Friday, August 10, 2007

Why is Tivoli Such An Ugly Building?

Really, c'mon this had to be discussed before. Some of you may know that I just moved back to Philly after being in NYC on a business trip for 18 months. While I was away Tivioli opened. I google "Tivoli an ugly ass building". Nothing came up, but someone must have noticed? I mean really they have three competing brick color schemes. WHY was it necessary to add the light brown one on the top floor? Do people want to live near Center City that much that they would live in an ugly building?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Laura Burkhardt's Big Bang Birthday Celebration

The demure, but beaming Laura arrives at Twenty-21 where her birthday celebration begins A stellar group of her closest friends were there to celebrate another successful year well lived. (pictured here are really some of the mover and shakers of Philadelphia. Lft to right James Zeleniak of Punch Media PR; yikes, yikes, Birthday Girl Laura Burkhardt (Publisher of Philadelphia's WHERE magazine); Thom Cardwell; Jeff, Carrie Nork, Cashman & Associates; yikes, Dennis & Steve, owners of Tavern on Camac; David Wagman, owner of Capriccio; James Duggan, BUCKmonkey, and Steve McCann
The pastry chef at Twenty-21, the GM and Laura Burkhardt
After a few cocktails, and cake, it was off to the Park Hyatt for the Afterparty
and more cocktails and merriment
Surprise guest, Jesse Archer from the movie "Four Letter Word", plus noted author of "You Can Run: Gay, Glam, and Gritty Travels in South America (Out in the World)" who has a reading TONIGHT at Giovanni's Room 5:30PM!!! (Giovanni's Room is located @ 345 South 12th Street, Philadelphia) Don't ask about that banana I have no idea!!

Then it was up to XIX for a few more cocktails and merriment and more people met us there
That's all they really want ~~ Some fun When the working day is done Girls ~~ they want to have fun Oh girls just want to have fun, They want to have fun, They want to have fun...
Laura Burkhardt, Matt Miller, Jesse Archer, hmm Philly Pops GM, Victor Castro and coming through the door EmyLaMarco. It was so much fun to be a part of Laura's birthday celebration, she is a generous women who really cherishes her friends, and who's friends adore her.As the clock struck midnight it was just our luck, that Matt Miller, owns one of my favorite pizza places, put in a few pie orders to satisfy our taste buds. To just call it a pizza place is really an understatement, it really is a restaurant that serves pizza, the best pizza in town - Helping to pass out the pizza's is JD Coleates, owner of Triumph Brewing Company and Jeff who is cute and studying Sports Medicine and is single and available.After a few cocktails he confessed that one of his secret ingredients in his pizza: "IT's in the cheese, I use 'Grande Cheese' and almost no other place does. It's expensive at about $2.00 a pound, but it really makes a difference" and he's right it does. (he only uses local produce too) Did I mention that he has a chef on the premise that creates other signature dishes. OK I am gushing, sorry, but when I find a quality product I really do want others to enjoy in my finds. (But don't take my word for it, after a google search: Look out in future for another Matt Miller production as their is another foodie place that he will be opening on 13th Street.
(PS: IF you were at this party, you must EMAIL me at the above address for the link to the REST of the photos, thanks!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Would we even recognize Philadelphia City Hall without Scaffolding ?

Remember years ago when City Hall was ensconced in scaffolding so that William Penn and its tower could be waterproofed. (Taking the button literally, the City appeased us by taking the scaffolding off William Penn, but we still had to endure another couple years with the tower being encased)Well Twenty Years sure goes by fast and it's that time again. This time though, only William Penn will be undergoing the waterproofing and will be scaffolded; And once again tourist will be forced to return to their hometowns with stories and photos our beautiful building wrapped in metal and wood. The dirty deed is set to begin in about 12 days on August 20.Although the outside observation tower will be closed, the inside observation tower will be opened. Do you see the portholes about 20 feet from the bottom of the observation deck, that will be the cramped quarters for the view? No word on discount ticket prices for the scaled back viewing area. You think they could have waited until tourist season was over or how about before they started charging money to visit the observation tower? So hurry, with your friends, family and Aunt Mary, and visit RM 121 for your timed $5 ticket to see the view from the outside unobstructed observation tower and grab your cameras to get that virgin shot of William Penn atop of City Hall
before it's too late and they begin this again

Why didn't they do William Penn at the same time as when they did the Swedish and Indian Figures?Tourist one: "I was in Philadelphia this summer, and visited the magnificent City Hall. The only problem was part of the building was enscounced in scaffolding." Tourist two "I was in Philly 5 years ago and went to City Hall, the building was amazing, the tours were free, but the building was in scaffolding." Some things never change.The curse of William Penn doesn't always have to do with our sports teams! Can I blame this on John Street somehow?
I hear the project should only take 30 days. How many of us really believe that?

Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm Back Bitches

I always wanted to say that. Anyway, I am beat, we had a great time, and I saw all three Midwest National Parks in 9 days. BTW Montana is still on fire, seriously, the whole state is effected. They have had a 7 year drought and the place is burning Twice we stayed at lodges within miles of the flames and had to keep our bags packed in case of an evacuation. These shots are from the Seeley Lake fire, which caused us to do a two hr detour yesterday as to drive around the fire.
I understand the parkway is putting on a diasaster recovery tonight. Its right outside my door, but to tell you the truth I am too tired to even bother watching it or photographing it. Until tomorrow...