Friday, January 11, 2008


A friend in NYC tipped me off to the Ozzy coming to town and told me he would be staying at the Ritz. Sure enough after work yesterday I passed by and saw the motley crew of "autograzzi" standing by the side door where the Ozzy bus was parked. Not surprisingly when I arrived the crew refused to tell me anything, although they asked me if I was a "Fan". No I replied. "A paparazzi." "Yep, but I don't jump out of bushes and I usually ask before I shoot."


After about an hour wait, Ozzy's bodyguard came out. Had us all line up, and then said no video, no excessive photographing. A minute later he led Ozzy out, telling us that Ozzy would be right back, no video's no flash photography. Ozzy looked very frail, kept his head down most of the time, but if I wanted to I could have gone in low and shot him, but I just didn't feel it and I knew that it could ruin it for the dealers if I hosed him down with flashes.


Ozzy got in the bus, and we waited outside. I thought maybe he was going to come back out,


but what he did was send his bodyguard out and retrieve the items to be signed.


Which is great, because when an item is signed in a controlled area the 'graph comes out much better. The guys asked me why I didn't hose him down (Photograph him), and I told them if I did that there would have been a good chance I would have frazzled him and he wouldn't have signed for them. They agreed, and said most guys would have just shot anyway, but they really appreciated me passing on him. Then they showed me some of the things they got signed. This is a drum head, it's worth between $150 - $300.


One of the guys got a guitar signed. The guitar cost $60 for the dealer, but after it's signed it sells between $400 - $700. Ozzy appreciates it when someone brings the whole guitar to sign, he signs his full name "Jack Osbourne" The dealer told me he's gonna keep it for an investment ie until Ozzy dies.


When a dealer only brings the face plate to sign. He only signs the place Ozzy Osbourne, like this one that I found on EBay. The faceplate is later attached to the guitar. This one will sell between $200 - $500


I guess as a pity prize the dealers showed me pictures and told me stories of Zakk Wylde, guitarist for Ozzy, who they saw earlier exiting from Capital Grill around 3PM. He was toasted and friendly they said. He posed with each of them, at least twice changing his pose. Gave them all hugs and kissed them on the cheek. (Isn't that the universal sign for a hit?) Unfortunately for me he left the hotel about 4:30PM, before I had made it over to the Ritz, but when he left he posed and signed some more. All in all the dealers had an excellent payday, HughE not so good:(


Thursday, January 10, 2008


My co-worker called me over to check out the window washers on the Comcast building (I bet your surprised to find out I have my camera with me 24/7)
on closer inspection, they weren't cleaning the windows
it's seems they were replacing a window. Maybe a bird flew into it's reflection? Anyone know?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Really, I was in the room with him for 4 hours non-stop, and he didn't stop. I arrived about 3:30PM for my "volunteer" job. I was supposed to help the tour office and PR person set up. I did about 30 minutes of work, but then the lure of the event enticed me to drop everything and catch the action. The folks just kept coming and coming, even a few "Philly Celebrities"

A Brighter Tomorrow at 3:30PM I entered City Hall and the line began to wrap around the buildingI got upstairs just as the Mayor began shaking hands, and in this case, signing autographs.
He needed assistence and a hard surface for the next piece of paper
Always on the ball, Nutters Admins think out of the box and grabs a clip board for the next autograph
Many of the visitors gave Nutter their best wishes, but some handed him business cards, resume's, lists of ideas and Prayer Cards, like the hell womenShe's probably given you one tooIt really was a moving experience to see Nutter connect with so many people, like this women who brought a message for the mayor to not forget the handicapped to save the Boy Scouts home on the Parkway
after 2 hrs my friend Steven (Styling Steven from New Years Eve) was next in line to greet the mayor People took photos, the Nutter people gave out posters
Of course while I was taking the above shot, the all important "Money Shot" occurred and I wasn't prepared. The Joe Fraizer photo op.

Cropping is a wonderful thing
For this shot I stood behind the "City's Photographers". Their job is to chronicle the Mayor's administration. They take the photos for guests and then send copies to them. They also send shots to the Mayor and he chooses what he might want to keep, and what should be archieved for the history books.
Kids were so excited to meet the mayor, this girl literally ran into Nutter's arms
Eventually I made my way outside to see what it was like. I love the look on Marie Mills-Torre's face as she spots the Mayor just 100 feet away, after waiting 2 hrs to see him.

The crowd winds down the stairs outside Conversation Hall and out onto Dilworth PlazaMusicians were in each portal to entertain the crowdsthere was a large tent in the courtyard where Tastykakes, pretzels and hot chocolate could be had there are those signs that I put up, giving the directions to the line and rules against taking photos or getting the mayors autograph
It was back inside to check out the action. Here in the Mayor's reception room I found the City Hall Tour Guides giving the visitors tidbits on the room and a few more Philly Celebrities. Here's the folks from one of my favorite sites, Philly Skyline - Brad & Steve with Ben Franklin and William Penn.
then it was back into the room for the wrap-up

is that Bjork?
God Bless You Mayor Nutter
I left at 8:30PM and the line was still wrapping around
City Hall. It was really an amazing night, and as I said earlier this week
a bright future

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Damn the Nutter Swearing In pre-empted the return of the Elizabeth, her boy and her boobs on The View

but as luck would have it my favorite Youtube has a clip (warning this silly sappy clip may cause projectile retching):

Plus check out this new site for the unedited version:

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Days Are Here Again - Is Michael Nutter Philly's Messiah?

Michael Anthony Nutter (born June 29, 1957) is the mayor-elect of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Elected on November 6, 2007, he will be sworn in on January 7, 2008. Nutter is a former councilman of the city's 4th Council District, which includes the neighborhoods of Wynnefield, Overbrook, Roxborough, Manayunk, East Falls and parts of North Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, and West Mount Airy. He has served as the 52nd Ward Democratic Leader since 1990. He stands for everything Street did not, honesty, integrity and politics as usual!

The NY Times deemed Nutter "the Seabiscuit of this year’s urban politics."

"Mr. Nutter distinguished himself on the campaign trail with aggressive plans to declare crime emergencies in the city’s most violent neighborhoods, which could allow the police to close streets or set curfews. He also offered plans for an increased use of “stop, question and frisk” tactics to confront anyone the police suspect is carrying an illegal weapon. "

Responding to concerns by opponents about the risk of civil rights abuses and racial profiling, Mr. Nutter said bluntly, “My view is that people also have a civil right not to get shot.”

or more information : and to welcome Nutter to his new office, shake his hand on Tuesday 1/8/08 (also Happy Birthday to Elvis who would have been 73)