Friday, December 7, 2007


Philly really is the Sixth Boro and with the opening of G Lounge, clubbing has entered a new and exciting era.

Philly boy Mark Marek's ( The club is owned and designed by Mark, and Dino Minelli, former partner and GM of Luke & Leroy in New York), single-letter lounge, which shares a street address with Italian steakhouse Davio's. At roughly 10,000 square feet, the 400-head-capacity space will feature two full-service bars and an ever-evolving atmosphere, thanks to innovations like movable wall panels and "electronic wallpaper," projection technology that can change the mood of the lounge in a few clicks. An array of small plates sourced from Davio's will include cold seafood (oysters on the half shell, tequila lime gravlax) and a selection of sliders (pulled chicken, braised beef short ribs, jumbo lump crab). Marek, who comes from a background in luxury jewelry, wants G to fill what he characterizes as a void in the city's high-end nightlife destinations. (City Paper)
ekk I forget his name, but my girl Laura Burkhardt will tell me, here she is with PR Guru Nicole Cashman of Cashman & Associates who were in charge of throwing down one heck of a good party last night at the G Lounge - Below Davios in the Provident Bank Building, 111 S. 17th St. The official description: "With a backdrop of wood, porcelain, glass and stone, G features over 10,000 square feet of pristine space. Two full-service bars offer artistic signature cocktails designed exclusively for G by renowned “Modern Mixologist” Tony Abou-Ganim, who has also designed menus for all 22 bars at the Bellagio, Las Vegas Resort. Abou-Ganim incorporated the sensual vibe of G with his knowledge of spirits, inventing drinks such as the Pineapple-Ginger Mojito, containing homemade ginger syrup, the Very Sexy, an ode to the feel of the lounge, with Belvedere Citrus Vodka, berries and champagne, and the Cable Car, with cinnamon and sugar flavors. (Inky)I ran into a lot of friends, starting with Mara Toukatly, Fairmount's Republican City Committeewoman (but she is much more than that, I really enjoy her company, call me let's do lunch Mara!) and Adam Taxin, Esq and radio talk show host (I wonder if he's related to my neighbor Phyllis Taxin?)
The lounge’s space is so versatile it transforms to create multiple rooms for entertaining several events at once. Two private lounges sit inside G to cater to those looking for a more intimate setting. The Mogul Room, accessible through a G membership, allows for business savvy persons to unwind and relax in luxurious comfort and style.

You know who this guy is on the right, I write about him all the time, lately, another maven of PR Bruce Yelk. Check out his blog at and don't forget to stop by Taylors for the Gatsby reunion this Sunday night. You'll see Bruce will be there. The VIP Vault, I can't tell you much about it as I wasn't VIP enough to be allowed in. See the guard.
A few Philly "Celebrities" Can you name them all? The G Lounge boasts two bars, and plenty of waitstaff
Yet another PR maestro, Noel Zayas of N Squared and friends. Just a few weeks back we enjoyed his Goregeous Fashion Show (white shirt)
FOR V.I.P BOTTLE SERVICE there's no better place. It's a real nice set up too.Kimberly Anderson and Jimmy Contreras are the heart of Kimberly Boutique ( with friends enjoying the festivities

Brad and a bevy of beautiful girlsThe VIP Lounge occupies 1,100 square feet, with room for 50 guests to recline across plush seating, sip premium cocktails and taste G’s mouth-watering cuisine. With views of the 110 foot runway that extends through G, the VIP lounge is a room desired by all.

Friendly girls I had the honor of chatting with last night I like to call this the wall the 100 foot mood ring, remember those, OY I am dating myself!
The G lounge puts everyone at ease - you know he's just screaming "You're the man!!, I can read sign language Still not sure if there was a dance floor, there was a DJ and people seemed to just dance where ever they darn well pleased, especially after 2 hours of the open bar. (I decided not to share with the viewing audience the next series of photos, let's just say if these two end up stealing peoples identities and making a fortune, I will make a fortune when they are caught)JD Coleates, Triumph Brewery and Carrie Nork of Cashman & AssociatesThese photos only represent 1/4 of the excitement you are going to have at the G Lounge. Finally Philadelphia has a fun spot that reminds me of the kinda nightclub that I experienced when I lived in NYC. Philly really is the Sixth Boro. The G Lounge is opened tonight, go enjoy.
If I took a photo of you, I will be uploading them to my photo site and link it here sometime over the weekend. The G lounge website 215.564.1515 *****************And if you want me to cover your event and appear on Philly Chit Chat drop me an email and tell me the who what when and where? OK here are the photos I took at the G Lounge. Feel free to take your shots by right clicking on the photo and saving to your computer

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Mid-Town Village. Catch their holiday day shopping days 12/13 - 12/16; Here's Someday I am going to get my art work in here. Robin's Books. Pauls on the 2nd Floor stop by and say hi Hmm Sansom Cinema cleans up nice. I did catch a guy by accident coming out, I don't think he'd appreciate it if I featured his mug here The Rodin Museum on my way home from work last night

Dante's Gates and garden

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


OK I really need to get out more, how many posts can I have about City Hall, it's a worse obsession than when SJP asked me if I really needed to take that many photos of her. Well last night the grand ole' dame was the center of attention again, no not the mayor, City Hall. Pictured below is another of my hero's Rebecca W. Rimel; who has single handidly with the Pew Foundation supported the Arts and Culture, health, and the public in Philadelphia and literally around these United States. (Ok got it now, Rebecca Rimel, Sharon Pinkenson, Greta Greenberger and hmm I can't remember the other person that I named recently as one of my Philadelphian "made a difference" hero) Rebecca even called the snow gods up to paint a pretty picture...You may not know this women, but its Marciarose Shestack. She is responsible for leading the campaign to free William Penn from his imprisonment of scaffolding back in the nineties. She helped create the "Free William Penn" buttons that became so famous. She sold over 100,000 at a dollar a piece to raise the funds to release dismantle the scaffolding. The people that helped with the lighting of the newly cleaned William Penn, Swedes, Indians and Eagles statue. hmm, Marsha Rose, hmm, Rebecca Rimmel, and hmm
One, two, three
It's beautiful!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Basically this sign states that they are filming, if you end up in their shot you're not being compensated.
When I checked out the filming on the North side of City Hall, it seemed more like the filming of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" as the swallows were circling the towerand then flew right above the set as the filming commenced. No Robin Given's sightings, but I did hear she was at Macy's picking up some Bobbie Brown make-up. My friend said she's really nice. She bought a make-up organizer too, to keep everything in its place.

Monday, December 3, 2007


In 1999 Mayor Rendell threw the switch during the Millennium celebration that lit the William Penn statue atop City Hall permanently. Then John Street did it in November 2004, "This evening Mayor Street turned on new, permanent lights that illuminate all four exterior facades of City Hall, from the base of the building to the tip of the William Penn statue atop the historic building — almost 550 feet in the air." circa 20032003 to 2007 - After only 31/2 years, the great Alexander Milne Calder sculptures - the eagles, the Native Americans, the Swedish settlers - ringing the hall's tower have been cleaned, repaired and restored. And now that William Penn is once again cleaned and water proofed, the City can rejoice and celebrate!! And I ask...How many times can we re-lite this building? ... it looks like one more time: The City of Philadelphia will host a public ceremony on Tuesday, December 4 at 6 p.m. on the Municipal Services Building Plaza to rededicate and light the Alexander Milne Calder statues on the City Hall tower: William Penn and the eight sculptural groups of Native Americans, Swedish Settlers, and Eagles. Mayor Street will make a few remarks and then throw the switch.

(Hopefully this will be my last City Hall building blog for 2007)