel from making all those license plates in the slammer? all these photos were ones i took: