Saturday, August 18, 2007

Philadelphia artists craft a cool cocoon

PHILADELPHIA — Style-conscious hoteliers such as Ian Schrager and the late Bill Kimpton have led a revolution in big-city lodging over the past two decades, opening fun, funky and art-filled boutique hotels from New York to Chicago to San Francisco.
But somehow, Philadelphia, the nation's fifth-largest metro area, found itself bypassed by the trend.

No matter. As of earlier this summer, the City of Brotherly Love may have the coolest hotel room in the USA.

Room 414 at The Westin Philadelphia downtown is the handiwork of more than two dozen Philadelphia-area artists and designers who collectively created an environment that is as much museumlike art installation as lodging.

Led by local designers R.J. Thornburg and Eileen Tognini, the wide-ranging crew created a chocolate-colored cocoon layered with drawings, prints, sculptures, handmade furniture and textiles.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Broadway News: Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin at The Prince Theater in Philadelphia

I just recieved this great news: (Patti LuPone opening preview night of Sweeney Todd)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Philadelphia, PA August 15, 2007 Broadway Legends Take to the Prince Stage Tony Award winners Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin bring their new two person show to the Prince for an exclusive run. Philadelphia , PA…

The Prince Music Theater is proud to announce the reunion of Broadway legends Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin in AN EVENING WITH PATTI LUPONE AND MANDY PATINKIN.

More information will be coming as further arrangements are finalized. Mandy Patinkin recently finished a two season run on the highly successful television show, Criminal Minds. He won an Emmy Award for his portrayal of Dr. Jeffery Geiger on Chicago Hope.

In 1980 he won the Tony Award for his performance as Che Guivera in the original Harold Prince production of Evita with Ms. LuPone Patti LuPone recently received rave reviews as Mama Rose in the Jule Styne masterpiece Gypsy at New York City Center.

She has been nominated for several Tony Awards including for her performance as Mrs. Lovett in the recent revival of Stephen Sondheim’s macabre opera Sweeney Todd. She won the Tony for her stellar performance as Eva Peron in the original 1980 production of Evita.

Performances will begin with a special Gala Performance on Tuesday 23 October 2007 at 7pm. Other performances will run between October 24th-29th at 7pm on Wednesday, 8pm on Thursday and Friday, 2pm and 8pm on Saturday, 3pm on Sunday, and the final performance at 7pm on Monday.

Tickets for non-subscribers are $65 for weeknights and matinees, and $75 for Saturday evening.

Subscribers save $5 per ticket for $60 on weeknights and matinees, and $70 for Saturday evening. The opening night Gala Performance is $90 and includes an exclusive cocktail reception. All dates, times and prices are subject to change.

Tickets are available through UpStages by calling 215 569 9700. Press are invited to attend performances beginning Wednesday 24 October 2007 at 7pm.

For press tickets or information contact J Nathan Bazzel, Public Relations Manager, on 215 972 1014.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wicked Tour Celebrates 1,000th Performance Aug. 15 in Philly

Something Wicked comes our way...

A 'Wicked' party was held Wednesday on the steps of the Academy of Music with the cast members of Wicked as they celebrated of the musical's 1,000th performance on tour
Left to Right above: LESLIE BECKER (Midwife, u/s Madame Morrible) ; original tour company cast members: BARBARA TIRRELL (Madame Morrible). and TERRA LYNN ARRINGTON (Ensemble); TOM FLYNN (Dr. Dillamond), and BRAD WEINSTOCK (Boq). In the back is Steve Quinn, Company Manager.

Leslie Becker told me a funny story that occured the very first night of the Wicked tour last year when it played the Academy of Music for the first time; (SPOILER ALERT) as Glinda floated down in the bubble it blew the fuse on the electricity and the stage went dark. The old girl just couldn't handle the wattage of Wicked and it's magic. After a maintenance break, a few adjustments, the show went on and the Academy's electricity never failed again. It has been the only glitch the show has ever experienced in Philly and they of course told me that the Philly audience was the best, giving them a standing ovation every night.

BARBARA TIRRELL and TERRA ARRINGTON sign autographs for their young fansIf you haven't seen Wicked yet, pick up the phone, or click here and GO SEE IT, (I must confess, I have seen it FIVE times)

A Wicked time on Broadway err I mean Broad Street...

If you have a minute, you really outta read some of the comments left by the Def Leppard fans on my Monday posting. They are as loyal and tenacious as those Claymates that gave me an ear whipping a few weeks back!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Philadelphia Weekly will Publish Your Artwork online

with a big advertisement slapped on top of it:

Blogging Blogs - 8/14/07

Tuesdays best blog entries around the web... What happened to the days when women would write out their future names a million times on a legal pad before marrying..."Mrs. Stephen Haynes", "Mrs. Stephen Haines", "Mrs. Steven Haines"...

The Water Bottle Problem. For the longest time I didn't want to spend the dime to buy bottled water. Now I am as addicted to it as blogging, and Al Gore and friends say I need to change my carbon footprint...

I wish I had time to even figure out what this all means...I guess three blogs is two too many.

I like the title of this blog, and I like the storyline:

This guy is great on so many levels, there's not just one article on his blog I can hightlight, I have to highlight them all

Favorite video today "What the Buck", this guy is hysterical. This issue talkes about Paula Abdul's reality show and the Linda Evans and Joan Collins "Legends" show that played the Forrest Theater last year:

Clearly my favorite show this summer, because I enjoy a good trainwreck now and then, BIG BROTHER 8 - Jen Eric Zak Danielle Evil Dick upclose and personal review by "WhatTheBuck!"

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Philly is more Fun When You Sleep Over and Def Leppard Prefers Philly over New York City

On my way home from work I thought I would run by the local "celebrity" hotel to see if Mark Wahlberg was staying there while filming his new movie in town. When I walked up to an appropriate spot to wait for Mark I ran into an "autograph collector" that I met a few weeks back at another event, so I knew I was in the right place. After a bit of time some scraggly old man got out of his driven town car with some golf clubs. As the doorman help him take his golf clubs out of the trunk, the surprised "collector" ID'd him as Rick Savage, the bassist from Def Leppard. In actuality he's really not that old considering he was born in 1960, but apparantly has lived a hard life. I read that he's been sober for a few years, and now
he golfs in between gigs. About 10 minutes later the lead singer Joe Elliott (thanks for the correction Admin of strolled out of Rittenhouse Square with his wife and walked towards the hotel. Now again I had no idea who he was, thankfully the "dealers" did and called out his name, he turned and I shot this, foolishly, I didn't bother running up and asking for a better photo as I really didn't know who he was and truthfully I've become a lazy paparazzi during these dog days of Summer.It was just as well one of the "collectors", was a big fan, and did go up and ask for a 'graph and a photo "with", Elliott signed for him, but refused to pose saying he "looked like shit." But I do know one thing...after playing at Hershey Park, PA on Sunday, Def Leppard chose to stay in PHILLY over NYC, which is only 33 miles south of their next gig tonight at Jones Beach (with Foreigner/Styx) ), Long Island NY (NATCH!!)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Senator Joseph Biden Book reading at the Philly Main Library, but who is his audience?

I just received this in my email: Coming to the Free Library of Philadelphia

Just Added!
Senator Joseph Biden
Promises to Keep
Monday, August 27 (12 noon) FREE

Let's see who can make it over to the library for a noon book reading... the employees of Family Court, the homeless hanging in the Shakespeare Park and I guess the folks who drive in from the suburbs who work at Logan Square. OK I am just jealous, I can't make it in on my lunch hour to hear him put his foot in his mouth, like I know he will! Would it have been to hard for him to come up for a night time reading?

There will be a "Happening" at 30th Street Station Today

Yesterday I recieved this email from a friend visiting Philly: I am working on "The Happening" this Monday at 30th st station. This is the M. Night Shyamalan film with Mark Wahlberg. Over the next couple weeks they'll be filming throughout the City. I will keep you posted.

I hope to run over at lunch and catch the happening filming somewhere in 30th Street Station