Thursday, October 4, 2007


Well September and Rocktober. Last week I shot Bono in Philadelphia, yesterday I shot David Lee Roth in Philadelphia and last month I photographed Bruce Springsteen in NYC,. In honor of his concert tonight and Saturday night (neither of which did I get tickets as I was in NYC shooting the likes of the Boss those dates the tickets went on sale), I share with you these shots.He wears this religious symbols on his new CD cover. These shots were taken during Fashion Week in NYC. My friends and I were hanging outside of Tom Fords store on Madison Ave trying to see who would show up at this event, we had no idea who would come, and that's exactly what a paparazzi is, random/candid shots of celebrities. As we were waiting there we saw a huge SUV waiting at a light about a block away, and all these "autograzzi's" were chasing it on FOOT, with albums in their hands. As it pulled up we could see the album cover. As a MAJOR BRUCE fan I couldn't believe my dumb luck. And even better than that, I was the only person to get the "two" shot of them they arrived.So my friends who didn't get it waited, as I did, the two hours for the Springsteens to emerge from the party. They didn't get the two shot then either.

BRUUUUUUUUCCE, see you next year on the stadium tour!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

David Lee Roth leaving his hotel on the way to Wachovia for the 2nd night of the Reunion Tour

OK the Phillies lost and that sucked, but hey I picked up the new Springsteen CD (I love it, but I am biased) and then on my way home from work I caught David Lee Roth exiting the Four Seasons signing photographs for the "autograzzi". For you readers who don't follow my other site [plug], an "autograzzi" is someone that collects autographs on photos, albums, CD's, guitar plates, and then sells them to the fans or to "brokers" for anywhere from $25 up to $75 for the guitar plates. These guys are like pirahanas and can "rack" up a good 2 - 6 "graphs" at any celebrity stop. The "money shot" for me is capturing the celebrity sign an item, making sure I get the pen in, and the object being signed. It would be much better if the celebrity looked up, but he's got a cigar in his mouth so that should be unique enough.
There's no doubt you will see this shot in the Inky or Daily News this week, but hopefully People Magazine will pick it up too.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Don't get Nervous, It's Not What You Think...

It's not a Good Luck Symbol for the Phillies, it's just the traditional raising of the Flag at a construction site. In this case it was for the construction of the scaffolding around William Penn in preparation for his cleaning which is just about to get underway. GO PHILLIES!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007


I'm not much into sports, but I am into celebrity events, and in Philly our celebrities tend to be sports figures, weather women and Piere Robert. SO today when I read they were going to have a Rally for the Phillies for winning the NL Championship, I went over to check out the celebrity part of the event. 'Cause it's my job, and it helps to pay the bills, I knew just where to stand to get a few candid shots; the "Stage Door", or in this case where the buses let the players off. There were more than two dozen people, guys mostly, standing there waiting for their hometown heros. Even though the crowd screamed their names, they didn't bother to look our way, which I thought was really rude, especially since I was looking for my "money shots."Finally this guy Aaron Rowand signs for a phan, and in a flash one of the coaches tells him to get back in line, and not to do that again. It was rather bizarre since he was here to celebrate with the fans, but that would explain why the guys were ignoring us on the side. I did manage to squeeze off a few good shots.Jayson Werth (Thanks to everyone who email me the correct names & spellings of the players)

Pat Burrell
Shane Victorino

Werth captures the moment with his video cameraCarlos RuizShortstop Jimmy Rollins and #4

Brett Meyers makes a hasty exit after the rally ends

Aaron RowandHarry Kalas The Rally
Looking towards Love Park (The fountain is pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month) The pig gave a few hotdogs out during the rally; they were good, but he didn't have any mustard.

The Phanatic waves to his blown up self
All in all it was a great rally, a record breaker I hear. GO PHILLIES!!! I want a day off from work!! (If you lift my photos, I would appreciate a photo credit: HughE Dillon or reference back to this page: Thanks!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

With Bono occupying every moment of my week, I forgot to mention I covered the Nikki Sixx book signing event at Borders in Center City

Today a photo I took is in the:

The Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday September 30, 2007

Inqlings Michael Klein

HUGHE DILLON / For The Inquirer
And a Sixx back to go: Melinda Kleir is inked by book-touring rocker Nikki Sixx at Center City's Borders.

Check out: for the whole story