Thursday, August 21, 2008

SNOOP DOGG IS A DOG re: Scooby Snacks at G Lounge

Snoop Dogg commandeered the Mogul Room at Center City's G Lounge in the wee smalls hours a few weeks back, after his show at the Festival Pier. Here are a few of his "fans" cooling their heels waiting for an audience with the Dogg.

Sorry guys, Snoop did not want you sniffing around his tail and the guys were left outside the vault door as some of their wives & girlfriends left them in the dust for the Dogg. (I thought he said to his wife, last year, on their "reality show" that it was just an act he was a ladies man?)
Dogg's bodyguards escorted young women, three at a time, back to the rapper, who held court in a curtained-off section of the subterranean club.
I ready for my close-up Mr. Dogg
The air was thick with an herbal aroma as Dogg offered hugs and sips of Landy Cognac, for whom he is a spokesman.
NFL Network analyst/former Iggle Brian Baldinger was among guests
Others included Detroit Pistons' Rip Hamilton.And music/marketing exec Jessiah Styles (marking his 35th birthday with his wife, Beat 100.3 radio's Janita "Applebaum" Styles); Clothier to the Stars Baba Taiye Renfrow , of Distante (1510 Sansom), could also be found hanging late in the club's VIP area.

I have to say since meeting these three people are some of the most genuine, really nice folks around. You probably have seen Janita and Jessiah several times on my site, and it's because they really are making the scene, bringing it with style and sincerity. As for Baba, wow he is just a super nice, a great memory. Since I met him this first time at G Lounge I have run into him a few more times. He's always remembered my name, and for some of you you know how weak I am in that department, and always a contagious smile. So if you see any of these folks, give a nod, say hello, they're for real. And as for Snoop I just can't say that for him. He's a character, but I think he lives up to his reputation. Although I had been "credentialed" to shoot the Dogg, he refused to allow me into the pound for a photo. Thankfully there were no fire hydrants in the curtained off section, and
Snoop had to use the public restroom; one of the sympathetic bodyguards tipped me off as I had waited patiently for 90 minutes. Right after I took this shot, another bodyguard slapped my camera and said no pictures.
It was too late, I only needed one. It's great how the Inky tweaks the photo oh just a little more and it looks like a professional took it.


Anonymous said...

Who cares??? Must have been a slow news day for you to devote so much space to this story.

styledivapr said...

It is quite clear that the header says PHILLY CHIT CHAT. It is also clear that you took time to read or scroll the blog ~ Not a Dogg lover then snizzle it~ I know it comes down to you did not make one of the pictures

Anonymous said...

Great piece--Al beit Snoop is showcasing his "doggish" ways.. However, leaving in Philly and seeing this much diversity in subjects is great thing.. One week it's Mr. Gay Philadelphia and the next it's Snoop.. That is pretty cool--thank you


Thanks posters I appreciate your comments, the first guy must be new, or didn't read the behind the scenes stuff, but I appreciate that they stopped by too.

Anonymous said...

To that first commenter: My mom always says: "If you don't have anything nice to day, don't type it in blog comments - just hit the back button!"

Anonymous said...
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John said...

Seriously, you must take up reading in your small world check out the first line "in the wee smalls hours a few weeks back" would give you a clue that this event happened a few weeks back.