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Jennifer Hudson interview with Laiya St. Claire for The Beat 100.3 in Philadelphia Published in Contact Music Saturday 5/31/2008

Jennifer looks beautiful with barely any makeup on.  Usually after I shoot an event I go online and see where my photos were placed.  When the photos are placed in magazines it’s more difficult to find them as photo agencies do not notify you until about 30 – 90 days after the shots are published.  Thanks Jen for coming to Philadelphia and being so real.  image Thank you for your emails and comments regarding my sister; she is doing well after her surgery, but we have a long road ahead of us.  I appreciate your continued prayers and good thoughts for Judy.  


JENNIFER HUDSON VISITS PHILADELPHIA AND BEAT 100.3 with Laiya St. Claire & Sex and the City at the movies

I am exhausted, not from staying up late doing the blog, but from running around town photographing all these celebrities that drop by Philly to visit the fans, promote their stuff and well find themselves in front of my camera. So much stuff that I am really a good week behind in bringing you the people and places you want to see, but jumping ahead of the pack is Ms Oscar winner herself, American Idol alumni Ms. Jennifer Hudson
Who stopped by town yesterday to do among other things, visited my friend Laiya St. Claire, the baddest DJ on the radio who you can hear at 100.3 The Beat and read about Laiya’s life and gossip at her blog
Thank you Jennifer Hudson for stopping by and looking beautiful with barely a hint of make-up and being so real. I did get a glimpse of her hunky boyfriend waiting in the VIP section. Someone mentioned it was the guy from the show “I Love NY”, but I never have time to watch TV so I will take their word for it, Miss Hudson deserves to have some arm candy.

Jennifer talked about the SATC movie, her new CD – which drops 9/30/08, a few other tidbits you can hear at The Beat and that Simon never congratulated her on her Oscar; Randy and Paula sent nice notes. Love her. I may post again over the weekend, as I really am behind…

PRAYERS FOR MY SISTER JUDY – a letter from my sister Janine

Dear friends,

Many of you did not know but my sister Judy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a few weeks
ago. (Judy center)

Today she is going in to be operated on. I believe this operation will be followed by radiation and chemotherapy over the summer. (Judy, Tracy, Me & Dad – these photos were before the rest of the 4 siblings were born) Please find time in your day today to say a prayer for Judy. She is a wonderful person, sister, mother, wife, friend and nurse. My family and I would appreciate this favor so very much. Sincerely, Janine (P.S. Her 5 hr. surgery is going on right now 2PM – 7PM. Thanks HughE)