Wednesday, November 21, 2007

World Children's Day starring Hayden Panettiere and Ne-Yo

There is no doubt about it, more celebrities fly through our sleepy town of Philly than I ever thought. Last week it was the blond bombshell - Paris Hilton, this week its the beauty with brains - Hayden PanettiereFrom Dan Gross' column today:
Hayden, Ne-Yo hit McDonald's
"Heroes" hottie Hayden Panettiere and R&B sensation Ne-Yo will be at the McDonald's at 941 S. Broad from 3:30 to 5:30 this afternoon.

The pair are here for World Children's Day and will sign paper hands that customers can purchase for $1. The money benefits the Ronald McDonald House and other children's charities. Out and about
When Ne-Yo first arrived at McD's I asked my friends where the white guy with the violin was. They laughed and said that I was confusing the rapper with Yo Ma. I was sadly disappointed as I was expected Yo Ma and although I thought it an odd choice, always wanted to see the legend.

At the finale, Hayden leaves McD's with a bag of fries
Check out to see Hayden circa 2005!

By the way did you see Dan Gross' column yesterday: Postscript on Paris
Paris Hilton bunked at the Four Seasons while in town Wednesday at Macy's (1300 Market) signing pictures for people who bought $55 bottles of her CanCan perfume. The party princess, we're told, stayed late chatting with fans at Macy's, where Ten Pennies (1921 S. Broad) had arranged her floral displays of pink princess roses, red roses and pink plumes. Hilton's people initially said she could pose with Pennsylvania's groundhog mascot, then refused, citing the mascot's helmet as a security risk, according to HughE Dillon of (Very exciting stuff that 15 minutes of fame - LOL)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Just know that the Monday before Thanksgiving is always a rainy day, as the Fairmount Fling has been held on that date for the past 5 years, and I recall that it has rained for each event. The Fling was a night of toe-tapping jazz, delectable culinary delights from Fairmount restaurants, and exciting live and silent auctions to benefit the Fairmount Community Development Corporation. This is a great opportunity to swap stories with your neighbors, learn more about Fairmount restaurants and businesses, and support Fairmount neighborhood improvement projects and for me see a lot of old friends that I've neglected while pursuing vapid celebrities in NYC. Here are few now Barbara and John
Chet and Marjika Drew Philipe
Mimi Neil (missing from picture is Allyson)Former Director of the FCDC, Lori Salganicoff who I volunteered for the first 2 years of the FCDC before I moved to SF then NYC. I remember the long discussions with the other volunteers on what date would be best. I thought November would be good, but wasn't keen on the week of Thanksgiving, but it turned out to be a great choice.Where the heck is the Belgium Waffle place?

What a super turnout. Another thing that was so great was the diversity of the crowd, young, old, owners, renters, black, white, straight and gay or otherwise known as the FAIRMOUNT COMMUNITY

Lot's of decisions to make
THREE 3 Three rooms with over 200 auction items

The live auction was livly. This auction sold a weeks stay in Ocean City NJ for $1800, and we have a winner. If you know the women in the front, then you know someone that won a weeks stay in OC

Sometimes there were bidding wars, like this one regarding a Bahamian vacation, Congratulatiosn Julie Welker who was the winner!!Tim Clair, Executive Director of FCDC
Jeff and Mark

The Martins

I was good, I bought a dozen raffle tickets, and nothing else. I am well on my way to decluttering my house for 2008

Monday, November 19, 2007


Beating back the title of least attractive people in the US that readers of a Travel & Leisure magazine bestowed on our City, NSquared Productions and the Park Hyatt rolled out the red carpet for Gorgeous, a spectacular showcase of art and fashion paired with a high-energy dance party. There were beautiful people on the runway, in the audience and working the crowd Friday night in the beautiful city of Philly.
Acting as host for the evening’s festivities was the fabulous Jay McCarroll, winner of Project Runway’s first season and Bump's Fabulous Cyoni
The Gorgeous runway show will featured fresh fashion, hair and makeup from the hottest local boutiques, designers, salons and makeup artists, including Eleganza presenting Versace and Roberto Cavalli, Dennis Basso, Nicole Miller, Joan Shepp, Matthew Izzo, Ettore, Pierre & Carlo, and many others. One of my favorite places to hang out was the hallway leading to the runway, it was here the models would wait for their cue to sashy down the runway

sometimes there were obstacles on the way to the runway as waiters used this hallway tooThe runway, Jay Carrolls back, the man in the red would time the girls and then send them down the runway
eye candy

another favorite spot was the dressing room; I was very careful not to shoot the boobs and bods of unsuspecting models

sometimes I screwed up
There was entertainment, like this Latino dance troupe
Noel Zayas of NSquared Productionsthe male lineup
struts their stuffI guess the underwear showing is still inFierce soft and sensual
meat on display and The Philadelphia Film Society's Tim Ferretti
OK it's my favorite model and I can't recall her name. She looks fabulous here,
and here